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THE LIES OF DICK CHENEY - A video exposing the lies

As you may remember, Dick Cheney tried to blame President Obama for Iran’s nuclear proliferation program.
The White House ended up deciding to release a response of their own.
“Vice President Dick Cheney opposes the Iran nuclear deal. If his reasoning sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve heard it from him before on the Iraq war.”
They are taking the unprecedented approach of releasing a video clip, full of Dick Cheney’s hypocrisies and lies. The fact that this is an official video, released directly from the White House, makes it that much more interesting. And, you know President Obama must have authorized it.
On The White House’s YouTube channel , it appears under the title “Vice President Dick Cheney: Wrong Then, Wrong Now.”

Over 400 Businesses support Transgender policies - Boycotting - Where would you shop?

Last year, 407 businesses achieved a perfect score of 100 on the Corporate Equality Index (CEI), a survey distributed by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) that measures support for LGBT employees and the broader LGBT community. That high score is impossible to achieve without having trans-inclusive health-care and anti-discrimination policies that include gender identity.
In other words, money spent at at these businesses helps to normalize a culture in which transgender people are seen as valid and worthy of special protection.
These 407 companies aren’t exactly mom-and-pop shops, either. It would be almost impossible for bigots to avoid doing business with all of them.
In fact, if you oppose transgender rights, you shouldn’t even be spreading AFA’s petition using their recommended #BoycottTarget hashtag because Facebook, Twitter, and Google all aced the CEI. Every minute spent on those social media giants helps them promote LGBT equality, including the T.
If you don’t want your money to go to a company that openly supports transgender people, you can’t buy an iPhone, eat an Egg McMuffin, drink a Sprite, stock up Budweiser, or fill your prescriptions at either of the nation’s two largest pharmacy chains because Apple, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Walgreens, and CVS all scored a 100 on the HRC index.
Good luck flying anywhere without putting money in the coffers of companies that proudly endorse LGBT rights. American, United, Southwest, JetBlue, and Alaska Airlines all earned top marks, as did Boeing. If you decide to travel by car instead, be sure you’re not in a vehicle manufactured by Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, or Volkswagen.
Without a car, you will have to wear non-Nike shoes to walk to your local ATM, where you should withdraw all of your money because most major banks—including Chase, Bank of America, Citi, and Wells Fargo—have a 100 on the CEI. Get used to paying with cash because you will have to shred your credit cards. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover all have a perfect rating, too.
By clicking "Subscribe," you agree to have read theTerms of Use and Privacy Policy
The only problem: Your options for offloading that cash are fairly limited if you don’t want any of it to go toward a world in which transgender people can pee in peace. Build your own furniture because IKEA’s a no-go but do not get the tools for it at Home Depot. You can’t buy clothes at JCPenney, Sears, Nordstrom, or, of course, Target, nor can you purchase food sold by General Mills, Kellogg, Kraft, or Kroger.

TX Lieutenant Governor gets blasted on Twitter after starting a Boycott of Transgender Supporting Companies - good

Read the comments, they are quite good.

CREATION MUSEUM: Hilarious Creationist Facts from the Creation Museum exposed.

The Tribune sent a reporter to take a tour of the museum and reported back that guests are being told that:
•The Bible is an accurate, literal history of the world. The world is about 6,000-6,400 years old and a six-day divine creation.
•The flood of the Bible’s book of Genesis, the Noah’s Ark flood, split the continents apart with water called from the deep and set off a worldwide cataclysm that buried the creatures that would become fossils in one mass event. The long flood, ensuing volcanic eruptions and an ice age radically changed the planet.
•Dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time. Dinosaurs were on the ark.
•Life can not be traced back as branches to a trunk. God created “kinds,” like dog kind from whence sprung dogs, wolves, coyotes. Humans and primates don’t come from the same “kind.” Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon and humans are all of “humankind,” which came from Adam and Eve.
Kline assembled the museum with the help of volunteer labor and donations from 2005 to 2009. He sometimes leads tours himself and tells guests that the presence of trilobite fossils in places like Kansas is evidence of the Great Flood from the Bible’s Book of Genesis.
Another tour guide, Robert Canen, explained to visitors that people lived 10 times as long in the Biblical era because the atmosphere had more oxygen. Animals, he said, lived even longer.

