Thursday, February 28, 2013

Steve Schmidt: CPAC is just the Star Wars bar scene for Republicans

Steve Schmidt's comment brought a great visual into my mind.  I really liked that scene.

Robert Reich: Repeal the Sequester

“What Democrats ought to be proposing, and even Republicans ought to be proposing, is to say, ‘Let’s just repeal the sequester,’” Reich says. “The problem right now is not the budget deficit — the budget deficit is actually shrinking — the problem right now is jobs. The problem right now is the economy and economic growth. Wages. That’s what we ought to get back to – the fundamentals.”
“Trickle-down economics is just a bald-faced lie,” Reich adds. “It means that you’re protecting the rich, protecting the powerful. It’s what Republicans have been doing for years, and you know, you tell a lie over and over and over again … and eventually people start to believe it.”

UPDATED: Teachers being taught gun safety and one gets shot - feeling safer yet?

In Texas, they were teaching Gun Safety to school District Staff.  Someone got shot during the training.

Guns in school scare me.  I was trained in the military and am a hunter and an untrained person with a gun around kids scares the crap out of me.  I was at a meeting where many in the audience were screaming the 'I will give up my gun when you take my cold, dead finger off the trigger.'  My thought then was that I was afraid they had their guns around kids.

Here is more information on the School District Policy and the class the fellow was taking.

One Toke Over the Line by Brewer and Shipley

This is a song about smoking dope and heading home.

Elizabeth Warren is great!! Finally, someone with Big Bank knowledge who is looking out for the middle class.

Elizabeth Warren on the banking committee is such a breath of fresh air.  She knows the questions to ask and she is asking them.

Medical Doctor asks (begs really) Congress to allow him to talk to people about Gun Violence

A doctor makes the case that he talks to people about obesity, diet, exercise, drug abuse, tobacco and he says he needs to be able to talk to them about gun violence.  Gun Violence is a public health issue.

A shopper fires a gun at a shoplifter who was trying to drive away

A shoplifter is chased by people and one of the chasers pulls his gun and shoots 5 shots into the shoplifters car.  Both are now in jail.

A vigilante shooting 5 shots at a shoplifter does not make me feel safer.

Apple Peels help prevent cancer

Who knew?  Interesting stuff.  Eat those apple peels for health.

One Nation - Underfed - Jon Stewart

There is an amazing film coming out in March.  PLACE AT THE TABLE.  ONE NATION, UNDERFED.

Jon Stewart discusses the movie and the hunger needs of our nations poor, including millions of starving children.

Police Chief and Al Sharpton talk Gun Legislation

I like the second video clip best.  The Police Chief who stood up to Republican Lindsay Graham was interviewed by Al Sharpton.  I think that Police Chief is great.

Check it out.

Obama Derangement Syndrome is the problem: Bob Woodward has it.

Bob Woodward has Obama Derangement Syndrome.  He was complaining that President Obama is not sending an Aircraft Carrier to the Persian Gulf to save money.  The Sequester is impacting a War - OMG, time to freak out, according to Woodward.

If the US were being attacked - then yes, we need to crank up the Aircraft Carriers.  If we have to cut spending, slowing down our involvement in wars makes total sense.

Very Interesting reading.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rep Keith Ellison kicks Hannity's butt on the Hannity Show

Hannity had Dem Keith Ellison on his show and had planned to set Ellison straight.  Ellison lit up Hannity and Hannity 6 minutes later just stopped the interview.  Hannity was out debated.

Wendell Potter on how we are being ripped off by Insurance Companies and Hospitals

Wendell Potter was a head honcho in the insurance business.  He quit and started talking about the secrets of deceits of the companies.  He points out that just by allowing the Prescription Drug Program to negotiate prices THE US COULD SAVE MORE MONEY THAN ASKED FOR IN THE SEQUESTER.  Nobody talks about how we are being ripped off by this program planned by the Drug companies with no oversight.  Interesting stuff actually.

Lies: Republican house HAS NOT VOTED on ANY Sequester Bill this session!

Rep Boehner is lying again!  The Democrats have a budget bill to replace the Sequester Cuts AND IT IS BEING BLOCKED BY BOEHNER AND THE REPUBLICANS!  The Republicans have not voted on any Sequester bill since the new house was sworn in.

 The Democratic Bill would probably pass if it were allowed to be voted up or down.

War on Women bill in Oklahoma: A guy does not want to pay for contraception for his employees

Some idiot got a bill going in Oklahoma which makes it legal to NOT PROVIDE CONTRACEPTION coverage for any woman employee.  A man wants the bill of course.  The guy has a feeling that THE PILL will poison the body.  No evidence, just a feeling.

What a shame that Republicans are allowing stupid bills like this to take up their time and effort.

Republican Lindsay Graham is an embarrassment

Republican Senator Graham embarrassed himself today he kept cutting off a Police Chief who was trying to answer his question.  I think Graham is getting lots of money from the NRA to make the noise he is making.

Handicapped or deformed baby in Utero: Doctor can lie and say baby is normal legally

A Doc can know that a severely deformed child is inutero but can legally say there is no problem so the mom will not seek out an abortion.  If this bill passes, the mom cannot sue the Doctor.  This is simply not right.  Of Course, the State will not guarantee health care for the child.  This is just wrong.

Sequester Update: Prisoners being released due to Republican insistence on Sequester

Prisoners are being released because the Prisons and Homeland Security are taking cuts because of the Republican unwillingness to cut TAX LOOPHOLES TO CORPORATIONS AND THE WEALTHIEST.  Feeling safer yet?  Not me.

6 Ways to be Happy - Science identified the traits/skills.

These actually make sense to me.  I am still working on them.

Gun Studies: 1996 - What did the last Gun Study Conclude?

There were studies of Guns and how they impact society up to 1996.  Then compiling data about Guns and the violence with guns WAS OUTLAWED BECAUSE THE NRA specifically put language in a bill which outlawed the collecting of data.  What did that study fine?

I am thankful that President Obama is now allowing those studies to take place again.

One Pope over the line sweet Jesus - Colbert

Stephen Colbert has an update on the Pope and his life after Popedom.

*One Toke over the Line Sweet Jesus" was the song I think of with One Pope over the line Sweet Jesus.  I think it was Brewer and Shipply that sang it.  It was about 1971 when it was popular.

The human cost of war: PTSD and TBD. How it affects a family.

PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury which happened in Iraq and Afghanistan are ripping apart families and making home lives a war zone.  The warrior goes home and his terror from the war haunts him and rips apart his family who have to live with his actions.

The DEFICITS ARE DECLINING - in a big way actually under President Obama

 Deficits are going DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.  94 percent of the people believe he deficits are going up when they are falling.  Lots of people are totally wrong.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If wild animals ate Fast Food.

I like this. If wild animals ate fast food they would be fat and out of shape.  (I will also add that a brother ate tons of fast food and died of a heart attack at 63.)

More Sequester stuff

Why is President Obama hiring Lew to run treasury?  Lots of questions.  Sounds like a Wall Street guy to me.

FIX THE DEBT - Who are these people?

Billionaires and Big Corporations are trying to get out of paying taxes so they came up with a front organization to push their policies.

Gun Control: Paperwork on guns sold at Gun Shows

We must register to vote so why can't we register Guns?  It makes sense.

Hey Love, Let's shoot at each other. Drunk in Texas with a gun

Two Love Birds were drinking in Po Dunk Texas.  They were practicing shooting each other.  Step back, quick draw and shoot.  He was drunk so mistakes happen.  Of course, there was a bullet in the chamber and she was shot.

Juanita Jean has the whole story:  (I am not feeling safer yet. Pray for me.)

Gun Control - Who to believe?

Background checks:  Who do you believe?  Wayne LaPierre (making millions off gun sales) or a Police Chief?

Radioactive Fish being caught in California

They think it is because of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant exploding 2 years ago.  (They also think it is evidence that the Japan plant is still leaking radioactivity into the water.)

Right Wing TeaParty dude says Pres Obama starting a race war

This guy has NUTTY written all over his forehead - just look.

Gold, Guns, and Grub - The Republican Way

The Republicans are on a tear to scare the crap out of us.  Juanita Jean has more.

How Republicans are ruining our Country - a view

State Laws are being changed by Republicans and not for the better in my mind.  Here are some examples:

You Might Be Conservative If

There are some good ones

You’re happy with your 40 hour work week, paid vacations and company-provided healthcare, but you’re strongly anti-union, because those commies haven’t done anything for you lately.

Back when we studied how guns impacted our society: Before 1996

It was illegal for the Government to study the impact of guns on our society from 1996 through 2012 because the NRA got a law passed which made the studies illegal.  What did the results say when the study was stopped Cold?

 One of the critical studies that we supported was looking at the question of whether having a firearm in your home protects you or puts you at increased risk. This was a very important question because people who want to sell more guns say that having a gun in your home is the way to protect your family.
What the research showed was not only did having a firearm in your home not protect you, but it hugely increased the risk that someone in your family would die from a firearm homicide. It increased the risk almost 300 percent, almost three times as high.
It also showed that the risk that someone in your home would commit suicide went up. It went up five-fold if you had a gun in the home.

 We were finding that most homicides occur between people who know each other, people who are acquaintances or might be doing business together or might be living together. They're not stranger-on-stranger shootings. They're not mostly home intrusions.
We also found that there were a lot of firearm suicides, and in fact most firearm deaths are suicides. There were a lot of young people who were impulsive who were using guns to commit suicide.

Ignorance is bliss: Just ask Wayne LaPierre

Colbert has a great one:   They can take our ignorance when they pry it from our cold, dead hands.

Monday, February 25, 2013

4 Year Old gets Dad's gun and shoot himself. Dies

Another Gun Accident.  A little boy wakes up before dad and sees the gun and presses the trigger shooting himself in the stomach.

Gun Range catches fire - caused by bullets.

A gun range caught fire and smoked up the town.  A tracer bullet started the fire.
It was a 4 alarm fire with lots of smoke and bullets exploding from the heat.

Marco Rubio is not the great guy with money he puts on.

For 16 months, Rubio has carried this message of fiscal responsibility to great applause across Florida.
What Rubio does not tell the crowds is that he has gone deep into debt and struggled to make his payments, with Deutsche Bank initiating foreclosure proceedings on one of his homes in June.
Rubio resolved the foreclosure case, but debt has been a constant companion. In 2005, he carried more than $1 million in debt with mortgages on three homes, a home equity line of credit, a car loan and more than $150,000 in student loans.

Corporate Tax Dodging would cut twice as much as hiking medicare age.

The war against the middle class continues.  Of course the Republicans are trying to raise the age for Medicare while ignoring the 8 Billion in Corporate WELFARE that go to the Oil industry.  (The oil industry is making record profits - why do they need Welfare?)

Short Global Warming Video

Quite good - short video

Austerity Budgeting is killing European Economies

So now, The Republicans in the US are pushing Austerity with the Sequester after Austerity is showing itself to be a failure all over Europe.

Nations imposing harsh austerity suffered deep economic downturns; the harsher the austerity, the deeper the downturn. Indeed, this relationship has been so strong that the International Monetary Fund, in a striking mea culpa, admitted that it had underestimated the damage austerity would inflict.
Meanwhile, austerity hasn’t even achieved the minimal goal of reducing debt burdens. Instead, countries pursuing harsh austerity have seen the ratio of debt to G.D.P. rise, because the shrinkage in their economies has outpaced any reduction in the rate of borrowing.

Gambling with the economy for political ends.

The fact that Republicans in particular have put "political gain ahead of the economic interests of the economy" ought to trigger outrage. Why isn't the public outraged (they kind of are, but the anger is, I think, misdirected)? One answer is that the media/pundits haven't been able to move from the center and point fingers at the true cause, Republican obstructionsism, hostage taking, and the like to get their way.

...Obama is very much a centrist, who is in particular proposing deficit reduction through exactly the kind of mix of tax hikes and spending cuts “centrist” pundits demand — and that the GOP, by contrast, is an extremist organization whose extremism is almost solely responsible for the bitterness of the partisan divide.

Billions are spent in getting kids to buy junk

Advertisers know that parents do not like whining kids so they buy junk food and toys to quiet them.  Billions in advertising is spent on getting the kids to whine to parents.

Water Torture: As American as Apple Pie. (Thanks to Bush/Cheney)

What does it mean when torture, already the definition of “cruel,” becomes usual?

Try to remain calm -- even as you begin to feel your chest tighten and your heart race.  Try not to panic as water starts flowing into your nose and mouth, while you attempt to constrict your throat and slow your breathing and keep some air in your lungs and fight that growing feeling of suffocation.  Try not to think about dying,

Walmart is hurting: Their customers have little money now

Walmart will be closing 100 stores.  Their customer base is being hurt bad by the Austerity Budget imposed by the Republicans.  Good Information.

