Thursday, January 31, 2013


There was a real competition for the worst state for womens rights but North Dakota won.

David Wheeler, the Dad of a now dead 6 year old asks, What about his dead son's right to the Pursuit of his Happiness.

This is the best speech I have seen.  It was given at a hearing in Connecticut on Gun Control.  I wish this father had been able to speak at the Congressional Hearing Yesterday.   (I thought I put this up earlier but I had the wrong link, so I am redoing it.)

This should be mandatory for any person who votes on Gun Laws this year at local, state or federal level.

Pro-Gun Advocate, Gayle Trotter's facts are wrong. She spoke at the Congressional Hearing.

Gayle said every woman would be safer with an Assault Weapon and/or a gun with a clip of 20 or 30 while caring for her babies.  People have looked at the records on gun violence and the facts say that the woman often is worse off when there is a gun involved.

A bit from the article:

But Trotter is wrong about women and guns, dangerously so. Far from making women safer, the presence of firearms in situations of domestic violence (which occur far more frequently than any other crime in the United States, Trotter’s “stranger danger” scenarios be damned) dramatically increases the likelihood a woman will be killed by her abuser. As Amanda Marcotte reported for Slate, the Violence Policy Center conducted research to quantify this point and found that 83 women were killed by an intimate partner for every woman who used a gun in self-defense.

Mark Kelly, Gabby Giffords Husband at the Congressional Gun Hearing yesterday - Great!

Mark Kelley said such a wonderful statement about Guns and Gun Control yesterday at the Congressional hearing.  I wish a parent from Sandy HooK had been allowed to sit next to Mr. Kelly so they too could have made their case.

This statement is different than the one posted yesterday on this blog.

Wayne LaPierre, 1999 Statement to Congress

He is saying that safety and sanity are of the utmost importance.  He is for mandaory instant background checks for all back then.

He sure sounds much different than he does today.

This is SO VERY FUNNY! A great prank.

If you need a laugh, this is it.

I have had a long day and this was so very wonderful to find this to make me laugh.  It truly is funny.

Soledad Obrien had such a great discussion on Gun Violence with C. Grassley, Republican.

Finally, some reporters are getting beyond the sound bites of the NRA to talk real issues on Gun Violence.  Soledad did a great job.  We need more and more of real discussions using real numbers and talking about real people.

Jon Stewart talks about Glenn Beck's Freedom Community that is Free and Happy!

Glenn Beck is starting up a Freedom Town community in Texas.  Independence, USA.  I will pass on moving there myself but if that is your cup of tea, time to move.  Glenn says you will have Freedom and Choices not available to me.

Stephen Colbert on Climate Change and Eric Ericson's take on Climate Change

Colbert explains what is happening in Australia and then goes over the Republican stand on Climate Change.  He particularly deals with Eric Ericson and his head in the sand approach to Climate Change.

The Congressional Meeting on Guns yesterday and the analysis by Lawrence O'Donnell. Interesting Discussion.

Lawrence O'Donnell has on two of the people on who were at the Congressional Gun Hearing as well as a Mental Health Expert.  It is really  quite interesting.  Note:  This has been the first Congressional hearing on GUNS of this Century.  FACT.  My question is why?  When Gabby Giffords was shot in the head with a legal gun bought after showing his driver's license, there was no hearing.  When 4 people were killed in Beghazi, there were immediate calls for hearings but silence when Gabby and her constituents were shot and killed.  During the GW Bush years over 40 people were killed at embassies but there were no calls for hearings then.  Why are we having our first look at Gun Control Laws of the century and it is 2013?

Should Insurance be required when a person buys a gun?

We have to insure cars.  I think it makes sense to insure Guns as well.

The Paranoid, White Gun Nuts are arming themselves to fight the Government.

A bit of the article
It is time for the mainstream media to stop playing the Republican extremists' game. It is time for us to talk about racism and white Southern males who can't get with the program. Let's talk about what's really going on with "gun rights." It has nothing to do with hunting or home protection or even the Second Amendment. It is about the delusional paranoia of people who really believe the world is out to get them because society is changing from white to brown; from homophobic to tolerant; from exclusionary to inclusionary; from anti-woman to pro-woman.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dick Durbin dismantles Wayne LaPierre at the Congressional Hearing today.

