Friday, February 28, 2014

Gun Fail for this week!  Lots of people shot, wounded and killed.

The children of GunFAIL were somewhat fewer than usual this week. Six were accidentally shot, the youngest being just 5 months old. The others were aged 3, 6, 12, 13 and 16. The kids were vastly outnumbered by those who shot themselves, as usual. But they were also outnumbered by those accidentally injured by gunfire in bars and restaurants.

Man has sex with cow while covered in jello - Cow dies.

A person can't make this up.  Good thing he had it video taped.

If that link does not work try this.  This one works.   POOR COW!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jeff Gordan Pranks a detractor with a wild ride.

This is very well done.

Koch Brothers and Cancer Victims.

Koch Industries bought Georgia-Pacific, one of the world’s largest plywood manufacturers—a process that uses and produces a great deal of formaldehyde—in 2005. But David Koch cares deeply about cancer victims. Not so much about preventing people from getting cancer by keeping carcinogens out of the atmosphere, but once they've got it, he's there. You know what else besides formaldehyde are carcinogens? Butadiene and benzene. About that, August, 2013:

Catholic Bill Donohue tries to justify the Anti Gay bill in Arizona - He failed.

Catholic League President Bill Donohue's anti-equality arguments collapsed under questioning from CNN host Chris Cuomo, who tried to get Donohue to explain how marriage equality undermines religious freedom. Donohue couldn't point to any specific damage done by marriage equality, but resorted to comparisons of same-sex marriage with polygamy and condemnation of the modern notion that marriage should be based on love.

Jon Stewart blasts the Arizona Gay Hate Law and FOX

Jon Stewart explains the crazy so very well.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Koch Brothers - Bernie Sanders calls out the Koch Brothers for their ideas.

In this eye-opening video, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders blasts “the idea that anyone could suggest that we are not seeing massive income and wealth inequality” in America.

The Republican IRS witch hunt has cost 14 MILLION so far. Darrell Issa, Republican - wastes money

According to an IRS letter just released, Representative Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) and the Republicans’ manufactured IRS investigation/campaign ad has cost the taxpayers $14 million dollars and counting.
$14 million wasted on a witch hunt, as they refuse to pass any real legislation and claim that we must make cuts to programs to help the vulnerable. And they’re not done yet. Republicans are holding two hearings this week in the Oversight Committee and one in the Appropriations Committee.

Cancer increased around Keystone XL drilling - Cancer Studies requested

Two Democratic Senators are calling for a comprehensive study on how public health would be affected by the extraction and processing of tar sands — the type of fuel that would be transported through the Keystone XL pipeline — citing increased cancer rates in patients who live downstream of the fuel reservoirs.

Jon Stewart on Lincoln Revisionism - FOX - cf course.

FOX is revising what President Lincoln did regarding the Civil War.  Crazy Stuff

Epsom Salts - 21 uses

Epsom Salts are healthy for you

Cancer Fighting Food

Supposed to help with cancer

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

RED STATE White Folks are the Biggest Food Stamp Moochers in the Country

In an ironic twist to the GOP’s war on the poor, it turns out that the people who are the most negatively affected by Republican cuts in food programs – are Republicans themselves.
Statistics reveal that the city holding the most beneficiaries of the SNAP program (a favorite target of the GOP) is 99.22% white and 95% Republican. Owsley County, Kentucky earns the lowest median household income in the country, but they are the most prolific government-takers in U.S. existence.

Climate Change and the impacts IPCC Report says we have significant problems to face.

The latest IPCC climate change impacts report reinforces what we already knew: that climate change is already having a detrimental impact on us and our environment, whether we’re talking about food, water, land, national security, or the health of the ecosystems we so critically depend on. The report also makes clear that what we’ve seen is only the tip of the veritable iceberg. If we continue with business as usual fossil fuel emission in the decades ahead, the report shows, the resulting warming and change in climate will inflict far more dangerous and potentially irreversible impacts on us and the planet.

Anderson Cooper on the AZ Discrminate against Gays Law

I had to follow the blog to see the video.  The Arizona Legislator is shown to be an idiot. It seems as if the idiots are in charge in Arizona.

This one you do not need to follow the blog.  (THIS IDIOT IS RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR - OMG!  Arizona is going crazy.)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Man shows gun and man gets shot and killed.

Just another shooting where a person ends up dead - nothing to see here.

Gun Class - Shot himself going home. Did he pass the class?

