Monday, August 31, 2009

Going to stay at Ruby Ranger

I got approval to get some equipment and go stay at the Ruby Ranger Station. I will take a lawn monster and weed whacker with a metal blade to start for weed control. I will also take a chain saw because there are some dead trees which must come down. One dead tree is hanging over the outhouse - what a way to die. Sitting on the outhouse hole and wham a monster tree takes you out. (Note: I did see a dead guy being taken out of an outhouse once when I was rafting.)

The place is right up to a wilderness area so they want me to hike the trails too. I will certainly volunteer for that. I am putting in for a few jobs but I did not work as hard on my resume as I normally do. I am kind of hoping I get passed over so I can act like mountain man for a while. By the way, the Ruby Mountains are very spectacular. Unlike the mountains covered with trees that I am used to really. They are solid rock, with some dirt and patches of bushes and/or trees.

I need to run to Portland for a physical and check up with the dentist too. I will also pick up my sprayer because now we want to paint this house. I also have a larger ladder which we will need to paint this place in Wells.

Kind of excited about the Remote Ranger Station. No internet or cell phone or phone coverage there.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The horses - Remote Ranger Station

I was on horse duty this weekend. I had to feed them and while there, I raked the manure up into a pile so they could get the Bobcat and scoop up the crap. It needs to get done before the rain starts because then it would stink - a lot.

I should find out tomorrow more about staying at the remote ranger station. Right now it has no power so I would have to live without electricity. I hope to get it approved.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Ruby Guard Station

If things go as proposed, this could be my new home for a few weeks or months. This is a remote station which has not been lived in for a few years. It needs some work and I would do fence mending as well as knocking down dead and dangerous trees. i could be living out there in as little as 2 days.

The pictures are of the barn and the house. The dead tree in front needs to come down.

I might stay in a remote station this week.

Ruby Guard Station: This is where they need some work. I might live and work out here starting this week. I was taken out to it today and they said they need someone to work on it and I volunteered. We will work out the details this week. If I move to Ruby Guard, I would not have internet or phone. They say I can get a walkie talkie for emergencies. Looking forward to it. it has wood heat and no electricity hooked up right now.
i just checked the pictures I put up and I goofed. The photo with the pickup truck and lift happens to be the house where I helped roof. The other photo is Ruby Guard and the view from the back yard.

Mahoney - Active Blogging Again

I am planning on active blogging again. I just found my camera, so I can get pictures up. The pictures are so much less than what I really experience is the only thing.

Mahoney Guard Station: I spent over 2 days at Mahoney Guard Station in Nevada. IT WAS AMAZING! It is in a town of less than 100 people and most people ride around in ATV's.

I was asked to ride an ATV and help GPS roads for a new map. I saw deer, 5 mines, trees and unbelievable views. We were mostly above 5000 feet and even got to 9000 feet. There is an old mine at 9000 feet and we had to check the road in to it. There was a bridge up but in poor shape and we made it across to explore.


We also found a memorial someone had made for 5 people. There were huge metal crosses with the peoples names on them. They also have plastic flowers and beer cans, whiskey bottles scattered around, a dog tag and a roll of barbed wire too. it is illegal so people are going to figure out how to contact relatives and tell them to take it down or it will be taken down. The view of the memorial area is spectacular though. If my ashes got quietly scattered in a place like that, I would not object..

I found my camera this AM, so I will start putting pictures up. Honestly, I have been a bit overwhelmed by the beauty of the places I have seen. I have been soaking it in like a sponge - there comes a time to share. I have had some amazing experiences.

I locked myself out of the cabin at 4 AM and had to wake people up inside to let me back in - oops. Not a good thing. I went out to use an outhouse and to see the stars. There were no clouds. we had a bathroom inside and they thought I was an idiot for going out to use and outhouse when there is a good flush toilet inside.

Mahoney was a blast.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Ranger Station

I am heading off to another ranger station tomorrow. it is 70 miles off a state highway.
I know the country and it is beautiful but I was also told it is not as great as Pole Creek.

I will be there 2 or 3 nights and am planning on bringing back a load of fire wood.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pole Creek Ranger Station - heaven.

I just got back from a remote ranger station and it was so very spectacular. You travel down a paved road for 50 miles and then travel on a dirt road for 15 miles to get to the place. It is open fields with stands of timber in places. I camped out but I could have stayed in a bunkhouse.

I spent some time helping gather up downed limbs and put them on a huge fire pile. This morning it rained so we were able to set the pile on fire. Imagine a pile of dry wood as big as a 1000 square foot house and that being set on fire. It was mostly burned down within 40 minutes. We could do it because it was a rare rainy day.

I also helped to get fire wood to take back to Wells, NV. There had been a major forest fire in Pole Creek one year ago. People can cut dead trees for firewood. I was in heaven really. Cutting wood, helping around a remote camp. Mountain Biking down the dirt roads. 2 Grandkids as well as my son in law and daughter were there too. During the night a wind storm blew threw and that was neat. I walked out in an open field and watched the clouds and stars as the wind tried to pick me up. I put the tent under a covered area which was fortunate since the rain started about 6 AM.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hiking, Horses and roofing

I have hiked about 25 miles (12 uphill) in the past 3 days. I have been helping get items to a trail crew that is volunteering for the forest service. Today I hiked because the fellow who was supposed to do it had his car break down and could not make it. I was a sub today. We had 6 horses taken up to get their supplies back down to the vehicles. I hiked. The horses got spooked and bolted on the way down. I was not there but it sounded scary. The horses got fidgety, one spooked, broke and ran and then the others followed. It took an hour to gather them up.

I was down waiting for them. I got tired of waiting and started to go back uphill to see them and there were some wild stories about the horses. The horses did great before and after the incident.

I was supposed to be on the roof today but the fellow not being able to go got me off the roof and hiking.

My feet hurt and I have a blister which is a pain.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I was at a remote Forest Service Guard Station camping last night - it was a truly amazing place. We traveled down a 2 60 miles and then down a country road for 40 miles and then 20 miles on a dirt road. The climb up the dirt road was up all the way. When we finally got 15 miles up the dirt road, we saw Southern Idaho and Northern Nevada - It was an amazing sight. We went the last 4 or 5 miles and saw some trees. Right among the trees was the Ranger Station, built about 1930. It consisted of about 5 or 6 buildings. A volunteer couple have lived there for 4 years and getting the place back into the glory days. It was a truly remarkable day, evening, and much of today.

I helped cook for about 25 people. We cooked Top Sirloin Steak, Salmon and Chicken Breast - barbequed all of it, on charcoal.

I heard coyotes howling as I went to sleep last night. I camped out in the middle of a field and woke up this AM and looked out to mountains and just a few people. It was so quiet, peaceful and beautiful too. We were so high up that we could see a vehicle coming up the road when they were about 4 or 5 miles away. We just watched for the dust plume.

NO Pictures though. Before we left for camping, I had to get on the roof and get all of the tools down. When I got done with that, it was time to finish loading and leave - forgot the camera.

I was invited back so I am planning on camping out there when I leave Wells in a few weeks. I will get pictures then.