Vast Majority of MASS SHOOTINGS are against Women and Families with legal guns.

Data suggests that a gun present in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide for women by 500 percent.
A new analysis of 56 mass shootings across America since 2009 finds women and family members are the most frequent victims, and that the shooter almost always acquired his guns legally

Data suggests that a gun present in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide for women by 500 percent. Photo Credit: February 24, 2013 | A new analysis of 56 mass shootings across America since 2009 finds women and family members are the most frequent victims, and that the shooter almost always acquired his guns legally,

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bill Moyers talks about the poor getting poorer

There is no economic justice for the poor and middle class.  Richard Wolf and Bill Moyers

Polling shows support for President Obama and Dems over Republicans

This is a very interesting set of polling data.  It is compiled in one instead of many different graphs.

FBI Profiler says: Video Games Do Not Cause Violence.

The NRA likes using Video Games as the cause of violence.  Those who have studied it say NO, it is not the case.    The are some societies which have more violent video games but less violence.  Actually,  in the US - teenage violence has gone down.

Convicted Felon has lots of guns, NO BACKGROUND CHECKS, and a list of who he wants to kill.

Why we need BackGround Checks.  This CONVICTED FELON with a list of people to kill was able to get lots of high powered guns and clips at Gun Shows and Private Sales without having a BackGround Check done.  BackGround Checks on all guns sold is important for the safety of our society.  Fellows like this should not have easy access to guns.

Who gets more money back from the US Government than they give back? Lousiana

Bobby Jindal is embarrassed by the facts regarding his state.  He has great Natural Resources but must rely on the US Government to provide food and health care for more people than Massachusetts which has fewer natural resources.

Half of Mass Shooters used HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINES

When you look at the numbers:  Mass Killers use BIG MAGAZINES TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE HALF OF THE TIME.  This sounds like a BIG problem to me.  We should limit the magazine size to 7 or 10 to inconvenience mass shooters at the very least.  Instead of firing off 100 rounds in one clip, they would have to change clips 10 or so times.  Smaller magazines makes so much sense to me.   BIG CLIPS ARE MEANT TO KILL, not to hunt or to keep your home safe.

2012: Record Number of Mass Shootings and Victims

Mother Jones looked at Mass Shootings and the people killed.  Mass Shootings are rising.

Interesting but scary

Just check it out - thought provoking and scary actually.

Who is to blame for the Sequester? Let's look

 Republicans say no compromise to avert the sequester is acceptable. That’s not an exaggeration: It’s the party’s explicit, publicly stated position. What more specifically could Obama do to change this? If the answer is “nothing,” then why are both sides equally to blame?

On the one hand, they fervently believe that the country’s most vital priority is to pass a plan to reduce the deficit through a mix of cuts to retirement programs and reduced tax deductions. On the other hand, they believe with equal fervor that the two parties are equally to blame for the country’s problems in general, and the failure to pass such a plan in particular.
Their problem is that one party agrees with them completely, and the other rejects them. This creates a paradox between the two mental tentpoles of BipartisanThink. The solution is to simply wish away the facts, thus bringing them into line with reality.

Here is what Paul Krugman says about it:
As always, many pundits want to portray the deadlock over the sequester as a situation in which both sides are at fault, and in which both should give ground. But there’s really no symmetry here. A middle-of-the-road solution would presumably involve a mix of spending cuts and tax increases; well, that’s what Democrats are proposing, while Republicans are adamant that it should be cuts only. And given that the proposed Republican cuts would be even worse than those set to happen under the sequester, it’s hard to see why Democrats should negotiate at all, as opposed to just letting the sequester happen.

SEQUESTER: Paul Ryan pushed it for years and must own the result of his baby.

Paul Ryan has been talking about the good SEQUESTER policy and how it makes Congress become disciplined.  Time aftet time, he said it was good policy.  Now it is time for Paul Ryan and Republicans to take ownership of the results.  WE WILL LOSE 800.000 JOBS TO 2.3 MILLION JOBS when Sequestration is implemented.  To stop it we need to include Revenue Increases as well as cuts.

The organization, FIX THE DEBT, is really Billionaires trying to get their taxes lowered.

Billionaires are marketing lower debt but really they mean lower taxes for them and higher taxes or lose Medicare and Social Security for the middle class and the poor.

Many Fix the Debt firms pay a very low or even a negative average tax rate, contributing to the nation's deficit. Fix the Debt is secretly pushing for a major tax break that would exempt profits earned overseas by U.S. firms from taxation and encourage the offshoring of U.S. jobs. While the Fix the Debt CEOs call for cuts to Social Security, many of the publicly-traded Fix the Debt firms underfund their employee pension plans -- making their workers even more dependent on the popular social insurance plan that American workers pay into with each paycheck.

Study: Capital Gains Tax Cuts makes income equality worse

The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer has been traced to the Capital Gains Cuts.

The rise in income inequality is due more to changes at the top of the income distribution than at the bottom. While income for all Americans grew 25 percent from 1996 to 2006, it grew 74 percent for the top 1 percent and 96 percent for the top 0.1 percent. A large part of this was again driven by continuous cuts to income and capital gains taxes.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

This is just great.

An autistic boy is allowed to suit up and play basketball.

Sequestration will probably not lower the Deficit.

Sequestration will probably not reduce the deficit.  It will slow the economy and put people out of work which will bring in fewer taxes.  It takes an expanding economy to move the economy forward.  Europe used the reduce the deficit approach with no much success.  They have unemployment of up to 25% and no signs of growth.

GUNS AT SCHOOL: What could go wrong. Student gets guard's gun and accidentally shoots self

The guard left his gun unsecured in a bag and a kid put the gun in his belt and it discharged,  shooting the boys leg.

WHAT COULD EVER GO WRONG WITH GUNS IN SCHOOL?  A study was done where they put boys in a room with a gun.  1/3 of the boys fired the gun.

Nascar Race today where many spectators were injured

A person in the stands caught this video.  Notice the tire at the end.  28 people were hurt.  No drivers were hurt.

This talks about the injuries.

Poor People do not live longer: Keep the Soc Security age the same for poor and middle income folks.

