Monday, March 29, 2021

I have asked my Ex- wife to hang out with me on the farm.

 As I get to know women, I thought about good people in my life.  My ex wife gave me my children and she did an amazing job.  Things went south when the kids were in high school.  We just had a different approach to raising kids during that crazy time.  We just kind of fell apart and got divorced.

Over the years, I have tried hard not to talk poorly of her because she always put her family first, even me.  She allowed me to live with her in her Condo just so I didn't have to pay rent when I was working in Alaska and wanted a place to stay in the lower 48.  She also allowed me to use her address as mine so I didn't have to change address all the time.

So, I have met with 3 women for lunch and they are great women but my ex is as worthy of being a friend after some thought.  I am revamping 2+ acres and I need ideas.  I thought she would be good to help direct the changes.  I am hoping this property will be family retreat property and I want she and I to work on the changes together.  

I texted her yesterday and she said she will be here Thursday and Friday. 

I told my daughters and 2 are saying it is a bad decision.  They know my ex was hurt by the divorce and the pain of me leaving all the time.  They saw her cry and upset whenever I left.  We Facetimed and talked it through.  I am assuming they will try to talk her in to not coming.

I am hoping she will come.  We had so many great years together, I am hoping we can get back to just being regular friends who work with each other on a more regular basis.  Will it become intimate?  I will never say never.  I do miss companionship.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

I had a great dinner and hike with a new friend. I have the tractor loaded on a trailer and hooked up to the pickup truck

 I went to see another daughter last night and had dinner with one of her co-workers.  We did a hike and had dinner.  It was quite pleasant.  It is 100 miles away and I have tractor work to do so I might not be seeing her for a while.

I have the tractor loaded onto a tractor and on a trailer so I am set to leave for the property in a while.  I will travel in the evening.  I am looking forward to unloading the tractor and putting it to work tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

My new old tractor is ready to work. It is loaded onto the trailer!! Dating update!!!!!

 I bought an old piece of crap tractor which had to have many parts replaced.  We had to replace most hydraulic hoses and battery and lots of other stuff.  $1000.00 later, I have a fully functioning tractor with a front bucket and a backhoe.  I will take it to the property this weekend and start using it.

I have 25 stumps to pull and I am digging pooling spots for winter water.  I cut down 25 trees and I need to take the stumps out.  I have a huge stump to take out as well.  I need to get into the garden and dig up the soil with the backhoe.

I will be moving gravel around.

My ex is at the property for a couple of days so I will go visit another child and her family and let my ex enjoy the property without me bugging her. It will delay me putting the tractor to work.   While visiting my child, I will meet another lady.  We both know a person who said we need to meet each other.  I have no idea what she looks like or much about her.  The person we know gave her my number and a week later she called and we talked for 45 minutes.  She sounds pretty amazing.  She is looking at retirement which is what I do for a living these days.  Her child is a brilliant scientific sort who is getting a Doctorate.  I am really looking forward to meeting her.  She hikes regularly.

What do I know about her?  I was told I would be pleased is all I know.  

Lunch yesterday:  It was an online date - she used old pictures.  We had a great conversation but I will leave it there.  She is part owner in a winery and I could help out with the winery if I like.  I will continue my search for a lover and a friend today!

After this lunch, I was missing my old girlfriend in Iowa.  I was about to call her and beg her to let me back into her life.  Then I texted the other gal and got my tractor running well, so I will continue the search.  I do miss my Iowa friend very much.  Every woman I meet, I compare to her.  So far, I haven't found a comparison.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Trump Cult Members and ON Line Dating: Interesting

 As I connect with women on-line to become possible friends/lovers.  (I am only looking for 1 woman that I want to be with for years by the way .) I have been attacked by 3 or 4 women for backing Biden/Harris.  They use the old child raper, kill bablies and cut off their faces and wear it.  I think it is crazy stuff myself but I communicate with them as a 'normal' human being.

