Monday, August 31, 2015

GOP is the Racist Party: Donald Trump is the leader

The Donald is getting the backing of the white supremacist crowd, and the GOP from Priebus on down says nothing. Draw your own conclusion.
Let me offer some friendly advice to the Republican Party that I learned firsthand as a Muslim American: You don’t want to be defined by your most extreme members. And here’s a little more advice. The longer the GOP leadership remains silent as Donald Trump garners increasing support from white supremacist organizations, the more likely the GOP will become known as the party of racists.

States that got the most money for disaster relief sent 47 Climate Deniers to Congress

There is recent evidence that climate change played a role in the extreme weather events of 2012. The recently released analysis from the American Meteorological Society determined that:
Approximately half the analyses found some evidence that anthropogenically caused climate change was a contributing factor to the extreme event examined, though the effects of natural fluctuations of weather and climate on the evolution of many of the extreme events played key roles as well.
Interestingly, many of the states that received the most federal recovery aid to cope with climate-linked extreme weather have federal legislators who are climate-science deniers. The 10 states that received the most federal recovery aid in FY 2011 and 2012 elected 47 climate-science deniers to the Senate and the House. Nearly two-thirds of the senators from these top 10 recipient states voted against granting federal emergency aid to New Jersey and New York after Superstorm Sandy.

I didn't come from your rib - YOU came from my vagina

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Polar Bears: I was talking to a woman last week who saw Polar Bears.

She said she saw at least 5 Polar Bears last week.

Her job is to go into various villages.  I was talking to her and she said she just spent 3 days in a village where Polar Bears are gathering.  It is a village where they do fall whaling.  They have one particular spot where they put the Whale carcasses after the kill.  The Polar Bears are gathering for their meal.

In my village, they whale in the spring.  They got 3 whales this year.  They are talking about a fall gathering and eating the whales tail from last spring.  They said by letting it sit it gets a great taste to it.

Culture Camp was quite interesting yesterday

We had a few elders talking to us about Tikigaq and the history of the village.  It was very fascinating.  One man had on 30 year old Mukluks (high boots) which still smelled animalish.  I think it is probably the whale fat he uses to cure them every year.

They talked about the old ways and how they strive to live by the old ways.  They still get whales for the village and they talked about the traditions of the tribe.  They talked about how the old whale bone sod houses could be warmed with a single candle because of the construction.

They talked of the advancing sea and how the village used to be 15 miles from here.  Other villages are under water.  The point used to stick out miles further and that is where one old village was.

They talked about the circle of life and the ice being much less certain now than in the past.  30 years ago, the ice would be gone 2 or 3 months but now the ice is gone from April to October.  Their whaling lives depend on ice.  The whales and walrus were predictable when they had ice.

They also talked about whalers and how the took whales for the oil until petroleum was found and used.  The whales were devastated by whalers.  After oil was found, the whales were not taken as before and they came back.

During the Whaling years, the tribes lost 3/4 of the population from diseases brought by the whalers.  Every family a 100 years ago lost a lot of family members.  The population had been 2000 but went to 120 or so within 2 years.

the destruction of the environment and oil drilling is concerning to the speakers.  If they lose the whales, walrus, seals and fish to oil spills - there tribe cannot survive.  It would also increase the rate of melting ice.  It is losing ice too fast without the oil spills.

This is an old society and they are working to bring back the native languages for the youth.  I learned alot.  They are an amazing people to have lived in extreme weather for thousands of years.

Climate Change Movie that should scare the hell out of anyone with a brain: Arctic Warming

Just in listening to elders and the talk of sudden warming which they see here in Northern AK, I find it scary and anyone who follows Northern Winters (like me) should be scared shitless.

While climate change actively affects more remote areas of the planet, it may not be obvious to individuals that live in big cities or in much of the United States. For island communities, though, rising sea levels are a daily threat and the disappearance of the land they live on is irreversibly changing their lives.
Thom Hartmann interviews one of the creators of the film Chloe & Theo” which looks the effect of climate change on these areas.

Man killed by SWAT team for $2.00 worth of Pot.

SWAT Team Raids Home, Kills Man Over $2 Worth of Pot – Informant Exposes Police Cover-Up

Another day, another botched police sting.

