Wednesday, October 31, 2012

VOTE OBAMA NOW OR BY THIS TUESDAY!!!  Our country needs to move forward.  Let us have the wealthiest amongst us pay taxes of 24% - like the rest of us.

We still have snow but the temperature is supposed to rise to 38 degrees which means rain.  We will end up with a sloppy mess and it is HALLOWEEN!  It is also a full moon and kids have been more ramped up than normal.  I just want to get this week over with.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We had over 2 inches of snow today.  The kids were very excited and crazy.
I am looking forward to this week getting done.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A GIGANTIC STORM IS TAKING OUT THE EAST COAST!!  I am thankful for President Obama for believing in FEMA and using Government Resources to help those in need.  Gov Romney has made it clear that using Federal Help in such a situation is a waste of money.

The news reports are of snow for tomorrow.  We have a full moon and Halloween - what a week.

VOTE PRESIDENT OBAMA NOW OR AT THE LATEST NEXT TUESDAY!!! He has earned he right to a second term.

It is 17 degrees outside and the wind is blustery.  The weather forecast has moved snow to tomorrow instead of Wednesday.  I have a season pass for cross country skiing and I hope to do some this weekend.  I also got a 5 day pass for snowboarding.  Cross country is actually what I need to do for general conditioning.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

THANK PRESIDENT OBAMA - You can not be turned down for insurance because of PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS because of President Obama.  He deserves your vote.

SNOW:  We are expecting snow on Wednesday, so I am told.  The mountains have white but we have not had any real moisture to add to the snow levels.  We had 6 inches at the ski resort last week.  Winter is coming.  It is now 8:30 AM amd it is just getting light.  It is getting darker at night and staying dark well into the morning.  We see a significant difference in light (lack of) each week.

Hope all have a good day.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

VOTE PRESIDENT OBAMA and Vote Early.  Why wait in lines at the last minute when you can wait in a shorter line now.  I voted a few days ago.

Today we had a high temp of 35 degrees and a low of 23 last night.   Ponds and lakes are freezing up as are streams.  Mendenhall Lake has ice covering it for the most part.  It is not thick enough to be on yet but it should be walkable in a weak of continued cold weather.  I did see two people ice skating on a pond by Mendenhall Lake, so smaller bodies of water are getting enough ice and thick enough.  I looked for signs of momma and baby bears but did not see them.  Momma may have taken them to a den because it is so cold.  She looked filled out enough to be ready to den when I saw her last.

The streams are also freezing over.  I should have pictures tomorrow.  We have not had any new snow so the mountains look less white.  We have had a lot of wind which blows the snow around.

I am wearing long johns and down because of the temps which feels good.

These are old pictures because I have not downloaded the shots I took today and I have to run out pretty soon.

VOTE FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA AND VOTE OUT THOSE IDIOT REPUBLICANS WHO THINK A RAPED WOMAN (or girl) MUST KEEP THE BABY!!! Paul Ryan, Vice Presidential Candidate, Republican also believes that the Raped Woman (or child) must keep the baby. Ryan said: "Rape is just another means of conception" and he believes the child is protected at conception. Question to Republicans:  DOES THE RAPED WOMAN HAVE TO ALLOW VISITATION RIGHTS TO THE RAPIST DAD???

I like President Obama's take on Rape, "Rape is a crime!"  and a woman and her doctor decide if she chooses to keep the zygote or not.  I think he is even for the morning after pill which the Republicans would make illegal with the laws Republican VP contender Paul Ryan wants to pass.

Information about next year:  I am talking to another teacher about teaching half a year.  It would be a situation where I start the year Aug through Jan and she would take over and teach Jan - June.  I am at the end of my teaching career and I am being encouraged to continue but taking more time off and possibly trying new things is sounding good.  I will also say that I have had the good fortune of seeing some 'hard' kids make tremendous gains and it is hard to give it up.  I work with some pretty amazing people.  As of now, it is only an idea, but it sure does sound good to me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vote President Obama and Vote Democrats for Congress!!!  It is way past time to get this nation moving again.  Enough of the gridlock and NO, NO, NO of the Republicans.