Courtesy of The Palm Beach Post:

Officers responded to the area of South Congress Avenue and Neptune Drive where a man said he had accidentally shot himself. He was found sitting in the bed of his pickup with a gunshot wound to his right leg. He told police he’d just left a firearms safety class and pulled over to inspect his new Glock 17 handgun. He said he removed the magazine and was manipulating the slide when the gun discharged. He was treated by fire-rescue at the scene, then taken to an area hospital.

Does this mean he earned and F?

Koch Brothers: Dark Money - A man who moved the Kochs money into politics. The inside story.

Plucked from obscurity by libertarian billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, Noble was tasked with distributing a torrent of political money raised by the Koch network, a complex web of nonprofits nicknamed the Kochtopus, into conservative causes in the 2010 and 2012 elections.
Noble handed out almost $137 million in 2012 alone — all of it so-called dark money from unnamed donors — from his perch atop the Center to Protect Patient Rights, a group run out of an Arizona post office box.

Woman Destroys STAND YOUR GROUND VERDICT - Black Men shooters shooting white would be found guilty

This White Lady Lawyer explains how ridiculous the stand your ground laws are in just 2 minutes.

Your Rights if stopped by the Police - interesting stuff

If you are stopped by the police, know your rights.

Save the Post Office and give the working poor a break.

This is such an excellent idea.  There is NO Bank in many small villages (Alaska) and towns in the Lower 48.  This could help the Post Office and help so many people as well.  The Post Office if vital to small towns and Alaskan Villages.

Some officials have pitched the idea of the postal service expanding into “non-bank” financial services, carefully designed to complement rather than directly compete with Wall Street. In a recent white paper, the USPS Inspector General’s office suggested that local post offices could offer products such as international money transfers, small short-term loans and prepaid debit cards for bills or everyday purchases. To fulfill needs unmet by big banks, these financial services would ideally be targeted toward “low-income areas like rural communities and inner cities.”

PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE NOT FAILING! Vouchers - Troubling History

Corporations recognized privatization as a euphemism for profits. “Our schools are failing” became the slogan for those who wanted public-treasury vouchers to move money into private schools. These cries continue today.

Republican carries a purse - with a gun in it.

Juanita Jean says its a bag but it sounds like a purse to me.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Tesoro WON'T ALLOW INSPECTORS after a chemical spill.

Chemicals were spilled onto workers and then the company would not allow Federal Inspectors in to check to see if the safety infractions were corrected.  Big Oil and Big Corporations now feel fully in charge.

Restorative Teaching - THIS IS WHAT WE DO AT MY PROGRAM!

This is our basic approach, we rarely suspend.  We try to talk them through the upset and get them back in class after dealing with the root issue.  The root issue can be significant.  It pleased me to read about this because I constantly deal with the principal, teachers and parents in similar situations.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bad Food Combinations - Yogurt and Fruit is one,

1. Fruit after a meal. Natural Hygienists have known for a long time that fruit doesn’t combine well with other foods. The reason is that fruit contains simple sugars that require no digestion. Thus, they will not stay for a long time in the stomach. Other foods, such as foods rich in fat, protein and starch, will stay in the stomach for a longer period of time because they require more digestion. So if you eat fruit after a meal, the fruit sugar will stay for too long in the stomach and ferment.

5 Worst States to be a Poor Kid! The US is not taking care of our babies and children.

Since the Great Recession began in 2009, there's been a 73 percent jump in student homelessness and a 23 percent increase in child hunger. The so-called "jobless recovery" has not helped. 
"Our key finding is that four years after the end of the recession, children have not seen any relief," says Caroline Fichtenberg, Director of Research at the Fund. "The recession has not ended for them."
It's even worse in Southern states, where 1-in-4 kids is poor. "We call it the geographic lottery," Fichtenberg says. "Depending on where the child is born, there's a much higher or lower chance they'll be poor."

What if a Black Person shoots a White Person first - Stand Your Ground still apply?

What if that Teenage Boy Shot first because he was afraid for his life - Would the Black Skinned Boy be found guilty of murder?  Are 'Stand Your Ground' laws colorblind?  Personally, I think not.

Should black people be reasonably afraid of white people given Stand Your Ground laws and a frightening rise in white racial animus and hostility in the Age of Obama?
The mainstream media will most certainly not ask if black men, when faced with a threatening situation across the colorline, should shoot white people first under the reasonable assumption that the latter means them serious harm under the Stand Your Ground laws.