Dick Durbin speaks to Wayne LaPierre and the audience and did such a great job of sorting through facts.  40 percent of guns are sold to people without Background checks  -  that is hundreds of thousands of guns per year.  Durbin asked why a person needs a 100 round clip? Surely it is not for hunting.  Mark Kelley, Gabby Giffords husband did an amazing job in explaining the terror and almost killing of an innocent person who tackled Laughner, the shooter of Gabby Giffords and the others.

comment about 1 NRA supporter witness:   but the takeaway I got when I saw it was that he believes that we all need to just rely on the dumb luck of poor manufacturing to avoid being one of the people shot in a massacre.
Yes, thank goodness only 70+ rounds were discharged before the 100 round drum malfunctioned!  Shaking head.

1999, the NRA supported Background checks on all people buying a weapon at Gun shows. Big Change today!

Wayne LaPierre, who makes over a million per year as a leader in the NRA, back in 1999 made a statement that the NRA supported Background Checks for all people buying guns.  Wayne LaPierre was at a Congressional Hearing back peddling on the NRA's previous stance.

Why Noah Pozner, Sandy Hook Victim, had an open casket at his funeral

If Americans knew what bullets did to human flesh, they’d support gun control. So perhaps they should be shown in living colour what bullets do to small bodies. A mere description is insufficient for the literal-minded.
Noah Pozner, 6, was one of the 20 child victims in the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14. All the dead were shot between three and 11 times. Tiny Noah took 11 bullets. His mother, Veronique, insisted on an open coffin,

Gabby Giffords talking to Congress about Gun Violence,

Former Representative Gabby Giffords from Arizona spoke to a Congressional Hearing today.  This lady was shot in the head less than 2 years ago and she can now speak to Congress.  She is a remarkable woman.

The heckling of the Dad who's son was killed in Sandy Hook by an Assault Weapon

This is a great rewrite about the heckling by NRA supporters at a hearing in Connecticut.  It has more of the testimony of the dad than previous seen.  Very compelling testimony.  Very good points made by the dad.  The Dad is a hunter too.

This is the most complete that I have seen as to the Dad's testimony.  It is very well done.  Lawrence O'Donnell has great commentary too.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Study shows White Evangelicals are Delusional and Paranoid

I know some White Evangelicals and the more I talk to them, the more they sound like this study.  They make it seem like the USA must allow their particular rights and deny the religious rights of others.  They put a lot into the constitution which really is not there.

President Obama's Immigration Policy! I am impressed.

President Obama today spoke to the nation regarding the immigration policy he is proposing.  It is such an inspiration to hear.  I have taught illegal immigrants and there are some great stories from these wonderful people.  I think it is a win-win policy for our nation.

Diabetes has been reversed by DIET changes.

This DR says not eating meats will go a long way in reversing diabetes. I am from a family of diabetics as adults so I have been gradually moving away from meats.  As an adult, I am not diabetic.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Police Officers first to Sandy Hook School interviewed. PTSD

The Officers, Fire Fighters and medics who responded to Sandy Hook Elementary will have a lot of trying to sort through that day of terror.   This story should be read by all of those voting on Gun Law regulations.  These terrible incidents will impact many people for years to come including the families of the lost as well as the families of the responders.

Bill Maher on gun laws, We love Guns too much to get rid of them.

Bill Maher says Guns are here to stay, we love guns to much.

NRA Heckles the Dad and Bashir has a discussion about this dismal act of cowardice!

The Heckling done by NRA fools to the Dad who lost his son in Sandy Hook are despicable.
The NRA spent 21 million dollars in 2010 in trying to get get kids age 8 to 15 to get to be be happy, shoot guns.
As Heslin asked legislators to tighten restrictions, gun rights activist interrupted his testimony, yelling “our rights will not be infringed!” and “Second Amendment!” Local news sources reported that there were nearly a dozen hecklers, who were quickly silenced. 

Heslin’s son, Jesse Lewis, died after trying to flee the gunman with other students.

Since New Town, there have been 1300 shootings with guns WE HAVE A PROBLEM FOLKS.

Paul Klugman talks economy and austerity - he is awesome!

Paul Krugman a Nobel Prize Winning Economist talks about economy and it makes so much sense.  Republicans do not like him because he is for the middle class.

Sandy Hook Dad asks Connecticut Legislators to change Gun Laws and gets Heckled

A man who had to face the death of his 6 year old son in a killing by an Assault Weapon at school and he got heckled.  They edited out the heckling but it is so very sad that someone who faced such a tremendous loss cannot speak about his sorry and ideas to keep such a tragedy from happening again.