Studies show the Rich folks who have great health care live an extra 10 years but the poor and middle class without great health care live only a couple of years longer than years past.  It was be a travesty for many to raise the Social Security Age.  RAISE THE 110,000.00 CAP to raise money.
Interesting Information.

GUN NUT ARRESTED! He had tank piercing guns and ammo and threatened Liberal Politicians - HE WAS ARRESTED!

If he has the NRA gun insurance, he can have a good lawyer on his case.  So a gun nut buys up high powered guns and then threatens Liberal politicians on facebook.  The police check it out and take his guns and put him in jail.  Wayne LaPierre will probably be pissed because his 2nd amendment rights were abridged.

NO GUN FREE SCHOOLS: Republican Steve Stockman wants to get rid of Gun Free Schools.

So where is Stockman holding his meeting blasting the dangers of gun free zones?  In the US Capitol building, a gun free zone.    Stockman had a  'meeting is being called ”The Fallacy of Gun Free School Zones.”  He’s offered legislation repealing the federal gun free zone law that protects schools.'
Oh the irony.  No guns will be allowed at Stockman’s meeting in order to guarantee Rep. Stockman’s safety.
Wouldn’t Stockman be even safer if everyone attended his meeting armed?  I’m so confused.

Billionaires are buying up the LA school board.

The Privatization of Education folks are spending Millions of Dollars on buying up the LA school board.  As usual, it will be an attempt to sell Public Schools to Private Businesses so Millionaires can make tons of money, while paying the teachers and staff less.

The same thing is happening in Alaska.  Big Buck Contributions have gone to the legislators who are pushing Privatization and money to private schools even though that means the same money but more sent to Rich Kids Private Schools, which means a lot less for the average Alaskan child.


The Sequester which goes into effect in a week will cut up to 2.3 Million jobs at a time when we should be rebuilding our infrastructure and nation because the cost of repair is at a record low.

However, the REPUBLICANS INSIST ON AUSTERITY BUDGETING, which will make drastic cuts on a weak recovery.  This is not going to be pretty folks.

Truth: ObamaCare has reduced health care premiums.

Obamacare has actually lowered insurance costs, not raised them.  My rates have gone down and have benefited from President Obama's changes to health care law.

A white guy talks about Racism - quite good.

As a white, I have it pretty good.  My children have it pretty good too.  Those who are a minority have roadblocks put in front of them continually.  They are also the ones who are blamed for many of the countries woes.  We ignore the Corporate Welfare and Tax Breaks only available to the Rich and blame the poor, starving minority.  However, in reality, there are more whites on Welfare, Medicare and Social Security than the other races but we point out the minorities.

Gun Owner Against the NRA.

A 30 second ad about being pro-2nd amendment and a gun owner but very bothered by the NRA reaction to recent gun tragedies including the killing of 20 little kids and 6 teachers.

The Sequestration facts: The Ed Show

The Republicans are working hard to put the blame on President Obama.  I don't think it will work at all.  President Obama HAD A SOLID PLAN, with revenue increases and cuts as well.  The cuts were 2 to 1 cuts.  That is very reasonable.  Actually the revenue increases were cutting the Tax Breaks that the Republicans were for during the last election.

Climate Change Facts

This is a great site for Climate Change Information.

Guns: Needed to stop those blacks and illegals

The Racist rant by NRA Wayne Lapierre is nothing more but using minorities to justify everyone have more and bigger guns.  (Let me add that the United States is a nation of immigrants and minorities.  The only original Americans were Indians or Native in Alaska.  The rest of us were immigrants.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

MONTANA: Anyone can carry A GUN CONCEALED if a new bill passes

In Montana, there is a bill going through the process which would allow ANYONE to CARRY A CONCEALED GUN without a permit, license or background check.   I used to like Montana but they sure are getting gun crazy.  I lived there two years and I used a gun for hunting.


TeaBagger Wrestler is booed on WWE wrestling

This is kind of funny.  There is a TeaBagger wrestler on the WWE wrestling network.  The guy even got booed by the crowd.

This part is where the Teabagger Characters ask Glenn Beck to attend Monday Night Wrestling and make a statement to the crowd. (Beck turned down the offer.  Glenn only speaks at forums where he has total control.)

What is the impact of the Sequester? Here it is

This is a great article explaining the whats and hows of the Sequester.  THE ESTIMATE OF JOB LOSSES IS UP TO 2.3 MILLION JOBS LOST!  Austerity Budgeting - Europe style is here.  They have super high unemployment and a floundering economy.  Will we ever learn?

Polls: President Obama polling high, Republicans - LOW AND DROPPING.

President Obama is moving higher up in positive polling while the Republicans have been low and are getting lower.  As Sequester negotiations go forward, President Obama has many more people on his side.

Pistorius is out of jail on bail.

A week ago, a young lady was at his home, in the middle of the night she got shot 4 times and her head bashed in with a cricket bat. Today, Pistorius is out on bail. It must be good to have money.  Most people would not see the outside of a jail in such a case.

The judge explains why he granted bail.  He feels Pistorius will not run and will not contact witnesses.

The man who killed himself and his son as well as shooting his wife and daughter had financial problems.

The man who shot his family killing himself and his son, was losing his business and was about to lose his FAA job because of Sequestration - was this the reason he shot up his family?
With Sequestration, I hope this is not just the beginning of these horrible kinds of incidents.  Hundreds of Thousands of people are about to lose their jobs.  Reminder: Countries doing Austerity Budgeting had unemployment rates higher than countries which put money into their economy to get it moving.  THE REPUBLICAN AUSTERITY BUDGET IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE SHOULD DO.


The Government is taking away the right to shoot people from a Helicopter.  Personally, I think it is pretty reasonable not to shoot people from Helicopters.  I even wonder why there needs to be a law stating which I think is a no brainer. In Texas, I guess it must be needed.  I am wondering if the capital of stupid is in Texas or Arizona.

Jon Stewart: Texas a foreign nation. Teapartiers say so

A great interview of Teaparty sorts.  Interesting.  One fellow will sell you lots of documents to prove that Texas is a Foreign Country.

Gun Shootings - What is the cost to US taxpayers?

I just noticed that the New York Times piece lists the overall cost at 2.3 billion rather than 2.5, however the cost to the taxpayers remains the same.

Walmart: Sales have been flat or negative. Why?

Rich People are the only ones with tons of money and they don't shop at Walmart.
The economy has stalled and will get worse with THE REPUBLICAN AUSTERITY BUDGET!