Greenland: Massive Iceberg Breaks - Global Warming

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Trump Bible: Trump Bible Tweets

“If a man has long hair it is a shame to him, less he comb down over his forehead” #trumpbible
— Kevin Songer (@kevinsonger) 

New Rule: Sex, religion and the Josh Duggar video

On this week’s episode of Real Time, Bill Maher used the last half of his “New Rules” segment to tear down society’s obsession with sexuality, the new “Viagara for women” pill, and religion in the bedroom. That, of course, brought him to Josh Duggar, whose infidelity and hypocrisy has exposed not just what he is all about, but how the idea of perfect Christians and their moral superiority is nothing but a myth.
Duggar’s actions have definitely come with a cost. Out of excuses, he’s been forced to get some real treatment, or at least to pretend he’s getting real treatment. The cost to his family may be even worse. As Josh was content to sit back and accept that his family would take the blame and the brunt of the social backlash over his molestation scandal, hackers were pulling his credit card information from Ashley Madison. When a porn star came out and admitted she had sex with Josh, he was shuttled off to 12 step land, where he can again ask God for forgiveness and try to find the power to stay faithful to his wife.

Cultural Inservice at School instead of old village because of rain and crappy weather

Today we were supposed to go out to the old town for a cultural inservice and cooking of food the traditional way.  Unfortunately, we have rain and 40 degrees.  Clouds on top of clouds so they decided to have the inservice at school.

It is a good thing because people are facing colds and flu type conditions.

Heat:  Yesterday, I got home and moved my heat from 60 degrees to 70 degrees but it did nothing.  Finally about 10 PM the heat went on.  I think I will keep it at 65 instead of 60.  It goes to sleep at 60 it seems.

10 Years after Katrina and the Bush Administration wants to rewrite history: Wrong then, still wrong

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry rightfully blasted former President George W. Bush for showing up in New Orleans on the 10th anniversary of Katrina, and making a speech totally rewriting the history of his administration’s horrible failure addressing the tragedy.
Bush’s spoke in New Orleans about how the devastation of Hurricane Katrina turned out to be an actual positive for the citizens of New Orleans, and that he admired the people in his administration who helped this change come about.

Bill Maher takes on Santorum on Climate Change

Bill Maher and Rick Santorum faced off on Maher’s show tonight, and Maher confronted him about his moralizing views and disbelief in man-made climate change.
Maher brought up past comments by Santorum about limiting contraception because it’s a license to do stuff that’s counter to good moral values. He told the GOP candidate, “A politician shouldn’t say what sex is supposed to be.”
Santorum made it clear that he doesn’t want to ban contraception, and Maher had to ask if a President Santorum would “impose your views on my lifestyle.” Santorum said he accepts that there’s plenty of immoral things that he wouldn’t make illegal.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Guns: US has the same amount of crime as other countries: US HAS MANY MORE GUNS AND GUN DEATHS! Why

America doesn’t have more crime than other rich countries. It just has more guns.

Abstinence doesn't even work in Fairy Tales

And before all you Christians start getting all riled up, keep this in mind:

Paul, the earliest New Testament author, never mentions the virgin birth. For someone who we rely upon for much of Christian theology, it is an odd omission. Paul refers to Jesus’ birth twice (Rom 1:3; Gal 4:4) and never says he was born of a virgin or of different means than anyone else. You’d think that would be important. 

The virgin birth is also not in Mark, the earliest gospel, or in John, the only other gospel not based on Mark. Why is such an important story left out of all the early sources? Probably because it hadn’t been made up yet. 

Why would the story be made up? Perhaps to fulfill an old prophecy of a virgin birth, which the Gospel of Matthew cites: 

Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. (Isaiah 7:14) 

KOCH Brothers crashed by Puppets - Very Good

Koch Puppets want Koch Money now.

Greed dies hard in a Poisoned Land

When Arizona Sen. John McCain met with the Navajo Nation’s tribal government earlier this month at their capital in Window Rock, Arizona, after arriving in a big black SUV, he believed he would be spending the day observing the commemoration of Code Talkers Day. This was not the case. A group of Navajo activists, incensed at the damage done to the Animas River by a toxic chemical spill from an abandoned mine, confronted the senator. Rather than address their concerns, McCain scuttled out a side door, dove into his SUV and sped down the road with the activists sprinting after him shouting, “Get off our land!”
Activists from the Navajo Nation are furious over the Animas River spill, and for good damn reason. The EPA, while attempting to evaluate the toxicity of the long-abandoned Gold King mine, inadvertently released three million gallons of hideously polluted water into the river, turning it a sickly orange color. The lead level of the released water was at least 12,000 times higher than normal, and also contained extremely high levels of beryllium, mercury, cadmium, iron, copper, zinc and arsenic. The people of the Navajo Nation rely on the river for drinking water, farming, livestock and medicine. It is a lifeline, and now it is dangerous to the touch.

