Saturday, May 31, 2014

Intelligent Design is Stupid.

Neil deGrasse Tyson gives a talk.

I will be leaving Alaska this coming Wednesday.

I am leaving Alaska and taking the ferry to Washington State.  I will then drive to Oregon and start my new life as a taker.  I even will get Social Security as of June 1.  I am looking forward to no alarm clocks, unless I truly want to set it.

I must admit it is hard to leave.  There is a sadness at moving and leaving some wonderful co-workers and children that I taught here.  I just feel very fortunate to be able to move on and have good health.

When asked if I will return, all I could say was maybe, maybe not.  I have no plans.  I am just your average derelict who may end up with a sign on a street corner.

I start packing the car today.  I hope I can fit my stuff in the car.

The Global Food Supply - What are we eating?

Food used to be real plants or animal and not synthetic products, how can we eat healthy?

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Gun Report - May 30, 2014

Recent shootings involving children have rocked two American cities.
Michael Day, 13, died after being caught in the crossfire between two groups in the Edison Neighborhood of Kalamazoo, Mich., on Memorial Day. This wasn’t even the first time Day had been a victim of gun violence: On April 6, he was shot in the back while leaving a party. He told police he was walking when he heard a gunshot and realized he had been hit.

Victor Manuel Garay, 15, has been accused of firing the shot that killed Day. Police had been called earlier in the day to break up the large brawl, but as soon as they left, the fighting continued. If charged as an adult, Garay could face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, 7,650 people have been injured by gun violence in America and 4,358 have been killed since Jan. 1, 2014. That number includes 15 police officers killed, 475 children injured or killed and 355 instances of defensive gun use.

5 crazy laws passed by Republicans this month

All I can do is shake my head to think people actually voted these people into office.  Such a shame.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bush Counterterrorism Czar says Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld committed WAR CRIMES!

President George W. Bush’s former top counterterrorism official said this week that he is convinced that Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld all committed war crimes during the Iraq war.
In an interview that will air in full next week, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman asked former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism Richard Clarke if “President Bush should be brought up on war crimes [charges], and Vice President Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, for the attack on Iraq.”

“I think things that they authorized probably fall within the area of war crimes,” Clarke agreed. “Whether that would be productive or not, I think, is a discussion we could all have.”

1% Polled. They don't think like us regular folks.

The poll results for this comparison came from the Russell Sage Foundation. "Elites" are defined as at or near "the 1%" in wealth with an average income of $1M/yr or more. The perspectives of this group are compared to responses from other polls such as Pew and Gallup.

GOP Hypocrites: Block 21 Billion for VET healthcare BUT PASS 600 BILLION TAX CUT TO BUSINESS!

Senate Republicans blocked a $21 billion plan to build new VA clinics because they said it was too expensive, but today House Republicans advanced a $600 billion tax cut for business.

$2.1 billion a year over ten years to provide better care for our veterans is too expensive, but $60 billion a year over the same time period is affordable as long as the money is going to the business sector. This is a case of blatant Republican hypocrisy. Republicans are refusing to pay for their tax cuts for business, but they have the nerve to tell people who fought and bled for their country that they can’t have better medical care.

Science vs Religion

The above graphic may seem a little over the top, I mean who in their right minds would drink from the glass on the right? (Personally I would have to be damn thirsty to drink from the one on the left either.)

However it is really not as exaggerated as you might want to believe.

For example in India millions of devoted Hindus travel to the Ganges River for its supposed purification capabilities, but in fact it is terribly polluted and potentially fatal.

10 Best foods to fight cancer

Good info.

VA Healthcare: 2 Wars means more wounded vets. REPUBS BLOCK 24 BILLION PLAN

Because of 2 ongoing wars - the needs of our Vets are increasing.  The Republicans blocked a 24 Billion dollar program to open up new places for Vets to go.  So, what do the Republicans do - Blame President Obama, of course.

Making Sense of the Pickety Debate

Let's first just crudely recap Piketty's main points (though really you should read the book, or at least skim it carefully). The essential thesis of Piketty's treatise is that the most affluent among us, both in the United States and globally, have been hoarding a sharply increasing share of wealth in their societies. He posits that we may have entered a prolonged period, similar to the age of the robber barons in the 19th century, when the value of capital will continue to outstrip economic and income growth generally, so that rich people will compound their riches while everyone else falls further behind.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

NO WAY TO PREVENT THIS INCIDENT, says only nation where this happens regularly,36131/

Scary but true!  The Santa Barbara Mass Shootings Haunting Headline,

Bernie Sanders: Republicans Ignore the Real Cost of War

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is completely shredding Republicans by calling out their hypocrisy of being pro-war, but refusing to take care of our veterans.

How the NRA rewrote the 2nd Amendment

A fraud on the American public.” That’s how former Chief Justice Warren Burger described the idea that the Second Amendment gives an unfettered individual right to a gun. When he spoke these words to PBS in 1990, the rock-ribbed conservative appointed by Richard Nixon was expressing the longtime consensus of historians and judges across the political spectrum.
Twenty-five years later, Burger’s view seems as quaint as a powdered wig. Not only is an individual right to a firearm widely accepted, but increasingly states are also passing laws to legalize carrying weapons on streets, in parks, in bars—even in churches.

Controversy: Pres Obama defends not going to war for NO Reason. Conservatives mad.

WEST POINT (The Borowitz Report)—President Obama raised eyebrows with his West Point commencement address Wednesday by offering a defense of his controversial foreign-policy doctrine of not invading countries for no reason.
Conservative critics were taken aback by Obama’s speech, which was riddled with incendiary remarks about only using military force for a clearly identified and rational purpose.