Patrick Swayze and his wife dance: 20 years ago

RIP Patrick.  He died many years ago but he was an amazing dancer.

Former Speaker Boehner calls Cruz a 'Miserable Son of a Bitch' when describing working with him.

John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz ‘Lucifer in the Flesh,’ a ‘Miserable Son of a Bitch’ (Video)

The former House Speaker couldn't contain his penchant for profanity while taking aim at Cruz.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A man tries to molest a woman - SHE KICKS HIS ASS

This lady tried to be polite, that did not work so she kicked his ass.  It was on camera.

Joel Dongsteen with messages of Hope? (Joel Osteen's tweets with GOD changed)

Joel Dongsteen is on Twitter to impart some glorious wisdom to replace all that “God” stuff in pastor Joel Osteen’s tweets. The famous Texas pastor with the bright pearly smile may bring thousands to Jesus on his televised church service each Sunday, however, his enlightenment doesn’t come close to some of the tweets Dongsteen comes up with.
The automated twitter account removes every reference to “God” and replaces it with the phrase “your d*ck.” The bot has been in existence since 2013 with hardly any of the notoriety it so richly deserves.

TRUMP: Winning the Nomination could be very bad for his businesses and future.

After declaring himself to be “like, a very smart person,” Donald J. Trump made an astonishing claim: If Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton—who won four of Tuesday’s five Democratic primaries—were a man, he said, “she’d be at 5 percent” in the polls. As if being a woman granted the female politician some great advantage. Were that the case, each chamber of Congress, one might assume, would be a body in which women represented 80 percent of the membership, rather than the other way around. Surely, given such great gender privilege, the 50 states might muster more than a grand total of six female governors among them.
Trump appeared to be grasping at some explanation for why, in general election match-up polls, he trails behind a woman. (It must be because she’s a woman! The system is rigged!)
“I’ve always been very good at math,” Trump told us, though apparently that prowess ended before the probability exam began.
The only thing that Clinton had going for her, Trump said, was “the women's card,” perhaps failing to notice that in the 2012 presidential election, according to U.S. Census Bureau data, 71.4 percent of women reported voting, while only 61.6 percent of men did. Add in the fact that there are more eligible female voters than male voters, one might see that very card maligned by Trump as something of a trump in and of itself.
"Women don’t like her,” Trump said of Clinton, apparently not aware of the fact that in all but three states since the beginning of the presidential campaign season, Clinton has won the majority of the women’s vote. Meanwhile, Gallup reports, 7 in 10 women have an unfavorable view of Trump.
The ancient Greek philosophers saw misogyny as evidence of fear of women. Whatever the original roots of the showman’s misogyny, the polls would indicate he has good reason to fear women in November—those, at least, who turn up at the voting booth. Which may explain Trump’s urging, in his latest victory speech, of Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s flagging Democratic challenger, to run as an independent in the general election. An independent progressive would presumably peel off votes that would have otherwise gone to the Democrat.
But then Trump went on to echo Sanders’s allegation that Clinton is “unqualified” for the presidency, an attack that many women, including this writer, heard as distinctly gendered in nature. (Sanders has since walked back that claim, which he said was based on the fact that, while serving in the Senate, Clinton had voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq during the presidency of George W. Bush.) But given Trump’s free-associative invocation of that particular Sanders attack on Clinton, coupled with the Bernie Bro phenomenon and Sanders’s dismissal of Planned Parenthood as an “establishment” organization, one could wonder whether an independent Sanders candidacy might just peel off misogynist voters from Trump.
With his male challengers falling away, Trump is now faced with two outcomes he likely once deemed improbable, if not impossible: that he could win the nomination of the Party of Lincoln, and that he could lose the biggest game of his life—to a woman.