So where is Walmart's customers' money? A chunk of it is in the pockets of the wealthiest 1 percent of American households, according to research by economist Emanuel Saez. He found that during the first three years of the “recovery,” as weak as it has been for most of us, those at the top of the pile grabbed 121 percent of all income gains and got 11 percent richer ( PDF). And the rest of us became 0.4 percent poorer, after accounting for inflation.

Hospital gets sued: No African American Nurse can take care of this baby

A racist father told a hospital that No African American People could take care of his baby and the African American Nurse who was working the baby was re-assigned.  The hospital changed the policy after the lawyers got involved.  The African American Woman is a hero.  We DO NOT need to roll back de-segregation laws.

John McCain - Just go away

It is time for John McCain to be hauled off stage and the TeaParty folks of Arizona just might do it.

Colbert: FRIENDS OF HAMAS support Hagel for Sec of Defense

Colbert points out that Friends of Hamas does not really exist.  It is kind of like a moderate Republican.
(Conservatives think Friends of Hamas is a real organization or maybe it is wishful thinking.)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tiny Tax on Banks for Speculative ventures and derivitives would bring in Billions

The banks are now in the gambling business and when they fail, YOU AND I MUST BAIL THEM OUT.  The Robin Hood Tax would put a very small (fraction of a penny) tax on the speculative ventures (Gambling essentially) and the money would help the economy

This 3 minute video explains it well.

Indiana: Two TRANSVAGINAL PROBES in two weeks.

The Indiana Legislature (REPUBLICANS - of course) just passed a bill which would require TWO TRANSVAGINAL PROBES IN TWO WEEKS because other crazy states are requiring 1 and 2 is more macho or something like that. Republican Gov Pence has been asked if he is for this bill but he has not responded yet.

The Republican Camera up women's vagina is sure popular where Republicans have both houses and the Governorship.  Can anyone say THE REPUBLICAN WAR ON WOMEN CONTINUES AND ESCALATES!

Spin gun - shoots self in head: 23 year old girl dead

A 23 year old girl liked to play with her gun.  She was by her 16 year old brother when she shot herself.  She had a conceal permit.[Ljava.lang.String;@d2296bf&utm_medium=[Ljava.lang.String;@59d6dc55&utm_source=[Ljava.lang.String;@291b7e87

Americans Prefer President Obama policies.

Recent polling shows that President Obama's policies are more popular than Republican Policies.

BOY DIES after father shoots family and then kills himself.

2 dead and the rest of the family shot but not dead yet: Just another day in paradise  What is sad is that we are now coming to expect shootings and death.  If it is only 2 dead, it is a good day.  Sad reality.
As the NRA would say:  MORE GUNS IS THE ANSWER!!  If the boy had a loaded gun then he could have shot his dad before his dad killed him.

Tea Party: Disorganized, fighting and falling apart

There is the Koch Brothers Tea Party Group and the Dick Armey Tea Party Group and Dick Armey was thrown out of it.  You have Karl Rove trying to get the Tea Party money for his group to elect moderate Republicans.  This is  real can of worms.  Only 8% of the populace consider themselves Teaparty people and it used to be 25%.

Joe Biden taking on the NRA on Gun Control today

Joe Biden said he is willing to risk his political future after the deaths of the children at Sandy Hook.  He said, America has changed and he will help lead the change insisted upon by the American People. He is looking for and insisting on Gun Law Changes in the near future.  He also said, the thinks those who oppose Gun Law Changes will actually be the ones to be impacted Politically.

Joe Biden is willing to oppose the NRA and their EVERYONE MUST HAVE A GUN thinking.

January: All NEW ENERGY produced was renewable!!

A first:  All new energy produced in January 2013 was from renewable sources.  Slow and steady, we are getting there.

Art - interesting stuff

I just found this interesting.  Origami - kind of

Better School Lunches

Kids eat better and learn more.  There were fewer drop outs too.

Democracy - Bought up by the Rich Folks, fair and square

Our Democracy is being bought.  Voting is not the power but whoever wants to pay lots of money can buy to get control over policies and even politicians.  I bought him so he will put a tax break in a bill to save a certain company 500 Million per year.  Since he pays less on taxes, that means us middle class and poor will pay for it.

Supreme Court Decisions which give the wealthy more power.  Democracy:  Going to the highest bidder.

The War Within the Republican Party

Stop being the Stupid party - Republicans, are a mess and it is not getting better.

Jon Stewart on McCain - BENGHAZI and holding up the Hagel nomination

Jon Stewart tears into John McCain for holding up the nomination of Hagel for Defense Secretary.  Quite good.  Lindsay Graham gets and ear full too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Republicans undermining the government

The Republican Party is working hard to undermine the government and bring it down and drown it.  It is pretty sad but we had a lot of experience during the cold wars.  We sent people into countries and we funded the opposition to eventually cause the collapse of the country.

12 years later, you find your child was switched at birth

In a custody battle, DNA was taken and the ultimate result was the child they had raised for 12 years was not their biological child.  The child had been switched at the hospital as a baby.  I could not imagine.  

Adam Lanza, the shooter at Sandy Hook. Who was he?

A 40 minute video about Adam Lanza, the sandy Hook shooter.  From PBS.

Eat the Rich - an animated tax story

7 minutes of a review of the tax system.  The past and present.

Republicans want the Sequester and why!! Thom Hartmann

John Boehner, Republican and Paul Ryan got 98% of what they wanted on the Sequester deal when it was negotiated.  Republicans voted the Sequester in.  Now the Republicans refuse to negotiate a change which is going to force up to a million people out of work.  THE AUSTERITY BUDGET PROCESS IS BEING IMPLEMENTED because the Republicans want to sink the economy and blame President Obama.

Thom harrmann talks sequester and the results.

I find it curious that Republicans spend so much time talking about how terrible our TAX System is presently with loopholes, etc, but they refuse to look at cutting loopholes in a sequester deal.

The Republicans are intent upon sinking the US economy!

 The GOP’s backdoor austerity program has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to impede growth, destroy a million jobs, and send the economy into a recession, and it is their sole intention to see it come to pass. It is tempting to cite aversion to revenue that is their raison d’ĂȘtre in government, and it plays a role, but it is their aversion to the American people, especially those in need, that drives their Draconian intent to increase poverty and cull the takers from the population with slow-death starvation, untreated infirmities, and job-killing austerity.
Republicans claim their adherence to cutting programs affecting 98% of the population is due to out-of-control spending, but spending is already at historically low levels, and if the sequester goes into effect, food safety, education, law enforcement, safety net programs, and economic growth will be, and already has been, dramatically impacted which is the GOP’s intent.

