Friday, November 3, 2017

Eye Surgery #2 today. My retina tore again.

I have another surgery today to repair my left eye.  The retina ripped again and I have been legally blind again since last weekend.  It is basically the same surgery as before but they will be putting oil in my eye to hold pressure on the Retina to heal.  (They used gas before.)  They have to go back in to take the oil out in the future. 

I HAVE TO DO THE FACE DOWN TREATMENT FOR ANOTHER WEEK after this surgery.  I am NOT looking forward to the face down time.  I did get PASSPORT from OPB so I can listen to documentaries as I wait and wait with my face down.

Surgery was originally planned for Monday but the Doctor called yesterday evening and said he could do it today. 

I just want to get it done.  I have been able to have a regular life with one eye but it is just weird.  It is kind of like having a big rock in your shoe as you walk. 

Have a good day.