Juanita Jean on Joe the Plumber and his latest crazy Talk.

Such a swell guy.  Joe the Plumber is telling parents who just had their children shot and killed, My Guns are more important than your dead children.

maryelle says:
My gun rights are much more important than your right to life.”
It is absolute insanity and MUST be eliminated if our country is to survive.

6 things that should never be privatized

water and social security are two

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Global Warming is getting worse.

Global Warming is real and it much more accurate than saying Climate Change.

Bill Maher calls Pat Sajak an idiot. (I agree)

Very well stated.

Glacier Melting at Astonishing rate of 16 feet per year.

No one has predicted this fast of melting at the most visited glacier in North America.  I have been watching the Mendenhall Glacier melt at an unprecedented rate as well.  The Mendenhall is melting much faster than any past predictions.

Dumb asses with assault guns go into more restaurants.

"Activists" brought assault-style rifles into several restaurants.
But the citizens of San Antonio weren't having it.  

Common Sense Gun Laws

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So, in a nation where we romanticize, idolize, and fetishize guns, and in a society where we simply cannot imagine our lives without them, I really have to ask, what in the hell is wrong with us? Seriously, when is enough, going to be enough?
We currently have nearly as many guns as people in this country. No other nation has more guns per capita than does the U.S. More than 30 Americans are killed by gun violence every single day….and 7 of those 30 are kids. So, yes, YES I DO believe that we have a gun problem.

Koch Brothers buy judge - Republican Gov Walker gets ruling as favor

Hmmmm.  Koch-funded Club for Growth was one of the organizations bringing the case to court.  One would think that Randa should have recused himself from even hearing a case brought by a group from which he has received so much.  Apparently he chose not to which casts a poor light on his ruling that favors the dark money organizations that fund his frequent junkets.  

Koch Brothers buy Judge: He goes on Koch junket and stops probe of Republican Gov Walker as pay back.

The federal judge who ordered a halt to Wisconsin's "John Doe" criminal investigation into spending during the 2011 and 2012 recall elections has regularly attended all-expenses paid "judicial junkets" funded by the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, and other ideological and corporate interests.

Veterans to Republican Burr: You represent the worst in Politics.

Veteran Groups are upset with the Republican who votes against funding the VA Health Care System improvements that are needed while Burr then is upset with President Obama.  

Gun Control after SB killings: This dad of a victim speaks

Nothing was done after Sandy Hook and he lost a son.  It is just a matter of time before we have another tragedy.  No Action on Gun Control and Background checks is killing more and more of our young people.

9/11: An Engineer talks about the falling of the towers. Interesting Questions

The inconsistencies are striking when the buildings fell down.

Monday, May 26, 2014

CA Republican robocalls re: being for no gun controls after the SB mass shooting.

What a slime ball.  He uses the Santa Barbara killing of 6 innocents to ask Gun Nuts for money.  This is horrible.


THE REPUBLICANS VOTED NO ON HELP FOR OUR WOUNDED VETS.  Thank You Bernie Sanders for pushing this bill.

This election year we should consider making election day a day of remembrance for our veterans and remember who voted against VA benefits. The above video mashup is from when the bill was being decided.  The video can be summed up with one quote from Sen. Bernie Sanders,

CA Mass Shootings show Male Entitlement

Men have some sad ideas about what to expect from a woman.

#YesAllWomen responds to California shooting

Men and women used #YesAllWomen to share personal stories and speak out against misogyny in our culture in the aftermath of the shooting rampage in California.

34 Anti-cancer foods

this list originally appeared as part of the Anticancer Herbs page on this site - but due to the significant size of the page, we decided to divide them into two pages, one for "herbs" and one for "foods". Please see the introduction to that page for an explanation of the goal of these pages and help with the technical terms used. Also, note that spices such as turmeric appear on the "herbs" page. )
- See more at:

Conservatives losing it over the SB shootings. Women are the target.

Republicans desperately need the female vote right now, but that’s not going to happen. After the horrific mass murder in California where women were targeted because the shooter deemed females to be ‘sluts,’ a hashtag was created titled #YesAllWomen, in which Republicans piled in to mock females who shared their experiences. It’s not about hating men, because it’s about both genders. A lot of men are tweeting to show solidarity to this cause but sadly tweets from Republicans are not supportive.

Elliot Rodgers - the SB killer, Did TV and Movies make him what he was?

Let’s look at the role of the media in celebrating the death of young people and desensitizing us all to death through Hollywood film and television shows. Rodger, in particular, was reportedly the son of an Assistant Director who worked on the Hunger Games films: a series that depicts young people killing each other as a survival sport in a dystopian police state society.
That movie, as important as the message is for resistance against government tyranny and Orwellian oppression, nevertheless desensitizes us against acts of violence against children. But this is just the beginning of a system of cultural programming that produces psychopathic killers like Elliott Rodger…

Father of UCSB victims asks questions which we should all ask.

Speaking about his 20-year-old deceased son, Richard Martinez told the press: “Our son Chris Martinez and six others are dead. Our family has a message for every parent out there: You don’t think it will happen to your child until it does.” 

"Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights. What about Chris’s right to live? When will this insanity stop? When will enough people say, “Stop this madness!” Too many have died. We should say to ourselves, “Not one more!”

Mother Jones updates their guide to Mass Shootings

Now gun advocates will point out that the most recent killer, Elliot Rodger, also killed three people with a knife before his shooting spree.  And yes that is true, but the knife certainly did not allow him to drive down the street indiscriminately killing and wounding people from the safety of his car.

