Friday, October 30, 2009

Ballard Locks - fishing

The last night of fishing, we fished in Elliot bay, that is Seattle! I was helping with fish and watching the lights of Seattle.

Ballard Locks: The boat is located on Lake Union. To get from lake Union to Elliot Bay, you go through the Ballard Locks. The Ballard Locks are a miniature Panama Canal. The locks allow boats to go from the higher lake to the lower bay. I have kayaked up to the locks in the past but this is the first time I have been in a boat to go through the locks.

Commercial fishing sure is a lot of work.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fishing -300+ fish

We went fishing and in 2 days got over 300 fish. Last year, we got 600 fish in 24 hours.

I got in the boat at midnight and I slept until 6:30 AM when we got to Hoods Canal, WA. it was interesting trying to sleep in a boat. It would go back and forth and roll.
Every now and again, it would hit a big wave and I would go flying. I did have a board to stop me from falling onto the floor though. We had the nets in the water at 7 AM when fishing opened and there were about 20 other boats around. We were some of the first to set nets but then others came in and set their nets in front of us. We could have gotten a lot more fish if those guys were not there. We got 160 salmon at Hoods Canal.

Commercial fishing is sure tiring work.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Midnight - Boat Leaves/ fishing

I am on my way to Seattle to get on the fishing boat tonight. I need to be there at midnight. IT IS SUNNY IN SEATTLE! We had lots of rain last night in the San Juans so I am hoping it is sunny and calm. We will be on the boat until Tues or Wed - putting nets out snd fishing.

PIG WAR: Friday Harbor was the only place to almost have a war with England over a PIG. Friday Harbor was claimed by England and an American moved onto the island and set up a farm on good land. A pig from the English settlement kept going to the American's farm and eat some plants. The American kept returning the pig but it always returned. The American got mad and shot the pig. The English wanted a lot of money and it almost turned to a war. Gen George Pickett was called in to settle things down. Ultimately, an International tribunal gave the San Juans to the US. you can see Canada from parts of the San Juans.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

drift wood home

I walked along the shore and hiked down to about 8 remote beaches along the way. There is a lot of driftwood on the beaches and people take the wood and make houses and structures. Here are some of the structures I saw.

Heron - Eagle

While checking out the island, I see various birds. Here are a couple: and eagle and a heron. The eagle was about 20 yards away from me but then flew away to make a bit more distance. The heron was about 20 yards but then flew to the rock that you see. I happened to walk down the beach and there he was - posing for me.

deer: Since this is an island, the deer are not genetically diverse. They are small and there are deformities.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Turken - chicken/turkey mix

This is a turken. It is a bit unusual looking. He is actually a small sized bird so I guess she is mostly chicken. They just ordered 5 more Turken chicks to sell in their shop. Chickens are great little birds actually.

How did a chicken shit in my boot though? I was either wearing them or they were in my car and bird crap got into them - mystery.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fishing - San Juan Islands

This afternoon I will be Commercial Fishing off the San Juan islands (between WA and Canada.) It rained like crazy last night. I might get soaked. The fall colors were beautiful on the drive from OR to Seattle.

Off to catch the ferry to the island. Think Fish

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Columbia River Gorge

More pictures of Multnomah Falls and the Columbia River Gorge. It happened to be a nice day. The day before I went on a bike ride when the sun was out but the clouds came. I got soaked on the bike ride. OR rain is warmer than AK rain though.

Must say: The Gorge is one of my favorite places in the US.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Oregon pictures: I generally do not put up Oregon pictures because the Oregon scenes are normal for me. These are pictures taken while hiking at Multnomah falls. Multnomah Falls is the biggest tourist spot in OR by the way. If you go, hike to the top.

Notice the moss on the tree. The colors of the trees are beautiful now - full color.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday, a little girl in 3rd grade at my grandson's school fainted while on a field trip with her class. Her little brother is in my Grandson's class. 911 was called and she was transported to the hospital quickly. She passed away

I cannot imagine the pain and suffering which the family and the whole school are feeling today. She had a heart condition, which was known.

Life can be short. As a parent, it must be very sad to have a child or grandchild pass before I do.

We just need to appreciate life and those we love, we never know how long we are going to be around - even for our young.

I have been in a school where the janitor was knifed and killed before school. We had school that day and it was surreal. We had police lines, had to show ID and we had to keep people out of the school. Death at school affects many.

Yesterday was also the day that the balloon boy was the big story. He was found safe and found hiding in the attic. I wish that would have been the result for the little girl at my grandson's school.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Global Warming

It is past time to take Global Warming seriously. We wasted 8 years with Cheney/Bush who loved to ignore the facts put before them by the scientific community. Al Gore should be commended for his efforts to move us forward in Global Warming.

It is our children and granchildren who will have to breathe the fouled air and drink the disgusting water which is created by polluting. There is no such thing as 'clean coal.' Coal is a pollutant - end of story. We wasted 8 years - we don't have a lot of time to waste any longer.

Make environmental changes for our kids and grandkids. Even the Alaskan villages are feeling the effects of global warming.

