Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote Obama, Palin Mansion and Neighbor home

This is the Palin Gov Mansion and the neighbor's home. The neighbors are for Obama!

I just had the opportunity to see the Obama 30 min show. I am so impressed. I have already voted and I will proudly say that I am honored to have voted for a black man who has earned the right to be President of the United States. I feel he truly has the thoughts of the average person in mind. That is such a relief from the rich man mentality of Bush administration. McCain and Bush are for Corporation Welfare but could care less about the working class and our need for health care, education, reasonably priced food and energy.

Vote Obama! Be a part of history!

Vote Obama, Health Insurance

Health Insurance is out of control - and McCain wants it crazy. I have had 3 different insurances in 3 years due to job changes. My daughter goes to get birth control pills and is told she must pay. Birth Control is not mandatory in Alaska. I wondered why people had lots of kids in Alaska. Someone I know went to talk to a counselor and the insurance sent 8 letters to determine if there was a pre-existing condition. Seems they did want to pay for the 8 counseling sessions allowed under ther policy - CRAZY! I know of another case where a procedure was covered and paid for by the insurance. A year later, money was taken out of the checking account. WHAT HAPPENED? A year later, the insurance company decided they do not cover that procedure and took the money out of the account. WHAT CRAP!


I hope you are checking out the Helen and Margaret blog every day. Helen is on a roll.
There is a link on my blog.

VOTE OBAMA! We had been through the worst 8 years imaginable under Bush/ Cheney. It is past time to put this night mare to rest.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote Obama, Juneau, AK rally

This picture shows a Juneau rally had lots of people during a downpour.

Socialism: McCain and Palin are big on using the words socialism and terrorism.
FOR MCCAIN - It is OK to give Wall Street 700 Billion in cash but do not call that socialism.
FOR MCCAIN - It is great to give the top 1% massive tax breaks which has made for the greatest desparity between rich and the middle class than ever before but don't call it socialism.

Giving tax breaks to the middle class and having the wealthy pay a bit more taxes is the right thing to do. Put some money into people who keep the economy alive. If it is OK to give Wall Street 800 Billion and massive tax cuts for the richest, then it is not socialism to give the average person a little tax cut.

Vote Obama

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vote Obama, Another Palin Neighbor

Here is another Palin neighbor. They have an Obama sign up. Obama signs are very hard to get in Juneau. Since Sarah has gotten the VP nod, we have had lots of national news people checking into her background. Now, we might be looking at a travel gate scandal coming to pass. A complaint has reportedly been filed about the following story. She was against using public money for rape kits but thinks nothing of flying her family around the country and staying in $700.00 night hotels.

“The Governor’s office has expended $54,803.00 in Alaska state dollars for family travel since December 2006,” according to the Governor’s Administrative Services Director, Linda Perez.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Palin's neighbors, VOTE OBAMA

This is Gov Palin's neighbors. Notice the window say: Vote Obama

I am going to put a series of political shots up because the election is within a week.
Notice the snow! This shot was taken when we had a snow storm. The neighbors around the Palin's house are for Obama. I might add that Palin tried hard to get the state government to move from Juneau to Anchorage. It failed but word is that she will try again. Moving the state house would be like Washington State moving State House from Olympia to Seattle. The big town gets all. NOT FAIR!

Vote Obama

Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote Obama, Gov Palin Mansion

It snowed over the weekend so I walked over to the Governor's Mansion and took a few pictures.

Vote Obama! Yesterday, even the Anchorage Newspaper, the largest in the state, endorsed Obama/ Biden. That endorsement says a lot.

Today: Ted Stevens was convicted on 7 counts for taking gifts while in office. Stevens is a Republican who first got into office in 1968. You have heard of the pork barrel money that comes to Alaska, Ted Stevens had the clout to get the pork to Alaska. Now, he may well lose his senate seat. His race was neck and neck before being found guilty.

Vote Obama, Snow is going away

It is Monday morning and the snow is melting away. I got quite a few pictures of Juneau in snow to put up. Hope your Monday goes well.

The latest Palin news from Alaska: Seems a Billion dollar contract for a gas pipeline was signed before Sarah signed on to run for VP. She made sure the wording of the contract would only allow one company to win the bid. Needless to say, it was a friend of hers who won the contract. Investigation to follow. NATIVES: The villages are going broke trying to heat their homes. Palin set up a commission to look into it. There are no natives on the commission. The person she put in charge of the commission told people not to testify in troopergate.