Knives have many uses, guns have only one.

And it is time we stopped treating them like fashion accessories and started treating them for what they are. Weapons of mass destruction.

The Tea Party ideas are the REPUBLICAN Party ideas.

To be a Republican anymore, you have to think like a TeaPartier.

You get in these primary elections – they are hard-fought battles and sometimes – listen, there is not that much, not that big a difference between what you call the tea party and your average conservative Republican.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

NRA Defends Right to Own Politicians!

Wayne LaPierre, NRA BigMouth, speaks:

“Politicians pose no danger to the public if used correctly,” said Mr. LaPierre, who claims to have over two hundred politicians in his personal collection. “Everyone hears about the bad guys in Congress. Well, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a vote is a good guy with a vote. I’m proud to be the owner of many of those guys.”

“Right now, a man like Wayne LaPierre can walk right into Congress and buy any politician he wants,” she said. “There’s no background check, no waiting period. And so hundreds of politicians are falling into the hands of people who are unstable and, quite frankly, dangerous.”

President Obama visiting troops in Afghanistan - I like this

Sandwiched between a week of outrage over Veterans Affairs mismanagement and a major foreign policy speech to West Point graduates Wednesday, President Barack Obama’s surprise trip to Afghanistan on Sunday included his pledge to lead “a responsible end” to all American combat operations there by year’s end.
Standing in a bomber jacket on stage at a rally with some of the 32,000 troops still stationed in the country, Obama told them that they would be coming home soon, with Afghan forces finally ready to take over responsibility and security.

Read more:

House Votes to deny Climate Change and to stop Military from using Alternative Energy Sources.

Sea level rise impacting naval bases. Climate change altering natural disaster response. Drought influenced by climate change in the Middle East and Africa leading to conflicts over food and water — as in, for instance, Syria.
The military understands the realities of climate change and the negative impacts of heavy dependence on fossil fuels.
the House just tried to write climate denial into the Defense Department’s budget. “The McKinley amendment would require the Defense Department to assume that the cost of carbon pollution is zero,” Reps. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Bobby Rush (D-IL) said in a letter to their colleagues before the vote. “That’s science denial at its worst and it fails our moral obligation to our children and grandchildren.”
The amendment forces the Defense Department to ignore the findings and recommendations of the National Climate Assessment and the IPCC’s latest climate assessment, specifically with regard to the national security impacts of climate change. It would also do the same for the Social Cost of Carbon, which provides a framework for rulemakers to take into account the societal, security, and economic costs associated with emitting more carbon dioxide.

Solar Panel Roads - We need to do this

This is just a good idea.  I hope it is started small scale soon and then gets bigger and bigger.

Mayflower, AR Oil Spill still making people sick a year later

The Oil Company and officials say it is now livable though.  The houses are not selling and people want to leave.

WEED B GONE - Home made, A ROUNDUP Alternative

2 Cups Epsom Salts
1/4 cup Dawn Dish Soap (The blue original)


Just mix and spray in the morning after the dew has evaporated.
Walk away.  Go back after dinner and the weeds are gone.

Cheaper than anything you can buy.  DO NOT BUY ROUNDUP AGAIN!

Natural Foods: Consumers are being seriously misled

Do you buy "natural" cereals and granola to avoid pesticides and genetically modified ingredients? Organic foods, by label, are supposed to be produced in an environmentally sustainable way.

As shown in this report from the Cornucopia institute, the term "natural" has no meaning except in marketing hype, and these natural cereals are often priced higher than their organic counterparts.
- See more at:

Jesus would have hated modern Right Wing Religions

Jesus certainly was not a “Bible believer,” as we use that term in the post Billy Graham era of American fundamentalist religiosity that’s used as a trade-marked product to sell religion. Jesus didn’t take the Jewish scriptures at face value. In fundamentalist terms, Jesus was a rule-breaking relativist who wasn’t even “saved,” according to evangelical standards. Evangelicals insist that you have to believe very specific interpretations of the Bible to be saved. Jesus didn’t. He undercut the scriptures.
The stories about Jesus that survived the bigots, opportunists and delusional fanatics who wrote the New Testament contain powerful and enlightened truths that would someday prove the undoing of the Church built in his name. Like a futurist vindicated by events as yet undreamed, Jesus’ message of love was far more powerful than the magical thinking of the writers of the book he’s trapped in. In Jesus’ day the institutions of religion, state, misogyny and myth were so deeply ingrained that the ultimate dangerousness of his life example could not be imagined. For example his feminism, probably viewed as an eccentricity in his day, would prove transformational.
Jesus believed in God rather than in a book about God.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kansas - The Right Wing Push in 10 years. Very Informative

Thomas Frank appeared on Chris Hayes' show Friday night to discuss Kansas after Hayes' in-depth look at what has been going on there, from the failure to expand Medicaid to nullification of all gun regulations.
"The gravity of discontent pulls to the right," Frank said. He also said it was "a failure of Democrats to win places like Kansas."

OPEN CARRY TEXAS is telling followers to stop taking rifles into Restaurants.

They are looking like crazy people so they were asked to stop carrying rifles into restaurants without permission.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson debunks Climate deniers in 2 minutes

Dr. Tyson needs to be heard by all.

Republicans DO NOT Tell the Truth. A comparison of truthfulness vs Democrats.

