Sunday, November 27, 2011

Juneau snow pictures

Juneau in Snow

There are signs all over downtown Juneau saying no parking Nov 28, tomorrow. They are bringing in front end loaders and picking up all of the snow berms and dumping the snow into Gastineau Channel. Sometimes they take it over to the Mendenhall Glacier bus parking lot and start a mountain of snow.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Snow - More Treadwell Mine

Snow - Treadwell Mine

Treadwell Mine in the snow

I went cross country skiing just a bit ago and took these pictures. We had 6 inches of new snow. The last big icicle just dropped and scared the crap out of me. It nudged the window as it went just to say goodbye. The cross country skiing was excellent - I just went outside my door to ski. it is so great to be able to ski whenever. This is why I came to Alaska. I hope it stays this way all winter.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Last icicle pictures

I have more pictures but have to say enough is enough

More icicle pictures - almost done

An Alaska Story - Snow Pictures

This is a true story: Fairbanks has been at 45 BELOW ZERO in recent weeks. There is a man who gold mines in the Fairbanks area - all year round. Last winter, people who know him talked the State Troopers to go find him when it was 50 Below. They found him both times and the miner told them to leave him alone and get the hell away from me. They did.

This year: The man was found close to death in an old shack. He had set off his beacon to get help.

The story: The miner had someone drop by his camp and robbed him of his survival gear and any gold he had. The man left him to die. The miner hiked with fall clothing in 30 to 45 DEGREE BELOW temperatures 15 miles to get to the cabin. Hypothermia had set in and the man could not get fire wood to warm up and set off his locator beacon. The Troopers went to the man and rescued him. The Troopers said he would have died during the night had they not gotten to him. He told the Troopers about the man who stole his winter gear and left him to die. He would not file a police report but said he knows who the man is.

I have this feeling that the fellow that stole his stuff would wish he were facing a judge and looking at 20 years in prison instead of dealing with the miner. True Story.

The pictures of buildings during skiing are of the Treadwell Mine buildings which were used at the turn of the century. It is now a park.

Snow pictures

I went Cross Country skiing and here are some pictures. These were taken Thanksgiving Day.

Icicles - Day after Thanksgiving

Two big icicles are now resting against the window. Will they take out the window when they fall? 9:00 AM It is snowing pretty good today again. If you want some exercise - come to Juneau and shovel snow.