Black self-defense is the inevitable result of white violence. Ultimately, Stand Your Ground laws may have a consequence that is very different from the one imagined by its supporters on the White Right.

The money behind Climate Deniers - Big Bucks - Who is making money off denial?

The Washington Post reports, not surprisingly, that Rand Paul was the keynote speaker at this year’s CEI’s Annual Dinner.  Top donors for this dinner included the energy sector which “donated $110,000 to the event, the same amount given by conservative foundations (three of which are associated with the billionaires Charles and David Koch). But the biggest single donor is Google, which gave $50,000, and Facebook kicked in $25,000.
Want to know who shelled out the most to support CEI’s annual fete? Read the gritty details, below, with donors listed according to sector.

Walmart low wages discussed by Senate Panel and Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders does an amazing job on keeping the focus on the low starvation wages.

STAND YOUR GROUND laws create death and uncertainty

A study by two Texas A&M economists found that such laws “do not deter burglary, robbery or aggravated assault” but do “lead to a statistically significant 8 percent net increase in the number of reported murders and non-negligent manslaughters.”
Stand your ground laws shift the balance of power on the streets to those who carry weapons. They thus provide an incentive for everyone to be armed, which is why the National Rifle Association has pressured legislatures in some two dozen states to enact them. We shouldn’t have to wait for another death and another controversial trial to recognize that this is no reason for laws that cause such palpable harm. It’s time to repeal them.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Herb and Ada will be laid to rest together.

Uncle Herb died a couple of years ago and he has been waiting around for a couple of years.  Aunt Ada finally died so they will be laid to rest together.

I am staying for the funeral and the ceremony and will fly back Sunday.

My Aunt Ada Died and will be buried this Friday.

I was eating lunch and reading e-mail when I read my Aunt Ada died and will be buried Friday.  I cried.  Reading about her death brought back the memories of a wonderful person who helped many and taught me a lot just by watching how she and Uncle Herb lived their lives. 

They were both nurses until they were into their 70s.  Ada had extremely thick glasses.  She was always smiling and happy.  They traveled in a van extensively and I was invited often.  If there is a heaven Herb and Ada deserve a front row seat. 

Now, I have to decide whether to go back to Alaska tomorrow or stay for the funeral  My program is struggling with me gone and we got a new student. 

I leave Alaska in June just because of situations like this.  I realize more and more that I need to be closer to the family issues which come to the surface. 

I am in Seattle now and fly back to Alaska tomorrow.

I just found out my aunt died and I should stick around for the funeral but things are chaotic so I will not. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I have been in Death Valley.

I was camping out and there was no cell service or internet.  Back to Juneau soon.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Will Right Wingers Steal our Social Security

The Right Wingers and Plutocrats are trying hard to steal what you and I have paid for years for.  BTW: Raising the Cap will stabilize it for another 75 years.

21 Things You Can't Do When You Are Black - 1. Play Loud Music

Black Skin Color could be a deadly problem.

10 of the fastest Road Legal Cars in the world

1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

The Bugatti Veyron was developed for breaking records, and needless to say, it’s done its job. The Super Sport — a hotter version of the already hot car — can make it to 60 miles per hour in just 2.4 seconds and has hit a top speed of 267 miles per hour. Horsepower weighs in at 1,200 to go along with its $2.4 million asking price.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

TOO BIG TO FAIL BANKS HAVE GOTTEN BIGGER! They could crash the economy again.

Although Federal Reserve officials have said all of that money was repaid, critics of the Fed have said the Fed’s loans were detrimental to the U.S. economy because they encouraged mega-banks to grow even larger and more reckless. Reich has warned that because those banks have grown even bigger than they were half a decade ago, future bailouts could be even more costly. According to Reich: “The danger of an even bigger cost in coming years continues to grow….In fact, now that they know for sure they’ll be bailed out, Wall Street banks—and those who lend to them or invest in them—have every incentive to take even bigger risks.”

Climbing the Shanghai Tower (Illegally) 650 meters

Afraid of heights?

Just another Creek Polluted - coal slurry - the usual pollution story to ignore.

Who needs clean water for fish, wildlife, growing crops or for drinking

Channeling his inner George Zimmerman

Another black teenager shot and killed - Will the white fellow who shot him 'because he was scared' be found innocent?  It is Florida and the black (now dead) kid played loud music.  The jury is now deciding.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Banks Biggest Scam and We Never knew about it - just coming to light now. Matt Taibi

Banks can own ports, oil, tankers, anything - all since Reagan.