A majority of Democratic statements (54%) were rated as mostly or entirely true,compared to only 18% of Republican statements. Conversely, a majority of Republican statements (52%) were rated as mostly or entirely false, compared to only 24% of Democratic statements.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Iraq - Why did we go in? Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney try to explain

WMD  Weapons of Mass Destruction - We are still looking.

$15.00 AIR CONDITIONER - cheap, easy and it works

The Koch Brothers: The Price We Pay for their wealth and politics

If there can be such a thing as a typical American billionaire, David H. and Charles G. Koch do not fit that bill. They are not just among the richest Americans—$100 billion and counting. They are deeply political libertarian industrialists. They have worked in the shadows for decades to bend government to do their bidding or to destroy it, becoming richer while attacking social safety nets in many areas—environment, education, voting rights, union organizing. No other billionaire has that political track record.
And under today’s Supreme Court’s ongoing deregulation of campaign finance, they’ve become more influential than ever—leading and commandeering hundreds of millions of dollars for elections, all to support an agenda that preys on average Americans. But that’s hardly surprising, given that their father made the family’s first fortune in the 1930s by building oil pipelines for Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. At home, he supported racial segregation and the white supremacist John Birch Society.   

Republican Science Denial - A clear and present danger to US National Security

Mainstream Republicans Should Take a Stand and Repudiate Science Denialism
Last week, Bill Briggs of NBC News reported a group of 16 retired three and four star generals and admirals echoed the findings of the IPCC that global warming and climate are here now, but they add the additional warning that global warming represents a national security to the U.S. as well as to the security and stability of other nations of the world.
Please follow the link here, or check my archives from about a week ago for my synopsis. Four-Star Warning: Generals Dub Climate Change a Security Risk, and calling it “a catalyst for conflict” for the "increasingly decentralized power structures around the world."

NC Republicans have a bill that JAIL anyone who talks about Fracking Chemicals

Twenty states now require companies to disclose the chemicals they use in the hydraulic fracturing process used to pry gas and oil from tight geological formations. But, as part of the omnibus Energy Modernization Act, SB 786, North Carolina Republicans want to impose civil and criminal penalties, including prison time, on anyone who makes such a disclosure.
The bill has nine co-sponsors, all of them Republicans. Both houses of the state legislature have Republican super-majorities.

NEW POLL - BiPartisan Support for Gun Control

A majority of likely voters in swing congressional districts and states this year support stricter background checks on gun purchasers, and the support spans both parties, a new POLITICO poll finds. 

Seventy-nine percent of those surveyed would support tougher measures while 21 percent are opposed. 

Ninety percent of Democrats support stricter checks —as do 71 percent of Republicans and 77 percent of independents, the survey found. Three-quarters of the overall survey respondents said the issue was “important” in evaluating candidates in the midterm elections, including 68 percent of Republicans, 87 percent of Democrats and 71 percent of independents.

Conan OBrien: The weird Idaho Governor Debate.

It didn't give the best impression of those who would be ID Governor.

CHIPOTLE RESTAURANT says NO GUNS in their stores - Thank You!

I will be spending my money in Chipotle because of their no gun policy.  I was in a restaurant in AZ and 4 people had guns, I left.  I did not feel safer because of armed citizens.  I was in another restaurant in WA State and 6 police officers came in with guns.  I stayed and felt safer - I know they have training in fire arms.  (I had weapons training in the military.)

Jon Stewart on the VA Hospital Mess

Well said.

Elizabeth Warren on Colbert Report - Great Show.

Ms. Warren is amazing.

Maher: Monsanto and labeling of GMOs. A great discussion.

This is an excellent discussion of GMO labelling by the Maher group.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

5 Herbs that lower Blood Pressure

Oregano, Holy Basil, Valerian, Lavender, passion Flower

Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980 on this day.

My family and I drove past it on Friday and it was covered in rain clouds.  It erupted on a Sunday Morning.  We were flying from Seattle to Salt Lake so I could teach in Rock Springs on Monday.  Seattle was clear and Sunny even though we could see St. Helens erupting and spewing ash in the air from Tacoma, where we were staying. 

We got on the plane and flew over the Ash to Salt Lake and then drove to Rock Springs, WY.  When I woke up to get to work, there was ash on my car.

My daughter was in Kindergarten and flew around an exploding volcano this day.

Herbs and Seeds

Articles about herbs and seeds in keeping a person and/or family healthy.

Guns EveryWhere Law makes it unsafe - Guns in Bars and Churches - What could go wrong.

“Although changes in the state’s gun law were meant to strike a balance between the rights of gun owners… unintended consequences may follow that don’t make anybody safe.”

Their findings indicate that where there are more guns, there is more homicide (surprise), regardless of whether you’re looking at different states or countries. Their research also found no association between gun prevalence and a safer environment. But there is strong evidence that shows firearm deaths are significantly lower in states with stricter gun control laws.

Republicans all for Bankrupting the Highway Trust Fund and costing 700,000 jobs.

Last year, the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2012-2013 exposed America’s quality and availability of roads, railroads, ports, air transport, electricity, and telephones ranks 25th, behind nations such as Oman and Barbados, and only one spot ahead of Qatar. On Tuesday, the Obama Administration warned that failure to head off bankruptcy of the federal Highway Trust Fund (HTF) before summer will mean delaying over 112,000 roadway and 5,600 transit projects and cost the economy over 700,000 construction jobs within a year. No doubt bankrupting the highway fund, keeping over a hundred-thousand roads in disrepair, and killing nearly three-quarters-of-a-million jobs is appealing to Republicans who have no intent in funding infrastructure improvements.

