Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The US Economy did better under President Obama than it is now performing under Trump

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CRUSHES Trump Lackey Brad Thomas in HEATED ARGUMENT"

Thursday, May 3, 2018

I was legally blind in my left eye for 2 months: 3 operations later and I can see again. (4th operation coming)

I had a detached retina last summer in my left eye.  My retina just rolled up and I was legally blind. 

It took about 6 weeks to get me to a surgeon who did the surgery and he lasered my retina and put gas in my eye.  The gas put pressure on the retina to hold it in place as it healed.  After 2 weeks, it detached again.  I then had another operation and they put oil in my eye to hold the retina in place.  After both operations, I had to lay face down for a week to keep the pressure on the back of the eye:  That was torture:  I am so thankful for NPR and Oregon Public Broadcasting so I could listen to long stories about science and nature.  I also went through the entire Vietnam series.

After operation 2, The Doc operated on me again to take out the oil and then decided to put a gas bubble back in. I only had to lay my head of my side after this operation.  The gas disapates with time.  I was given gas because there was one lasered section which looked a bit week.  I have been 6 weeks since the last operation and healing well. 

Operation 4:  I need cataract surgery because of the 3 operations.  It caused a cataract so I have cataract surgery in a couple weeks. 

My eye overall is much better.  It is different from the pre loss of sight eye in that now my left eye gets tired before my right eye.  My left eye seems to work in slow motion and the right eye goes at regular pace.  I need sunglasses for the sun because my left eye is sensitive to light. 

I am so very thankful for my Doctor and Nurses and MY HEALTH INSURANCE, which made this all possible at an out of pocket cost of about $500.00.  I wish everyone had the health care that I have.

I FEEL WE NEED SINGLE PAYER HEALTH INSURANCE so everyone can have health care options similar to mine.  It took 5 or 6 weeks to get my operation but I had great care when I got it.