Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Obamacare hater almost died but liberal friend had him sign up and now the hater is a lover of Obamacare.

What an awesome story, and one that might've ended much differently had Dean's liberal friend not pushed and pushed and pushed. And there's the irony of this story: Liberals are doing everything they can to save the lives of conservatives by getting them signed up for health insurance. Meanwhile, conservatives are doing everything they can to kill off their strongest supporters.

Moms are taking on the NRA and their gun craziness

They operate as Everytown for Gun Safety, a new organization combining the grassroots group Moms Demand Action, launched after the Sandy Hook massacre, and Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns. At a press conference in a packed downtown hotel conference room on Friday, the group unveiled a forceful new report and political ad. 

The NRA may have money, and political power at their disposal, but as every son knows all too well, nothing stands long against the power of mom.

Jon Stewart - NRA gathering and Sarah Palin

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart let Sarah Palin have it for her baptism by waterboarding remarks at the annual NRA convention over the weekend, and got his digs in on the other fearmongering wingnuts who appeared with her.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fibromyalgia: Helped by POT? Looks Promising

more and more patients with FM are finding effective relief from medical cannabis.

So say the results of a  recent online survey of over 1,300 subjects conducted by  The National Pain Foundation and Among those surveyed, 379 subjects said that they had used cannabis therapeutically. Sixty-two percent of them rated the substance to be “very effective” in the treatment of their condition. Only five percent of said that cannabis did “not work at all.”

Sugar: How Toxic is it?

High Fructose Corn Sugar has made sugar very toxic.  We eat way more sugar than we have in the past with massive health risks.

libertarian Economic Policy shot to hell - Piketty's Book faces reality

“A society that puts equality—in the sense of equality of outcome—ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom.… On the other hand, a society that puts freedom first will, as a happy by-product, end up with both greater freedom and greater equality.”
Well, that turns out to be spectacularly, jaw-droppingly, head-scratchingly wrong. The U.S. is now a stunningly unequal society, with wealth piling up at the top so fast that an entire movement, Occupy Wall Street, sprung up to decry it with the catchphrase “We are the 99%.”
How did libertarians get it all so backwards? Well, as Piketty points out, people like Milton Friedman were writing at a time when inequality was indeed less pronounced in the U.S. than it had been in previous eras.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Gun Nut walks around a baseball park scaring the crap out of kids. Legal but wrong.

You feel safer with idiots like this walking around our kids and grandkids?  I don't.

School Privatization hurts Poor Students - New Report

The results are not pretty.
A popular chain of charter schools called Rocketship, which originated in California and has spread to Wisconsin, with the enthusiastic support of state legislators and the local chamber of commerce in Milwaukee, is "a low-budget operation that relies on young and inexperienced teachers rather than more veteran and expensive faculty, that reduces curriculum to a near-exclusive focus on reading and math, and that replaces teachers with online learning and digital applications for a significant portion of the day," Lafer writes.
Rocketship is a pioneer of the "blended learning"

Because of its extraordinarily high teacher turnover (the chain relies heavily on Teach for America volunteers), its large classes and reductive curriculum, Rocketship subjects kids most in need of consistent, nurturing, adult attention to low-quality instruction and neglect.
That model, which is also on display in Milwaukee's low-performing voucher schools, is demonstrably harmful to kids. But it has generated big profits for wealthy investors.

Lafer takes it a step further, pointing out in his report that the same chamber of commerce officials who promote Rocketship in Milwaukee send their own kids to enriching, well-funded schools with art, music and small classes. 

Obamacare is 5 BILLION CHEAPER IN 2014 and will cover 12 Million Uninsured.

The Congressional Budget Office has released updated estimates on the Affordable Care Act's impact on both the budget and the health insurance industry. The findings show that the president's signature health care law is actually growing cheaper to implement, costing the government $5 billion less in 2014 than was previously projected. The law also is projected to cover more individuals than previously believed, owing, in part, to some broader workforce trends.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Climate Change is making Mt. Everest even deadlier

This crisis on Everest had in fact been brewing for the last few years – thanks to the confluence of the mountain’s ever-increasing popularity and global warming’s deadly rise. Even in 2011, climbers were beginning to notice how the mountain was changing, and some began to speculate that, one day, it may not be climbable at all. As Tim Ripple, a guide who was on Everest this year, wrote on his blog:
The mountain has been deteriorating rapidly the past three years due to global warming, and the breakdown in the Khumbu Icefall is dramatic, especially at the upper icefall. We need to learn more about what is going on up there. Each day we sit and listen to the groaning and crunching of the glacier. Political grievances aside, we are not here to kill people.

Garden Pest Control: Organic Bug Killing Juice - works for a year

Ingredients from the cupboard and the frig.  Worth a try instead of chemicals. 
NO ROUNDUP - EVER!  The new studies show major health problems with Round-Up.  (Round-Up is showing up in mother's breast milk.)

7 absurdities said by Right Wing Crazies this Week: Bundy kept them busy

The crazy just oozed out with the Welfare Cowboy Bundy situation and just kept coming.  Hannity was on fire with stupidity this past week.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Companies with NON-GMO Food

Here's a list of 1000 different companies with products that meet the strict verification requirements of the

Rosemary: kills over 90% of Cervical and Liver Cancer Cells in Vitro

I know a couple of people who died of liver cancer - wish they had tried this.

Mice Repellent and Spiders too - Peppermint Oil

Put Peppermint oil on cotton balls and put them around where the mouse and spiders live.  The smell is too strong for them.

You can also make a peppermint spray with water and Peppermint oil in a spray bottle and spray until the mice leave.

Cancer: Cooking Methods that prevent and/or fight cancer

The way you cook your food can make the difference as to its ability to help fight cancer.

Jon Stewart to CNN: Why such little coverage on Climate Change?

We’d heard that CNN only discussed the latest IPCC report for two minutes — compared to an average of 22 minutes by other networks, including Fox — but Jon Stewart makes that hilarious as only he can. It involves strategically placed ping-pong balls, a hot tub, and “canine dogs.” Watch:

Guns: Even Crazy People Know the Gun Laws are Crazy

Bill Maher - Great Points brought up.