Mary White, SEC Nominee, Protects Wall Street

It seems Mary White had been a tough prosecutor until she worked with Wall Street. Then she went light and gave Bear Stearns the benefir of the doubt.  It looks like another appointment to keep Wall Street Execs out of jail and making lots of money.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blackhawk helicopters flying and shooting in Miami at night - training

In Miami, there are Blackhawk Helicopters flying around shooting blanks at night.  The news says it is practice and involves the military and police.

The NRA has plans to give away lots of Assault Type weapons to kids 8 to 15 years old.

The NRA, along with Gun Manufacturers have a plan to get kids 8 to 15 to use sized down Assault type guns and guns with clips to shoot them.  It is basically a marketing tool to enlarge the Gum manufacturers pool of customers.  Get them to love guns early and be macho seems to be the direction they want to go.

After Sandy Hook and the killing of 20 little babies, could the NRA change their plans - please.

Immunize your children and yourself - Others can get the disease with serious resutl

Jenny McCarthy went on Oprah and had an hour to say kids should not be vaccinated.  Vaccination rates went down and the incidents of long forgotten diseases being seen again increased.  There are people with auto immune diseases, like MS and Chrohns which means they are suseptible to the diseases you or your children get because they have not been vaccinated.  It can be deadly to people.

60 Minutes talks about Sandy Hook Shooting of 20 kids and 7 adults.

Here is a 60 minutes piece on the killings of Sandy Hook.

New Town Residents led a 5000 people March for Gun Control 1/26/13,

There were thousands of People in WA DC yesterday at WA DC during a March for Responsible Gun Control.  There were 100 people from New Town.   A newspaper said there were 1000 there but it was well over that.   It is time to insist on reasonable and responsible gun control.

Mississippi wrote a law which lets a group of crazy politicians look at any Federal Law and say it is null and void in MS.

Sounds Pretty Crazy - They could say,  Any Gun Law which is from the Federal Government is now null and void so any and all can carry an Assault Weapon in Mississppi, (including Felons)..  They wrote into the law that only the Supreme Court can over ride their authority.

Sounds like the Fox wants control over the Hen House to me.

Kindergarten Parent's talk about her son being killed at Sandy Hook.

Responsible Gun Ownership and Mental Health are partial topics which the parents want President Obama and Congress to address.  They will stay in NewTown and let their other son live a productive life.  Why do we have to get these kinds of interviews at BBC?

Sheriff says Get Guns and Take care of Business before calling 911. Good?

6 people shot at Gun Shows in 1 week.   These are people trained and careful around guns.  So, If you can get into the Gun Show, buy a gun and leave without getting shot then you can train.  So, you can set up a few beer cans and shoot away. So, you are now ready to take the place of the police who have trained for months and years with firearms?

This whole notion scares the crap out of me.  I was trained in the military and guns should not be taken lightly.  If things are getting crazy - HOW ABOUT HIRING MORE POLICE or not take their time going after pot smokers or homeless folks.  

Solar energy project being set up in Chicago

A residential area in Chicago was chosen for Solar Energy Study.  This sounds quite interesting.

We would have been so far along if we had provided funding for individual houses and neighborhoods to go solar and/or use wind power. Now, we have to get the technology from other countries.  I am so very glad that it is being done though.

There was a time when the USA was at the forefront of technology and innovation.

The worst states for Pregnant Rape Victims - The rapist can go to court for visitation rights in some states

Visitation Rights or the Rapist.  Being told NO - you cannot get an abortion.  Some states are terrible for Raped and Pregnant women.

How the NRA went from Police friend to Enemy in 30 years - what changed?

A good article which goes over the changes in the NRA to make most law enforcement officials upset with the current stand of A Gun For Everyone stand which the NRA are presently pushing.

Sarah Palin has more time to watch Russia, she no longer works for FOX.

3 Million dollars richer, Sarah Palin is back to watching Russia.  Tweets about Sarah.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Teacher who went to school at Sandy Hook says NO TO ARMING TEACHERS! More Education is needed.

A Teacher who had grown up and went to school at Sandy Hook takes a stand and says NO to arming teachers.  She says we need more education to know how to find people who might do these kinds of crimes and get them the counseling or services they need.  Good read

Gun Show Shooting yesterday - unloaded gun went off, of course.

Another gun show, Another shooting.  The bullet went through the palm of someone's hand.  These are people who know and sell guns regularly.  Feeling Safe Yet?  6th Gun Show shooting in a week.

