Tuesday, March 23, 2021

OnLine Dating and having a blind date.

 I started the Online dating and it is interesting.  One gal did not look exactly like her picture but she is a wonderful woman.  She has an amazing property and house.  It is ahome and garden type house.  She has no kids so nothing is out of order.  I am used to kids and messy.  She does have a few acres so I am hoping to get to her house and check it out.  

Today, I meet up with a woman who looks amazing.  In online dating, I wonder if the pictures are old.  We meet at a historic hotel which was a poor folks home for years.  It was finally closed and was to be knocked down but it was bought for nothing as long as they restored it.  It is now a great hotel, bar, and they make their own alcohol.  They grow some of their own crops and they have a golf course.  They also have outdoor concerts in the summer.  It is a pretty amazing plce.

My next lady coming up has been recommended by a friend.  The friend knows both she and I and I.  She was given my number and she called.  She is a regular hiker.  I have no pictures or real information other than what she told me when we talked for 45 minutes.  I was just told I will be pleased.  She asked why this person would try to set us up and I explained what I know about the other person.  I know the other person pretty well.  She just started working with the one who set us up.  

WHY AM I LOOKING FOR A LOVER/FRIEND?  I have been in love with a lady in the midwest for 3 years.  She wanted me to be full time in her hometown.  Her family has lived there for 100 years and she can't leave her extensive family and friends.  They are great people.  If I were closer, we would still be together but the reality is that we both decided to find someone local.

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