The Kindness of a Stranger - President Obama

This is just a great story about a young President Obama.  (A law student at this time.)

Study: Wildfires are worse due to GLOBAL WARMING or CLIMATE CHANGE.

The devastating wildfires scorching Southern California offer a glimpse of a warmer and more fiery future, according to scientists and federal and international reports.

"The fires in California and here in Arizona are a clear example of what happens as the Earth warms, particularly as the West warms, and the warming caused by humans is making fire season longer and longer with each decade," said University of Arizona geoscientist Jonathan Overpeck. "It's certainly an example of what we'll see more of in the future."

8 pseudo-science theories debunked by real scientists.

there’s a more sophisticated set of climate “skeptics” who make arguments that, at least to the lay ear, sound like they’re grounded in scientific evidence. And because most of us lack the background to evaluate their claims, they can muddy the waters around an issue that’s been settled in the scientific community.
So, as a public service, we gathered eight of the most common of these pseudoscientific arguments and asked some serious climate scientists — all working climatologists who have been widely published — to help us understand what makes these claims so misleading.

Monsanto's Roundup causes harm to the fetus

The EU Commission had previously ignored or dismissed many other findings from the independent scientific literature showing that Roundup and glyphosate cause endocrine disruptiondamage to DNAreproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and cancer, as well as birth defects. Many of these effects are found at very low doses, comparable to levels of pesticide residues found in food and the environment, challenging the notion that there is such thing as a "safe threshold" of exposure.

USPS needs to be saved or our mailing costs will INCREASE.

For years, UPS and USPS have been sharing resources. USPS deliveries can be sent from some UPS Stores, but when that happens, the store can jack up the prices all it wants. In 2009, the New York Times compared the cost of sending USPS deliveries via privately owned UPS Stores versus sending them via government-operated post offices: an eight-pound package sent via USPS Priority Mail from a UPS Store on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to Old Greenwich, CT, for example, cost  $21 as opposed to $8.80 from a post office across the street. That package cost $19.90 via UPS Ground. If the U.S. Postal Service is dismantled the way Rep. Darrell Issa (the California Republican who heads the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee) and others want, that’s the type of price-gouging Americans can look forward to.

Vile Comments of Republicans this week

Do they have a contest with Republicans and Fox to win a Vileness contest?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Today, I saw a momma bear and two cubs at the Glacier.  A month from now I will be in Oregon and will not take a full time job in Alaska again.  So, I am kind of saying Goodbye to Alaska in the final weeks and days that I am here.  It has been a good run but it is time to move on.

Republican Michelle Bachman arrested for DUI. Smoking Pot and driving. - Hoax

According to a source familiar with the situation, Rep. Bachmann was spending the holidays with her family in Colorado, and decided to indulge in cannabis consumption, following the state’s legalization of the drug on January 1st. Bachmann readily admitted to arresting officers that she had consumed marijuana that evening, but claimed that she did not know that it was illegal to drive under the influence.
Under Colorado law, drivers caught with 5 nanograms of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, in their bloodstream are considered too stoned to drive and are ticketed similarly to a person who was considered too drunk to drive. Sources indicated that Bachmann was “well above” the legal limit at the time of her arrest.

Bill Maher: Republicans Impeach Obama so HE CAN KICK YOUR ASS A 3RD TIME.

"Now even casual news viewers have probably noticed a resurgence in the Benghazi obsession lately from the Right, and that can mean only one thing, Obamacare is working."

And then Maher encouraged the Republicans to impeach Obama for giving them "a case of the sads:"

"So do it. Put your flag pen on and do it. I am serious! Really serious! Rob Ford in rehab serious! And here's why. Because when the Republicans impeached Clinton, his approval ratings shot up ten points to 73. Obama's approval is at 41. He could use a little of that impeachment mojo. So go ahead haters, make Benghazi your big issue. Please, put Barack Obama back on the ballot in 2014, so he can kick your ass a third time."

Republicans filibuster a bill they support and helped write.

The Republicans insisted on a rider for the Koch Brothers.
The Senate Republicans’ obstruction has reached a point that a professor at George Washington University and leading Senate expert, Sarah Binder, said, “This is what parliamentary warfare looks like. I think the filibuster of the tax extender and energy bills — both carefully negotiated by committee leaders in a bipartisan fashion — suggests yet another deterioration of the Senate’s legislative capacity. The combination of Senate rules and competitive, polarized parties makes the Senate near ungovernable.”One does not have to be a Senate expert to know Republicans have all but ground the upper chamber’s ability to govern to a screeching halt regardless what the issue is.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hip Replacement for you? My 30 year old daughter had her hip bones resurfaced.

I know a marathon runner who had a titanium him replacement in both hips and is still running marathons. 

The Politics of School Lunches: Students health is at stake. Money is being made to make kids unhealthy.

One Third of our students are over weight.  Diabetes and heart problems are now common with our children but we feed them processed food for lunch.  Food and Beverage Companies make 10 Billion and feed unhealthy food to kids for school lunches.  6 minute video.

4 Way Tie for Atrocious Right Winger of the Moment

Choices are: Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Donald Sterling and of course Ann Coulter.  Tough to choose actually.

Religious Right - PRETENDING THEY ARE THE OPPRESSED ONES. Newest Fad to take away rights

Freedom of Religion is what our country was founded on.