Tea Infusion for fighting Cancer and helping grow the brain

Tumeric is the key ingredient - Fresh is best, they say.

Experts Shut Down News Anchors when they have their information wrong! Oh, Oh

Now I see why experts are rarely allowed on FOX.

Star Wars creatures use lasers on Skiers in the Olympics

Olympic skiers sometimes wipeout on the tough courses set up at the Winter Games. Fans know wipeouts are part of the sport, but viewers sometimes wonder if there is anything causing the trouble spots that are beyond the camera’s view. Well, the new Star Wars invasion of the Sochi Olympics might explain a few of those moments.

Corporate Welfare makes the Rich Lazy

The solution to this epidemic of laziness now running rampant among American CEOs? "Take away their corporate welfare," says Zebo. "Unlike the poor, they don't need it. And they'd actually be more productive as a result."

Ted Cruz is helping get Mitch McConnell kicked out of the Senate.

Once again, the tea party has done Democrats a big favor. McConnell already trails his Democratic general election challenger Alison Grimes by 4 points. Cruz’s stunt will only make McConnell Republican support even weaker.
Ted Cruz is the gift that keeps on giving, but his greatest gift to Democrats may end up being getting Mitch McConnell booted out of the Senate.

Gay in the NFL - A great commentary

Dale Hansen has twice been named Sportscaster of the Year by the Associated Press and with thoughtful commentary like this, it's easy to see why. This may very well be the best statement yet on Michael Sam's decision to announce he's gay:

Jon Stewart - NFL Material

What is NFL Material?

Debt Ceiling Passed the House. Republicans caved

After the last Republican Shutdown which cost 42 Billion Dollars and a lot of egg on their face, they decided to quietly let this one pass.

VW not opposed to unionizing but some politicians sure are - Why

Workers at a Tennessee Volkswagen plant are facing threats of retaliation as they vote this week on whether to unionize, but the threats aren't coming from their employer. Instead, it's Republican politicians trying to combat union support even though Volkswagen is neutral in the vote.
In fact, Steven Greenhouse reports, "Volkswagen is eager to have a German-style works council at the Chattanooga plant." A works council is a form of workplace governance bringing together managers and workers and which would, in the United States, require a union. With the company taking a neutral-to-positive stance, though, Republican politicians are stepping in to intimidate and threaten as bosses often do in union representation votes:

Why this congress CANNOT PASS anything significant.

Speaker of the House John Boehner said he was confident that immigration reform could pass this year. That confidence lasted  a few weeks. By the end of last week, the GOP had settled on an adequate excuse for declining to pursue their recently announced immigration “list of principles”: They can’t do anything at all because they don’t trust President Obama.
Which, fine. It’s a pretty lame excuse, but Speaker Boehner was not going to say, “I don’t have the clout or the power to unilaterally force a plurality of xenophobes and cowards ensconced in safe white districts to support a major Democratic policy priority.” Republicans were going to blame Democrats no matter what.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jon Stewart on the Hypocrisy of Immigration Reform by Republicans

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took apart the Republicans and their latest excuse for refusing to allow a vote on immigration reform. As John Boehner proclaimed this week, the new party line for why they've punted on the issue again is that they simply don't trust President Obama to do his job and enforce the law.

Explosion and Fire at Fracking site in Pennsylvania

An explosion at a natural gas fracking well in Pennsylvania on Tuesday has sent one person to the hospital, left one person injured and sparked a fire that could take days to contain.
Screengrab from WTRF 7 video showing flames from the fracking well explosion.


This really is worthwhile for men to see.


Officials of the state's Department of Environmental Protection don't yet know how much coal slurry has leaked from a facility in Kanawha County, West Virginia. But a DEP spokesman characterized it as "significant." It has already blackened Fields Creek not far from where it empties into the Kanawha River. State officials and those at West Virginia American Water say the spill is no threat to drinking water supplies.

Are GMO concerns overblown? Do GMO's make more or less crops? A discussion

In case you missed it, there's an interesting discussion about genetically modified food over at It began with a  series of posts by Nathaneal Johnson in which he dissected, in impressively neutral and skeptical fashion, most of the argument for or against GM food that you’ve ever heard. Johnson’s posts managed to draw attention and respect from voices on all sides of the issue. By way of his quest to take no side, he managed to get on a lot of peoples’ good sides. The comment section was, at times, somewhat civil and well-behaved, no minor feat among GMO pundit

Rachel Maddow on Duke Energy and the Coal Ash leaking into streams and rivers.