Iceland is thriving after letting Big Banks Go Bankrupt!

Iceland was as bad as any other country but they are now thriving.  Why?  The gave money to the poor and STAYED AWAY FROM AUSTERITY measures which were common in Europe.  Europe is hurting and Iceland is at almost 100% employment.

The US, and Europe, could learn something from Iceland.

Stephen King came out against big clips and semi-automatic weapons yesterday!

Author, Stephen King, a gun owner, is against clips which hold more than 10 rounds and Automatic and Semi-Automatic Asssault Weapons.  Here is a short write up about his anti-gun essay.

Dance walking Guru found! Joe is his name.

Why walk when you can Dance Walk?  The new craze started by a fellow named Joe who Dance Walked in NY.  He was an internet sensation and did not even have a Facebook account.  

Krystal Ball on Unions! I am quite impressed with her ideas.

Krystal Ball and her ideas on Unions are wonderful.  She is talking like my momma talked to me years ago when I asked her if I should join the cook's union in Tacoma, WA.  Very good rant, short and sweet too.

Crooks are breaking into houses and gun stores to steal guns!

On the street, Stolen Guns are a quick and easy way for a criminal to get guns.  Many Criminals are breaking into homes and Gun Stores to steal guns to get easy cash on the street.  This is a recent study.

NRA figures out language to get Convicted Felons back to purchasing and using guns legally.

The NRA says they are for our Government arresting people under current Gun laws.  They then turn around and make language to laws which allow convicted felons the ability to buy and use guns again. There are cases where people say they fear this person with a gun but the law is now such that they had to allowed to legally purchase a gun.

Just the usual, say one thing and tie the hand of those responsible for keeping our country safe.

NEW RULES - Bill Maher, Guns, Military, macho and stuff

We have a military which has a budget bigger than 13 other countries combined and it is not enough.  Is there ever too much that it takes away from what needs done for a successful society?  Bill states his case very well.

A daughter wrote about Gun Control Laws.

I am watching the public debate regarding gun rights closely.  My family owns guns for hunting and basic protection.  That being said, I am not certain Americans who appreciate the second amendment have taken a moment to view this matter through the lens of a mom with young children.  I have lost my ability to support the belief that all weapons should be legal for all Americans to own.  Here’s why:

A few years ago, moments after putting my then 5 and 3 year old children to bed, my house began shaking to the deafening, throbbing pulse of what I soon discovered was an automatic rifle riddling my neighborhood and the one local sheriff's deputy in our isolated small town with bullets.  It was dark and cold.  We had no idea what was happening.  I grabbed my children out of bed (one had a fever) and tried to find a room that was not easily penetrable with bullets: at that time not knowing where the gunfire was coming from.  My husband told me to take the children to the basement storage room and lock all doors behind me.  It was 40 degrees in that room and very hard to keep a sick toddler warm.  I bundled my children in sleeping bags and had them sit in folding camping chairs for much of the night.  My husband watched in the 2nd story window, trying to figure out what was going on.  During this time, we later learned the sheriff's deputy had been shot and lay fighting for his life in the street one house away from our home.  Reinforcement law officers eventually showed up, got the fallen deputy on a flight to a medical center and got word out that our town was locked down as the shooter (our neighbor) was hiding somewhere in town.  A swat team searched all homes that appeared uninhabited in an effort to find the gunman.  Our neighborhood was both eerily quiet as the snow fell that weekend and incredibly busy with law enforcement officials and eventually media.  My neighbor (the gunman) gave himself up on day 3 of this horrible incident citing heart irregularities.

The small town I speak of has a culture of hunters and believes (more than most) that all citizens have the right to bear arms; any arms.  The local shooting range is used often and most local children learn from an early age how to use guns responsibly.  My husband is beginning to teach our growing son basic hunting skills and rifle safety measures.  Our guns are always locked up.  I say this to make it clear that I am in NO way against a citizen's right to bear arms.  There are many citizens (including trusted neighbors and my husband) who I have every confidence will always use quality judgement when utilizing their 2nd amendment rights.  But, short of our friends in law enforcement and the military, I know of no reasonable citizens who see a need to keep an automatic firearm.  My old neighbor who jumped on his roof and shot up our neighborhood, scaring the crap out of this mom with a sick kid, because the shooter's wife had supposedly just told him she wanted a divorce and requested law enforcement backup when he became belligerent; did NOT need an automated weapon and multiple high capacity ammunition clips.  