Vote Obama!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Snowing like crazy this AM! Vote Obama!

I called Ash and told her about the snow that is coming down hard here in Juneau. She said take a picture. I went on the front porch and took these shots.

Vote Obama

Anchorage Daily News endorses Obama

This is huge! The Anchorage Daily News in Alaska just endorsed Obama for President!

Vote Obama!

Vote Obama! Village Alaskan Natives

There are at least 3 Alaskan peoples: NATIVES, Rich folks, Poor folks:

Natives: There are the village natives, who are subsistence people and the city natives. There are some very wealthy Alaskans and there are some very, very poor Alaskans. A Native that leaves the village will often fall into the poor demographics in the towns.

Alaska is not cheap to live in. Housing is expensive as is electricity, water, gas/ fuel oil is $13.00 a gal in the village.
In the village: Soda is often cheaper than water at the store. Milk is more expensive than soda. Kids have rotting teeth in the village - guess why?
FOOD: In the village, the natives live off of what they hunt and fish. If there were no fuel to run the boat or snow machine, they could not live-no access to food. In the village where I stayed for 6 months, they had no trees for firewood. It was on the Yukon delta and had bushes. The needed fuel oil to heat their homes. $13.00 a gallon to heat your home in MINUS 30 degrees would make a person go broke fast. Then if the water got soiled by an oil spill and fish were killed, a whole population would be in BIG trouble. An oil spill would decimate many villages- it is serious stuff.

I am against drilling in ANWAR. It is time to get higher milage cars and really push wind, solar panels, etc. The amount saved could be as much as that drilled out of new sources. Palin talks for the wealthy Alaskans and gives little thought to the villages, which are entirely different. VILLAGES ARE STRUGGLING to survive with doubled fuel costs in a year. Fouled water would kill the villages.

Vote Obama, More Snow, WHY DRILL ANWAR?

I just looked out the window and we have more snow. It was maybe two inches of new snow.

Vote Obama! I was thinking, Why does Sarah Palin want more and more drilling? I came to the conclusion because of the money. Alaska has no state wide sales tax or personal income tax. It is oil money that funds this state. The more drilling, the more money that comes in. The weird thing is, ALASKA HAS THE HIGHEST FUEL AND FUEL OIL COSTS IN THE US. I am still paying at least 4.10 for gas here in Juneau. In the bush last year, gas was 6.50 a gallon. I was told that this year the fuel costs have doubled in the bush. That would be 13.00 per gallon and for heating fuel too. It is minus 30 below from Jan - March. It is 12 degrees now in Bethel, AK.

OIL SPILL: An oil spill would kill the fishing as well as many animals. I lived with subsistence people and they cannot survive the year without catching fish and getting their animals. Any spill from drilling will have severe impacts for Native people.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vote Obama, Two Eagles

Snowing last night. We had 3 inches where I live. They had 4 inches at Mendenhall Glacier. I saw an Eagle on a tree and took a picture. Then there was some talking back and forth between eagles and then a second eagle got onto the tree. Later, they both shared the same branch.

Vote Obama: The reasons are numerous but generally, we have been robbed by Bush and the republicans for 8 years. The economy is on the stretcher and it makes no sense to have another republican finishing the economy off. McCain wants Bush policies to continue.
He is on the Credit Card approach which is going to cost future generations.


We got about 3 inches of snow across the channel from Juneau. In Juneau, they got an inch. It is heavier 32 degree snow. In the village, we had powder and more powder because it was mostly zero degrees or colder. In Juneau, it is the warm weather snow.
32 degrees feels warm compared to the -30 if the village.

VOTE OBAMA! My Grandkids are having their futures stripped away from them by the heavy debt put upon them by Bush and McCain. The de-regulation and wars on credit cards is to be paid for by future generations. Bush also thinks nothing of taking away their health care, education and college now to pay for his foolish decisions.

Vote Obama! (I already did.)


We had 3 inches of snow last night. At school, during recess, flakes started to come down and kids got hyper and happy. After school, the sun came out and it started to snow. We are white now. We still have a week until Halloween.