An educated person talks to someone who makes up facts.

Stupid is hard to argue with because they make stuff up and discount true facts.  Why do I think of FOX when I say that?

The argument that if you regulate guns then they can regulate vaginas is interesting.  We have Trans Vaginal Ultrasounds for no medical reason being forced on women.  A woman at a Catholic Hospital was denied an abortion and died, along with the fetus.  I think the vagina is being regulated right now.

Brand New Gun Bought

Brand New Hole in Foot and an ambulance ride.  Being Safer sure is fun.

FOX never called Pres Obama a Muslim, just encouraged everyone else to say it.

FOX called him communist, Marxist and a few other choice things but DID NOT call President Obama a Muslim.  They did not discourage others from calling him that.

Colorado passes new gun laws!

Colorado passed some gun laws. Finally, we are moving forward to some sanity.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In 5 States, it is illegal for teachers to teach the science of climate change

5 States now have bills which do no allow teachers to talk about the science of Global Warming and Climate Change.  What a bunch of crap.  With this bill.  The Koch brothers will have talking points which must be covered as well as what 97% of Scientists are saying.  The Oil fellows talking points must be given the same weight as the years of scientific data.

WEIRD:  In this Republican world:  We can be lied into the Iraq war and spend 3 Trillion dollars along with losing many thousands of lives.  WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE QUIET ABOUT THIS THOUGH.  We then have to listen to yelling and screaming about the death of 4 people at Benghazi in an unstable country.  THE FINAL BIT OF STUPIDITY;  TEACHERS CANNOT TALK ABOUT THE YEARS OF DATA ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE.  Teachers have to include talking points by the Koch brothers.  This is just weird.

hubris - the selling of the Iraq War. Lies got us into Iraq.

Here is the video of the entire show about how we got into Iraq.  It covers the lies of the GW Bush Administration in getting  us into Iraq.  The Republicans are yelling and screaming about Benghazi where 4 people were killed and totally ignoring the deaths of many thousands in Iraq.  IRAQ WAS STARTED WITH LIES BY BUSH AND HIS FRIENDS.  If the Republicans had been interested in getting to the truth, I wish they would have started by getting to the truth of Iraq and the lies used to get us into it.  (The Iraq Was has cost the US 3 Trilion Dollars to date - DEFICIT)  45 minute video!

Stop using a computer and cell phone? Yes, he did.

A 20 something decided to get rid of the cell phone and the computer.  He wrote notes and went outside for entertainment.  Novel idea.


GW Bush and his administration took us to war in Iraq based on lies and distortions.  In the study which they based their decisions had little warning saying people doubted the accuracy of the information but it was totally ignored or not read.

Why did it take 10 years for this information to come out?  With the hysteria over Benghazi and 4 deaths but the totally ignoring of a whole war which killed thousands of US and Iraqi citizens.

NRA and Sarah Palin major causes of Gun Violence

The Top Cop in Chicago is blaming the NRA AND SARAH PALIN for the terrible Gun Deaths which we are presently facing.  Remember when Sarah put Cross Hairs on legislators and Gabby Giffords got shot.

9 Economic facts that will make your head spin

The poor are poorer and many more of them.  The rich are richer and want even more.

Pistorius is charged with murder

The Blade Runner was charged with murder of his girlfriend.

Monday, February 18, 2013

funny - Goats screaming like humans

This is funny.

Small Business Owners in favor of raising the Minimum Wage! They have money to spend which helps small business.

A small businessman said he and a dozen other business owners told President Obama to raise the Minimum Wage because it gives those people more to spend at small businesses.  It is such a rational and simple argument.  He said President Obama was surprised at the comments but used them in the State of the Union speech.

NRA - A rating is NOT A GOOD THING in the Sandy Hook aftermath,

Backing by the NRA has been a very good thing in past years.   Right now, an NRA A rating is a problem.  A pro gun candidate is not doing well against a candidate who got an F rating from the NRA.
Times have changed since Sandy Hook and the killing of 20 little guys and 6 adults.

Matt Taibbi on the Bailing Out of BANK OF AMERICA

There is much more going on with YOU and I Paying for the bailout of Bank of America than what has been expressed before.  Matt Taibbi did the investigative work to find the Billions that You and I are on the hook for while the BofA bosses gather up their bonuses.

5 Regrets People have at the end of their lives

Interesting idea:  Ask people near the end of their lives what regrets they have.

Guns: Make Women Safer?

The facts say no.

Westboro Baptist Haters helped raise $75,000 for LGBT causes!

Vassar College is being picketed by Westboro Baptist Church because Vassar has liberal whores.  Alumni put up a challenge to raise money for LGBT causes and have raised $75,000 so far.  This is a great approach for dealing with the Westboro idiots.

Worst Presidents: Who were they?

Here is a list of 5 worst Presidents.  On this President's day, it is something to consider.  (I have to work today)

Betty Bowers, Americas best Christian talks: POPE

Betty Bowers, Americas greatest Christian talks about the POPE retiring.  POPE BETTY?

Super Food for Health 9 min

Super Foods - For Health.  The traditional American diet is actually unhealthy.

Poop Ship: Can we learn something?

There was lots of TV coverage of the Poop Ship but those conditions are normal for Millions.

 At one point described as a “floating petri dish,” the ship was completely  unable to process sewage, leading to leaks throughout the halls of the vessel and passengers sleeping above deck to escape the smell.
For all of the laughs the seeming absurdity of the coverage has generated, it belies an actual crisis that people live through every day across the globe. As of 2011,  2.6 billion people around the world lacked access to adequate sanitation globally according to the World Health Organization. That leads to defecation in areas where it can flow into water sources, which in turn opens the door to exposure to water-born diseases like diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and hepatitis A.

Testing has taken over our schools and our students suffer because of it.

Standardized, high-stakes tests are the single greatest obstacle in the way of curricular improvement. Sold to the public as a necessary club to hold over teachers’ heads, the tests are dumbing down kids at a spectacular rate. The problem isn’t test overuse. The problem is their inability to measure what most needs to be measured.
Standardized tests are to accountability what a finger in the wind is to a weather station. What they measure — information stored in memory — is useful, but for kids facing an unknown future, that’s not nearly enough. They need to know how to create new knowledge. That knowledge will be original, and standardized tests can’t evaluate original, non-standard thought.
Unwilling to trust teacher judgment, we’ve handed their responsibilities to machines incapable of making judgment calls.
Tell business leaders and politicians to put their own houses in order and give education back to educators.