Bundy: The new NRA HERO! Take out the Feds has been the theme for years

The armed gathering of pro-gun activists, anti-government groups and right-wing-politicians at Bundy's ranch did not happen in a political vacuum. It was the result of decades of propaganda from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other gun lobby groups; propaganda that (perversely) informs Americans that they have an individual right under the Second Amendment to shoot elected officials, law enforcement officers, and military service members if they sense our government has become "tyrannical." There is certainly nothing "tyrannical" in the behavior of the Bureau of Land Management. The agency was founded in 1946 and administers 245 million acres of public land in 12 Western states. They have shown remarkable patience and restraint in their dealings with Bundy

Bundy: Why was Hannity so obsessed with Bundy? KOCH BROTHERS MONEY!

Jon Stewart is correct to call out Hannity’s program for its blatantly hypocrisy, but he was far too kind.  Hannity’s program isn’t simply regurgitated garbage.  It does, in fact serve a purpose.  Its purpose it to incite violence and armed resurrection on behalf of the political beliefs of Charles and David Koch.  It is to advance their own personal agenda and to do so in a way that paints anyone who disagrees with them as the enemy.  It is to use propaganda to create a world based on the sick and twisted vision of Charles and David Koch.

Chernobyl - since the meltdown, Wildlife have taken over the town.

Scientists have gone into Chernobyl to see what has happened since the nuclear meltdown.
They saw a lot of wildlife.  Radiation is 50 times normal.

Bill Maher: Racism, Bundy and a discussion of Conservatism

He has such wonderful and insightful discussions.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Bill Maher - Monologue

The Bundy situation

New Rules: Republicans Cheat to Win and Dems let them

Real Time host Bill Maher said on Friday that Republicans only win elections these days by cheating, but also criticized fellow liberals for making it easier for them by annoying the rest of the population.

The Story of the Octopus - interesting and kind of funny

I hope to scuba dive this summer.  I have seen Octopus before and they are quite interesting.

GunFAIL: 3 Pre-schoolers accidentally shot other kids this past week

Another weird and wild week, with 17 accidental self-shootings, six "home invasion" shootings, five cop GunFAILs, three hunting accidents, three target shooting accidents, two gun cleaning accidents, and 12 kids accidentally shot, four of them by other young kids. Yes, the average age of the shooters in those four accidents was just 6-years-old. Just one of them, aged 12, was of school age. This week's child victims were ages 2, 2, 3, 7, 7, 13, 15, 16, 17, 17, 17 and 17.

GREAT STUFF! This actor talks about why Public Money Shoud not go to Private or Religious Schools

If you have a private belief like Creationism or Islam, teach it at home but let Public Schools teach Science.  This is very well stated.  I had not even heard of this fellow before but I think he is great.

Bundy: The Ed Show talks about the Bundy situation - Very Good

Disowning controversial rancher Cliven Bundy.  Republican obsession over attacking the Bureau of Land Management has come back to bite them, after Fox News’ poster child, Cliven Bundy, makes racist remarks. Ed Schultz, Mike Papantonio and Zerlina Maxwell discuss.

The United States of JOHN ROBERTS. Billionaires finally have THE SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST.

A Fiore cartoon.  Very Well Done.

First, there was Citizens United. Now, with the Supreme Court's recent ruling on the McCutcheon case, our nation's campaign finance laws have been "eviscerated," in the words of the dissenting justices. Cashocracy, here we come! Our democracy is going to get another infusion of billionaire cash, just like we got after Citizens United opened up the floodgates to massive (and shady) campaign contributions.

Ginger shrinks Leukemia Cancer - new study

If a person has cancer - worth a try.  We are talking life and death. 

Drunk elephants

They got into and ate some fermented fruit.

Colbert sings the Ballad of Cliven Bundy

On last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert discussed Cliven Bundy’s relationship with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, the man who “turned his ten-gallon hat all the way up to eleven.”
After a montage of Hannity “welcoming back” Bundy on numerous occasions, Colbert noted that “Hannity ate up that story so hard, he should’ve charged him grazing fees.”

Absurd Right Wing Talking Points about the Bundy Welfare Rancher

The Cliven Bundy standoff, involving an angry rancher who refuses to pay federal grazing fees, took a new, ugly turn Wednesday night when the New York Times reported horrifying  comments he made about “the Negro” and slavery. Meanwhile, Bundy’s quest continues to grip Fox News audiences. This is largely because his story is more reasonable if you watch Fox’s creative, often fictionalized version of it.
Here, then, are nearly two dozen claims that have been uttered in defense of Bundy by Fox personalities, other right-wing pundits and Bundy himself.  (A good deal of them, alas, come from Sean Hannity.)

Home, Home on the Range - Cliven Bundy Theme Song by Fiore -- Great

Bundy and his pals are calling the anti-government militia types to his side to keep him from having to pay past due grazing fees, not to mention stop grazing his cattle on protected land.  (Say hello, desert tortoise.)  There are so many issues rolled into this, it seems only fitting to set it to "Home on the Range."  Enjoy the cartoon, and enjoy our public lands!

Herbal Tea - Easy to make, healthy

From NEVER AGAIN to "Oh, Wel"l: Columbine - 15 years later

After Columbine there was a general sense that something had to be done. That kids getting killed at school was a thing we weren't going to be okay with. "Never again," as they say.
It wasn't some fanciful impossibility. The British did it after Dunblane. And so we did that. Everyone got together and passed sweeping gun control legislation and there was never another mass shooting in America.
Except not really. Because the "never again" response—though shared by many—was not shared by all.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Herbs for ADHD

COSMOS - The show that is upsetting the Creationists. 4.5 Billion Year old earth.

THE EARTH IS 4.5 BILLION YEARS OLD!!!  Check it out.

I have to watch the Cosmos shows twice (and more later) just to take in the vast amount of knowledge put out by Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Science is amazing stuff and Tyson is a great teacher.

GUN SILENCER SALES EXPLODING. Gun news is just getting crazier.

Gun silencer sales in the United Sates are exploding as firearms owners are looking to accessorize. 

Silencer sales to civilians shot up 37% in 2013 to nearly 500,000 units, increasing from 360,000 in 2012 and 285,000 in 2011, CNNMoney reports. There’s now a nine-month wait to register silencers with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). 