Reporter Allison Parker Killed on air: Her Dad wants Background Checks!

He lost his daughter and now will make getting Background Checks for gun sales her legacy.  I applaud this wonderful man.  He spoke to FOX when he said it.

Islamophobic Think Tank seems to Inspire Right Wing Crazies to harm

Is Notorious Islamophobic Think Thank Inspiring More Far-Right Terrorist?

More worrying is the prestige that the Gatestone Institute seems to be able to flaunt along with its considerable resources.

A Polar Bear was coming after me two springs ago.

In the winter here, the Chukchi Sea ices up and there is ice everywhere.  Last year there were 8 and 10 feet drifts of snow I am told.  One lady I work with told me in the spring a couple of years ago, the ice was breaking up and people go out looking for whales.  She was looking for whales on the ice by the old village and a polar bear popped up on the ice.  It was about 40 feet away from her.  She took off and ran to her truck which was half a mile away.  When she stopped to look back the bear shook off and stood on its hind legs and started running in her direction.  She was picked up by someone in a snow mobile and taken home.  After a while, they took her to her truck so she could drive it home.

She said she loves it when the sea ices over.  She said that ice breakup is her favorite time.

She also was talking about whale meat and her storage locker where her family stores the whale meat and walrus meat.  I am learning a lot about the native culture here.

GOP Family Values: 'WE (men) will control women's bodies.'

Bernie Sanders is getting down to the core issue with women and the GOP.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

US is Number 1 in Mass Shootings: WHY?

The United States is, by a long shot, the global leader in mass shootings, claiming just 5% of the global population but an outsized share -- 31% -- of the world's mass shooters since 1966, a new study finds.
The Philippines, Russia, Yemen and France -- all countries that can claim a substantial share of the 291 documented mass shootings between 1966 and 2012 -- collectively didn't even come close to the United States.
And what makes the United States such a fertile incubator for mass shooters? A comprehensive analysis of the perpetrators, their motives and the national contexts for their actions suggests that several factors have conspired to create in the United States a potent medium for fostering large-scale murder.

Burning Man: New Sheriff says he will do heavy policing of it

Nevada Sheriff’s Department Promises to Turn ‘Burning Man’ Festival into a Police State

The new sheriff is concerned about "non-violent crime" at the annual desert bash. What could he be talking about?

Whats behind the Wall Street Roller Coaster Ride?

What’s Behind the Stock Market’s Rollercoaster Ride?

The real problem is that we’re in a nonrecovery in America, and Europe is in an absolute class war of austerity.

Corporate Fraud is costing us Taxpayers Billions

Republicans love to attack the federal government as a wasteful bloated bureaucracy, but when you start to look past the surface, it becomes clear that the real waste is coming from corporations that are taking advantage of the federal government.
Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins and attorney Will Atkinson discuss how corporations are stealing billions of dollars from taxpayers every year.

A cold wind is blowing and the birds are flying south.

I think winter is coming to Northern Alaska.  Yesterday, we started getting a cold wind blowing.  It was pretty dramatic.  I had been wearing my wind breaker and school clothes and I suddenly realized that I had to wear a bigger jacket.  Today, I am wearing my heavier rain jacket to keep the wind out a bit better.  I have found that layering of clothes and having the right jacket makes a major difference in dealing with cold weather.  I have a great down jacket which I wear during the real cold and it is sitting waiting to be worn.  I did not wear it at all last winter in Oregon.

The birds are starting to fly south.  I saw a flock of birds heading South yesterday.  They too seem to know that the cold is coming in.

