Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Freeway - Headon?

I drove from Wells, NV to Gresham, OR - 500 miles. I hit a cloud, hail and snow on a mountain pass and then I drive over a pallet in the middle of the freeway. The storm was going like crazy, so I did not stop and the little truck was doing fine.

I had lots of wind all the way through the Columbia Gorge.

I get to Cascade Locks and I am driving West on 84 when I see head lights coming at me. I was in the slow lane. Some person passed me on the freeway. He was going the wrong way on the freeway. I called 911 and told them. I checked the news when I got to Gresham and did not hear of any accidents on the freeway.

I also saw a car on its roof in Boise.

So glad the drive is done. It took a little over 12 hours.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

26 degree - 12 mile- bike ride

***I just drove the truck to see the milage on my bike ride - it is a 12 mile ride, not 8 or 9. We have had freezing fog all day - the high temp got to be 26 degrees. The sun finally kind of came out so I decided to get in a bike ride. I did my usual 9 or 10 mile run. I went about 4 miles up hill. I am trying to stay in good enough shape to cross country ski into Trillium Lake up on Mt Hood next week. I take off for OR in two days.

i also will be doing some snowboarding next weekend.

Looking Funny: I wss wearing shorts, sweats, snow pants, 3 layers of shirts, a sweater and a wind breaker along with 30 below boots from my days in the village. Talk about looking weird. I might add, I rode the same ride yesterday wearing tennis shoes and my toes froze. That is why I wore the AK boots. Funny thing is: My toes were cold in the big boots as well.

I feel I am ready to cross country ski and snowboard though - I really needed the bike ride to whip my lazy butt into shape for some serious, but wonderful, exercise.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wells in snow

Here is downtown Wells, the place where the earthquake happened about 4 years ago. See the snow? We got down to 20 below zero - just like the Alaskan village where I stayed for 6 months.

I dropped my camera - hope it will keep shooting pictures.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

horses in winter

The horses are getting shaggy. They have the winter fur which they need for the twenty below zero temps they have had to face. They are a bit upset with me. I go there to clear the snow off the parking lot and they want hay.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snowing in Wells, NV

It has been snowing a lot in Wells, NV. It has been snowing all day. I am now waiting for the temperature to drop so I can cross country ski It is presently 33 degrees, which is too warm for skiing. I feel 20 derees is perfect for cross country skiing.

Hope to be skiing in an hour. Pictures up later.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shotgun weddings in Oatman, AZ

More pictures of Oatman. They have shotgun weddings there. It is real desert in Oatman. If it stops on the road, it can be shot (the car.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Torential Rains in Oatman, AZ

Yesterday, we had Alaska type rain in Arizona. It was torrential rain and it kept going for four hours. It was so humid that we had fog so you could barely see as you drove.

SNOW: Kingman, Flagstaff and higher areas got 2 feet of snow yesterday. Freeways have been shut down.

I take off for Vegas today and will spend the night there and then I take off for Wells. I will be in Wells until next Tuesday or so.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wild Burros at Oatman, AZ

These are wild Burros seen in and around Oatman, AZ, a living ghost town. They wander all over the place and follow you around. You can buy carrots to feed them. However, do not feed the babies, they could choke on the carrots. There are stickers on their head that say 'do not feed me."

Bike Riding: I went for a bike ride and it was great. My body was able to push it and I just felt good during the ride.

SHOOTERS: While bike riding, I rode past 3 groups of people shooting. These people shoot right next to the road, which is only 2 miles from housing developments. People can carry guns in Arizona, they just have to have the gun in public view. There were 2 groups shooting shotguns and then I came across one guy who was shooting a 44 Magnum. He shot it off just as I was riding by him and it was loud. He had noise reduction ear muffs on so he did not even hear it. I rode faster after he shot.

LITTER: Then as I rode, I noticed the litter. People put crap out in the desert and shoot it. They do not pick it up after shooting it either. There are thousands of shot gun shells everywhere as well as beer cans. The guy with the magnum was shooting a beer can.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bull Head City, AZ and Oatman, AZ

I am in Bull Head City, AZ and it looks like I will stay for a few days. I had planned on leaving tomorrow but plans change.

My brother, Gene, just got admitted into the hospital. He keeps throwing up. I will have to go visit him in the hospital in a bit.

The pictures are of the hills around Bull Head and the town is Oatman, AZ. Oatman was a gold mining town at the turn of the century. There are wild burros there because they were used in mining. Once the mines closed, they let the burros loose.

Thre is a nice 10 mile dirt road which I want to ride my bike on before I leave.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Interview

The pictures are of Angel Lake Road capped by clouds. I have pictures of Red Rocks Canyon in Las vegas but my download thingie is not working well. I have to buy a new one here in Vegas but I have not yet found a store yet.

Interview: It went well. I had a most pleasant time discussion education, etc with a lady who is a principal overseeing Special Education Programs. The district is organized like other large districts. Paperwork, etc, sounds like what I am used to.
After this interview, I am in the pool of applicants if and when a position comes up.
it is funny how I kind of relax and enjoy when an interview happens. I worry and fret a bit the night before and the morning of, but settle down when we talk about philosophy and educational practices. I left the meeting feeling good.

The district is tight financially so they are trying not to hire new people. I am now in the pool of people to be considered when a job comes up. I still have to send in transcripts from colleges, which will happen today and get certified which I am also doing today.

I have been getting used to not working but I got kind of amped up about teaching after talking about teaching. If I were offered a job, I would accept it.

I talked to people about housing too. One person said she got a 2 bedroom place for $500.00. I could get a nice 2 bedroom for $800.00 easily, I was told. I heard on the news today that the city is asking its employees to take an 8% cut in pay. The cut would be 2 years. Then while waiting for the interview, another district employee said he was expecting to be layed off.

The interviewer said she was impressed with the Sp Ed programs they offer, which is hopeful.

We shall see what comes of this.