The wealthy live differently than you and I.

In 2008,  note Reardon and Bischoff, nearly one in three U.S. families in metro areas “lived in neighborhoods at the extremes of the local income spectrum,” in poor neighborhoods with incomes under 67 percent of the metro median or in affluent neighborhoods with incomes above 150 percent of that median.
Today’s affluent, Reardon and Bischoff observe, actually live more segregated lives than America’s poor. These affluent have become “much less likely” to live in mixed-income neighborhoods than poor families.
Growing income inequality is driving increasing residential segregation.

Are we turning ourselves into machines?

The more we aspire to be in touch with each other via technological devices such as the cell phone, internet, and webcam, the further we stray from the simple human capacity to share space: to talk in person face to face, to be silent, to listen, to breath the same air, to break bread, to live closely together, and to feel the true embodied companionship of those we love, of family, friends, and even strangers. Having quantifiably more contacts in our cell phone, MySpace, or Facebook account is not the same as having more quality relationships that incorporate depth and richness. Sometimes “less is more,” but that‘s something our capitalistic, money-driven society does not easily grasp.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blade Runner Pistorius - his girlfriend tried to hide in the bathroom

Pistorius shot her through the door.  It must have been that OJ kind of love.   A young woman is dead and a gifted athlete is in jail.

There was a bloody bat of some sort as well.  Pistorius has a great defense team.  It will take a lot of money to get him off.

Do Guns make us safer?

NO!  Statistics show most killings and injuries happen in homes with guns.

Banning Assault Weapons should not be a left/right issues according to a Conservative Prime Minister from Australia

When this Conservative Prime Minister of Australia took office he banned Assault Weapons because of  2 incidents of mass murder in Australia and/or Norway.  He feels safety of his citizens took precedence over owning guns which could kill many so easily.


The Republicans talked about the tax structure needing to be changed but when it comes time to do it - they say NO, NO, NO.  They will just let Sequestration happen which will shut down from 650, 000 to  1 Million jobs immediately.  The Democrats said they would like to cut the Tax LoopHoles and cut money from programs.  REMINDER:  THE CUT, CUT, CUT - Austerity Budgeting Countries - have unemployment up to 30 percent.  Cut, Cut, Cut has proven to be disasterous.  Since the Republicans insist on 60 votes to pass anything - nothing will happen and the economy will take a dive.

FACT: GUNS KILL 17 Times more people than Bats and hammers.

An idiot Republican said after the inaugural that more people are killed by bats and hammers than guns - NOT TRUE!  This same fellow also believes that the world is 9000 years old.  Bring a bat or hammer over a gun with a 100 or 30 bullet clip into my room filled with children any day.  Anything that can kill more than 3 people in a minute should be outlawed.

Facts about Guns vs Blunt Object deaths in the US.

Guns are, undeniably, the American murderer’s weapon of choice. The number of people murdered with firearms in 2011 was more than twice the number murdered by every other means combined, including fists, swords, poison, explosives, arson, and strangulation.

Wisconsin: Rape with a REPUBLICAN CAMERA bill is a priority in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Republicans have stated that the TransVaginal Ultrasound Bill will be a PRIORITY during this legislative session, they told the Right to Life Group.  Basically:  It is FORCED RAPE WITH A CAMERA without permission of the woman.

At the Wisconsin Right to Life Legislative Conference this week,the state’s top Republican lawmakersassured attendeesthat they will do everything in their power to enact a forced ultrasound bill, which would mandate an invasive transvaginal probefor some women seeking first-trimester abortions. “This bill is a priority,” Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) said. “It is long overdue.”

THE WAR ON WOMEN CONTINUES!  A Republican Government so small they can put it up a woman's uterus without her permission.

Minimum Wage: Myths and Facts

Here is information about the impact of raising the minimum wage.  The Republicans are throwing out a lot of misinformation about the topic.

Meteors - Are they real?

Andy Borowitz takes on the topic of Republicans non belief in science and the meteors breaking windows and knocking down buildings in Russia.  Was it just a Russian Drunk setting off some fireworks?

How to fix the budget! The US doing the opposite! - new study - AUSTERITY IS BAD, BAD, BAD

Those many countries who have gone the Austerity Route have made NO PROGRESS on moving their economies forward.  THE REPUBLICANS ARE INSISTING ON AUSTERITY which is the opposite of what should be done according to the most trusted Economic Guru's.  Going the Austerity Route after HAVING CUT A TRILLION from our budget already could put us into a recession.  We know with the forced cuts, we will lose 650,000 to a Milllion Jobs instantly.  That is just going to drag our economy down, like in the European countries that have unemployment up to 25%.

We are waking up from the long night of our delusion. We do not need to follow the prevailing economic orthodoxies, which have consistently failed and are not corroborated by empirical data.

The Ed Show

The Democrats signed a letter asking that President Obama not to cut Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spotted Yesterday at the Texas State Capitol

A slithering dangerous animal who invokes morbid fear in the hearts of mere mortals,

and a snake.  (A Republican - not the snake)

I thought this comment was worthy of passing on:
At least you can chop the snake's head off without much repercussion.

The Pope has Health problems

It seems as if the Pope is retiring because of health issues.  Update:  I just read again that the Pope has been served with a warrant about the abuse of boys by priests.  Speculation is that if he leaves the Vatican property,  he could be arrested and taken to jail.

Discussion on Boy Scouts and Homosexuality

Here is a discussion of Homosexuality and the Boy Scouts.  The Reporter did a good job.  Why can't a boy who is gay join the Scouts?

Nikki Haley accused of sleeping with two fellows, she is married.

Haley has two men who say they slept with her the past couple of years.  She is one of the born again, Conservative sorts which is why I am thinking hypocrite.

Bill Clinton on Guns

Bill Clinton makes a statement about guns.

Marco Rubio and his mis statements or blatant lies

I found this commentary quite good about the Republican rebutal to Preisdent Obama's State of the Union Message.   Rubio just told lies about President Obama's policies and statements.  I also read where Rubio's speech was taped before President Obama gave his but I hope not.  That would mean they did not edit out the getting a drink of water - amateurish at best if that were the case.

