Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yesterday, 12 were killed and 48 were wounded by a smart young man who went into a movie theater and started shooting with an AK 47 (MACHINE GUN) with 100 round magazines for it.  He also had 3 other guns.

The guns laws we have are stupid and a total result of the NRA making sure that every person can get any gun they want.  The young man who killed and hurt so many bought 6000 rounds of ammunition and 4 guns within weeks - THIS IS CRAZY!!  He also bought full body balistics covering so he could not be shot - THIS IS VERY CRAZY!

My conservative friend of course says, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people."  He then says that really it is President Obama who is at fault - of course.

I think the Conservative thought of more guns is the answer is stupid.  MACHINE GUNS (AK 47) and the like should only be used by police and military!!!  ALL PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE SERIOUS TRAINING BEFORE THEY GET A CONCEALED PERMIT!!  I was in the military and I had training before I could shoot.  THE ARIZONA LAW WHICH ALLOWS ANY 18 YEAR OLD WITH A DRIVERS LICENSE TO CARRY A CONCEALED GUN IS A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN. In AZ, anyone can buy 100 Machine Guns legally - WHY!!!!  THE POLICE CANNOT EVEN ASK THE PERSON WHY THEY NEED 100 AK 47s!!!  THIS IS CRAZY!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stupidity:  I had a self confessed Conservative tell me that Scientists are no more than Psychics and he laughs at me believing in the facts they use.  He says I should use the Bible because GOD is the one who is making Jesus Warming.  If I read the Bible, I would understand.  Knowing this person, I can guarantee you that I have read the Bible as much as this person.

He scoffs at the Affordable Care Act and blames President Obama for all that is wrong with the world. If President Obama is for it, he is against it.  He also is upset that President Obama has not stopped the two wars started by GW Bush.  He also says, Any Budget Deficit is President Obama's problem and I am not to mention the TWO GW BUSH WARS, THE TAX CUT FOR THE WEALTHIEST a Billion or the Prescription Drug benefit started by GW Bush and put on a credit card.

My Question is simple:  If Tax Cuts to Job Creators to the tune of a TRILLION DOLLARS creates jobs = WHERE ARE THOSE JOBS?  The Corporations and wealthiest have fat Bank Accounts but they are not using it to hire Americans.  They are also putting their cash in the Cayman Islands and other places where they do not have to pay US taxes.

Facts:  The rich are richer and poor are poorer than ever before.  The health care system is a mess and The ACA will help get people health care and keep people from going into bankruptcy for medical expenses.  The American Medical Association even came out for the ACA.  It is not perfect but it is certainly better than what we had.

I also want to say that saying that a scientist who has spent 30 years traveling by snowmobile in the winter -20 to -60 below zero weather studying permafrost loss on the Yukon River is not a pyschic.  It is stupidity to bring up the psychic claim actually.  30 years ago there was 95 percent of the Yukon River in AK was permafrost.  Now, there is less than 5 percent permafrost.  The decrease in permafrost is much faster than any projection.  The consequences are enormous and affect the entire world.

it is going to be a long political season where Billionaires are selling snake oil and have made many Millions of Dollars available to sell lies to elect Romney.  If you are a millionaire or Billionaire, you will make money off of Romney - if you are middle class or poor - Romney wants to make your life more difficult.  Rich get Richer and Poor get Poorer with Romney.

I am in Portland, OR today and it is sunny.  I am still working on stuff for the house I am buying.  I think my stuff is pretty much done.  I have to call this week to find out where things are and to get a closing date.  
Pictures:  The top one is from my window in my apartment during the winter of 2012.  The other pictures are of Tracey Arm Glacier.  Notice the seals on the ice - they were everywhere.  We did see and hear some large chunks of ice fall off the glacier and into the bay.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I am in Las Vegas.  It has been 108 and yesterday it was 110 - super hot.  I was walking around in the heat and it makes me want to get back to cool Alaska.

Global Warming:  I just read where in 2080, given the fact that the last 16 of 17 years have shown an increase in average temperatures and to project forward with the trend of temperatures, we can expect VERMONT TO HAVE A CLIMATE LIKE GEORGIA IN THE YEAR 2080.  Fact:  97% of scientists who study climate feel Global Warming is real and it is caused by the use of Coal, Oil and Pollution by industry.  The 3% who are saying there is no Global warming are funded by the Coal, Oil and Dirty Industries who make money off Global Warming.

100 years from now - WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE CREATING?  We can make a few bucks destroying the environment but our grandchildren and great grand children will pay a big price WHEN THE WATERS ARE SPOILED BY FRACKING AND THE AIR IS UNBREATHABLE because we allowed Billionaires Profits to be more important than caring for our environment.  By the Way:  Germany, France and China are making more and more energy with Wind and Solar while the US industries and Billionaires (Koch Brothers and friends) are spending 400 Million + pushing dirty Coal and oil.  We might push higher gas milage cars, solar, wind other alternative energy sources.

Pictures:  The first two are in Northern Nevada and the last pictures are from Alaska.  Makes me cooler just looking at them.

Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I went to the DR yesterday and I am officially on a cholesterol medicine.  They also took some blood to test for various stuff.  While there, I got a call from my daughter saying she was on her way to the same hospital.  She is pregnant and due in Sept.  The baby has been trying to come out for a month and did again last night.  She was admitted and they gave her medications to stop the contractions.  They decided to keep her until Thursday.  They are giving the baby steroids to help develop the lungs and organs.  I got to listen to the Docs explain the situation.  She and baby are in good hands.

Today will be a hospital day again.