The NRA's black and white answer to the congressional conversation being had at present strikes me as covering for people like my neighbor who are capable of terrible things.  Part of my fear here is the suspicion that so many of my own neighbors in that town seemed to dislike the US government and specifically President Obama and his administration; I worried that some people were simply interested in their gun rights so that they could fight a 'government' they did not vote for.  If true, that philosophy leads to a weakened government and, I fear, a general tendency towards anarchy.  It jeopardizes not only the federal government's ability to maintain a strong, law-abiding citizenry, but also reduces even the local sheriff's ability to do his job and here's why: not all citizens are able to understand that law enforcement at all levels is a means of maintaining a safe and stable society.  Said citizens simply feel picked on by law enforcement when challenged and believe it their right to 'prepare' to fight back.  Who will they choose to fight against?  And in that individual's mind, at that moment, will it matter who he is fighting?

In the 2011 political climate, I got a sense that there was a group within the county that felt it patriotic to defend themselves against anything at all to do with 'big government'.  While I knew many citizens in my town who understood that their desire for a smaller government was simply a political conversation that was useful at all levels of society in an effort to shape our future; I also sensed that some citizens felt that they would need to fight their own government to overcome the political trend towards 'big government': they saw this conversation as a true threat to their family’s security, rather than a conversation to participate in what may lead to a better method of governance.  Some of these individuals were well armed and often openly admitted that they were not accountable to federal, state or even (in many cases) county laws.  Though many of them generally believed that their local sheriff had their best interest in mind, I became frightened to learn that even our local sheriff's deputy was gunned down when trying to resolve a domestic dispute: suggesting that some of these individuals no longer felt that even the sheriff was a trustworthy public servant.

Yes, this was one man: supposedly an isolated incident.  Or was it?  Of late, I am not so sure it was isolated: Newtown, Connecticut, Clackamas Town Center in Oregon, Aurora, Colorado (where a dear friend lives), Virginia Tech…. just to name a few.

I am not convinced that the NRA is aware of the anarchist philosophy that their staunchness in gun advocacy seems to this mom to be supporting.  I, more than most, understand what a country in anarchy looks like.  I was in Peace Corps, Zimbabwe in 1999 and 2000 when white farmers were being driven from their land (some violently), Zimbabwean nationals were being tortured for having divergent political views, the Zim Dollar literally collapsed and the AIDS epidemic/ healthcare crisis impacted every aspect of Zimbabwean society.  Though I recognize that it is irresponsible of me to assimilate the United States of America with Zimbabwe, Africa (I know full well that we are exceptionally different on every level), I point this experience out to emphasize where my fear of extremism comes from.

I am a mom of young children and though I am not sure legislation is the exact answer to the prevalence of guns violating our schools and terrorizing our traditionally safe streets, I AM sure we have a problem that needs a wise, collective group of Americans to swallow some tough pills and deal with.  I see NO need for automated weaponry in general public hands.  If the NRA and Republican Party can help me understand that my children are in fact safer because some of my neighbors have automated weapons, then please help me see that perspective, but unlike many NRA members I do not fear my government.  I know from experience what a government to fear actually looks, sounds and feels like and the USA is not it.  

What I fear the most is those individuals with guns who stray from the solidarity of the American people and the safe society we have worked hard to create- through conversation and compromise.  I fear fear itself.  A people self-arming against non-existent or overplayed fears is the essence of fear overcoming the balance and foundation of its own people.

Do what you can by supporting enforcement of all the laws and regulations we already have and, If legislation is the only answer to this riddle, then I am in favor of increasing regulations on guns including banning automatic weapons and high capacity ammo clips.  

Thank You Tricia. I agree.

Dolphin goes up to divers to get net off of him

Scuba Divers were watching Manta Rays and a Dolphin came up to the divers and would not leave.  The Dolphin had a fishing line and hook attached to him.  The divers cut the fishing line off.  I used to scuba dive.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Michael Jackson - Super Bowl 1992 - Great

Michael Jackson was a great performer.  As we come up to a Super Bowl again, here is Michael Jackson doing a SuperBowl performance in 1992.  Michael was a treasure.  All of it was good but I liked the last song best.

Forward: An Anthem for President Obama's second term

This is great!  A song dedicated to President Obama's second term.  I like it.