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LIBERAL REDNECK: Talking about Transgender and talking about life in the South for a non christian

This is just good.

NC Transwoman talks about the stupidity of the new BATHROOM Laws. (Potty Police part of the small government?)

These laws have nothing to do with what the GOP is proclaiming. No one is worried about the safety of children in the restroom. (News flash, they have never been safe there.) Even if you completely ignore the fact that the fictitious scenarios conservatives are using to justify their state sanctioned bigotry have never once actually occurred; the very fact that they say these laws are to keep little girls safe, but in the same breath they are sending these oh so scary trans people into the restroom with their little boys, proves that “the children” don’t have anything at all to do with it at all.
The only reasons for these laws are bigotry, hatred, and as Alice made very clear, revenge.

Colbert: Going to the bathroom and new laws.

 Colbert gets to the punchline and, as usual, Republicans are it:
“And to all those lawmakers out there who are so obsessed with who’s using what bathroom and what plumbing they’ve got downtown…newsflash: You’re the weirdos.”
100% true. Here’s Colbert doing his business all over transphobic bigots:

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS DO JOBS CHEAPER? NO. They make money by doing less for more money.

To maximize profit, companies have often cut corners by reducing the quality and accessibility of services, reducing staffing levels, lowering worker wages, and sidestepping protections for the public and the environment.
When government contractors cut corners, the impacts often have dire consequences. For example:
  • In 1998, Atlanta signed a 20-year contract with United Water for water and wastewater services. Only five years in, the city ended the contract after the company cut more than half of the workforce and violated federal drinking water standards, including chlorine levels six times higher than levels allowed by the contract.
  • In St.Louis, a private school bus operator recently incentivized employees for every dollar he or she withheld from school bus maintenance. The practice resulted in problems due to underinvestment and lack of maintenance, such as broken heaters, faulty brakes, excessive rust, doors falling off hinges, and tires falling off.
  • California Virtual Academies (CAVA), a network of charter schools that provide online K-12 education, employed one administrator for every ten administrators employed by school districts of similar size. As a result, one in four teachers spent 80 percent of their time on clerical work rather than teaching.
The report concludes with recommendations for public officials and communities to help protect the public and the environment from companies that seek to increase profits and lower costs by cutting corners.

Bundy Domestic Terrorist legal case shows the Bundy's are CRAZY. (They will lose BIG)

Oh goody, it looks like the defense team for malodorous wildlife refuge terrorist Ammon Bundy is taking its cues from the squirrelly legal theories of the defendant, which should make the coming trial no end of laughs, especially when the contempt citations start flying like penalty flags at an Oakland Raiders game. Bundy’s attorney, Lissa Casey, filed a motion Friday arguing that the federal government has no authority to try Bundy for any of the “crimes” he’s charged with in taking over the Malheur Federal Wildlife Refuge, since the federal government has no constitutional authority to own land in the first place. It’s a very special kind of stupid that is much beloved of the Bunditarians, as Yr Wonkette pointed out in our very first post about the Malheur takeover.
In an incredibly stupid online manifesto posted a month before the occupation of the Malheur Refuge, the Bundys argued that the federal government can only own land when it is a territory, but not after the land becomes a state, because of sovereign citizen word magic, even though the portion of the Constitution they cite, Article IV Sec. 3, actually says “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States” [emphasis added]. You might think that last clause might matter, but it’s probably not relevant, since the word “territory” comes first, no tagbacks.
The Oregonian summarizes the defense motion’s logic, such as it is:
The U.S. Constitution granted “very limited powers” to the federal government, and that once Oregon became a state, the federal government lost a right to own land inside the state’s borders […]
Similar arguments have been made by other defendants in federal court in the past, without much success. Most recently, a Bundy co-defendant Kenneth Medenbach attempted to make that same argument in U.S. District Court in Eugene, but federal Judge Michael J. McShane dismissed it as lacking merit.