Keystone XL Pipeline - Van Jones Comments - Excellent

Dear people who think the Keystone XL Pipeline is a good idea,
Meet my friend Van Jones. Van comes to us today armed with facts. I'd suggest you hear him out, for all our sakes.
The Earth

Monday, February 10, 2014

Stopping Tax Cuts for Wealthiest is bringing in Money to States!! The gift nobody is talking about.

The Democrats stopped a few tax cuts to the wealthiest and the result is more money being generated for people to use for those who have seen cut after cut happen.

Northern Lights - 2/2014, Fairbanks, Alaska

The Aurora Borealis is beautiful.  I have seen it a few times really enjoy watching videos of them.

You will never see scientists leading troops into battle! Neil de Grasse Tyson

Neil de Grasse Tyson is just brilliant. Why scientists could never lead us into war.

Mobility for disabled kids - such a great idea.

This is such a great idea.  I happen to see kids who cannot walk be able to walk after training.  This is such a valuable idea.

California Drought is going to raise the cost of food! Climate Change is impacting your pocket book

The droughts and storms are more severe which cause fewer crops to be raised.  How long can we ignore Climate Change and it's impacts?

Goat Game - Be a Goat in a video game

A video where you are a goat.  It is actually interesting.

Bar that Hates Fags is being voted BEST GAY BAR IN OKLAHOMA.

I must say, The Gay Folks in Oklahoma have a great since of humor by voting this bar as the 'Best Gay Bar.'  Good idea.

Did Chris Christie FLY OVER the GW Bridge when it was shut down?

The investigation continues...

Beautiful Photos of England.

Some amazing pictures.

500 Year Drought in CA

The Golden State is in the midst of a three-year drought—and scientists believe that this year may end up being the driest in the last half millennium, according to UC Berkeley professor B. Lynn Ingram. Californians are scared, with good reason: Fire danger in the state is high, and drinking water supplies are low.
But the drought will have repercussions outside the state's borders, as well. California produces a good chunk of the nation's food: half of all our fruits and vegetables, along with a significant amount of dairy and wine.
So how will this historically dry period affect Californians—and the rest of us? Here are a few important facts to keep in mind:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pink Gun - girl plays with the toy gun and kills little brother

South Carolina police have released more details regarding the death of a 3-year-old who was killed by a gunshot wound to the head Friday night. According to the police, the child and his 7-year-old sister were playing with a pink handgun which they believed to be a toy when the shooting occurred.

People eat food that causes cancer and smoke. Cancer skyrockets

Either cancer doesn’t scare people as much as one might expect, or fear is not an effective method for changing behavior, because people are still doing things known to cause cancer. As a predictable result, the rate of preventable cancers is rising. Experts project that over the next 20 years, the number of cases worldwide will shoot up by 70% because people won’t stop smoking, overeating, or consuming animal products and processed foods, and won’t exercise more.
The bad news appears in the World Cancer Report, a World Health Organization (WHO) book that represents the work of some 150 scientists internationally.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Riveting Testimony about the war on Drugs. Put people in prison for thousands but don't give them treatment.

This is a great hearing.  We need to take the money we use to put pot smokers in prison and give people treatment for alcohol.

A man and wild lions - unreal video
10 degrees and very sunny yesterday.  No new snow.  

Merica the Beautiful, TeaParty Version

This is a parody

Paul Krugman dismantles the 2.5 million job loss on Colbert

Krugman is always great and so is Colbert.

Republicans being preached to by President Obama. This is wonderful. Republicans not so happy though.

This is a great religious speech by President Obama.  He is talking living religion much like Pope Francis.  I wonder how many Republican Heads exploded during this prayer?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Koch Brothers Exposed - Sen Bernie Sanders exposes the Koch Brothers.

Sanders takes on the infamous Koch Brothers, and his message and information is still poignant today. The Koch Brothers are all about corruption, greed and power, Sanders is all about exposing just that.

Irony: Citizens United Fueling the War against Republican incumbants.

The Republicans were elated when Citizens United was passed so they could have easy access to hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars BUT now that money is being used against them.  Oh Boy - bit in the butt by their pet lobbyist.