I have seen shrinking glaciers as well as an eskimo village which is suffering because of changing weather which impacts the salmon and causes their village to flood in the spring. I have seen the enourmous fires caused by drought in California. I just drove by Shasta Lake and it has very little water because of drought. We need to quit ignoring the elephant in the room folks.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

San Francisco

Here are a few more pictures of San Francisco. The houses and hills make it a very unique place. Cable Cars and Trolleys = quite unique.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Drought in CA

These pictures are in San Francisco. I hiked the hills and went on trolleys and cable cars. It was fun.

DROUGHT IN CALIFORNIA: I read about it and I mus say that Nevada looks green compared to California. The trees are going from green to brown - just dying, not getting their fall colors.

Lake Shasta: The drought became very noticeable at Lake Shasta. Shasta is super low - quite sad to see really. I have never seen it as low as it is. California needs rain badly. I did not take pictures - looks terrible. There were signs along I5 saykng do not drain lakes. Global Warming anyone.

Oregon looks pretty much normal. The fall colors are showing and there has been rain so it looks normal for this time of year.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

What a week! Pole Creek and LV

One week ago I was leaving Pole Creek Ranger Station and went back to Wells, NV to get ready to head North to OR. I decided to stop at Las Vegas and San Francisco. Here are pictures of Las Vegas and Pole Creek. I am now driving in Redding, CA and the traffic is much different than rural Nevada.

I should be in Portland this evening. I am cooking omelettes tomorrow morning in Gresham.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Real World-Yikes!

One week ago, I was 80 miles from a small town and had to drive 15 miles on a dirt road to get home. I would see elk and deer as well as a lot of antelope - few people. When I left, I saw a lot of animals - like they were saying good bye. I would wake up in the middle of the night in Pole Creek to see if the temperature had dropped. I shut down the Ranger Station because we were getting 18 degree nights and we did not need broken water pipes. When I walked the streets of Las Vegas at night, I saw drunks being held up by other drunks - not like Pole Creek.

I went to Las Vegas and hung out with a brother and sister and talked to the LV school district about jobs. It was great seeing my siblings. There are jobs available if I do some paperwork. The cost of living in LV is reasonble, they got hit hard by the recession.

I am now in San Francisco. It is also a busy place. I do like it as a tourist. I did a lot of hanging onto cable cars and hiking the hills. It is a beautiful city. It is also expensive. I had a job interview but cancelled it because they could not pay me enough to make it financially reasonable for me. I cancelled because I knew that if I went and saw the school, kids, staff and talked program: I would be tempted to take it.

I will be a tourist one more day and then head back to Portland. I am excited to see my kids and grandkids.

THANKS TO THE OFFICER THAT GAVE ME A WARNING: In Nevada, I got a warning to stop traveling at 85. I am driving a borrowed small truck that has a non working speedometer. (I left my truck in Wells because it is a 3/4 ton and they need it for getting wood and house remodeling supplies.) I was driving and following motorcycles and the officer turned on his lights and did a u-turn. I pulled over and the motorcyles kept going. The officer and I talked about my going to LV, San Fran and heading home, remodeling in Wells, elk in NV and on and on - he thankfully gave me a warning. I started following campers and cars after this incident.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


It is snowing in Wells, NV, where I am now. It has been snowing all day but it is less than 2 inches and it is melting now. I will be leaving for Oregon later this week.

The pictures are of Pole Creek and I left there yesterday with a load of wood. I put up pictures of Pole Creek because it is much more interesting than small town Wells.

I am glad I got the wood out yesterday because I do not liking chaining up loaded truck and going down dirt roads. I do miss Pole Creek! I feel very fortunate to stay there the weeks that I did. I feel like I have been on vacation and have the feeling that it is time to get to work.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Goodbye Pole Creek

I am in Wells, NV now. I shut down the water system, turned off the propane and cleaned out the 4 living areas. I am not going to the other Ranger Station. I would have to live in a little used log cabin and I would have to hook up the wood stove. There is also a lot of mouse poop so I would start out with mousing.

I am looking for a job. I have sent stuff to Alaska, San Francisco and I just sent stuff off to Las Vegas.

There are a lot of elk near Pole Creek. Campers near me got 2 of 3 elk they were looking for. they said they saw 150 elk in a creek by the Ranger Station. I had hoped to get out and check out elk one more time but I need to get ready to leave Wells now.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Snowed In!

I was in Wells Monday and went back to the ranger station Tuesday. I got hit with a monster snow storm. We got 5 inches of snow. I had a bunkhouse without heat so had to jerry rig heat to keep the water pipes from bursting. This morning, I turned off all water coming into the Ranger Station and opened up all the faucets etc. i will be leaving pole Creek either Fri or Sat. I still have things to do and want to check out the elk. It is now hunting season for elk. We have a lot of hunters around the ranger station. I have locked the gate because I had so much shut down stuff to do. IT WAS 18 DEGREES LAST NIGHT!!! Lots of hunters were camped out in it.

I will be in OR in a couple of weeks. I have a job interview in San Francisco next Friday. I also sent some stuff to Alaska about jobs there. One job is flying all around AK and working with kids in villages and then flying back out.

It is kind of a nervous time - WHERE DO I WANT TO GO or should I just take some time off. I guess I miss teaching and the money.