Dr. Tiller and women's stories of why they have abortions

this link and video is from a new film at the Sundance Film Festival.  It talks about Dr. Tiller who was assassinated at church and other Doctors who do abortions.  They talk about the women and their stories.  It is quite compelling.

Colbert on the Hillary hearings? Is there anything to stop her in 2016?

Stephen Colbert was disappointed in the Republicans being beat up by Hillary at the Benghazi hearings.  Ultimately, he asks is there anything to stop her being elected as President?  Good Question.

Hillary Benghazi hearing according to Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart on the Benghazi hearings and the dumb repeating of the same questions by the Republicans.

15,000 Crocodiles escape animal farm in South Africa

Warning to residents - get on your roof and DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR to stray Crocs.  If you send your dog out to pee, he may not return.

"Republicans Looked Like Weenies" A Republican actually said that about Hillary taking on the Republican stooges

Finally, A Republican who saw the same hearings that I saw when Hillary ripped apart the Republican fools during the Benghazi hearings.  Much of the other Right Wing comments about the hearings were way off from my perspective.  You had multiple white males out to make a name for themselves by taking down Hillary a few notches and they failed is what I saw.

This Republican fellow saw the ass whippin that Hillary layed on the Benghazi Committee Republican fools.

SEC will be run by someone WALL STREET does not want.

The nominee for SEC Chair has a lot of history prosecuting those who do illegal acts, even big names and powerful people.  There will probably be a lot of opposition from Big Boys to her nomination.  She does not intimidate easily.

US Health at the bottom of 17 Industrialized countries

The US is near the bottom on 7 health indicators for the biggest Industrialized countries.  The wealthiest country in the world is way behind - Not good.

12 rational arguments for Gun Control

Reasonable Gun Control makes so much sense.  The second amendment says a WELL REGULATED MILITIA, which means something too.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dumb Criminal Story -

This guy goes into court carrying a bunch of pot - not smart.

11 year old Native girl in Canada speaking against Big Oil - Great!

This is an 11 year old girl who tells such a wonderful story about the land her ancestors have lived on for thousands of years.  It is wonderful

Bad Lip Reading on the Inauguration

Bad Lip Reading does the Inauguretion.  Beyonce singing is great.

Economic Hostage Taking - The Manufactured Crisis

The Republicans have and are creating a manufactured crisis which may well create havoc with the US and World Economy if the Republican Right have their way.  This article is quite informative.

Paul Ryan on the Makers/Takers comments: Jon Stewart reminds him of what he really said.

Paul Ryan says stuff and then says, he did not say that or he is being misinterpreted.  Jon Stewart is able to find what he says and the truth can hurt.

5 Trillion dollar debt by Obama examined

Republicans are yelling that President Obama is a big spender and has spent 5 Trillion.  How much of that is carry over debt?  The 5 Trillion debt is examined, where did it come from?  Remember too:  The economy was in free fall when President Obama took over 4 years ago.

Republicans and NRA - THIS PAST Week was HORRIBLE for them!!

Matt Taibbi wrote about the Republican and NRA No Good, Rotten and worse past week they had.  It was a comedy of errors.

Just read the article, it is quite good.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Arm all College Students - Texas says shoot em all

A couple of college kids got in a gun fight that injured innocent bystanders.  The Texas Republicans say the way  to solve an issue like that is to give all students guns.

Juanita Jean says:  Two guys are shooting, you pull out a gun and shoot both?  How do you tell who is the good guy and who is the bad guy?

3 min news

3 min news for 1/22/13  A little different.  Science topics.!

Republicans moving to rig elections.

Republicans are working hard to rig the elections in Virginia and other states as well.  In Virginia, a Democratic legislator goes to the Inaugural and while he is gone, the Republicans pass a redistricting bill because the Dem is not there to vote against it.  THERE HAD NEVER BEEN A HEARING OR PRIOR READING OF THE BILL.  Very UnDemocratic actually.

Hilary Clinton Vs Ron Johnson - He is an idiot. Hilary made him look foolish!

Hilary Clinton is so very great.  She is wonderful under pressure and such a great spokesperson for our country.  The Republicans jjust made fools of themselves by trying to blow up the Benghazi incident into some huge 9-11 like event.  THERE WERE 7 ATTACKS AND MORE PEOPLE KILLED IN EMBASSIES UNDER BUSH AFTERALL.

Hilary just ripped apart Sen Ron Johnson, Republican - of course.  These Republican Idiots are really sold on this macho, kick ass crap but they have no idea what they are talking about.  They are making stuff up and blaming her.  What a fool.