It is cold and windy in Juneau this week so far.  We have highs of about 35 with blasting winds.  We have a steady wind of 20 and then gusting to 40 on a regular basis.  It is cold.  I am wearing long johns to school so I can tolerate the cold during recess.  What is funny is so many kids do not wear coats - they just run faster.  Some kids wear a coat outside and then take it off and don't put it back on until they have to go inside to class.

Monday, October 22, 2012

President Obama won the debate again.  I found it very interesting to see Mitt Romney saying President Obama made the right decisions in many foreign policy areas.

Pictures:  The big rock was a favorite rock of Romeo the wolf.  Romeo was a wolf who came to Mendenhall Lake for 8 years in the winter time.  Two years ago he was at Mendhall Lake when it was frozen, which was normal and then he disappeared.  Months later, Romeo was found.  He had been killed by two guys from the lower 48 and Romeo's hide was pinned to the wall of the apartment they lived in.

This memorial was put up in memory of Romeo the Wolf.  Romeo played with the dogs who came with cross country skiing people on frozen Lake Mendenhall.
The Mysterious Ponds Formed by a Retreating Glacier is a mistake but I will keep it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vote President Obama!!!  There are fewer uninsured people now than there has been for many years  because of Obamacare.  College Students on their parents insurance plans and not allowing Insurance Companies to drop kids and adults on a whim has kept people insured.  VOTE OBAMA

I am feeling very fortunate.  I have a good life both here in Alaska and in the lower 48 as well.  I know I take it for granted but I must say that I do appreciate my life and those around me.  I move into my new room tomorrow.  It does not have internet or phone but that will come.  The room is so much better than what I have had in the past.

Vote President Obama to finish the job he started.  He got Bin Laden, Stopped a financial Melt down and doubled the DOW as well as getting extra help to Veterans.  I might add that the Republicans opposed all of them.  One more thing:  People cannot be denied insurance for pre-exisiting conditions and kids can be on their parents insurance until 26.  Elderly folks have medications paid for President Obama got rid of the donut hole, which bankrupted folks on meager incomes.  Vote President Obama!

This is a little movie of Mendenhall River and Mendenhall Glacier.  You will notice the ice on the water.  We have been below 30 degrees most nights this past week and our high has been 39 in Juneau.  It is colder at the Glacier and the lake because we have a cold wind coming off the glacier and onto the lake.
This is the bear and cubs that I was 10 feet from when I hiked a few days ago.  I was walking and stopped to check out a stream when I looked over to my left and Momma and the cubs were right there.  Lucky for me, they acted like they did not see me.  Stupid thing is:  I did not bring my bear spray

It scared the crap out of me when I thought I would be taking pictures of salmon and then to see momma and babies so close.  I took the picture and was walking away but I was thinking, hope she does not come after me.  She was on a trail that could easily get her to me,  It was a bit nerve wracking for a few minutes.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

President Obama just got the endorsement of one of the largest papers in Ohio.  Yesterday, President Obama got the endorsement of the largest paper in Utah, home of the mormons - that is huge.


Pictures:  Here are pictures of winter coming to Juneau, AK.  Lakes are freezing over.

RE-ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA and also elect Democrats to Congress so something can be done to move this country forward.  Enough of the REPUBLICANS voting NO consistantly!  We need to tax the wealthiest and it will take Democrats to make that possible.

I SAW A MOMMA BEAR AND TWO CUBS YESTERDAY:  Actually, I got within about 10 feet of them.  I was hiking in bear country and went to a spot and was looking for fish going up the stream when I saw Momma and the babies in the trees just 10 feet away.  She was looking away from me.  I took a few pictures and then slowly walked away.  I was scared when I was taking the pictures because it hit me that I was too close.  Momma was big, she looked ready for hibernation.  I thnk I deleted the pictures though.  I thought I downloaded onto my computer and deleted close to 900 photos from my camera.  I looked this morning for the pictures but they were gone.