Thursday, July 23, 2009

High Plains

Wells, NV is a small place. Kids can safely bikeride around town. Three cars in a row is unusual. There are some truck stops along the freeway which have traffic but not in town itself.

It has been hot here. 90 degrees plus is the norm. I wish it would could down a bit. I am enjoying the place - quite different in topography than what I am used to seeing. Wells is not an elegant place by any stretch of the imagination. I am only getting a few minutes of internet these days.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hurt owl, Wells, NV

At camp, there was a hurt owl. We kept him at camp until a rescue/rehab group could pick him up. He was found on a road in a dazed state.

Wells is open land. Not many people and some beautiful scenery in a cowboy kind of way. I have gotten into mountain biking and this area is perfect for it. I am a camp host this week which means I clean 5 toilets 2 times a day. It is a great site. I went for a mountain bike ride at night when it finally cooled down and the sky was loaded with stars - beautiful. I did not even run off the road.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mt Hood & camp hosting

It is raining in Juneau, AK

I am going to be a camp host for a few days. I will be camped at a site by Angel Lake, NV. I was there this morning and saw a deer at the site where I will be camped. I will be in a great camp trailer, actually it is more like a small house. I was going to Bend, OR to tow back a trailer with scaffolding for the roof job but the camp host owns the stuff so he will get it if I watch the camp. I will take my bike and Kayak. I figure I will Kayak at Angel Lake while I am the host. My big job is cleaning the toilets 2 times a day and dealing with any rioting type behavior. (Juat kidding about rioting - sometimes loud music past 10 needs a warning.) The host idea came up the last 12 hours.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camping Pictures

Trillium Lake on Mt Hood in OR>

I just went mountain bike riding yesterday and ended up on a ridge which had a spectacular view of Northern Nevada. It was pretty awesome really. I will start taking pictures of this area because it is quite unique. I spent the last few days getting used to the place and it is just now hitting me about the unique terrain here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Camping Pictures

First: My computer has not allowed me to download pictures until today. I have been deleting stuff like crazy. I just had too many pictures on the hard drive. I hope it is back to 'normal.'

It is 99 in Wells, NV today.

Camping was at Trillium Lake near Mt. hood, OR. The pictures are from there.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

dirt and smoke smell

I am back from Camping on Mt. Hood, OR and smell like camp fire smoke. I feel like massive dirt and grime. Weather was quite good too. I had grandkids and kids as well as cousins and their kids. We had about 15 people total. The kids got to bike ride like crazy. We also took out a canoe.

Pictures later - I hope.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Horse Back Riding

Wells. NV: I went horseback riding for about 3 hours. They use horses here to work in the field. There are 8 horses which need to be rode regularly to keep them in shape. I was asked if I would ride and I did. That was fun. We rode out of Wells and onto a farming road. We then took off cross country and back to the barn. My horse was a mustang who liked to go faster than the others. My job was to keep him slowed up a bit. My horse is also skittish about lightning and cars. We had a few cars go by and a couple of cars but we just went off the road and into the bushes which kept him settled down.
I did not have a camera on the ride.

The pictures are of Stadium High School in Tacoma, WA.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

FrIday Harbor, San juan Islands

On San Juan Island, you can see Canada. I had to take a ferry there. I only stayed there one night but I mowed a 7 acre lawn. I like riding the lawn mower. I only drove through about 1/2 of the island. It sure is nice and peaceful on the San Juans.

A Tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has been gone for almost a week and I have been bothered by the sensationalization and overkill of tv exposure and I have not been able to watch much TV.
Here is a link to a fitting tribute. Thanks Greytdog on the Margaret and Helen blog for finding this link.

Michael Jackson was a part of my life with his music. He was a true genius and he will be missed by me.