The Problem With School Choice - Great Information

...schools are public goods, not consumer goods. Think about other public goods and services that you use, such as public safety. We don’t want to choose from different police providers, we want our local police department to be great: to offer high-quality service that meets the needs of our local community.
We don’t need more choices in public education. We need great public schools in every community, that any parent would be happy to send their children to, and that meet the needs of local families. We don’t really have any choice at all if our local public school is not a high quality option.

Even Pat Robertson says Creationist Ken Ham is making a mockery of Religious Folks.

What Robertson had to say will surprise many. Far from being congratulatory, Robertson had this to say about the theory that the earth is 6000 years old:
Let’s face it, there was a bishop [Ussher] who added up the dates listed in Genesis and he came up with the world had been around for 6,000 years,” Robertson said. “There ain’t no way that’s possible. To say that it all came about in 6,000 years is just nonsense and I think it’s time we come off of that stuff and say this isn’t possible

A Friend Shoots a friend in the head - Didn't call 911. Juanita Jean

Yep, we need more guns for idiots like this.

Pooping in the Soviet Union - it really is different.

I was scuba diving and talking to a fellow diver, a pilot.  He took out a some rough paper roll and told me he had just returned from the Soviet Union.  He grabbed a roll of toilet paper.  It was kind of like mild sand paper.  Their butts must be like leather with that paper we joked.  I forgot about the Soviet Union and pooping until I came across this article.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Koch Brothers - Confidential Document of Donors left at last meeting.

The names of some of the Big Buck Donors to the Koch Brothers was found after their last meeting.

25 pictures of Markets Regulating Themselves and the lives lost.

When economists talk about how a market "regulates itself," what they mean is that markets reach an equilibrium between supply and demand.
This says nothing about whether or not this equilibrium will be a good thing for society. It simply states that if consumers choose what to buy and producers choose what to sell and how to produce it, the market settles on a product distribution and prices.
Lately, many people I know have argued that "free markets" mean something more. They see markets as ethically right or ethically moral, meaning pursuit of profit always somehow leads to a greater good.

Jon Stewart Rips the FOX hate machine - good

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took a well deserved swipe at Fox "news" following Bill O'Reilly's interview with President Obama prior to the Super Bowl, which was just the latest example of their endless scandal mongering over the IRS, DOJ, NSA and Benghazi.
As Stewart noted, the talking heads over there can't even decide which of their so-called scandals is supposed to be distracting from the other fake scandals. It doesn't matter though. Stewart summed up what Fox does right out of the box after showing President Obama calling out Bill-O for their scandal mongering this Sunday:

Oil Sands Pollution 2 to 3 times worse than thought

The amount of harmful pollutants released in the process of recovering oil from tar sands in western Canada is likely far higher than corporate interests say, university researchers said Monday. 
Actual levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) emissions into the air may be two to three times higher than estimated, said the findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a peer-reviewed US journal.
The study raises new questions about the accuracy of environmental impact assessments on the tar sands,

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bill Nye embarasses Ken Ham in an epic debate of science vs creationism

I saw the whole thing but I suggest you scroll through to where Bill Nye starts his presentation about an hour in and then listen to the rest.

False: 2 Million workers WILL NOT be fired because of Obamacare!

Conservative idiots are saying that 2.5 million jobs will be gone because of Obamacare.  It is not even close to the truth. 
For Republicans, the latest big report on Obamacare has seemed like a godsend for the 2014 elections.
 ”Obamacare To Print Even More Pink Slips,”  Senate Republicans declared in an email blast. ”This Non-Partisan Congressional Budget Office Report Confirms That ObamaCare Will Cost America 2 Million Jobs,” the National Republican Congressional Committee added. The overriding message: Even wonks agree with us that Obamacare is a job-killer.
The problem is, that’s not what the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) new numbers are saying.

Sandra Fluke is running for Congress in California - Great News.

I just saw a headline that said she filed.  I sure hope so.

Jon Stewart - Remember the Traffic Jam Thing in Fort Lee?

After first taking a few shots at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his attacks on former high school friend David Wildstein, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart lamented the decision by many of the pundits in our media to treat Christie with kid gloves.
Stewart Blasts Media for ‘Measured’ Response to Christie: ‘Where’s Your Rush to Judgement?’:

Colbert on Coke Super Bowl Ad - Right Wingers won't like it

The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert ridiculed the wingnuts and their little meltdown over the Super Bowl Coca Cola ad, where heaven forbid, America the Beautiful was performed in a number of different languages.
Colbert got a few shots in at the Broncos for the rout this Sunday before moving onto the insanity over the ad.
COLBERT: But, really only one commercial mattered; a truly nutty ad... that drove the country nuts. I'm talking of course about Coca Cola. Their commercial certainly got my fellow conservatives' blood bubbling.