FOX dead last in viewership on inauguration day!!

It was not even close.  FOX was way below the other stations on Inauguration day. Hating Obama did not get them ratings.  I see a stumbling FOX after this election.

Benghazi hearings: Mrs. Clinton cleaned house. McCain, Paul and the others looked bad.

A talker who had worked in the US Foreign Service ripped into McCain and Paul in particular for their attempt to grandstand and falling on their faces with Hilary Clinton.  Hilary answered every question and made the Republican Grandstand crew look foolish.

Chris Matthews trying to get an answer from a Pro-life advocate. Very well done.

Chris Matthews kept going back to what should be the law and jail term for a woman who has an abortion.  How much jail time.  It was an excellent question which the Pro-life person could not or would not answer.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Barrow, AK just had 45 minutes of daylight after 65 days of darkness - spring is coming

Barrow,  AK last saw the sun Nov 18 and has been dark ever since.  Today, they had 45 minutes of sunlight after 65 days of darkness.

When I was looking at Alaska to teach  I talked to the Superintendent at Barrow and was offered a job. I turned it down and ended up in Emmonak, AK on the Yukon.  Even Emmonak was too remote and then came to Juneau, AK.

Debt Limit Explained - Great Video

This is the best explanation of the Debt Limit debate explained.  Quite Good!!

300 Million year old machinery found in lump of coal

Russia:  Interesting - a man found a piece of machinery in coal which is 300 million years old.  There is lots of speculation as to where it came from. From an alien?

Shooting at a College in Texas today. At least 2 Shot.

Of course, it appears that innocent people were shot.  One shooter is in custody.  It sounds like two guys got mad and it went from verbal to shooting.

I think we have a gun problem myself.  Two angry people should just fight with fists or walk away or get a lawyer and go to court.  This getting mad and shooting killed 5 yesterday by a 15 year old.  "I have anger issues" was his excuse.  I wonder what the statement will be today.

Easy access to guns by hotheads is a problem.

Roe v Wade - 40 year later, Trans Vaginal Ultra Sound? Why?

Lizz Winstadd, one of the creators of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, take 90 seconds to talk about settled law,  Roe v Wade and the continuing fight for a legal right.  Quite Good

NRA opposes Back Ground Checks after saying they are for them

The NRA made a statement that they would be for Back Ground Checks but just opposed  Back Ground Check bills in Virginia.  Saying one thing and doing another - the usual.

Republican Death Panels at work! Louisiana

Louisiana stopped funding end of life care for its people - that is death panel decision making.

Republicans have a great way of doing something and then blaming President Obama.  This is a clear case of it.  The scream DEATH PANELS and then make them real under a Republican.  They are denying end of life care for people with Medicare and Medicaid,  End of life is when people need a doctor to monitor pain medication.  My mother was able to keep the pain down by pushing a button prescribed by a Doctor.    I see a lot more pain at the end of life. I hope the Republicans do not have the end of life care they need when their time comes.

Monday, January 21, 2013

15 year old boy murders his family - He used his parents guns

He said he had an anger issue and was upset with his mom so he killed his mom.  Then a little brother, then two sisters and then waited for his dad to get home and killed him with the Assault Weapon.  He then re loaded the guns and thought about going to shoot random folks.

His Dad is a pastor so it was not a lack of religious upbringing.  It was having access to guns that killed those unfortunate people.  It is past time to do something about easy access to guns.  The boy was home schooled and Christian so that is a problem for the "Pray More" and people will not kill others group but they are pretty good at ignoring facts anyway.

For Right Wingers - The Ultimate President Obama Conspiracy Chart

This is exactly what Right Wingers have been waiting for; a chart which lists every possible President Obama Conspiracy which has or can be attributed to him.  Dang:  Actually, Glenn Beck needs to see this, it would work for his chalk board.

MAN - What have we accomplished? A short video

Here is a short video which takes man through the accomplishments we have made.  Makes you think - how successful are we?  Really.

Martin Luther King: I have a dream

Here is Martin Luther King's,  i HAVE A DREAM speech.  Today is MLK's birthday and I hope you dream of the betterment of our society on this day!

This is also the inauguration of President Obama.  Enjoy your day.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A mom took the Governor to see her dead son's body in the casket.

The mom of the youngest child killed in the Connecticut Shootings took the Governor by the hand and made him look at her dead son.  He had been shot 11 times and his jaw had been blown off and his left hand was almost off as well.