The gym roof did not leak yesterday.  The crew was able to get additional materials on the roof and stop the dripping.  If the gym is wet, they cannot use the gym in the evening.  The gym is always in use in the evening.  Kids and adults show up to play.  Kids are also on the playground until the late hours.  I was out at 10 PM Sunday and the playground was filled with kids of all ages playing outside.  Because it is light outside, no outdoor lighting is needed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jeb Bush and Scott Walker tried Trumpisms - They looked like dopes.

Scott Walker and Jeb Bush Try Trumpism: Unsurprisingly, They Just Look Like Dopes

Remember when these two were the clear frontrunners? Because right now they're clueless.

Wall Street Journal: GOP greatest threat to US economy! Gov't Shutdown a bad idea

GOP wants to shut Planned Parenthood or Shut Down the Government - jobs, jobs, jobs?  NO, the opposite actually.  Throw money down the black hole of political bullshit.

Republicans want a War Party in Iran - nothing less

War, it’s what Jesus would do.  That’s what The Decider would do! That’s what Reagan would do! War! War! War!
There’s no downside to war. It’s the perfect American pastime. I mean, we got all this stuff, right? Tanks and ships and bombs and stealth fighters. We’ve got silos full of nuclear missiles. We’ve got SEALs and Green Berets and Rangers! We’ve got all these Soldiers and Marines.  Hell, we’ve even got killer CIA robots. Zap! Zap! Death from the sky!
What’s the point of having all this stuff if we’re not gonna use it?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

They are putting extra men on the roofing to get it done.

The Construction Company took men off the new Gym to put people on the roof of the school.  We could not use the gym today because of water leaking from the roof.  It did not rain today but they are talking about a bigger storm than yesterday coming in this weekend.  I hear it is coming from the Japan area.

I am starting to feel better.  It is after 7 PM and I was able go back to school.  I have had this cold since the weekend and I have only been able to teach and hit a meeting and go back home and crash.  I have been wiped out.  (It could also be that I did not work 5 day weeks last year and am just now getting into the swing of it.)

I got a box of food and pans from a daughter as well as a Span Alaska Online Food order today.  It is like Christmas.  I got 5 cases of canned vegetables and fruits so I am set.  My daughter threw in some dehydrated vegetables in her box.   My Span Alaska order was about $150.00 but it would cost $250.00 if I bought it from the local store.

I must say that the staff and people of the village sure are great.

4.8 Million Dollar Car that Floyd Maryweather just bought

No Joke: Floyd Mayweather Drops $4.8 Million On This Beautiful Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Floyd has too much money

The School Roof is leaking. Gym has big puddles. Barge

We are getting a new roof at School.  We had a storm blow in last night and the roof is not finished.  Water is now leaking into the gym.  I am told we might have a bigger storm over the weekend.  The crews need to get the roof done ASAP because the weather is trying to turn to winter.

We have started school without school supplies.  They are in Barrow. Things at Pt Hope get here by barge if big or in large quantities.  things also get here by airplane if they are smaller or go in the mail.  The barge comes in June and drops stuff off at the beach.  I work for a school that is headquartered West of us.  The barge takes our school supplies to Barrow and drops it there for the  District Office to sort through.  The barge goes from village to village dropping stuff off.

The barge is now working its way back to Seattle.  On the way, it will drop by Barrow and pick up our school supplies and drop them off here at Pt Hope.  Well after school started but they will get here we are promised.

My school is lacking a Math Teacher, a Science Teacher and a Shop Teacher.  People signed letters of intent but they never showed up.

FOX News Sexism compiled

If your only source of information were Fox News, what would it teach you about women? If this supercut from the liberal-leaning watchdog group Media Matters for America is anything to go by, nothing good. In this six-minute video, Fox hosts and guests repeatedly belittle, insult, harass, and objectify women — including women Fox anchors themselves.
To be sure, no one actually relies on Fox as their sole source of information about the world. But for many Americans, Fox is their most trusted source of news, which means the attitudes Fox espouses do inform — or at least reinforce — their worldview. The same goes for any kind of trusted or beloved media: We can’t help but absorb the attitude along with the substance. (My steady diet of X-Men movies and Buffy episodes during adolescence is probably responsible for my belief that women can read minds, control the weather, and fight vampires.)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Quack Historian the Right Wing Love: You want incorrect information, here is your guy.