The Ed Show: Supoena Day on Bridgegate was yesterday

More 'I am taking the fifth'  at a hearing.

Rachel Maddow - The latest on the Bridge Closure Information

The latest information on the GW Bridge Closure by Rachel Maddow.


The Current System gives Billions to Insurance Companies which is money out of the consumers pocket.  Every Person would be covered and money would be saved.

‘Medicare for All’ would cover everyone, save billions in first year: new study

Economist says Canadian-style, single-payer health plan would reap huge savings from reduced paperwork and from negotiated drug prices, enough to pay for quality coverage for all – at less cost to families and businesses

OUT OF CONTROL OIL RIG -Gulf Oil Well Pumping Methane into the atmosphere

An “out-of-control” well that began blowing gas into the air on Thursday is still not under control as of Friday morning, according to a report from the Associated Press.
42-non essential workers from Rowan Companies PLC’s offshore rig in the Gulf of Mexico, named “Louisiana,” were evacuated, while 37 stayed on the rig to try and stop the flow of gas. Rig operator EnVen Energy Ventures said that while workers attempt to kill the well, gas was being “vented” off of the rig. Although gas, water and sand are still flowing from the well, EnVen said no pollution has occurred in the Gulf.
“All personnel currently aboard the rig are safe and non-essential personnel have been evacuated, all well control equipment is functioning as designed (and) there has been no environmental impact,” Rowan Companies spokesperson Deanna Castillo told the AP.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Warm - Ginger Almond Milk - a drink on a cold night

This is good for you.

Vitamin C serum - good for skin - DIY

Good for skin

Jobs - If you cut taxes to the Rich, they buy back their stock and DO NOT CREATE JOBS with the money.

A rich guy talks and explains the system.

Prisons - the new Mental Hospital of our times.

No need for meds, just let them get crazy and put them in prison.  It is a lot more expensive to put them in prison but who cares.

Senator talks about JOB LOSSES caused by Climate Change - well done

It's not uncommon for politicians to make "the jobs argument" against mitigating climate change. Their reasoning is that slowing our carbon emissions would be too costly for the economy. But what about the people whose jobs have already been affected by carbon? This senator does a darn good job of explaining the other jobs argument.

Humans could bring the END OF THE WORLD with CLIMATE and NUCLEAR DISASTERS.

But the Koch Brothers would make their Billions so we keep moving closer to the brink.

The fact that 97% of scientists who have weighed in on the issue believe that climate change is a human-caused phenomenon is not a story.  That only one of 9,137 peer-reviewed papers on climate change published between November 2012 and December 2013 rejected human causation is not a story either, nor is the fact that only 24 out of 13,950 such articles did so over 21 years.  That the anything-but-extreme Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) offers an at least 95% guarantee of human causation for global warming

Christie: "No one on my staff had any knowledge" NOT TRUE

Rachel Maddow on the Chris Christie Bridge fiasco.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

6 recent news stories that were lies

The ghost ships with rats that will land in England - not true, they think it sank months ago.

Pain Killers - 20 found in your kitchen ginger, cloves, garlic, turmeric

Ginger, cloves, apple vinegar,

Kochs created Tea Party 10 years ago with Tobacco does not cause cancer tactics

A new study shows the Koch Brothers were behind the Tea Party.

Gentle Detox Soup - zuchini, string beans, celery, parsley

It is supposed to be good for soothing an upset stomach - worth a try.

Heed the warnings of extreme weather or Risk Losing Our Earth

We have summer fires burning in California in the winter.  We have massive hurricanes and tornadoes at greater numbers then ever before.  Climate Change is real and we need to face reality.  Coal and Dirty Oil will only make it worse.

Mendenhall Glacier today

Sunny and 20 degrees this morning.

5 Presidents who were bad asses when they were young. Lincoln and Carter were two.


Disease Prevention instead of Illness Management - a new approach to health care.

I like this idea.  Focus on a healthy life style instead of dealing with illnesses caused by living an unhealthy live style.  My brother died at 62 because he ate fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and he had a heart attack from clogged arteries.  I would eat with him but pass on the fast food.  I would make my own lunch first.