PRINCE: Jimmy Fallon pays tribute to Prince


Hillary and Trump in Nov? Next Week will tell the tale. (Hillary is in but a strong maybe on Trump)

Hillary has won the Democratic Nomination it seems.  Trump is the most likely.  If Trump takes Indiana next week, he will be the Republican Nominee.

Let the November election begin.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

FRANKENSTEIN: Great Instrumental by Edgar Winter Group - AMAZING

Rock And Roll’s Real Life Frankenstein Monster

Written in 1972 and featured on The Edgar Winter Group’s They Only Come Out At Night, ‘Frankenstein’ is one of rock’s most important instrumental songs. With its iconic introductory riff “dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-DUN,” ‘Frankenstein’ walks the fine line between funk and hard rock that Edgar Winter’s always been known for and features literally all of the musician’s talents in one song. With the triple threat of a monster synthesizer solo that changed music forever, a rocking drum solo and a saxophone solo that would make John Coltrane stand up and cheer, Edgar Winter is an absolute force to be reckoned with onstage – and this exclusive 1973 performance proves it.
Fun Fact: ‘Frankenstein’ got its name when the song’s original edits had to be cut and spliced by hand, prompting Edgar and his band to joke about literally making their very own Frankenstein monster.
You can’t beat The Edgar Winter Group’s performance of ‘Frankenstein’ – not by a long shot! They were lightyears ahead of their time, and watching them perform what would become one of rock’s greatest instrumental pieces makes it nearly impossible to imagine those sounds bouncing around Edgar Winter’s brain before being put down on paper – how could something this good not be improvised, yet still sound like one of the world’s best jam sessions?

The People who Live at Chernobyl even with the radiation. 30 years after the disaster

“The exclusion zone is not a prison,” Valentyna Ivanivna, 75, says in the film, championing the wild around her. “In Kiev, I’d have died long ago, five times over. Every car releases the whole periodic table into the air, and you inhale that into your lungs.”
Ivanivna's statement hints at one of the surprising twists in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster: Those who relocated appear to have a higher mortality than those who returned to the contaminated exclusion zone, writes Morris in a story for CNN.
"Could it be that those ties to ancestral soil, the soft variables reflected in their aphorisms, actually affect longevity?" asks Morris in her TED talk. "The power of motherland so fundamental to that part of the world seems palliative. Home and community are forces that rival even radiation."
These babushkas (Russian for "grandmothers") — oddities to an outside world wary of Chernobyl's dangers — continue to farm the soil, raise farm animals and enjoy the occasional get-together over a shared bottle of homemade moonshine.
"Radiation doesn't scare me. Starvation does," says one grandmother in the film. You can see more about what it's like to live there in the video below:

As the three decades have shown following the disaster, there's still much to learn about how Chernobyl's fallout is impacting the surrounding environment. Whereas wildlife was once thought irrevocably doomed from the immense radiation, 400 times as much as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, scientists now rank the event as a net positive. A long-term census of Chernobyl animal populations published in 2015, discovered a dramatic uptick in elk, roe deer, wild boar and wolves.
“Radiation is a matter of increased potential risk," professor Nick Beresford, an expert at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Lancaster told The Telegraph. "But when humans are around, animals are simply shot or lose their habitat.”
While the wildlife is flourishing, the number of human residents are slowly losing their battle with time. Once the last person passes away, the authorities who manage the exclusion zone will not permit others to take their place.