A self-styled historian with no real academic credentials, Barton went on to build an extensive collection of primary source documents from America’s founding era and write several “Christian American history” books that argue that the founding fathers intended America to be a Christian nation and that argue for a Christian reading of the Constitution they wrote. This work has shaped a generation of Christian school and homeschool students.
Despite being roundly rejected by scholars, Barton claims to be a “recognized authority in American history and the role of religion in public life.” For example, an amicus brief filed by Wallbuilders in McCollum v. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation claims Barton works as a consultant to national history textbook publishers. He has been appointed by the State Boards of Education in states such as California and Texas to help write the American history and government standards for students in those states. Mr. Barton also consults with Governors and State Boards of Education in several states, and he has testified in numerous state legislatures on American history.

Want Jobs? Cut Carbon Emissions: 9 States Prove It.

The Clean Power Plan, the EPA’s safeguard to rein in carbon pollution from its largest domestic source, coal-fired power plants, has taken more than its share of criticism and attacks from the courts, Congress and industry since it was unveiled last year. But a recent study provides solid evidence in favor of the plan based on a large-scale project that successfully reduced carbon pollution and could be used as a reference and inspiration for state and regional efforts to comply with the Clean Power Plan.  
The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI, (pronounced REh jee) has been around since 2009. It’s a program to cap and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector in nine trailblazing states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. And it has worked in more ways than its founders thought possible.
recent study by the Analysis Group of RGGI from 2012 to 2014 shows that the program has proven economic benefits. The reduction in electricity costs and fossil fuel imports, along with net job increases in the region, can all be attributed to RGGI. Households, businesses and government entities have recouped about $460 million dollars through lower energy bills. By RGGI’s second three-year term, the program had also created 14,200 new jobs.

Indiana: Teachers DON'T want to teach there. I am one of them.

Indiana’s got a problem: Teachers increasingly don’t want to work in the state anymore. The problem has become so acute that some school districts have have had a hard time finding enough teachers to cover classes for the new school year — and some lawmakers want a legislative committee to discuss the shortage.
The percentage of all teachers getting a teaching license — including veterans — fell by more than 50 percent from 2009-10 to 2013-14, and there was an 18.5 percent decline in the number of licenses issued to new teachers during the same period, according to Indiana Department of Education figures.

Cooling down in the village. People putting on roofing. I have a cold.

About 1/4 of the houses here were built in the 1970s.  They have roofs that have faced lots of severe weather and need to be replaced.  Even our school is getting a new roof.  They have been working overtime to get the job done before rain and/or snow and ice come to visit.

This weekend, I noticed 2 people putting new roofing on their houses.  It is kind of a plastic substance which looks very slick.  people are scrambling to beat the weather.

Those houses built later are insulated and stay warm pretty well.  I am in a house that stays warm.

Yesterday we got some sun in the afternoon but we had a chilly wind   I had a cold so I did not go for the hike which I had planned.  I did not sleep well Sat night because my nose was stuffed up and wheezing and sneezing woke me up.

I hope I get over this stupid cold soon.

Wish you well.

GW Bush: Worst President? Great case for yes

9. Bush Doctored Evidence to Justify Iraq War

7. Bush Ineptly Fought the War on Terror

6. Bush Ignored Repeated Warnings About Terrorist Attacks Before 9/11  (Benghazi?  Really)

2. The Worst Job Creation Record Since Herbert Hoover

1. Bush Turned a Budget Surplus into the Largest Deficit in US History

John Oliver on Edward Snowden - Very Good

In what is arguably the most important piece to come out of John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” show on HBO so far, John tackles the subject of government surveillance and does so in a way that is guaranteed to win awards in the near future. Here is the historic segment.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Massive Glacier Melt and melting Fresh water is pouring into the Gulf of Alaska

The copper river in the Gulf of Alaska-NASA
The world is changing before our very eyes yet most of us choose to ignore it. There has been a lot of horrible news lately regarding the rapid melting of the planets snow and ice. Irreversible melt in Antarctica, ice free arctic ocean in summer, and massive ice shelves that have held back Antarctica's glaciers for tens of thousands of years are now cracking. In Alaska, land based melting glaciers are rapidly retreating under the pressure of their own weight and the forces of gravity.
The National Snow and Ice Data Center explains how a glacier moves. "Glaciers move by internal deformation of the ice, and by sliding over the rocks and sediments at the base. Internal deformation occurs when the weight and mass of a glacier causes it to spread out due to gravity. Sliding occurs when the glacier slides on a thin layer of water at the bottom of the glacier. This water may come from glacial melting due to the pressure of the overlying ice or from water that has worked its way through cracks in the glacier. Glaciers can also readily slide on a soft sediment bed that has some water in it. This is known as basal sliding and may account for most of the movement of thin, cold glaciers on steep slopes or only 10 to 20 percent of the movement of warm, thick glaciers lying on gentle slopes.