Vote Obama. We have had enough of using the grandkids credit cards. Time for change.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Racism and Obama? A note from Helen.

Today I got this email:

Dear Helen,
I found your blog today thanks to a friend. I need your help! My grandparents (both in their 80’s) ripped up their ballots this week when they received them in the mail. (We’re in a state where we mail in our ballots) They generally vote democratic but evidently didn’t want to vote for an African American. I’m embarrassed that they are so racist! Is there anything I can tell them to convince them that they need to vote (for Barack)? Should I bother or maybe it’s a lost cause? I thought maybe since you are of their generation, you could help me.

Thank you,

Well Jennifer, my first instinct was to tell them to pull their heads out of their asses and start living in the 21st century. Life is too short to be hanging on to stuff we learned when we were young and didn’t know any better. But I remember those days. We didn’t know any better and some of us cling to yesterday out of fear and ignorance.

So, as an old lady who has been around the block of few times, here is what I think: Sometimes elections can be about great things… about changing the world. Think Lincoln. Think FDR. I started out in this election supporting Hillary Clinton because I believed our country needed a women’s point of view in the Oval Office. I truly believe that women approach education, war, healthcare, the environment, poverty, etc. differently. Of course then I met Sarah Palin and realized that some women are just bitches who only want to change their wardrobe and your religious freedoms.

So tell your grandparents this instead: Imagine what the world looks like on November 5th if America elects Barack Obama for President. We will have finally closed a chapter on American politics and moved into the 21st Century realizing that hatred, fear and bigotry is a waste of time and energy – both precious commodities of limited quantity. What respect we would get from around the globe. Why wouldn’t your grandparents want to be a part of such a historic moment? Why wouldn’t any of us want to be part of this historic moment - a moment when we profoundly change the world for the better?

But remember we grew up in a different time. We grew up during a time when this country didn’t understand the depths of its hatred. Don’t blame them. They don’t know any better. It is a part of who they are. But if they ignore you, you have my permission to do what I do when Harold doesn’t listen to me. Put laxatives in their pudding.

Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. I mean it. Really.

Helen is my hero! She is a treasure to our country and I appreciate her point of view.
I must say that laxatives in pudding is pretty severe. I got ex laxed by my siblings when I was young and it was funny as hell for them, but i wasted a whole afternoon on the pot. (They were outside the door laughing like crazy. That was brutal.) If I were the grandparents, I would vote for Obama, laxatives being one of the smallest reasons.

VOTE OBAMA!!!! I already did!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

VOTE OBAMA! Mendenhall Glacier

This is the Mendenhall glacier. I just found out that this glacier is 120 miles long. The part that I have seen is just the tip. The glacier actually wraps around the mountain and is bigger on the other side. It is actually a large ice field and e only see a small part of it. It moves about 2 feet per year.


The people of this nation deserve better than we have gotten the last 8 years.

VOTE OBAMA! I already voted!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vote Obama, A mountain in the clouds

This picture is what I often see. It is a mountain in the clouds. Yesterday, I went to school in a downpour and I thought it could get no worse. Today, we had a worse downpour and the wind was blowing 50+ MPH. We had sideways rain. It was under 40 degrees too. So, it did get worse and one lady said, it gets even worse yet. I used to think that Portland and Seattle got a lot of rain! Juneau is much worse. I am told that Ketchican is even rainier than Juneau.

Vote Obama! I am still amazed that Ms. Fiscally Conservative spent $150.000 on clothes. Oh well - it is the republican way. They get to spend lots while us average Joe's, try to afford to put fuel in the tank and food on the table.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I voted for Obama! Rain Forest!

This picture is typical of what I see when I hike. Lots of moss created by lots of rain.
The temperatures are getting colder, the mountains are getting snow and it is staying. People are saying it looks like snow before Halloween.

I got my ballot, filled it out and will mail it off tomorrow! I will keep up the political nature of the blog until polls close.

A video about Prejudice! Important!

Boat Cheap, Vote Obama

This old boat is under water when the tide is in and uncovered when the tide is out.
A person can get it pretty cheap, just have to dig it out of the mud.

The link is to Political Jokes: I like the mudslinging cartoons. CUT/PASTE

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell about Obama

I was running out of light in this picture.

CUT AND PASTE to hear Colin Powell about Obama.