The silencer buying frenzy is the second wave of gun-related purchases in the last two years.

Earth is 4.5 Billion Years old! Neil deGrasse Tyson causes Creationists heads to explode.

  It did not take long for the creationists to take issue with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and the latest episode of Cosmos on Fox. Why you ask? Well, because Tyson dared to declare the age of the earth to be 4.5 billion years old.

US Is #2. Canada is NOW #1 for having the wealthiest middle class.

America's rich are surging ahead, but the rest are falling behind. What happened?

Grazed and Confused - Jon on Hannity - A MUST SEE

Hannity should give it up while he is waaaaaay behind.  Hannity does not have a chance against the brilliance of Stewart.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jon Stewart and Hannity have a discussion - poor Hannity, give up before you upset Jon.

All about the Bundy standoff.  Poor Hannity does not have a chance against  Jon Stewart.

NYTimes Poll shows people like Obamacare! Republicans are in trouble.

All of the Republican lies and distortions did not move people away from Obamacare as they had wished.

The New York Times/Kaiser Family Foundation poll surveyed four Southern states that will help determine control of the Senate this fall. It earned headlines for finding the Democrats in better shape in the Senate races than most would have expected.

New Documents prove the IRS (ISSA Crap) is a waste of time and Millions of Dollars.

A series of IRS documents, provided to ThinkProgress under the Freedom of Information Act, appears to contradict the claims by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and his House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that only Tea Party organizations applying for tax-exempt status “received systematic scrutiny because of their political beliefs.” The 22 “Be On the Look Out” keywords lists, distributed to staff reviewing applications between August 12, 2010 and April 19, 2013, included more explicit references to progressive groups, ACORN successors, and medical marijuana organizations than to Tea Party entities.

New Rules: Bill Maher talks about the Minimum Wage and Welfare for McDonalds

Bill Maher Takes Minimum Wage Employers to Task in 'New Rules' Segement 
This is just great!!

How the Obscenely Wealthy are Strangling Our Democracy

The current system allows our government to be bought and paid for by the wealthiest.  The 1% get what they paid for - OUR GOVERNMENT RULES AND REGULATIONS.

A new academic paper by Princeton University’s Martin Gilens and Northwestern University’s Benjamin Page has made national headlines by concluding that wealthly Americans almost always get what they want from the political system regardless of what middle-class and working-class people seek from the government.

IPCC Climate Change Report: Information was stripped out by Politicians - Scientists upset

“A strikingly large amount of scientific material [was] stripped out,” says David Victor, a political scientist at the University of California, San Diego.
“It is a bit disappointing that governments could not take ownership of this science, which is in the report’s chapters,” Baiocchi says. He won’t say whether he’ll participate in future IPCC reports.
Others are also unhappy. “It left me depressed personally,” economist Reyer Gerlagh, of Tilburg University in the Netherlands, told The Sydney Morning Herald. “I do most of this work on the weekend, in evenings and on holidays. My payment is not in money or time, my payment is that I believe I can contribute to society’s benefit by providing the information.”

Sinking Ferry killing hundreds of school kids. Mechanical Failure and cargo movement

The person steering the ship said the ship steering wheel went well beyond the 5 degrees she set it to go. The steering would not return and the load shifted.  It was a tragic mechanical error and then those in the ship were told to stay put instead of abandon ship.  Hundreds of lives were lost.

Divers are finding bodies of young people with broken fingers who were obviously stuggling for life.

Jon Stewart - Women and the Republican Party - tears and emotion

The above one is a little longer.

We can't have people serving who cry at times of difficulty.  (Unless they happen to be male.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Everything wrong with the US in 3 minutes: Bill Moyers

In this short but very informative segment, Bill Moyers takes on America’s “drift towards oligarchy” and “epidemic” of income inequality , citing statistics on the income gap and studies on the subject that provide a stark warning that we are quickly drifting towards a system in which a small group of wealthy people wield massive control over out political system.
He blamed Congress for enshrining a culture of corporate corruption and implementing an unfair tax system, and mocks Supreme Court Justice John Roberts for taking bribes for his decisions, and notes that America’s politicians bend over backwards to pay back the investments made by their corporate benefactors.

Bundy - Proof his family has been on the land since the 1950"s - not 1877.

The BLM had control over the land before the Bundy's moved in.  Facts are pesky things.

Inequality - The Right Wing are freaking out because an economist talks facts

Income and wealth inequality have not been comprehensively studied to date, which has to do with the paucity of historical data and the difficulties of making comparisons between countries and populations when there are so many variables. Piketty's contribution is to painstakingly comb over the available data and illuminate trends that would leave no reasonable person in doubt of the fact that capitalism's inherent dynamics create inequality, and that only our express intervention, in the form of things like a global wealth tax, investment in skills and training, and the diffusion of knowledge can lead us to a different outcome.


Earlier this month WTVF, Nashville completed an investigative report of gang members in jail and how they got their weapons. Jonathan Gutierrez, serving a life sentence for murder in Tennessee, when asked where he got his guns told reporters “Most of the weapons that were used were coming from the gun show.” Further, he said that at age 15, he and other gang members went to local gun shows with cash and were easily able to buy four to six guns each visit.
“Anybody will sell you a gun,” Gutierrez said. “I mean no matter what, if you want a gun and you show them the money, and tell them you want to buy it, he’s going to definitely sell it to you.”

Jon Stewart takes on the Bundy Case - Hypocrite exposed

Jon Stewart takes on Sean Hannity and the Bundy Case - very good.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Right Wing Ideology and SUPREME COURT JUSTICES, Right Wing rulings are pre determined.

These people are fighting for a real Democracy: Where people vote and Corporations are not people

We Stand With the Majority, that showed super majorities of the American people consistently support the following agenda:
-       Tax the rich and corporations
-       End the wars, bring the troops home, cut military spending
-       Protect the social safety net, strengthen Social Security and provide  improved Medicare to everyone in the United States
-       End corporate welfare for oil companies and other big business interests
-       Transition to a clean energy economy, reverse environmental degradation
-       Protect worker rights including collective bargaining, create jobs and raise wages
-       Get money out of politics
While there was over 60% support for each item on this agenda, the supposed ‘representatives’ of the people were taking the opposite approach on each issue.