Retreating Glaciers - see it happen

This is serious

Corporate Welfare: CA - It needs to change. 3 min video

You Are a Victim of the Worst National Corporate Welfare System in Decades

Separate and Unequal: A cartoon

Pulitzer-Prize-winning political cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution – and avid Daily Kos reader – Mike Lukovich has created an iconic political cartoon. In my view, it's the most powerful, evocative visual representation of the injustices America has witnessed, and the black community has suffered, these past two weeks.

The Toxic Mining Law: How a clear river turns toxic instantly

Very informative.  Pollute and walk away making the citizens pay for the mess.  It is all legal.

21 Questions for Donald Trump - Kickbacks, mobs, corporate welfare, busting unions.

21 Questions For Trump on Kickbacks, Busting Unions, the Mob & Corporate Welfare

'He’s not at all who he appears to be,' the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist said of the Donald.

DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: Well, Donald Trump is not at all who people think he is, and I’m very surprised that conservatives are embracing him. For example, Donald’s most famous building, the Trump Tower, instead of building it as a steel girder building, he chose to build it out of concrete, a 58-story—he says 68 stories—a 58-story concrete building built by a company called A&S [S&A Concrete] construction. And who owned [S&A] construction? "Fat Tony" Salerno, the head of the Genovese crime family in New York, and Paul Gambino—I’m sorry, Paul Castellano, the head of the Gambino family. Trump used the same company for other projects that he built, even though they were more costly than using steel girder construction.
When he tore down the Bonwit Teller building to make way for the Trump Tower, he had about a dozen union house wreckers on the site and about 150 Polish workers, all of them illegally in the country, who he paid $4 to $5 an hour and who did not have hard hats. And Trump claimed in a lawsuit that he had no idea that these workers were there in any way other than an appropriate way. And a federal judge mocked him, pointing out that they were easy to spot because they were the ones who had no hard hats.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Washington Fires are darkening the skies in Portland, OR

I have been talking to folks in Portland and the fires are darkening the skies and you breathe in the smoke.  Fire Fighters are afraid this is the new norm for fire season.  The fire that killed 3 and put at least 1 other in the hospital with 60% burns on his body was a small fire which blew up as soon as they got on it.  The fire engulfed them and they had no chance to retreat.

Going to the old village and the point at Point Hope, AK

To get to the old village and/or the Point at Pt Hope, we have to cross over the airport runway.

We are in the car/ van/ 4 wheeler and we stop and look.  Does anyone see a plane coming in?  If we don't see a plane we drive across and then get on the rough road and hope we don't sink in the sand and rock.

They drop us off and we wander around to check things out and then hike back to where we were dropped off for pickup.

This is the plane I flew from Barrow to Pt Hope in.  People say it is the finest plane(s) for flying to and from village Alaska.  It was OK.  The ceiling is 4 feet high so walking inside is not easy.

President Eisenhower: The Military, Industrial Complex: The dangers

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

There was a time in the 1950's when the Republicans made sense.  Today is just Republican crazy and crazier.

3 AM wake up but no pink sky so I went back to sleep. Picture

It is Saturday so I woke up in the middle of the night to go get photos of the Pink Sky over the Chukchi Sea.  We had clouds and light drizzle so I went back to sleep.

This is what I was hoping to see.

Conservatism: A guide in one handy chart (the crazy seem to be getting crazier)

Sometimes it's hard keeping track of all the various conservative factions, so I made this:

Fukushima Nuclear disaster: How worried should we be? Will it impact us?