Samantha Bee about Tubman on the 20 dollar Bill. A look at history

Someone on Fox News saying something ridiculous or talking about an important event in our country while proving they have no idea what it is they’re talking about is nothing new. You could call it somewhat of a “Fox News tradition,” if you will. Then again, when you’re pandering to a mostly Republican audience, facts aren’t really all that important. Well, on Monday night Samantha Bee absolutely destroyed Brian Kilmeade’s ignorance about U.S. history after the Fox News host expressed outrage over Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20 bill. After playing a clip of Kilmeade seemingly suggesting that Jackson was a vital member of the founding of this nation, calling him a “key member of America,” Bee addressed a few facts that the Fox News host seemed to be forgetting in his praise of the former president. “Hate to break it to you, Sparky,” Bee quipped. “Jackson wasn’t involved in the founding of our country, because the Revolutionary War happened before Old Hickory’s pubes came in. He was not a Founding Father, he was a genocidal pr*ck who forced the relocation of nonwhites and fomented populist rebellion. Kind of like a Trump with better hair.” She then blasted Kilmeade’s hypocrisy by playing comments he had made previously where he spoke positively about Ronald Reagan potentially replacing Ulysses S. Grant on the $50 bill. Amazing, isn’t it? He’s outraged that an African-American female is going to replace a white male on the $20 – yet he didn’t seem to have any issues with a white male replacing another white male. It’s “funny” how that works. Next she played interviews with several people who suggested creating a whole new currency denomination to honor Tubman, with suggestions of putting her on a $6 or $12 bill instead of the $20. “That would be something,” Bee mocked. “Make the black person worth exactly 3/5 of the white person’s value. Gee, why hasn’t anybody ever thought of that before?” While it was expected, the “outrage” over this whole thing has been, well – stupid. The truth is, this has nothing to do with taking Andrew Jackson off the $20 and everything to do with the fact that he’s being replaced by an African-American female. I’m willing to bet that, aside from knowing he was a former president, most people who are “outraged” about Jackson being removed from the front of the $20 probably don’t know much (if anything) about him. It wouldn’t even surprise me if most of them had no idea who was on the $20 before this became a story. So these people can choose to continue to throw a fit about something that has absolutely no impact on their life if they want – that’s fine. At the end of the day, it’s not going to matter one bit. In a few years an American hero, Harriet Tubman, is going to make history once again by being the first African-American female to be featured on American currency. And there’s nothing those who ignorantly oppose this move can do about it. Watch the segment below via TBS:

Read more at:

Psychologists who developed the CIA TORTURE PROGRAM can be sued by victims

For the first time, a federal judge is allowing torture victims to sue the psychologists who devised the CIA’s brutal interrogation methods that included sleep deprivation, starvation and forcing captives into coffin-like boxes.
Gul Rahman, an Afghan refugee who formerly lived in Pakistan, froze to death at a CIA black site, so his family is bringing the case on his behalf. The other men, Suleiman Abdullah Salim and Mohamed Ahmed Ben Soud, are also levying the suit with the backing of the ACLU.
The defendants are James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, who received millions of dollars from the government for a company they established in 2005 to run the CIA torture program. In a searing report released in December 2014, Physicians for Human Rights slammed Mitchell and Jessen for their role in "conceptualizing and designing strategies for the direct infliction of a combination of physical and psychological harm on detainees." Mitchell dismissed the atrocities highlighted in the Senate torture report as a “load of hooey” in 2014.
Mitchell, like other high-level architects of CIA torture, has so far faced no consequences for his role in the systematic atrocities perpetrated by the post-9/11 U.S. government and its contractors. But this impunity could change after U.S. District Court Senior Judge Justin Quackenbush on Friday instructed lawyers that they will have 30 days to present their plan for discovery, making this the first CIA torture lawsuit that will be allowed to proceed.

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FLINT: Your kids were poisoned and now those who poisoned the kids are insisting the poisoned pay for Lawyer Bills.