Wall Street Financial Tax: It is long overdue.

consider the basics of the tax proposal. The idea is that if a tiny fee is slapped on securities transactions — say, a cent — the tax will barely affect the average investor but will force high-frequency, high-volume traders to pay a lot. Consequently, those predators might see less of an upside from — or even abandon — their market-rigging schemes. And if they don't, then at least the government will generate new resources to enforce laws protecting average investors.

And, this was not the only study to reach this conclusion this week. Another study published in the Political Research Quarterly found that only the rich get represented in the US senate. The researchers studied the voting records of senators in five Congresses and found the Senators were consistently aligned with their wealthiest constituents and lower-class constituents never appeared to influence the Senators’ voting behavior. This oligarchic tendency was even truer when the senate was controlled by Democrats. 

10 Garden Plants that repel insects

There are many more than those listed here:  Check out the article.

BorageBorage attracts bees and predatory insects, and repels many insect pests. It also has lovely blue flowers. Considered one of the best companion plants – helpful for many plants, especially strawberries, tomatoes and cabbage.
Carrots – Carrots inter-planted with alliums (onions, leeks, garlic) confuse onion and carrot flies. If carrots are allowed to flower, they also attract assassin bug, lacewing, parasitic wasp, yellow jacket and other predatory wasps which will attack other predators.
Dill – Dill is considered helpful for cabbages, corn lettuce, onions and cucumbers. It attracts Tiger Swallowtail butterflies/caterpillars, Hoverflies, Wasps, Tomato Hornworm, honeybees and Ichneumonid Wasps. It repels Aphids, spider mites, squash bugs, cabbage looper. Dill should not be planted with cilantro as it will cross pollinate with it.
Garlicgarlic is thought to assist Apple trees, Pear trees, Roses, Cucumbers, Lettuce and Celery. It is repellant to aphids, ants, rabbits.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cokie Roberts calls out Homophobes on national TV

Ralph Reed had it coming as did Franklin Graham.

Muhammad Ali - This Is Your Life

This is just great for any Muhammad fan.

The Volcanic History of Yellowstone Park - interesting

It was a super volcano - When will it happen again.

Toothache remedies 20 or so

Sore tooth?  Check these out.

Bill Moyers: Planned Inequality - Inequality of income was planned years ago.

The Rich get Richer and the middle class pay the Rich more and more but get less and less for themselves.  This tells the hows and whys this happened.  Today, the only way to get more money for the middle class is to work more hours.

Unpopable Bubbles and Ooblek

Make some BIG bubbles that you cannot pop and/or Ooblek

10 Herbs for the Stomach

Got Stomach Issues - try these.

Easter Under Attack!! Peeps Style. Happy Easter one and all.

Stephen Colbert is on the case. 

Paul Krugman on Wealth Inequality

There is a lot of talk of inherited money and how most of the billionaires did not earn their money but were given it by their family.  The pull yourself up by the bootstraps is really not true.

A REAL CASE OF A FAMILY AGAINST THE US Government - farm animals taken.

Bundy is a rich thief in Nevada.  In this case you have two sisters taking on the Feds.  I think they have a real case.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Princeton Study: US no longer a Democracy. (Our Elections are being bought and paid for by the wealty.)

Asking "[w]ho really rules?" researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page argue that over the past few decades America's political system has slowly transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy, where wealthy elites wield most power.
Using data drawn from over 1,800 different policy initiatives from 1981 to 2002, the two conclude that rich, well-connected individuals on the political scene now steer the direction of the country, regardless of or even against the will of the majority of voters.

Public Schools outperforming Voucher schools

The data is clear - Voucher Schools are a rip off which take money away from out public school system to put money into the pockets of the wealthiest.

Why do we overlook RIGHT WING VIOLENCE and refuse to call it terrorism? (Because they are white)

Rachel Maddow tells it like it is.

PISTORIUS - The Portrait of many gun loving domestic bullies

Pistorius claims he loved Reeva Steenkamp the girlfriend he murdered, but emails presented in his trial do not profess love. They do criticize her for chewing gum and flirting with someone else at a party. Pistorius "loved" Reeva Steenkamp but did not check to see if she was in her bed (or in another safe place) before firing four shots into the bathroom to kill an "intruder" and killing her.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Even Fox Legal Team says Bundy has no legal right to not pay. PAY UP BUNDY!

Even Bill O'Reilly came to the conclusion that Bundy has lost his legal case.

North Carolina - The destruction of public education.

Teachers are leaving in ever increasing numbers in North Carolina.  They are teaching longer and looking for second and third jobs just to get by. 

THE YOUNG TURKS talk about lawless deadbeat Cliven Bundy.

The Billionaires are pushing alternate theories at great expense which blames Harry Reid and or anyone other than Bundy.

Rand Paul asked when the Economy last created Millions of Jobs. Think Democratic Presidents

Rand Paul asked who created jobs?  Here is the answer
One way you could look at it is total number of jobs created during each presidency since Reagan. If you did that, here's what you'd get:
  • Reagan: 16.1 million (8 years)
  • Bush 41: 2.6 million (4 years)
  • Clinton: 22.9 million (8 years)
  • Bush 43: 1.3 million (8 years)
  • Obama: 4.0 million (6 years, 2 months)

Town Blown up a year ago by Chemical Plant Explosion - NO NEW REGULATION


GMO studies show GMO's are unsafe.

Studies that show GMO's are unsafe are being suppressed.  We need all of the information.

As more people become aware of the dangers of genetically modified foods, we can expect the disinformation campaigns to increase dramatically. Meanwhile, studies that show the dangers of genetically modified foods are being suppressed. "We are actually depriving the public from information they should have in order to reach a to whether there ought to be concerns." - See more at:

Koch Brothers now worth 100 BILLION! They have more money to buy politicians.

 The wealth of the Koch Brothers has surged past $100 billion dollars, a boost of $1.3 billion to their collective fortune based on a new industrial production forecast. To put that in perspective, that's enough money to buy 1,000 Boeing 757s or every NFL and MLB team. Together Charles and David Koch are majority shareholders in Koch Industries, a privately held corporation.  The brothers have been criticized for using their vast wealth to change laws in order to fit their political views.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Right Wing Radicals have more terrorist acts in the US than Islamists since 9/11

Rachel Maddow has the story.