Last week, amid anti-nuclear protests, Japan restarted its first nuclear reactorsince the Fukushima disaster in March 2011. Despite strong opposition, including from former prime minister Naoto Kan, Kyushu Electric Power put one of the two reactors at its Sendai facility along the nation's southwestern coast back online. The second is scheduled to restart in October.
In the face of opinion polls showing most voters oppose restarting the country's nuclear power generation, prime minister Shinzo Abe argued that it is not economically feasible to keep importing foreign oil and natural gas, and that the nation's increasing dependence on thermal energy threatens greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.
But as Japan's concerns about its nuclear future grip the nation, North America continues to worry about the ongoing fallout caused by the Fukushima meltdown as ocean currents carry radioactivity to the western coasts of Canada and the United States.

Dry Village means NO Alcohol - They are serious. Photo of the Plane House

I am living in a Dry Village.  That means NO alcohol allowed - Period.  When I signed on to the job, all the paperwork was solid NO Alcohol.  I have a drink a week, a month or every other month maybe so it was really not a concern for me.

I have a para who works with me and he and I have to change stinky diapers for a boy who is not potty trained.  Needless to say, it can be a messy job.  This past week we had a major blow out on Monday.  My para was ready to quit.  (I have told my bosses that if they can get someone to replace me, I would go back to Portland at any time. They have said I am here for the year.)

My para did stay for the week.  Tuesday through Friday we just had minor poop in the diaper.  It was not horrible.  One goal is to get him potty trained.  The problem in the past is that Para's quit because of messy diapers and giving the boy showers.

We are trying to get another Para as backup just in case.  It is hard to find someone to do the job and when we find someone, they have a criminal record.  One person who has done the job well in the past cannot be hired because of alcohol.

He went to the Post Office to pick up alcohol that was sent to the village and was arrested.  He had to spend time in jail for his crime.  Because of that act, he cannot be hired by the school district.

My para said he will be back next week and he is great with the student.  I am hoping he will continue working in this position.  This para graduated from HS here and went to the vocational school in Barrow to become a mechanic.  He started drinking there and was kicked out of the school but the police were not involved so he can work for the district.  He also has a $20,000 education bill to pay off the the Schooling which he did not attend.

Alcohol creates problems in the village which can impact a person for 5 to 7 years after a foolish action.
The picture is of an unusual house here.  A story is that a plane crashed near here and they scrapped it.  A guy bought it for a few hundred bucks and moved it into town and lives in it.  The other story is that it landed at our airport but the runway is too short for it to take off and it was scrapped and sold.
It is very unusual to see it as I walk around the village.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Another Sod Hut seen at Old Point Hope

Here is another old sod hut at Old Point Hope  It is closer to the Point

The Walruses are running. The town is going Walrus hunting.

The walrus are running around the Point at Point Hope.  It is at the tip of the Old Village.

After School I went out there and found a dead Walrus that someone was working on.  I guess the Walrus are heading North another 40 or 50 miles and meet up.  Last year, they counted over 26,000 Walrus at the meeting spot.  The folks at Pt Hope take Walrus as they pass by to help feed them during the winter.

It was a great walk.

Republican DEEP HATRED for Teachers is getting worse with the current GOP

John Kasich wants to take lounges away from teachers. He is just the latest Republican to make an enemy of America’s educators
It’s August, the heat is miserable, kids are going back to school and that means one thing for America’s conservatives: it’s the perfect time to take a cheap shot at the nation’s teachers.

Outlaw Private Prisons: Bernie Sanders Idea. I agree

Private Prisons means a rich person makes money by jailing people AND MORE PEOPLE ARE SUDDENLY SENT TO JAIL!  The statistics are clear and we need to get back to Public Prisons which were (and are) cheaper to operate.

Private Prisons Get Bern-ed: Sanders Proposes Abolishing For-profit Facilities

The Independent Vermont senator plans to bolster his criminal justice reform record with new bill next month.

WA fires: 3 Firefighters Killed: More burned. Update on One fire fighter who was burned

Gar was finally able to phone home. Thought you may be interested in hearing the latest from Gar's part of the Washington tragedy:

Gar just spent 16 hours with Dan Lyon and his amazing family at Harborview. Dan is responding! He's even laughing a little. The burns are over 60% of Dan's body, but his organs are all ok. They begin surgeries to remove charred skin tomorrow. Normally, a person with skin burned on 60% of the body would not have a very good prognosis, but the doctors think Dan could buck that stat. His ears and eyes are good, he's young and very healthy. And, he's in good spirits- seeming to enjoy all the dignitaries who spent the day 'popping in' on him!