Mendenhall Glacier - SuperBowl Sunday. 20 degrees here

We have sun and 20 degrees today.  I can finally walk on the ice to get to the glacier and here is a picture.  My camera battery died so I got on top of the Glacier but got no pictures because I had dead batteries.  It is such a beautiful day.  We still need snow though.

The Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein: Capitalism unleased is harmful (video)

Christie sent Millions of Sandy Federal Dollars to a city with little hurricane damage.

The company that got the contract had Shaq investing in it and Shaq did a commercial endorsing Christie.  The mayor of the town with little damage endorsed Christie as well.

Koch Brothers exposed - a video about the Koch Brothers and their buying of power.

50 years of Kochs.  Daddy Koch got his money from Russia in the 1930s.  Daddy Koch was the funder of Right Wing Causes back in the 40s and 50s.  The two boys inherited daddys money and went even bigger on buying politicians.

HS Senior talks about Education Funding - Great

We need more kids, parents and politicians should listen to them.

WinCo Foods - The employee owned company poised to take down Walmart.

WinCo and Costco are my stores of choice.  They both make living wages part of their philosophy.

13 Homeless viewed as they would like to be viewed

With my job as a teacher, I see homelessness.  I have kids not doing well and then find out the parents have been couch surfing with their family for 6 weeks.  I know people who lost their job and are now homeless.  I might add that I was amazed about the homeless family because the mom and steipdad were such great people and they did such a great job in making sure the kids did well in school and had positive behavior.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jon Stewart on Peggy Noonan and her upset at President Obama.

"Reagan was just in the wrong place at the wrong time," Stewart said. "Specifically, the White House, during his own administration."

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Kids Dying from Preventable Diseases and the Cost - Good

This explains quite a lot and quite well.

10 Oldest trees in the world

Vodka - 20 unusual uses - Insect repellent, kills mold

Climate Change Alaska Style! January was often 40 degrees. No snow to speak of - weird January.

We have had 40 degrees a lot in January.  Last week we got down to 25 but generally above 32.  NO SNOW IN A LONG TIME!  This is Alaska.  We should be at 20 degrees regularly with regular snow falling.  This is my last winter here and I am saddened that it is so warm. 


Meet Heather McGhee - a very impressive new leader.

Pete Seeger, RIP, Freedom Summer

Pete Seeger talks about an incident.

NEW RULES - Bill Maher

State of the Union, Puritanism, slut shaming from the left.

Proof that Paper is not dead. Good

This is for the techie who says that paper is not useful anymore.

School Choice is just a ruse to TAKE MONEY FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS

For ALEC, school choice is not really about improving student outcomes. It’s about directing public dollars to private outfits that aren’t subject to the same standards of accountability as a public school. Vouchers siphon off huge amounts of money from public schools to subsidize the private education of a small handful of students —leaving the vast majority of our children in public schools that have been depleted of critical funding.  ALEC wants us to believe that funding a failed idea like vouchers—which studies show do not improve student performance—is better than investing in a quality public education for all students.
Vouchers schemes cost taxpayers millions of dollars. For example, the voucher program in Indiana this year is expected to cost $81 million—that’s $81 million less for students who attend public schools.
Voucher schemes come in many different forms and hide behind a wide variety names that—when you first hear them—sound like attractive ideas. Education savings accounts, tax credit scholarships, individual tax credits and deductions—but no matter what you call them they all end up diverting taxpayer dollars away from public education.

Democracy is being Stolen in the US - 8 attacks on Democracy

The Republicans are doing much to restrict voting which is UnAmerican.

Keystone XL Pipeline Approval would be a mistake and here is why.

It looks like decades of extracting high-CO2 fuel at a time when we should be winding down such carbon intensive resource exploitation. It looks like decades of oil spills across America's heartland written off as an acceptable side effect of making money. It looks like decades of continued political lobbying against any CO2-limiting regulations.
If approved and built, it looks like the United State is failing to take climate change seriously by virtually guaranteeing the massive Canadian oil sands reserved are exploited. That, I'm afraid, is the real threat of Keystone XL – the loss of US status as a global leader.
As the world looks to 2015 for the establishment of legally binding emissions targets, it is looking to the US for inspiration and leadership. While opponents of carbon regulations routinely point to China and India as an excuse for further inaction, the US is still the dominant force in world politics. If Obama puts his foot down and tells us the pipeline will not be built, he will be telling the world that the  United States is committed to a future powered by clean renewable energy. For better or for worse, as the US goes so goes the planet.