8 Million enrolled in Obamacare

President Obama put out the latest numbers for Obamacare - 8 Million. 

Historical Look at Bundy Situation: The History is interesting and scary, bombings, etc.

Rachel Maddow looks at the historical events that led up to the Bundy situation this past weekend.  The SageBrush Rebellion is checked out.

Bundy Situation: It is all about the money, not freedom. Kochs are dumping in LOTS of money to support Bundy.

Like Fox News, the Koch brothers also have a lot to gain by supporting millionaire Cliven Bundy’s fight against so-called “tyranny,” which may explain why their Americans for Prosperity has jumped into the act. They have vast investments in the mineral and cattle industries, and would love to get their hands on more federal lands that are rich with natural resources. 
For the billionaire Kochs, just like for millionaire Bundy, the Nevada ranch standoff isn’t about liberty at all—it’s all about the money.

Americans Trust Democrats on Health care more than Republicans - a change is happening

Americans increasingly think Democrats have a better plan for healthcare than Republicans, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted after the White House announced that more people than expected had signed up for the "Obamacare" health plan. 

Nearly one-third of respondents in the online survey released on Tuesday said they prefer Democrats' plan, policy or approach to healthcare, compared to just 18 percent for Republicans. This marks both an uptick in support for Democrats and a slide for Republicans since a similar poll in February.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Who would Jesus Rape? The Religious and grooming young girls.

This religious fellow groomed a young girl into sexual situations.  Home Schooling so there could not be a counselor to talk too about what is going on.  Of course, he says it was her fault.

Bundy: Local Ranchers and Local Media say Bundy is breaking the law.

Comings also pointed out that many of the armed "militia" who came to Bundy's aid are from out of state, describing them as "just anti-government and ... just seen as outsiders who are coming in to jump on this issue."
Even Las Vegas Review-Journal Editor Michael Hengel, whose paper published an editorial in support of Bundy, admitted he is not legally in the right: "He's breaking the law, that fact is true, they have ruled that ... The courts have ruled that he is on federal land and he is grazing on federal land and he has not paid."
In St. George, UT., the closest city with its own daily media, the online St. George News weighed in with a critical piece Sunday that also took aim at the national press supporting Bundy, stating: "The Bundy Range War was perpetuated by an irresponsible media vying for nothing more than ratings and an ill-informed and willfully ignorant public who, much like a NASCAR fan, come to the race simply in hopes of seeing a crash."

A Real Rancher - much different than the greedy Bundy in Nevada.

This fellow puts his community and country at the forefront of his decisions.  He is so very great.

Bundy in NEVADA could learn a thing or two about Ranching, community and country from this wonderful Rancher.  Bundy has stolen over a Million Dollars of Taxpayer money and he is being backed by other Rich Brats.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Krystal Ball on the Bundy Farming showdown. Very Well done. I agree with her.

Bundy committed an illegal act and it was backed by some Right Wing Crazies.

Just because conservatives call Cliven Bundy a patriot does not make him one

These guys are not patriots. They do not recognize the United States as their government. They do not respect the rule of law. They disregard the ruling of the courts. Why are they called patriots? They are called patriots because many allow them to get away with it.

The Conservative Christian Guide to Marriage

Keeping Marriage Biblical.  From America's best Christian, you cannot go wrong.
We hear a lot about “Biblical marriage” these days, particular from right-wing conservatives battling the idea of same sex marriage or unions. The problem is that most of them are not clear on what that means.  Here is  a helpful article on the types of marriage found in the pages of the Bible.

The WORST Diet Ever.

A short video.  You may well be eating the worst diet ever.  I watch people eating this diet every day at lunch.

Big Government is not where your tax dollars go - A few Facts.

This graphic is by the National Priorities Project. The data behind the graphic are all in one spot, if you'd care to dive in. Thumbnail image from the Flickr stream of Mat Honan, used under Creative Commons license.

Bundy in Nevada. What he is doing is illegal. It is a legal case. The back story

 Some mistakenly believe that this is an environmental issue, or a liberty issue, or a property rights issue, but the facts will reveal that it is a legal issue. Cliven Bundy has been illegally grazing his cattle on federal land and not paying his grazing fees for nearly 20 years.

Now Cliven Bundy is playing the victim, stating that because his family has been ranching and grazing cattle there for 100 or more years, on land that is not his, he is somehow entitled to continue. His stance is not only groundless legally, it is selfish. This one man wrongly believes that his rights supersede the rights of the public and are above the law. But it’s worse than just grazing for free, Mr. Bundy has been grazing his cattle at the public’s expense. 

Conservative Media all in for Law Breaking Rancher who does not believe in US Constitution.

Hannity and the Right Wing Media took every effort to make the multi millionaire farmer with cows a hero.  He had not paid the grazing fees (Reagan started them) for years.  He clearly violated the law.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Meyer Lemons are healthy and good.

You can even eat the rind.  You can put some on the skin to help the skin. 

Dark Money and the Republicans - Buying our Government.

Good Information

Paying for the US War Machine is a terrible waste of money

When we're told by our elected officials that we can't afford full funding for education, SNAP (food stamps), Head Start, or unemployment compensation, how is it that we can afford the endless “War on Terror” plus a pivot to East Asia? Expecting a peace divided as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down is wishful thinking: President Obama still proposes to spend a whopping 55% of federal discretionary funds for Fiscal Year 2015 on the military.

Racism against those who are Jews. The shooting yesterday.

Wake up, America. Guns kill people. Racists and religious bigots with guns kill people. The Religious Right will be blaming liberalism, atheism and secularism and the lack of prayer in public schools by this morning, if they have not started already. But this tragedy did not come about because of liberal ideals. We can’t know Cross’ motivations until he says anything, if he says anything at all. But it isn’t difficult to see a connection between a white supremacist killing Jews and the nonstop hate parade coming from Tea Party and Religious Right sources (often indistinguishable). The surprise is not that there have been shootings and deaths. The surprise is that there have not been more of them.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Receding Gums - 7 cures

The loss of gum tissue is a serious concern.  Here are ways to bring back your gums.