Back to Bed, Vote Obama!

Ash called and we talked about her wedding and the SNL skits with Palin and I told her about Colin Powell voting for Obama. (Ash just got back from NY! She interviewed for Medical School in NY last week.)

I then felt like a good hike and was going for a new hike up a big hill. I got dressed, looked out the window and saw the pouring rain.

I am back in bed and waiting for the sun? or maybe just a slowing down of the rain to get a hike in. At least I know where I want to go.

Update: The YUKON RIVE in the village where I hid out from Jan - Jun IS FREEZING OVER.

Subsistence Living: I work with a fellow who had spend 8 years living in a cabin and hunted and fished to survive. He thinks he is going back to it next fall. I am going to pick his brain as to how a person goes about doing it. Do you buy or rent a cabin etc. That is the latest on a super rainy Sunday, in Juneau.


Colin Powell will vote for Obama, Auke Bay

This is the Marina at Auke Bay. Sunset, one of the few which I have seen. It is usually too cloudy for sunsets.

Check out this link. CUT AND PASTE: Two Girls from Alaska in LA (interview - very telling) This is the stuff I am hearing in Juneau.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


The one sunny day we had, I went for a drive to get some sunset pictures. This is Auck Bay. The ferries come into Auck Bay. You can travel on a ferry to Skagway and about 10 other places. I hope to check out the ferry system before I leave.

I am so glad to hear that the Obama campaign has filed charges against the republican party for unwarranted voter fraud accusations. Seems the Republicans have been filing all kinds of charges against the democrats attempts to get people registered to vote. The charges also discuss the republicans pulling people off of the voter rolls in low income and democratic areas. There is a chance that it will go to a special prosecutor so it will not be part of the Justice Department.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Vote Obama

About 7 miles out of Juneau.

For my kids and grandkids: Check out the following clip:

Vote Obama, another picture

This picture is about 7 miles from my apartment. It is on the road to nowhere. See the float planes. This is one of the few days when there was a break in the clouds and some sun was shining through. I was supposed to be at some event but the sun came out so I was taking pictures instead.

Check out this video: it is from the i eat gravel blog.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vote Obama! Up the road to nowhere!

It is raining again today but when it is sunny, I get in the truck and drive down the road that ends after about 22 miles. There are bays along the road for taking pictures. I try to get sunsets, etc. This is another shot taken on a rare sunny evening last week.


Vote Obama, Gastineau Channel

This is Gastineau Channel. Notice the clouds, BUT NO RAIN on this day. We have had constant rain. Yesterday, I went outside and it was a steady downpour. It drizzled for a few minutes later in the day but downpour was the norm. When it is kind of sunny, I get outside.

Debate Last Night: I feel sorry for McCain and Palin really. They have a narrow message and they are not even packaging their narrow message well. I just want my ballot and vote ASAP. Have a good day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Float Plane, Vote Obama!

WE HAD LOTS OF RAIN TODAY! More than normal really, hard to believe that is possible really. The float plane came down the Gastineau Channel and landed in the bay downtown. We have alot fewer float planes coming in since the Cruise Ships stopped coming a couple of weeks back.

Debate tomorrow. I just want to get this election over. I think it will be a mistake if Ayers is brought up. Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was an idiot. I could give many more recent examples of McCain or Palin dealing with terrorist types.
I am voting absentee this year and I want to get the ballot soon so I can have my voting over and done. Obama is not the perfect candidate but he is way better than the other options on the ballot.

Vote Obama for the sake of my Grandkids!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Vote Obama, Eagle at the Glacier

Here is another Eagle. I had an eagle in a tree and a bear on the ground at the same time.

Vote Obama

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vote Obama! Eagle on Post

This fellow would fly away, eat a bit and then fly back. No other bird even tried to go to this spot.

I have a funny feeling that there will be more HouseGates, etc for the Palin crew. We have emailgate, troopergate and at the rally yesterday, people were talking about this just being the beginning.

I am looking forward to the campaign ending. Fox News is amazingly crazy! We have an economy going to hell and they talk about lack of makeup on Sarah Palin - GET REAL FOX!

Vote Obama!


I went to this spot and saw about 10 or 12 eagles. It is a stream that goes to a fish hatchery. The Eagles know this is a spot where Salmon go back to to spawn. Lots of Eagles here.