 The religious right has many potent weapons in its arsenal—sanctimony, bigot-pandering, and dishonesty rank right up at the top—but lately, pretending to be victimized seems to top the list. We have a soundbite-driven, points-scoring political culture that resists deeper analysis of the issues, making it perfect for bad actors to muddy up the issues. All you do is accuse your opposition of doing what you, in fact, are actually doing. If you want to oppress people, claim you’re being oppressed. If you want to deprive people of their rights, whine about how your rights are supposedly under attack. The idea is to confuse audiences about who is actually oppressing who long enough that they give up actually bothering to learn the truth. Unfortunately, it can be devastatingly effective propaganda. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A senior girl who was kicked out of Homeschool Prom speaks out. She is mad.

The whole situation made me feel violated, walked over and ostracized. My group of five people had to leave the prom because I stuck out, I have long legs and I was wearing a sparkly dress, I didn’t look like most of the 13-15 year old girls there, I looked like a woman. And goddamn it, I am so tired of people who abuse their power to make women feel violated and ashamed because she has an ass, or has breasts, or has long legs.
This is a message to the women who understand that sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you pin a dress, you’re still going to have cleavage show when you bend over. This is a message to girls built like me, who can’t find jeans that fit because your ass is just too damn big! The girls with long legs, who are forced to prove that their dresses fit the dress code, just because they have more leg showing then most girls.

Jon Stewart on Karl Rove and Clippers Owner - You go Bye, Bye Now. Very good.

I hope Jon Stewart doesn't leave his show, he is just so very good at getting information out.

She works at WalMart and makes 400 every 2 weeks. She has cancer.

She can't afford the co-pays and taking the days off to diagnose the cancer. 

Republicans: Ruining the Country to harm the Democratic Party

most Americans don't know who controls Congress, when Congress misbehaves, as they have been doing for six years, most Americans aren't sure who to blame.
Enter the Republican Chaos Strategy, based entirely on this statistical and political reality.
And common sense suggests that well over 90 percent of Americans know that Barack Obama is the president and that he is a Democrat.
The Republicans know this, too, and it's the other half of their strategy.
Therefore, what the Republicans know, is that if they can cause damage to the American economy and to American working people,

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bill Moyers: How power is now in the hands of the few Rich and Powerful. Us little guys have no chance.

3 Minutes of honesty by Bill Moyers about how things really work these days.

A Conservative Blasts the Republican Party for small mindedness now.

"I don't know who the Republican Party is anymore. I don't know if the Republican Party knows who the Republican -- because it's not a party, unfortunately Republicans, that I can get on board with," he said. "Because I don't like the small-minded attitude, a lot of the far right stuff that comes out

GMO Foods - Health Impacts exposed.

The Dangers are significant.  70% of the foods have some GMO in them.

Parasitic Corportations dumping profits overseas to keep from paying taxes in the US.

How Parasite Corporations Like Pfizer are Chucking U.S. Citizenship to Escape from Taxes

Relocating to a country with a lower tax rate is one giant middle finger to your fellow Americans.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Jon Stewart takes on Rush Limbaugh and Boko Haram. Rush deserves it.

The girls who were kidnapped are the heroes.   Rush and Boko Haram are losers.

“Compared to a teenager who knows that her desire for an education could get her dragged into a snake-infested jungle to be sold as a bride by some demented, stick-chewing cartoon villain, but still gets up and goes to class every day fully aware of that danger, compared to their courage, I’d say Boko Haram is a bunch of little girls,” Stewart said. “But you know what? You don’t deserve that compliment.” 

John Oliver and Bill Nye show the silliness of recent Climate Change debates

This was short, brilliant and provides an honest statement of what is happening in the debating scene today regarding Climate Change.

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapsed

This Antarctic ice Sheet Collapse is an Oh-Shit time for our world.

Smith and Kohler glaciers have retreated 35 kilometers since 1992—and the researchers say that there is "no [major] obstacle that would prevent the glaciers from further retreat." In the NASA press release, the researchers are still more vocal, with one of them noting that these glaciers "have passed the point of no return."

Elites meet behind closed doors, unlike us regular folks who never get to meet in private.

The wealthy have meetings which insist upon not speaking publicly about the topics or people who attend even elected officials.  Us poor folks have to have oversight over our meetings but they have time, privacy and great surroundings to make their rules and regulations which they will then have politicians push through for them.  We, the public, are being screwed by such meetings and being excluded from the rule/ policy making process.

Closed meetings at ALEC and AEI, Pocan said, are "definitely not good for public policy, and they're not good for democracy."

Antarctic Ice Sheet and Glaciers are melting faster than expected. Past the point of no return.

A giant portion of an Antarctic ice sheet appears to be on an “unstoppable” decline, new researched released Monday showed, which could lift sea levels faster than previously forecast.

The pullback of several glaciers, coupled with the faster-than-expected out flows of ice, suggests that “the disappearance of ice in that sector is unstoppable,” said University of California Irvine professor Eric Rignot, the lead author of the new study and a glaciologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in California.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pres Bill Clinton Bitch Slaps Fox.

Bill Clinton has always been known as a pull-no-punches kind of guy. A few years ago, he proved that in spades when he engaged Chris Wallace in an interview on Fox News. It was his first-ever interview on the GOP propaganda channel.
Wallace disingenuously asked Clinton a question about why he didn’t do more to put Bin Laden and Al Qaeda “out of business.” Basically insinuating that Clinton showed weakness in not doing more to take them down.

Elizabeth Warren on the Republican House Circus and how it is no way to run a country.

On Face The Nation, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) slammed Republicans for avoiding the real issues. She said that the way Republicans are doing things in the House is not how you run a country.
Sen Warren is so great.