We are Fish: A Paleontologist finds fossils - very interesting.

This new Fish show is freaking out the Religious Conservative Crowd.

2 Glasses of Gatorade relieves headaches.

Koch Brothers agenda revealed. Brutal for the middle class and the poor, Great for the wealthy.

Here is the platform Koch ran on in 1980: (There is much more in the full article.)

“We urge the repeal of federal campaign finance laws, and the immediate abolition of the despotic Federal Election Commission.” 

“We favor the abolition of Medicare and Medicaid programs.” 

“We oppose any compulsory insurance or tax-supported plan to provide health services, including those which finance abortion services.” 

“We also favor the deregulation of the medical insurance industry.”

Global Corporations scheming to take over our economy - TIME TO SAY 'NO'  
The broad movement for fair trade has stalled the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  When fast track trade promotion authority was introduced by former Senator Baucus, the Chairman of the Finance Committee, it was announced dead by Harry Reid and many of the members of the Finance Committee. A similar bill in the House also died quickly, not even proceeding to mark-up in the Ways and Means Committee, despite being introduced by its Chairman, David Camp (R-MI).

The new chairman of the Finance Committee, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), made a speech this week announcing that he was working to introduce a new version of trade promotion authority that he is propagandistically calling “smart-track,” but which sounds more like fast track in sheep’s clothing.  Wyden was vague on the details, but this far into the process any fast track bill being pushed will still rig trade in favor of transnational corporations.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bill Maher - Monologue

A wrap up of the week.

Years of Living Dangerously: An hour about Climate Change - very informative

How the study of climate change is done and recent test results.

Bill Maher on Religion

His best of Religion collection

ECONOMY DOES BETTER with Democratic Presidents.

MSNBC Chuck Todd interviewed  Princeton economist Alan S. Binder to his show the Daily Rundown a few weeks ago. They discussed a striking paper that he co-wrote with Princeton Economics Professor Mark W. Watson. The title of the paper is “Presidents and the Economy: A Forensic Investigation.”
The paper is a very well researched paper that analyzed the performance of the country’s economy under different presidents. The paper came to a striking conclusion. The economy does substantially better under Democratic presidents than Republican presidents. This occurs irrespective of who controls Congress.


In total, the Koch political empire marshaled $400 million in the 2012 election cycle toward groups and efforts that spent money directly in the electoral arena. Not every group that received money from the empire reported spending on elections, but the vast majority of that money went to groups that spent tens of millions on electoral ads — which must be reported to the Federal Election Commission — and even more on issue ads that targeted candidates but didn’t advocate their electoral victory or defeat — which is not reported. Koch players included Americans for Prosperity, the American Future Fund and the 60 Plus Association.
Already, Koch-linked dark money groups have spent more than $30 million on ads targeting vulnerable Democratic congressional candidates running in the 2014 midterms.

if the Tides Foundation is supposed to be the liberal equivalent of the Kochs, it’s a pale shadow of the conservative juggernaut. Combined, the money from Tides and the Advocacy Fund falls well short of the amounts amassed by the Koch operation.

VOTING IN OHIO! Republicans Restrict Access To the Polling Place

Republicans know the only way to secure victory in the midterms is through suppressing the vote. Ed Schultz takes an in-depth look at the long trip to vote in Ohio with candidate for Secretary of State Nina Turner.

4th Grade Creationist Science Test - This is not a joke.

The source of this quiz is the father of the student who took it.  He will not identify the school until June, after his daughter finishes the school year there, after which she will move to another school.  Snopes rates this item as "probably true.
I'm pretty much speechless here.  Plus, the test speaks for itself.  OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE PAYING FOR THIS CRAP.

Jon Stewart congratulates Stephen Colbert for the Tonight Show.

Colbert will take over the Tonight Show from David Letterman.  Rush Humbug and his Conservative Buddies are pretty upset.

NEW RULES - Bill Maher

Bill Maher ripped Republicans like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz who are more interesting in howling at the moon, and making money than they are in governing.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Republican Governors and Legislatures are killing people by not expanding medicaid

Republican governors generally love to bandy about being so-called "pro-life" due to their opposition to abortions.  It is a tragically ironic and hypocritical stance considering that many of them (particularly in the South) are allowing people to die because of a political refusal to expand Medicaid.  
Apparently, to the GOP - which has been obsessed with destroying the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - life is only "sacred" for the unborn.  Once you are a delivered baby, you're on your own.

Right to vote is under threat in the United States.

In an unsparing critique of Republicans, President Barack Obama on Friday accused the GOP of using voting restrictions to keep voters from the polls and of jeopardizing 50 years of expanded ballot box access for millions of black Americans and other minorities.

GOP Chair says Benghazi story is not worth pursuing.

GOP Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, the Republican chair of the House Armed Services Committee, says he’s satisfied with how the US military – and ergo the Obama administration – responded to the deadly attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya.
The news also exonerates expected Democratic presidential nominee, and then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. More on that in a moment.

Ayn Rand on Johnny Carson. This is the Republican Policy Guru. Scary and misstated today.

There's so much I could pull out from these videos and quote to you from what this evil woman says... but I just don't know where to begin... every comment she makes is a new ad for the Obama campaign.
Remember, Paul Ryan made Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged required reading for all his staff and interns!  What will the "values voters" say if they know just exactly what his philosophy espouses.

8 Facts Main Stream Media will not tell you.

The results:

-- Americans [are] especially uninformed about international public affairs.
-- American respondents also underperformed in relation to domestic-related hard news stories.

-- American television reports much less international news than Finnish, Danish and British television;
-- American television network newscasts also report much less hard news than Finnish and Danish television.

America's Warp Speed Decline: Fast becoming a 2nd world nation.

The index measures the livability of each country. People everywhere depend on and care about similar things. “We all need clean water. We all want to feel safe and live without fear. People everywhere want to get an education and improve their lives,” says Porter. But economic growth alone doesn’t guarantee these things.
While the U.S. enjoys the second highest per capita GDP of $45,336, it ranks in an underperforming 16th place overall. It gets worse. The U.S. ranks 70th in health, 69th in ecosystem sustainability, 39th in basic education, 34th in access to water and sanitation and 31st in personal safety

If this index is an affront to your jingoistic sensibilities, the U.S. remains in first place for the number of incarcerated citizens per capita, adult onset diabetes and for believing in angels. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Carbon levels highest in 800,000 years.