Since the Troopergate report came out, McCain and Palin seem to have backed off of the talk of honesty and trustworthyness. They have little to talk about in the realm of honesty and truth.

Juneau, AK, Obama rally 10/11/08

Here is another photo from the rally. I liked one sign that read:
I saw a bank, therefore, I AM A FINANCIAL EXPERT!

Vote Obama, a rare sunset

When we have some sun, we have great sunsets! It is just not very often. The chunks in the water are ice from the Mendenhall Glacier.

McCain has poor judgement! Picking Sarah Palin is proof that his decision making is very questionable, at best. Check out the video in the following link: CUT AND PASTE

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama rally, Juneau, AK, 10/11/08

The for sale sign said: For Sale, One Governor. Cheap
We really do feel poorly that Sarah Palin is representing us on the national level.
Some of us wouldn't mind if she stayed away after her VP defeat. We would like to have Tina Fey as Governor. (As stated on one sign.)


Juneau, AK, Obama rally 10/11/08

Pouring down rain but we were determined! Great speeches mostly apologizing to the world for Sarah. She is bad news and we know it in Juneau.

Vote Obama sign painted on window!

The White Mansion in back is the Gov. Palin mansion in Juneau, AK. I live in Juneau and can tell you that many neighbors of the Palin Mansion have Obama stickers - thank you to those folks.

Many in Juneau are bothered a lot that Sarah Palin is from Alaska. Sorry folks, for Sarah.

Vote Obama, Snow in the mountains around me!

Constant rain since the sunshine a few days ago. The white is on the mountains which surround me! I am getting excited for snow. I hope to get some cross country skis and ski alot this winter.


Mark Karlin's Editor's Blog over at says it best, It's a John McCain/Sarah Palin Lynch Mob politics.

As Mark writes, "There was the raw smell of scary stupid ignorance in the air...


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sunshine Yesrterday! Rain today! Vote Obama!

We had sun for most of the day yesterday. It rained today again.

Here is a link of another great video! I see the swift boat crap has started by the Republicans. They have no case, so they go with crap. CUT AND PASTE THIS ONE!

Rachel Maddow on Terrorist Pals: CUT AND PASTE

Monday, October 6, 2008

Juneau on a hike, VOTE OBAMA!

This picture is from a hike behind my apartment. The hike is straight uphill.

Cut and Paste the following to get an idea of Palin and her foolishness. It brings up the unpatriotic cessation of her husband, Gov Palin's terrorist preacher from Africa and a few other little facts which the Gov wants us to forget about.

I hope you are following the Helen blog- SHE IS SO GREAT!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Obama goes up in polling!

I am realizing, all the hikes around here have planks. Either to keep bears away, mud bogs or because of massive hills. (I saw two bears and an eagle today! last week I saw about 10 eagles at one place.) No rain so I did a lot of hiking,

Obama picks up a point to represent half the country (50%). McCain remains relegated to the low 40's.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Biden Won 45% to 21%!!!! Vote Obama!

This picture is from a hike on one of the plank hikes. Note: In two weeks we have had 1 1/2 days with no rain. The sun came out for about 2 hours on one day.

Okay, so Palin's not an idiot. How could she be, having become a governor, even of a tiny state? But did she match Biden or prove that she was qualified to be president? Not by a long shot. (Huffington Post)

I just saw the VP debate and must say BIDEN WON! 45% of uncommitted voters polled felt Biden won. 21% felt Palin won!! Palin was ok, but she does not have the interest of the average person with the McCain ideology -they are for Billionaires.


Great Video, VOTE OBAMA!

CUT AND PASTE! A great little video!

Bush has no problem with the concept of socialism when it bails out his greedy and corrupt 'old boys network', but he and his GOP cronies squeal like pigs at the first mention of giving socialized healthcare...

Greatest Hits, VOTE OBAMA!

The waterfalls pictures are all the same waterfall.

CUT AND PASTE for the greatest hits! Informative!

VOTE OBAMA! Let's get back to financial reason again. The corruption and ineptness of Bush/ McCain has put over 3 TRILLION DOLLARS ON MY GRANDKIDS CREDIT CARDS! (My oldest grandchild is 5 and it should be illegal to put him under such financial strain!)