Darnell Earley was appointed as emergency manager of Flint, Michigan, by Gov. Rick Snyder. As emergency manager he had expansive powers including control over the city’s public works, and while it was yet another Synder-appointed emergency manager who signed the contract to start pumping water out of the Flint River, Earley was the man in charge when the switch over actually happened and lead started leaching into the water delivered to homes.
Earley is, with some justification, under criminal investigation as part of the ongoing Flint crisis. So it’s not surprising that he’s hired a lawyer. What is surprising is what he did with his legal bills.
Former Flint emergency manager Darnell Earley tried to bill the cash-strapped city $750 an hour for an attorney to sit with him while he was questioned last month in Washington by a congressional committee and to represent him in ongoing criminal investigations related to the Flint drinking water crisis, records obtained by the Free Press show.
Earley, whose office was searched by state investigators on Feb. 29, and who told the City of Flint on March 11 that he is under criminal investigation in connection with the lead contamination of Flint's drinking water, wants the city to pay legal fees that already have topped $75,000 and continue to grow, records obtained under Michigan's Freedom of Information Act show.
Nothing shows that you have nothing but the best interests of a city caught in a budget crunch firmly in mind like billing them $75,000 because you—whoops!—slipped a lead mickey to its kids. 

FOX brainwashed a generation!!! Watch: THE BRAINWASHING OF MY DAD! new Movie.

Regardless of the claims that they’ve been making in recent days, Fox News is absolutely the most far-right media outlet in this country. And not only are they spewing right wing propaganda, but they’re also spreading hate, ignorance, and misinformation. This is taking it’s toll on American citizens, and a new film has exposed just how dangerous the network can be. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousinsdiscusses this with Jen Senko, director of the new film The Brainwashing of My Dad.

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PRISON AS MONEY MAKERS: Time to STOP the money making from Prisons: Justice for sale.

Add your name and become a Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Justice is Not for Sale Act today.
Mass incarceration in the United States has turned into a business model, and powerful corporations are cashing in big. Private prisons are raking in billions of dollars each year and using their profits to continue rigging the game in their favor.1
The private prison industry has spent tens of millions lobbying Congress for stricter laws, harsher sentencing guidelines, and more government contracts.2 And here’s the thing: it’s working.
Between 2000 and 2010, the number of inmates held in private prisons more than doubled.3
Name *

This petition is sponsored by Ellison for Congress, Daily Kos, A Whole Lot of People for Grijalva, Progressive Congress Action Fund, LeftAction, Working Families, 18 Million Rising, People for the American Way, and Progressive Action PAC. By signing, you may receive email updates from one or more of these organizations.

Worse still, most of those trapped in the prison-industrial complex are people of color.4 African-Americans alone account for 37% of federal prison inmates despite comprising less than 14% of the American population.5
That’s why Senator Bernie Sanders, Rep. Raul Grijalva, and Rep. Keith Ellison introduced the Justice is Not for Sale Act, which would ban federal contracts with private prisons entirely.
There is no question about it: the American criminal justice system is broken. But until we remove the blatant conflict of interest of for-profit prisons, meaningful reform is nearly impossible.
But if we take action together, we can purge corporate interests from our criminal justice system.
Add your name and become a Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Justice is Not for Sale Act today.

GUNFAIL this past week - Of course, people were shot and killed.

To no one’s surprise, accidentally shooting yourself was, during the week of February 7, once again the most popular type of GunFAIL. Because it always is! Of course, it’s not really popular, per se. It’s just the most frequently-seen type of GunFAIL. Others, as we know, include accidentally shooting kids, of which there were seven instances, accidentally firing into the home or property of a neighbor (six), and accidentally shooting a family member (five).
The top GunFAIL of the week, doubtless, was the story that may have finally shocked some small amount of sense into Florida. Until very recently, Florida’s gun-crazy legislature forbade counties and local governments from prohibiting gun owners from building firing ranges on their own property, regardless of housing density, their proximity to neighbors, children, etc. After a series of close callslawsuitsprotests, etc., some of the state’s less-than-gun-crazy legislators actually proposed a new law prohibiting shooting on properties with more than one home per acre. But the legislation stalled a few times, and despite the fairly obvious wisdom of scaling back the “freedom” to just shoot anywhere, it was not at all clear that the bill would ever pass.
Then, on February 7, 21-year-old Herold Lanham of Naples, Florida, taking target practice in his backyard, accidentally sent a round through his neighbor’s window and shot 14-year-old Deborah Ledesma in the arm and spraying her face with shattered glass in the process. 