This should be a top subject of all news shows but of course we hear crickets.

Dead: Because Florida refused Medicaid Expansion, 3 kids now without a mom

Charlene Dill didn’t have to die.
On March 21, Dill was supposed to bring her three children over to the South Orlando home of her best friend, Kathleen Voss Woolrich. The two had cultivated a close friendship since 2008; they shared all the resources that they had, from debit-card PINs to transportation to baby-sitting and house keys. They helped one another out, forming a safety net where there wasn’t one already. They “hustled,” as Woolrich describes it, picking up short-term work, going out to any event they could get free tickets to, living the high life on the low-down, cleaning houses for friends to afford tampons and shampoo. They were the working poor, and they existed in the shadows of the economic recovery that has yet to reach many average people.

NEW SOLAR CELL - Higher efficiency , Fesnel

45% efficient instead of 20

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Climate Change - 10 Places to visit before they are gone or intolerable

How are places going to be impacted by Climate Change? 

Little round Orange House built for 9000.00 - Great little house.

I like this little house.

America's Best Christian - Betty Bowers, telling Bed Time Stories

America's Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, reads her children Bible-based bedtime stories -- and realizes that, with all its gratuitous violence and pornography, if God hadn't written the Bible, Conservative Christians would be trying to keep it OUT of public libraries not IN to public schools!

Destroying Breast Cancer with Green Tea

Just one of the great benefits of green tea
Using the cooked meat carcinogen PhIP to turn normal breast cells cancerous, researchers explore the use of green tea to interrupt this malignant transformation.

Dr. Greger reviews the study.

Note: Since the Fukushima power plant disaster, there has been concern about radiation levels in green tea. Research before you buy.

- See more at:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shell Oil embarrassed by Green Peace on Shell's Big Day!

Some radio antennas and a simple flag.  Very Good.

Gov Christie catching hell again: Millions Sandy Rebuild Money spent on Luxury Apartments to a Christie friend.

4.8 Million did not go for Hurricane Sandy relief - it went to luxury apartments being built by Gov Christie's friends.  The Buildings were funded 8 months before Sandy but suddenly after Sandy, the luxury apartments gets Sandy Money.  Not fair folks.  The Chubby Gov has some explainin to do.

Gov Chris Christie tells NJ: Please give me time to think up a new story that makes sense!

TRENTON (The Borowitz Report)—Responding to fresh charges that he knew about the controversial lane closures on the George Washington Bridge last fall, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today asked for the public’s patience while he makes up a new story.

Gang Problem or Gun Problem: What do the numbers say?

Definitely a Gun Problem.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Post Office Privatization attempt by Republicans: Explained quite well.

12 Minute radio show explaining the whole Post Office Privatization attempt.  This is the best explanation that I have heard.

Putin is losing in Crimea - A Reality Check

While Putin clearly imagines Russia to be a great power, the country is a hollow shell of its former self, with waning political and military influence and an economy that is teetering on the brink. Higher inflation, a weakening ruble, huge capital outflows and a lack of economic reforms contributed to a major slowdown in the growth rate last year — from a projected increase of 3.6 percent to a mediocre 1.3 percent clip. The Crimea crisis will only add to these economic woes.

POLL: Majority of Americans support Jeb Bush taking up painting!

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A new poll released today shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans would support the idea of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush taking up painting.

years of living Dangerously - Climate Change - Very informative

This video talks about Indonesia and its role in the Carbon problem - it is significant.  There is also a Christian Scientist who says Christians need to change our thinking about Climate Change.  60 minutes and worth taking the time.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Salon Creates a Guide to Mass Shootings in America

It is perhaps too easy to forget how many times this has happened. The horrific mass murder at a movie theater in Colorado in July 2012, another at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin that August, another at a manufacturer in Minneapolis that September—and then the unthinkable nightmare at a Connecticut elementary school that December—were some of the latest in an epidemic of such gun violence over the last three decades. Since 1982, there have been at least 67 mass shootings across the country, with the killings unfolding in 30 states from Massachusetts to Hawaii. Thirty of these mass shootings have occurred since 2006. Seven of them took place in 2012, and another five occurred in 2013, including in Santa Monica, California, and at the Washington Navy Yard. We've gathered detailed data on the cases and mapped them below, including information on the shooters' profiles, the types of weapons they used, and the number of victims they injured and killed.*

Waterboarding is torture: Dick Cheney invited to be wateboarded to show it is not torture.

I think Cheney and/or his daughter Liz should be waterboarded to prove it is not torture.

Fox Freakout re: Obamacare - A critique by other networks.

Fox Epic Failure on Obamacare results.  Fox is funny with numbers and like to make up their own.

4 minute video to explain the US Prison System

More than two million adults are currently incarcerated behind bars, walls, and barbed wire. They away from society and their communities. The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world. One of the most troublesome truths about the prison system is that many of these two million prisoners are eventually released.

SNL does Fox and Friends regarding Obamacare - Very Good Stuff

This is just funny and well done.  Check it out.

Carl Sagan died 17 years ago but his ideas about science and religion are scary

Who is running science and technology if the Republicans in Congress got rid of Scientists talking to them about Science and its impact on the world today and tomorrow.

5 reasons to fix the Supreme Court now

The Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling (McCutcheon v. FEC) in favor of an Alabama tycoon who sued the federal government because he was not allowed to spend as much as he wanted to elect  Republican candidates in 2012, is a wake-up call.  In America today, government on all levels is on the auction block.  The only votes that count come with a price tag that puts responsible and responsive government out of reach for all but the super-rich. 
Voters need to take back the representative democracy we inherited.  Having failed to protect it at the polls, we are now at a tipping point.  Our best hope is an informed and engaged electorate.  Unfortunately, the message of the McCutcheon decision is clear: holding regular elections is no  guarantee our constitutional rights – or that the Constitution itself will be respected.

Woolly Mammoth created on the 6th Day? NOT A JOKE.

