Tuesday, February 28, 2017

REEFER MADNESS: The remake: Crazy GOP Attorney General Sessions gets his Marijuana Evidence from this film I think.


This freaky musical is a parody of an actual, dead serious anti-marijuana propaganda film from 1936, trying to convince the American public that just one drag of a pot cigarette forever and irrevocably turns 

Here is the original version:  1936 version

reefer madness full movie 2005

Lawrence ODonnel talks about the proposed Pres. Trump Budget


Lawrence: Clouds of scandal and rank incompetence at White House

Donald Trump's proposed budget moves are worrying lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, as fear grows his ideas could bankrupt the federal government. Lawrence speaks with David Frum, Jonathan Alter, and Nicholas Confessore. Duration: 12:02

Rachel Maddow - Our New Commerce Secretary. The Russia Connection.


New Commerce Secretary at nexus of lucrative Trump Russian deal

With a line that runs through newly confirmed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Rachel Maddow connects the dots between a billionaire Russian oligarch and a Donald Trump deal worth tens of millions of dollars. Duration: 21:44

Sunday, February 26, 2017

MEET THE PRESS: The beginning of a long Russia Investigation? Looks Like It!!


The President Trump - Russia story is just starting and Pres Trump is trying hard to discredit the News Media now so he can make their stories non-stories.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

President Trump says he WILL NOT ATTEND the WA DC Correspondents Dinner - TWITTER GOES NUTS!!


Donald Trump announced on Saturday, the day after banning long-time respected news organizations such as CNN and The New York Times from his presidential press conferences, he will be skipping the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

It sounds like someone is a little bit afraid of facing the consequences of his actions and being held accountable for them.
Twitter responded to Trump’s cowardly move with taunts and outspoken criticism.

After Trump’s last appearance at the White House Correspondents Dinner, when he was so badly torn to shreds by a president with an actual sense of humor and humility, who can blame him?

President Trump has problems with the Facts, not the media. Scott Pelley


The mainstream media have recently begun their intense scrutiny of Donald Trump, something they should have done long ago. Scott Pelley in this video clip exposes Trump lies with more facts.

Scott Pelley hit Trump hard with the facts

Scott Pelley continues his fact checking on likely the most pathologically lying president to occupy the White House. His problems are facts, not the press.
“The President’s real trouble again today were not with the media but with the facts,” Scott Pelley said. “He complained about a Washington Post story that relied on nine anonymous sources. ‘There were no nine people,’ he said. ‘They make up sources.” But the article was true and forced the firing of his national security advisor. Also today, Mr. Trump said, ‘Obamacare covers very few people.’  The number is twenty-two million. And the president said, and out borders are wide open, anybody can come in.” But last year more than four-hundred-and -fifteen-thousand were apprehended at the border.”
And of course, Donald Trump gave another one of his self-aggrandizing lies during his CPAC speech. He claimed there were very long overflow lines. The reality is, there were no overflow lines at all attempting to see the President.
It is clear this president has psychological problems. Mentally healthy people do not create false realities out of thin air. Shame on the President.

Friday, February 24, 2017

FBI: Russia and the Trump Campaign - The complaints by the White House PROVE the charges.


Click the Link and watch the video

CNN Report: The White House's Response To Allegations Of Collusion With Russia "Ends Up Confirming The Reporting"

KE TAPPER (HOST): The White House is pushing back strongly today against the CNN exclusive CNN reporters found that the FBI rejected a request made by the White House to try to publicly knock down reporting by both CNN and The New York Times about contacts between President Trump's campaign staff and Russians known to US Intelligence. CNN's Jim Sciutto joins me now. And Jim, the White House 's push back is interesting because it actually ends up confirming the reporting. 
JIM SCIUTTO: Between all the push back and the normal insults and the obfuscation  this essential fact, the White House confirms it did speak to the FBI about these communications and did ask for help knocking down stories describing those communications. And more broadly, the White House has not denied the existence of these communications between Trump advisers and Russians known to U.S. Intelligence during the campaign as CNN reported last week.
We learned today at Friday's briefing the members of the intelligence committees both the Senate and House congressional sources say FBI director James Comey did not dismiss the existence of any communications between Russians and Trump advisers. Fact is, the FBI is still investigating the significance of these contacts as are the House and Senate intelligence committees. When Reince Priebus makes the broader denial there is nothing to these reports whatsoever of communications, that contradicts the fact that there are, in fact, ongoing investigations, FBI and two on the Hill as well. 

CNN blasts President Trump for BANNING CNN and 3 other news outlets from News Conferemce


Jake Tapper speaks:

"This White House doesn't value an independent press," Tapper said. "There's a word for that line of thinking: The word is Un-American."

CNN’s Jake Tapper Unloads And Blasts the Trump White House as Un-American
After the Trump White House banned media outlets that reported on its attempt to silence the FBI about its investigations into Trump’s Russia connections, CNN’s Jake Tapper had had enough.
“This White House doesn’t value an independent press,” Tapper said. “There’s a word for that line of thinking: The word is Un-American.”
Watch a clip here, shared by MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin

GOP Rep gets blasted for working to eliminate EPA at Town Hall!!


Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) first piece of legislation was a one-liner:
The Environmental Protection Agency shall terminate on December 31, 2018.
But it turns out the newly-elected member of Congress might have misunderstood his mandate from voters. At Gaetz’s first town hall meeting with constituents Thursday night, protesters rallied outside with signs supporting the EPA. Inside, constituents pushed Gaetz to explain his bill.

“My bill doesn’t eliminate [the EPA] right away, but sunsets the agency by 2018,” Gaetz told the crowd. “I want to keep the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act… take the power out of Washington and back into the states.”
Legislation from Congress — including the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act — gives the EPA authority to regulate pollution and enforce other environmental protection statutes. Carrying out the EPA’s activities, which are required by law, would have to be delegated elsewhere.
Gaetz has suggested the EPA’s roughly $8 billion budget could be given directly to states for environmental enforcement. He also suggested Thursday that it could be rolled into defense spending.
“My belief is that the $8 billion we’re currently spending on the EPA is not appropriately utilized to be able to really get in and punish polluters,” Gaetz told the crowd at one of his nine events Thursday.
Half of the EPA’s current funding is already passed on to state programs.
Opponents to abolishing the nearly 50-year-old agency point out that prior to the EPA, states were at the mercy of their upstream neighbors to reduce pollution.
“Our water supplies don’t all come from Florida,” Sarah Coutu of Florida Panhandle Progressives told a local ABC affiliate. “They also come from Georgia and from Alabama and from Louisiana and from other states in the north.”
The Tampa Bay Times ran a piece earlier this month describing what would happen to the state if the EPA were cut.
“Florida would probably be a much stinkier place, for one thing. Breathing might be difficult in the Tampa Bay area. And going to the beach could endanger your health,” the piece says.

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM! President Trump's Mental Health is being discussed by Professionals.


Trump's mental health: 'The elephant in the room'

As psychologists and psychiatrists continue to warn about President Trump's mental health, the Columbia Journalism Review called Trump's mental health "the elephant in the room. Lee Siegel, who wrote the CJR column, and Dr. Lance Dodes join Lawrence. Duration: 7:04

President Bannon - More information about him. (He has power but is clueless)


He presumably meant that he wants to destroy the administrative state, not apply literary theory inspired by Jacques Derrida to it. Which would just be another way of saying that he’s a Republican Party political strategist who favors less regulation, just like all Republicans for the past 40 years.
But I guess he means that he’s more extreme and hard-core in his libertarian economic commitments. But back in his bombastic November 18 Wall Street Journal interview, Bannon explained he’s an “economic nationalist … an America First guy” so not at all a libertarian. But also not an ethnic nationalist. But back in July, he told Sarah Posner that his website was “a platform for the alt-right” — in other words, ethnic nationalism. But back in 2014, Bannon was making a pitch for an explicitly Christian conservatism, making the case that libertarianism and secularism had “sapped the strength of the Judeo-Christian West to defend its ideals.”
Then again, in another post-election interview, Bannon told the Hollywood Reporter that “Darkness is good … Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power.”
Get it? Well I don’t get it either. And, frankly, I don’t think Bannon spends much time worrying about how he plans to implement an economic program of “America first” nationalism without an administrative state. Or why the Judeo-Christian West is good but Mexico is bad. And of course Bannon isn’t a Satanist. But he knows Satan gets the best lines in Paradise Lost and everyone knows that Darth Vader is a cool badass character and Luke is a lame weenie. But there’s no grand ideological vision here; it’s marketing and clickbait and sloganeering and self-puffery.
At one point, Holly McLane confronts Gruber, saying, “after all your posturing, all your little speeches, you’re nothing but a common thief.”
Gruber retorts, “I’m an exceptional thief.”
And by the same token, just because Bannon is talking nonsense doesn’t mean he isn’t good at it. Breitbart isn’t good journalism, but it’s certainly been successful at building an audience. Trump isn’t popular, but he won. And to say that Bannon is kind of a faker — it’s entirely vacuous to rant against “the establishment” while sitting in the West Wing of the White House celebrating a stock market book — isn’t to say that he can’t do harm.
Gruber was only a fake terrorist, but he did kill a lot of people along the way. But Bannon’s not the secret ideologist lurking behind Trump's policy-lite opportunism and demagoguery — they're two peas in a pod.

FBI: Pres Trump is upset with FBI and tweets about it. HE GETS OWNED ON TWITTER.


Wow, Trump seems panicked for some reason. Could it be that his campaign had almost constant contact with members of the Russian government? Michael Flynn’s discussion of sanctions with the Russian ambassador that the Trump administration lied about?  The fact that The Donald literally asked Vladimir Putin and his cronies to hack his political opponents and the Russian dictator obliged? Or is it that the FBI just told Trump to f*ck off when his team demanded that they make a public statement that would discredit any idea that he and his compatriots are lying traitors?
Maybe all of the above — but whatever the reason, the folks on Twitter were there to mock him for his stupidity:

Things are not looking good for The Donald — now we just need to somehow convince Republicans to put country before party and investigate — then impeach — Cheetolini.