The Republican Benghazi Kangaroo Court

“The hottest competition in Washington this week is among House Republicans vying for a seat on the Benghazi kangaroo court, also known as the Select House Committee to Inflate a Tragedy Into a Scandal. Half the House has asked to ‘serve’ on the committee, which is understandable since it’s the perfect opportunity to avoid any real work while waving frantically to right-wing voters stomping their feet in the grandstand.”
“…won’t pass a serious jobs bill, or raise the minimum wage, or reform immigration, but House Republicans think they can earn their pay for the rest of the year by exposing nonexistent malfeasance on the part of the Obama administration.”

The original editorial was from the NY Times.

Cliven Bundy is a FU***ng IDIOT! History according Bundy. (Freedom of Religion? NO, That is not the Bundy Way)

Honestly, he should move to an Islamic Nation where laws are made according to the Good Book.
America  -  Freedom of religion or even lack of religion should they choose.

Bundy lunatics 4 wheel into sacred ruins where no 4 wheelers are allowed.

The Welfare Rancher is encouraging his crazy followers to break the law and put Federal Workers at risk because of their stupidity.  He encouraged his followers to illegally drive into a Native Nation burial land.  The only thing that matters is his crazy ideas while he is pocketing a Million Federal Dollars.

How pathetic do you have to be to cry about “reclaiming land” while illegally using sacred Native American land to make your point?  These people are disgusting.  From wanting to use women as human shields against the BLM, to threatening federal workers, and now trampling through land that’s off limits and contains sacred Navajo sites.
But this is what many conservatives really have been hoping for.  A bunch of armed anti-government lunatics going around the country, violating federal laws, essentially saying, “I don’t recognize the federal government’s authority, therefore I’m not breaking the law.”

- See more at:

How pathetic do you have to be to cry about “reclaiming land” while illegally using sacred Native American land to make your point?  These people are disgusting.  From wanting to use women as human shields against the BLM, to threatening federal workers, and now trampling through land that’s off limits and contains sacred Navajo sites.
But this is what many conservatives really have been hoping for.  A bunch of armed anti-government lunatics going around the country, violating federal laws, essentially saying, “I don’t recognize the federal government’s authority, therefore I’m not breaking the law.”

- See more at:

How pathetic do you have to be to cry about “reclaiming land” while illegally using sacred Native American land to make your point?  These people are disgusting.  From wanting to use women as human shields against the BLM, to threatening federal workers, and now trampling through land that’s off limits and contains sacred Navajo sites.
But this is what many conservatives really have been hoping for.  A bunch of armed anti-government lunatics going around the country, violating federal laws, essentially saying, “I don’t recognize the federal government’s authority, therefore I’m not breaking the law.”

- See more at:

How pathetic do you have to be to cry about “reclaiming land” while illegally using sacred Native American land to make your point?  These people are disgusting.  From wanting to use women as human shields against the BLM, to threatening federal workers, and now trampling through land that’s off limits and contains sacred Navajo sites.
But this is what many conservatives really have been hoping for.  A bunch of armed anti-government lunatics going around the country, violating federal laws, essentially saying, “I don’t recognize the federal government’s authority, therefore I’m not breaking the law.”

- See more at:

Science Denial this past week and the Republican Benghazi obsession

Not only are they impervious to knowledge, reason or fact, they apparently feel attacked by knowledge, reason and fact. So, they counterattacked. On CNN, S.E. Cupp accused scientists of being bullies. Scientists who are just trying to inform people about facts and something that affects us all. WTF is wrong with these people?
It happened on CNN’s Crossfire. Heritage Foundation economist Nicholas Loris argued with “science guy” Bill Nye and activist Van Jones that the extreme weather trends are "uncertain."

3 News Blunders This past week

Climate Denials on Cross Fire head the list.  I am watching things warm up in Alaska and the Glaciers are crumbling but the Kock Brother denier said said that warming is not happening.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Colbert has a great interview with Republican Jake Rush from FL.

Colbert will be missed when he takes over for Letterman.  This is great.

Backpain - Everything you need to know

What causes back pain - good information.

A Nun talks about the Minimum Wage to a Teapartier. Excellent!

On the Bill Maher show.  This is wonderful.


Koch Brothers - 125 Million to stop Green Energy and Politicians who like Green Energy

Rachel Maddow talks about the Koch Brothers and their gains in political power in the past and in the future.

The ROBIN HOOD TAX is gaining real Momentum

A small transaction tax on Wall Street is moving forward and gaining traction with those who can make a difference.  Finally - They trashed our economy and hopefully the richest will have to help pay the bills again.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Inventions - weird, I can't figure out which one I need most. Toilet paper holder is convenient.

Maybe the toilet paper holder.

Benghazi hearings are more important than jobs, jobs, climate concerns or housing: Boehner

In the House of Representatives, Speaker John Boehner released the following statement: “I want to reassure the American people that, until we have completed our Benghazi investigations, there will be absolutely no action on job creation, infrastructure, immigration, education, housing, or food.”
Andy Borowitz

Goal: Take away rights of the working class.

There are management groups who are dead set against any kind of union or worker organizing body.  They are working up plans to stop organizing in its tracks.

Republican Hypocrisy? NEVER!! Can't be.

For the 'I don't believe in Governmen't Crowd, consider this gem by Elizabeth Warren.
“Would you rather fly in an airplane without the Federal Aviation Administration checking air traffic control? Would you rather swallow a pill without the Food and Drug Administration testing drug safety? Would you rather defend our nation without a military and fight fires without our firefighters?”

The latest Benghazi Republican Outrage explained in 10 sentences.