This should be an article from the Onion but it is real.  Just read the article but it would make a thinking person nuts.  Amen.

Pictures of an abandoned Prison

I like going to places like this.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Autism: These parents never gave up on their autistic daughter

Amazing story

TeaTree Oil - 80 uses. toe fungus is one of many

Strange Weather Photos - beautiful

Oligarchy cartoon - Supreme Court decision in a picture

This is well done

Bill Maher - The middle Class is Disappearing

A review of the week and the disappearing middle class.  A little Pot, GW Bush too.

Bill Maher - Monologue

Campaign Finance and the Supreme Court

Sandy Hook Families: How President Obama greeted the families after they lost their loved children.

President Obama is a great man.  This is sad but wonderful.  How many more tragedies in the future?

Welfare Queens - Not the Poor! Walmart is the biggest Welfare Queen

The truth about the Welfare Queens is coming out.  This is quite informative.

Koch Brothers Exposed

This is a great documentary about the Koch Brothers - 60 minutes.

Mass Shootings in America - A guide.

The Ft Hood Shooter fit a familiar profile. 
Here is a timeline of 62 mass shootings in the United States, from 1982 through 2012. For further details and our interactive map locating all of these cases, click here.

We Are BAKING The Planet - The latest Report

An Addiction to Oil is causing droughts, major storms, loss of crops, killing weather and major storm damage.

That is the crux of the crisis: The major polluting nations are obstructing a binding global agreement to combat climate change. They have agreed, in principle, with the rest of the world, at the United Nations climate negotiations, to limit greenhouse-gas emissions to levels that would allow a global temperature increase of only 2 degrees Celsius [3.6 degrees Fahrenheit]. But the science says that goal is quickly slipping away, and that we are facing a 4-degree increase

BE QUIET' A medal of honor winner tells a Pro Gun advocate regarding Ft Hood Shooting.

Jacobs: Arming everybody on posts seems to be a very foolish stance..(Lott tries to cut in) No, be quiet. A very foolish response (The colonel) to a problem that needs a solution, (You make hyperbole here) but this is not the solution. Please, don't be rude..

The War Comes Home - Shooting at Ft Hood, TX (Again)

GW Bush and Cheney thought war was so much fun that they started wars in Afghanistan AND THEN LIED US INTO IRAQ just to show how tough they were.  We are now paying a huge price with wounded and killed soldiers, suicide rates that are sky high and another shooting in Ft. Hood, TX.  Thank You GW and Cheney for the legacy of loss and destruction.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Colbert on inequality

Spotlighting a Tuesday rant from the Fox host's "The O'Reilly Factor," Colbert took a moment on Thursday night's show to praise O'Reilly's unique take on racial and economic inequality in America. (Short version: it's pointless to fight it.)
Ostensibly beginning as a critique of the liberal agenda to reduce income inequality, O'Reilly's lecture soon took a bizarre turn.

Voter Suppression Tactics get creepy

Scott Walker, Republican signs a creepy bill so people can look over voters shoulders.

Chris Christie Bridgate scandal is turning into a criminal investigation

The convening of the grand jury is evidence that the U.S. Attorney’s investigation has progressed beyond an inquiry and moved to the criminal phase.
The grand jury, which will meet for up to the next 18 months, has the power to indict, subpoena and interview witnesses without their attorney's present.
This marks for the first time confirmation that what started out as a preliminary inquiry into the governor’s office has now become a criminal investigation into the activities that led to gridlock traffic across the bridge from Manhattan in Fort Lee.

Koch Brother claims African American President stole his freedom

Charles Koch’s part “woe is me” and part “I am a god” piece in the Republican Wall Street Journal on Wednesday titled, “Charles Koch: I’m Fighting to Restore a Free Society” was, by any stretch of the imagination, sheer self-promotion based on one part pure lies and one part un-American libertarian ideology. Koch’s word for  democratic government is “collectivism” and he claims collectivists stand for controlling people’s lives and instead of encouraging free and open debate they discredit,  intimidate, and engage in character assassination; something he claims he is a daily target of; today will be no different. Charles Koch’s character is steeped in sheer greed, wanton lust for power and control, pathological self-righteousness, and compulsive delusions of grandeur borne of a pathetic overestimation of his self-worth due to wealth; he is the archetype of inherited riches and a prototypical John Bircher. He is also a rank liar and that is not character assassination or up for free and open debate because it is fact.


WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A riveting scene unfolded in Congress today as a tearful Speaker John Boehner took to the floor of the House to tell his colleagues, “I don’t want to live in a world where seven million people get affordable health care.”
Tears streaming down his cheeks, Rep. Boehner appeared unable to maintain his composure

Great 30 second video - Made my day

I will buy some Honey Maid this weekend.

A Weathy Child Rapist goes free while a poor, black woman trying to get a job goes to jail.

A wealthy man who raped his 3 year was found guilty but given NO JAIL TIME.  A homeless black woman leaves her kids in her car while she goes in for a job interview and gets arrested, jailed and her kids taken away.  She now faces prison time. FAIR?  NO!

5 Blatant Conservative Lies

Mark Twain once famously said, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Twain wasn’t praising lies with this comment, of course, but modern-day conservatives seem to think he was dishing out advice instead of damning the practice of dishonesty. Conservatives have figured out a neat little rhetorical trick: One lie is easy for your opponents to debunk. Tell one lie after another, however, and your opponent’s debunkings will never catch up. By the time the liberal opposition has debunked one lie, there’s a dozen more to take its place.

Jon Stewart - Slams the Supreme Court Donation Limits Ruling

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Colbert: UN Climate Change Report -

Stephen Colbert on the inaction to the IPCC Climate Change Report

Supreme Court defends right of wealthy to own our government

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—By a five-to-four decision, the United States Supreme Court today defended the right of the wealthiest Americans to own the United States government.

Obamacare exceeds goals and GOP freaks out.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) already totally embarrassed himself over the issue on Monday. He insisted to Fox News that the Affordable Care Act “has to be torn down and we need to start over … Obamacare can’t be ‘fixed’.” Graham asked his 10,000 followers on Twitter to retweet his message if they agreed. By Tuesday morning, a total of five people had done so.