Healing after the Malheur Bird Sanctuary Takeover by the Bundy Terrorists

You can find the podcast here for Malheur

FOX: Transgender terror in bathroom is a myth

x News host Chris Wallace on Sunday shot down the conservative argument that anti-transgender bathroom laws were necessary to stop sexual predators from committing crimes in public restrooms.
During a panel discussion on Fox News Sunday, Wallace wondered if GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz was making a mistake by using the issue to attack Donald Trump, who recently said that he disagreed with laws that prevent transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice.
According to Ben Domenech, a conservative columnist for The Federalist, the laws were intended to protect children from “sexual predators.”
“That’s actually what people are concerned about,” Domenech insisted. “They’re less concerned about transgender people coming into bathrooms than they are about men using this as a way to get into locker rooms with women and to exploit that opportunity to participate in some kind of criminal act.”
Wallace, however, dismissed Domenech’s assertion with a quick fact check.
“We actually tried to find out whether it is a public safety issues,” the Fox News host explained. “Whether it is a problem with transgender people misusing bathrooms to prey on others.”
Wallace noted that PolitiFact had looked into the issue and found that there was no known “instance of criminals convicted of using transgender protections as cover in the United States.”
“This seems to be a solution in search of a problem,” he concluded.
Watch the video below from Fox’s Fox News Sunday

Saturday, April 23, 2016

NY VOTER PURGE of Democrats: Behind the scenes. It was practice for November. (ORCA)

As the stories came in, what was revealed was something far more insidious than some kind of voter purge used to eliminate voters who had died or moved out of the area. Instead they found fraudulent documents with forged signatures. And when the voter purge was looked at carefully, it became clear that the purge was being very specific, targeting people by street and apartment building. And there were only a handful of people with access to the data and tools needed for performing such a well-coordinated voter purge.

What is surprising in this case is not in the voter purge, but in how targeted it was. The narrow targeting, by street, block, even building, is unprecedented in the annals of voting fraud. But its use reveals a connection to a near forgotten piece of Republican history.

Return Of Orca

In 2012, Mitt Romney with Karl Rove developed a voting tool the likes of which had never been seen before. This tool, called Orca, was a database so massive and finite that, using it, they could identify people on a street by street, or building by building basis. Orca worked in part by collecting data gathered by poll watchers, which would be funneled into a central database for processing. As a result, Orca gave the Romney campaign a tactical ability to target people not only who Romney wanted to show up to the polls, but to deny access for people who Romney did not want to show up to the poll. Unfortunately for Romeny in 2012, the hactivist collective Anonymous killed that plan, by overloading and crashing the central servers.
However, the data collected remains intact, and available to GOP insiders – insiders such as Diane Haslett-Rudiano. With access to such data, such a voter purge becomes trivial to perform. The question then becomes, who did she purge? What factor was she targeting? Based on the feedback on groups such as Reddit, it appears that she might have been targeting likely Sanders supporters. If this is the case, it is possible, although unlikely, that the winner of the New York Primary is not so obvious as we had all thought. While the chance of it flipping is remote, the narrative changes the narrow the victory becomes.
And this is clearly a dry run before the Republican dirty tricks machine engages in similar, and widespread, voter purges. Further, this voter purge, on the Democratic primary, is helping to drive a wedge between supporters of the two prime candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. At a time when party unity should be on people's minds, such a voter purge would put a dampener on such actions at this time.
Diane is being held accountable, but she is but a small cog in a much larger machine. This move shows that New York is taking its duty in this case very seriously indeed. But if this does pan out to be Son of Orca, or a similar voter purge trick of the GOP, we can expect the crowds to become far more disruptive in the near future.