How many more million is being dumped down the drain on these investigations and how will it help prevent another attack from happening?

Elizabeth Warren Student Loan Bill to be voted on in June

It is a bill to provide for reduced rates on Student Loans and pay for it by minimally raising taxes on Billionaires.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Colbert ridicules Fox on Uninformed Benghazi Conpiracy noise

Colbert is brilliant.  Why do we have to get real news from comedians?

Young Woman films her abortion - The reality we need to see

I had a student (15 years old) who got pregnant by her step dad and his friends.  She was the prize for winning the poker game during the summer.  She got an abortion and some men went to jail.  Abortion is not for everyone but it needs to be an option for women.  Abortion should be a decision by a woman and her doctor.  Abortion should be safe and legal and even paid for by the government. Think about it - YOU AND I PAY FOR CHURCHES TAX EXEMPTION.  My taxes pay for churches not to pay taxes, even if I disagree with their philosophy or religious principals.

Curing lung damage with food

This even works with cancer lung damage they say.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Container Homes - These are great.

Great use of these containers.  I might try one one of these days.

San Jose Minimum Wage raise - A success story

Raising the minimum wage has been successful - a year old and it is going well.

Obamacare is working say Insurance Folks

Republican response to Obamacare working: BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI

Dumbasses who are protecting Bundy? are losing jobs and families. WHAT DO THEY EXPECT?

The fellows who left their homes to protect Bundy are asking for help to pay their bills. I am not sending any money.  I would consider going to protest them and Bundy next fall though.

Supreme Court: People are losing Faith in the Supreme Court

An overwhelming majority of voters would support sweeping reforms to the Supreme Court, as trust and confidence in the institution has eroded in recent years, according to a new survey by the Democratic-aligned firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner.
Wide majorities disagree with the recent 5-4 party-line rulings that have upended a century of campaign finance law and tilted the rules in favor of the extremely wealthy and major corporations. The landmark Citizens United ruling was opposed by a whopping 80-18 margin. The more recent McCutcheon decision, which lifted caps on total giving, was said by a 51 percent majority to be likely to create more corruption, while 8 percent suggested it would lead to less.
By a 60-36 spread, those surveyed said that Supreme Court justices were more likely to be carrying out a personal or political agenda than working to render a fair and impartial judgment, an opinion that cut across party lines.

FOX - The new ememy - The youth of today. Interesting info

The main strategy for stoking hatred of young people is, unsurprisingly, rank dishonesty. Statistics tell us that the millennial generation and the high school kids coming up right behind them are harder-working, more studious, more sexually responsible and less like to screw up their lives than the generations before. Teen pregnancy and drug use have been in a rapid decline in the past 20 years. High school graduation rates are hitting record levels. Crime, which is usually a province of the young, hit its highest rates when the baby boomers were young, and has been in decline ever since. The only problem with kids nowadays is that they’re a bunch of goody-two-shoes that are making older generations look lazy and criminal.
But if you tune into Fox News, you’d get a totally different impression, one of youth out of control. Take, for instance, Sean Hannity’s ridiculous spring break coverage. Even though spring break is a tradition that’s been around for four generations now,

Purity Balls and Bad Sex Ed Policy

Take Elizabeth Smart – now an activist against child abuse and sexual exploitation – who was kidnapped when she was 14, raped and held for nine months before she escaped. At a forum last year, Smart talked about the way that abstinence-only education made her feel "dirty and filthy" after she was raped. "That's how easy it is to feel like you no longer have worth, you no longer have value. Why would it even be worth screaming out? Why would it even make a difference if you are rescued? Your life still has no value."
But our lives do have value, whether we're "chaste" or not. 

Jon Stewart on Benghazi

Jon Stewart is on a roll

Jon Stewart - Comparison of Wall Street vs Occupy Wall Street and the punishment

  With his tongue firmly implanted in his cheek, Jon Stewart mocked the mainstream media's stalwart defense of the banking industry last night. 
"As we all know, every since they innocently crashed our entire economy through purposeful and fraudulent activity, banks and the bankers them have weathered attacks from all quarters," Stewart teased before showing clips of Larry Kudlow, Stuart Varney and other pundits cheerleading for the banking industry. 
Stewart went on to compare the recent guilty plee of Credit Suisse banker Kareem Serageldin to the conviction of Occupy Wall Street protester Cecily McMillan. 

Better Breathing for better sleep and relaxation

When scuba diving, you focus on breathing.  Maybe we need to focus on breathing in daily living.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Jon Stewart on Fox outrage on Benghazi. Very Good.

Daily Show host Jon Stewart scolded Fox News and Republicans on Monday for expecting the same level of anger from the rest of the country regarding the deadly September 2012 attack at a U.S. installation in Benghazi, Libya.
“If I may say, your hypocritical outrage and sanctimony aside, the reason it’s hard for everybody to get outraged by this terribly tragic and ultimately preventable disaster that was Benghazi is that everybody in this country has seen this movie before. Only that movie was on an IMAX.”

Occupy vs Bundy - The legal consequences, What a Difference

Nonviolent protesters seeking organized change via the rules of the USA are harassed and ruined and threatened with jail while armed scofflaws who owe the USA millions are allowed to draw down on them as a way of not cooperating with paying those fees. And the government backs down and has yet to do jack about it.
But man, they sure can come down hard on an unarmed Occupy protester.
It really does send a message that guns get you what you want and following the rules gets you in trouble. And that an elbow is far worse than pointing a gun.
If people ask "what about the system is broken", this is a faaaabuouls example.