One gal told me she is smart and has a 148 IQ and I am offended by a genius.  I told her the Jan 6 Trump supported Insurrection was planned by 148 IQ geniuses.  I'll stick to my folks instead of insisting that babies are being raped and killed by Biden and Hillary.  

I also asked them to support JAILING AND IMPRISONING anyone who entered the Capitol Jan 6.  They insist that it was Antifa but refuse to back jailing everyone who entered.   

I ask them if BLM protestors would be arrested for doing a similar action.  They generally say it was Antifa or BLM and insist they should be arrested and jailed, even hanged.  I just find it ironic how quickly they same the rules should be different for "PATRIOTS' compared to quiet protestors, like the group attacked and jailed when Trump wanted his picture taken in front of a church. (A church he never attended.)

I am glad we have President Biden and AG Garland.  We need to work on putting limits on crazy people attacking our Capitol and even getting background checks and limits on AR-15 weapons of war.  (I am a military veteran.)

BTW:  the two most vile Trump Cult Members seem to have dropped out of sight.  One still looks at my profile almost daily and another, nice woman who speaks much more like a real person, checks me out every other day.  I told the crazy ones to tell Q hi for me.  I threatened to turn in one lady because she was so caustic and wouldn't give up.  I think she quit the site.

Have a good day!!

OnLine Dating and having a blind date.

 I started the Online dating and it is interesting.  One gal did not look exactly like her picture but she is a wonderful woman.  She has an amazing property and house.  It is ahome and garden type house.  She has no kids so nothing is out of order.  I am used to kids and messy.  She does have a few acres so I am hoping to get to her house and check it out.  

Today, I meet up with a woman who looks amazing.  In online dating, I wonder if the pictures are old.  We meet at a historic hotel which was a poor folks home for years.  It was finally closed and was to be knocked down but it was bought for nothing as long as they restored it.  It is now a great hotel, bar, and they make their own alcohol.  They grow some of their own crops and they have a golf course.  They also have outdoor concerts in the summer.  It is a pretty amazing plce.

My next lady coming up has been recommended by a friend.  The friend knows both she and I and I.  She was given my number and she called.  She is a regular hiker.  I have no pictures or real information other than what she told me when we talked for 45 minutes.  I was just told I will be pleased.  She asked why this person would try to set us up and I explained what I know about the other person.  I know the other person pretty well.  She just started working with the one who set us up.  

WHY AM I LOOKING FOR A LOVER/FRIEND?  I have been in love with a lady in the midwest for 3 years.  She wanted me to be full time in her hometown.  Her family has lived there for 100 years and she can't leave her extensive family and friends.  They are great people.  If I were closer, we would still be together but the reality is that we both decided to find someone local.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Eye Update and I am single and looking!

 Eye update:  It took about a year for reasonable healing.  I had light sesitivity for quite a while.   After 4 surgeries, I had to lay face down for a week because I had either gas or oil in my eye to keep pressure on the retina.  That was torture.  The gas dissipated on its own but the oil had to be taken out with a surgery.  The surgeries where they put the gas or oil in took 2 hours or so.  The light sensitivity was difficult after the surgeries.  I can now see out of both eyes.  My right eye is best.  My left eye is hazy and tires before the right eye but I see ok.  I have a floater in my eye fluid which causes the fuzziness.  


After I had my eye surgeries, I had a cataract in my left eye.  After the eye surgeries, it was a easy.  It only took a short while and my color vision improved dramatically as soon as I walked outside.  

I never did go back to teaching after my eye surgery.  I have been working hard at being retired in the Northwest.  

I had a girlfriend in Iowa for the last 3 years but we recently decided that the distance was too much.  We are both presently looking for our next mate.  

Did I mention, I hate dating!!  However, I have been chatting with some pretty amazing women.  I had a friend recommend a gal and we talked just the other day.  We will be setting up a hike or dinner or something in the future.  I have gotten back into bicycle riding to get back into shape.  I have been working on a farm and that has helped with general conditioning.  

I will add more as time goes on.  

Have a good day!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2021