Bill Maher: New Rules: 25 Things you didn't know about me for: TED CRUZ and Hillary

The Cruz 25 is funny!!!!

12 Foods for Breakfast: Best foods to start your day

1. Eggs
2. Greek Yogurt
3. Coffee
4. Oatmeal
5. Chia Seeds
6. Berries
7. Nuts
8. Green Tea

The Death Gap Between RICH and poor is getting worse.

The Death Gap Between Rich and Poor Is Only Getting Bigger

The richest Americans now live 10-15 years longer than the poorest.

Matt Damon: Speech about taking power and wealth from the powerful and getting back to Democratic Principals

Interesting concept.  Power and Wealth now do not allow those making horrible mistakes but never going to jail.  Us little guys go to jail for minor issues, things do need to change.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Cool Bands tell GOP NO when asked to play at the Convention

The list of musicians unwilling to perform at the Republican Convention in Cleveland keeps growing. First it was Joe Walsh who pulled out of a concert scheduled for July 17th in Cleveland after he found out it was misrepresented as an event to benefit veterans, but was actually a GOP sponsored event. In a statement published yesterday he said:
"It was my understanding that I was playing a concert which was a non partisan event to benefit the families of American veterans on Monday, July 17 in Cleveland. The admat I approved said this specifically. Today it was announced that this event is, in fact, a launch for the Republican National Convention. In addition, my name is to be used to raise sponsorship dollars for convention-related purposes. Therefore, I must humbly withdraw my participation in this event with apologies to any fans or veterans and their families that I might disappoint.
I am very concerned about the rampant vitriol, fear-mongering and bullying coming from the current Republican campaigns. It is both isolationist and spiteful. I cannot in good conscience endorse the Republican party in any way. I will look at doing a veteran related benefit concert later this year."
Cheap Trick told the Guardian that they were approached by the head honchos at the GOP convention and offered a staggering amount, but it was clearly not enough. They explained:
“The Republican National Committee called our office and offered us $100,000 to play at their convention in Cleveland [this summer]. We turned it down. Then we had second thoughts. Maybe we should have accepted it – but we would all have got swastika guitars made.”
I would have paid good money to see Cheap Trick pull out their swastika covered guitars, especially if Trump becomes the nominee. It would have been a fitting tribute to what the GOP has become. Which is exactly the message they were sending.
Well done.

Can You Get ADDICTED to Religion? When spirituality looks like an addiction.

“I’ve never been happier since I quit my 30-year addiction to Jesus.” —A former believer
To a medical researcher, the wordaddiction has a specific biological meaning. But in common vernacular, it means approximately thisthe state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, such as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.
Based on this definition some religious experiences seem a lot like addictions—at least that’s what former believers say. 
Blogger and former Christian Sandra Kee looks back at her family history and sees religion and addiction as a messy tangle: “My family for several generations was in a dysfunctional and addictive religious life, using God (or what we believed about God) as a drug. Many of the family who left religion simply traded for another addiction. The generations that entered into religion did so to escape alcoholism and other addictions (though it wasn't called addiction back then). Many who remained in religion developed additional addictions as well.”
Former Mormon Brandon Olson is even more emphatic: “Karl Marx said it right, ‘Religion is the opiate of the masses.’ I'm still recovering from it. Part of my recovery is helping others get free,” says Olson. “I quit believing in a god when I was a teenager, but I was afraid of hell/damnation until I was about 35. It took me until I was 40 to speak up and revoke my LDS cult membership. I am now 50, and I consider religion to be an imposed addiction—no different than holding a baby and shooting it up with small doses of heroin, increasing the doses as the baby grows.”
In recent decades, the idea of recovery from religion has taken root. Recovery websites provide platforms for sharing stories, like, or offer support and help, like Many draw on the language and strategies of other recovery programs.