Gar said the outpouring of support blew his and Dan's family's minds! (Dan and family are Tacoma locals, Melinda, just so you know.)

Gar said that pretty much every fire and police chief in the greater Seattle area showed up today at Harborview Medical Center with Amazing words of encouragement: several even providing a large catered lunch for not only the family, but all the medical and support staff working on helping Dan! Gar said it was beautiful.

And the media was SO kind. The press conference was really good. Dan's mom was very well-spoken and loving. Gar even got to speak a bit- though Dan's mom and doctors surely were the critical people who gave updates on Dan's status.

We're all very hopeful that Dan will recover in time... Sounds possible.

Have a good night.

Pink Sky at 4 AM

I awoke at 4 AM and looked out my window to see a great pink sunrise coming in.

This weekend, I hope to get out and walk down to the water to see it up close and personal.  Today, because I teach, I looked for a few minutes and went back to bed.  We generally have clouds so the sky does not show through much.

There are some amazing pictures of the Northern Lights which I have been seeing on the internet.
I saw a great show in Emmonak and hope to see another Northern Light show while I am here.

This is Friday.  It is my first 5 day work week since June of 2014.  I will have survived my first week in about 10 hours.

Enjoy your day.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Charter Schools: The complexity of the debate

The battle with charter school expansions is further revving up in Los Angeles, as a group of private foundations explore plans to expand the number of charter schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District. The Los Angeles teachers union, UTLA, has vowed to fight the private foundations behind this effort, including the Broad, Keck and Walton Family foundations that have over the years been central to supporting the corporatization of large charter management organizations and disrupting the collective bargaining efforts of teachers unions.

To unveil the complexity of the argument further, there is also the huge question of big business influences within public education that cannot be ignored. The inherent split between public-private economic arguments can often lead us to overlook all the backroom deals cut by public school superintendents and their administrative teams with big corporations. Some clear examples are deals cut for bringing technology into the classroom or the millions of dollars paid for testing paraphernalia and textbooks to huge corporations who peddle their wares and whose products have a direct impact on the education of our children. But there are also corporate monies that feed into public schools in a variety of ways for so-called special programming and curricular support. Not to mention the number of big business advocates who sit on public school boards and advisory committees, shaping educational policies and practices in ways that fit their own interests, rather than those of students who attend schools in these districts and even less so the interests of less affluent communities they are meant to serve.

Republican One Upsmanship on Abortion Restrictions will haunt the GOP at the general election

Anti-Abortion One-Upsmanship Will Haunt Republicans in the Election

They're handing the future Democratic nominee a mighty large sword to wield against them in the general election.

Sleep, Depression and Suicide: The disturbing relationship.

The Disturbing Relationship Between Sleep, Depression and Suicide

At least 3/4 of clinically depressed people struggle with sleep, and insomnia is a well-proven risk factor for suicide.

E Cigarettes 95% safer than Cigarettes: A study says yes.

England’s public health agency has said that vaping is possibly as much as 95 percent safer than smoking, in its first official statement on the safety of e-cigarettes. They “have the potential to make a significant contribution to the endgame for tobacco,” Public Health England said, and it suggested the devices might one day be prescribed as a cigarette alternative. “I want to see these products coming to the market as licensed medicines,” said England’s chief medical officer. “This would provide assurance on the safety, quality, and efficacy to consumers who want to use these products as quitting aids, especially in relation to the flavourings used, which is where we know least about any inhalation risks.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bad Lip Reading: Republican Debate - Very Funny

The "Bad Lip Reading" of the First GOP Presidential Debate Is Hilarious

| Wed Aug. 19, 2015 8:48 PM EDT
This is amazing. Watch it. Or don't. This isn't Fascist Italy. You can do whatever you want. George Washington came to this country on the Mayflower,  which he made from wood he got from a cherry tree, because he wanted his ancestors to be able to make their own decisions. And George Washington NEVER told a lie. Think about that.
T h i n k
a b o u t
i t.

Autism: A new approach to dealing with it

I have an autistic Grandson and I am teaching a autistic child or two.  I need as much information as I can get.

How to Talk to your Kids about Sex, Death and everything in between

Just say NO is not the way to go.


How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex, Death and Everything in Between

While some topics are hard to discuss and might make you uncomfortable, that doesn’t mean your children need to be sheltered.