Sunday, May 20, 2012

I hiked up to Mendenhall Glacier. I was climbing a rock wall and a Mountain Goat was about 25 feet away. I took his picture. I then hiked to the Glacier and saw 3 rock climbers. I was on the Glacier but it was raining slightly and I just had hiking boots and not crampons or ice axe so I hiked up to where I last saw the mtn goat. I walked around a rock and he was 20 yards away - staring at me. I took a few more pictures. The Glacier is beautiful. The middle of the glacier is crumbling. There is a picture of an ice cave. I believe there was a big one in the middle but it caved in and flattened the glacier in the middle. That is speculation from what I saw. There used to be enormous ice caves where I was hiking but it is now just rock. Watching the ice climbers makes me think I need to buy some crampons and an ice axe or two. Great day to hike - light rain only. The last picture was fresh bear poop. I did not see the bear. I saw where it was digging up ground looking for roots and grubs though.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I hiked up Mt Roberts last weekend but I took no pictures. We had a bit of rain and snow up on top. I leave the camera when it is raining. Crappy weather this week. We even had snow on the ground. This video is of other staff and myself at an end of the year party. I have blue hair.