Reagan Attorney General bothered by Republican Voter Suppression

We live in the United States.  Every person has a right and many say an obligation to vote.  Restricting the right to vote is anti-American.  Many small towns do not have the state office to get the ID required to vote - that is voter suppression.  The people then travel to s larger town, which costs money and WAIT IN LINE at DMV or other office which is already overloaded with regular work.

Voter Supression is unAerican.

Jon Stewart talks to Susan Rice about Benghazi

We have wasted a lot of time and effort on Benghazi when we should be spending this time getting making Embassies safe.  (BTW:  GW Bush had over 30 people killed and 50 Embassy attacks during his watch and there was none of the circus which the Republicans are playing with Benghazi.)  Now, the Republicans are filibustering a Cabinet Nominee for papers on Benghazi.  (THIS FILIBUSTER HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!)

Colbert: Nailed a Banker in Des Moines

A 60+ year old Wells Fargo employee had a criminal past (kind of) in his teenaged years so Wells Fargo fires him.  The Bankers must have hight ethics you know.  The Big Bankers must pay the price for their crime (Unless you are talking big money of course.)


Another Great New Rules by Bill Maher.

NRA Gun of the Month

NRA needs to have a Dirty Harry and David Catalogue where you get a gun a month. NRA resident fool Wayne LaPierre is upset that it is only 1 gun a month though.

Bill Maher - Monologue

Bill Maher last night.

10 Healthy Foods

I am on a bit of a health kick.  Here are 10 foods that keep a person healthy.

Rush Limbaugh - birth video 3 min

Here is a 3 minute video of Rush Limbaugh being born.  This may be why he is so mean.  Update: I had the wrong video up - got it right this time. I hope.  it kind of looks like Dick Cheney too.!

Zombies: Stay out of Canada!

The Canadians are ready for the Zombie invasion.  Zombies - watch out

Friday, February 15, 2013

Raising the Minimum Wage: This was actually a good discussion.

25% of the people on minimum wage are trying to raise a family and that is ridiculous.  We need at least $9.00 an hour for minimum wage.

The Cop Killer Killed himself it seems

Dorner, the Cop Killer, died by a shot to the head and it looks self inflicted.  Dorner ambushed the two Police Officers that he shot.  They had little chance.  Dorner had an automatic weapon.


A man was putting his gun in his holster and shot himself in the foot.  He had a permit and everything.  Stupid gun just went off - imagine that.  I am not feeling safer yet.

And this is one of the goofballs that you want armed, locked and loaded, carrying a pistol into your grocery store, the dry cleaners, your local ice house, or an elementary school where he might sniff out some trouble…..Lord have mercy.

Is the Pope Resigning because of the crime of covering up molestation if children?

It appears as if the Pope of the Catholic Church is resigning because International Courts have served him a warrant for covering up crimes against Children in various countries.  He was implicated and then resigned.

Oh Boy.  It may not be a simple matter of health.

Matt Taibbi points out that Big Bankers DO NOT GET JAIL and get away with murder

Big Banks get called on by the justice system for stealing Billions or laundering Billions of Drug Dollars.  They get a few million dollar fine for a Billion Dollar Crime.  Us regular folks steal something worth a hundred dollars and we could spend 5 to 10 years in jail after being in front of a judge.  The Bankers do not even have to see a judge.  They have the bank lawyers settle the case for a fraction of what was taken.

Long but interesting article.  Taibbi is another great investigative journalist I like to read.

John Deserves a Vote

We need background checks on all gun purchases and it should be illegal to have a clip with more than 7 bullets.

John and his deceased friends deserve a vote!

Can the NRA quash the people's desire for Gun Controls? They sure think so.

The NRA is fighting like hell to stop any Gun Control Legislation.  They have paid a lot of money to legislators and are expecting to be paid back.

Greg Pallast writes about the Koch Brothers and making 2 Billion per year with Keystone.

The Keystone Pipeline will bring 2 Billion PER YEAR into the profits of the Koch Brothers.  The oil produced is the gooiest, carbon producing oil made.  The topper is that the oil would be sold world wide and not in the US.  The gas and oil prices in the US will not go down if this pipeline is passed.

Greg Pallast is a very fine investigative journalist.

Elizabeth Warren asks When Did You Last Take a Big Bank to trial.

The question is a no brainer.  The answers from the regulators were less than satisfying.  I am so glad to see Ms Warren on the Banking Committee.  The Banks have owned the regulators and the Republicans are working hard to take away any regulatory authority.

Wayne LaPierre of the NRA: A CHARLATAN?

Aside from the fact that he’s got his anecdotes wrong (crime is down and Phoenix is not the kidnapping capital of the West), I’m not sure whether or not Mr. LaPierre really believes this crap or he’s a charlatan of the first order who knows that no one ever went broke by exploiting the greed, fear, and paranoia of the American public.
If he really believes in his Klanish crap, he’s pathetic.  How can anyone go through life being so scared of everything?  A tree limb falls on his roof and he comes out blazing.  A pizza delivery guy gets an address wrong and his funeral is held the next week.  Some Darwin test case will stick a Glock in his pants and get the wrong kind of blowjob… assuming he’s got really good aim to hit such a small target.
I know there are people who live their lives in fear and who think the only thing between them and Armageddon is a gun.  They’re sad cowards who don’t know and appreciate the difference between surviving and living.
And Mr. LaPierre knows how to exploit it.  He may truly be as paranoid and bedwetting as the Doomsday Preppers, but he’s got the savvy to know how to make buck off of them.  That makes him a parasite and a loathsome excuse for a human being.

The Stupidity of the Hagel non vote yesterday because they needed 60 votes.

The REPUBLICAN NEED FOR CRAZY CONTINUES with not allowing a vote on a Sec of Defense Nominee.  Republicans get hurt feelings and deny a vote!  Crazy Stuff.  Hagel is a war hero while those denying his vote are armchair warriors who bitch a lot and stayed away from military service

Not to sound like a Golden Age nostalgic, but there once was a time when the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee prided themselves on having an understanding of military matters. They disagreed in their conclusions and sometimes their premises. But most of them worked to educate themselves, at least to the point where they could debate the issues, or ask questions of a general without coming off like complete idiots. The sad thing about this new crop of senators—especially on the Republican side—is they don’t even try to learn anything; they don’t care if they look like complete idiots, in part because their core constituents don’t care if they do either.