The mom wanted the Governor to see the devastation and not just talk in generalities about the loss she and 25 others had to face.  The Governor cried at seeing the dead child.  Honestly:  I wish every legislator in WA DC who will be voting on Gun Laws had been made to look at a dead child from Sandy Hook Elementary.

HUGE BUG COSTUME, Boy got suspended for being a banana.

Here is the 4 legged HUGE BUG costume which I think is so great!

A boy got suspended from school for wearing a banana suit.

Self Proclaimed Racist apologized to those he beat up during the time of Martin Luther King.

This White man was involved in the beating of blacks during the protests when Martin Luther King was leading marches against racism.  He is very open in what he did and apologized to John Lewis and all blacks he harmed.

Change in people can take place.  He said a friend asked him if he would go to heaven or hell and he said he felt he would go to hell, given his past.  He changed after that.

3 Children and 2 Adults shot by teenager in New Mexico

As the numbers of dead pile up, here are 5 more dead by a teenager with a gun. I have a funny feeling that we will be seeing more of this.,b=facebook

We are the World, Do we really wants everyone to have Guns at the store?

Normal:  Should it be Assault weapons strapped on everyone over 13?
Should everyone have at least a Glock with a 30 Bullet clip?  Is that what we need for our Children and Grandchildren?  I sure hope not.   (Today, a boy picked up his moms gun and it fired, killing his brother - another accident.  How many more do we need before we do something?)

We are at a stage of making a serious choice on direction of our country.  As a member of the US Army, I shot an M-16 on automatic and Semi-Auto.  Assault Weapons are for war, not for the average person.  I was highly trained prior to using it as a killing machine.  BTW:  Semi-Auto is better for shooting to wound or kill.  In Auto - you spray, In Semi-Auto you aim and go directly at a target with the intent to harm or kill.

We ARE THE WORLD is a great song with many great singers.  I hope we think to the future as we make out decisions about Gun Laws here in the United States.

Discouraged? Go for your dreams? Within reason of course.

Susan Boyle showed the world that a person can find and reach that dream.  It might take a while and you may never reach it but I think, trying is where the fun is anyway.

Susan Boyle sings an amazing song.  No one is laughting at Susan Boyle now.

Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World - great

This is a great way to start a day with Louis Armstrong singing, "It's a Wonderful World"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

To Gun Appreciation Day and 5 PEOPLE GOT SHOT at Gun Shows

This post is for those fools who took their guns to gun shows and shot people, by accident.

Today, we found out why GUN SHOWS DO NOT ALLOW LOADED GUNS.

Seriously - The NRA and Sheriff Joe in Arizona wants these people to wander around schools with loaded guns?

The Harry Potter Cape that makes a person invisible!

it is close to being real.  The Military is very interested.

400 Women in Jail for Pregnancy!!

Over 400 women are or were jailed for things like trying to get a legal abortion, drinking etc.  In many states, the Civil Rights of  Women are being denied and rights are given to the Zygote or fetus.  A lady died when she was denied a medical procedure because it might hurt the baby.  Mom and baby died.

We have gone way beyond Mom and Doctor deciding what and how to deal with pregnancy, rape, abuse and abortion.

Interesting:  If the choice if my daughter or the Zygote, baby - let my daughter live, but it should be up to a Doctor (who believes abortion is an option) and my daughter.

Gun Appreciation Day - 3 people Shot at gun show today! (Update 5 now shot today)

It was an accident where a shot gun went off and shot 2 updated to 3..  They closed the show for the day.  These are people who are trained on Guns and two people shot.  REMEMBER;  THEY WANT THESE PEOPLE PATROLLING OUR SCHOOLS, like in Arizona.  This past week a gun was left in a school bathroom where kids as young as 5 go to the bathroom.

UPDATE;  At two other gun shows - 1 person shot at two other gun shows to make a total of 5 people shot at Gun Shows today.  BTW:  51 Gun Shows ban carrying loaded guns in their upcoming shows and now we see why.  These people really insist on carrying guns around schools to keep kids safe?  Oh Boy, we are in trouble.

Feeling Safer yet?  I don't have a lot of confidence in the UNREGULATED MILITIA.   The 2nd Amendment calls for a Well Regulated Militia.

Man has an AR 15 strapped to his back at Penny's in Utah - feel safer yet?

In Utah, a man carried an assault weapon on his back while shopping. It is legal in Utah.  It does not make me feel safer.  In Portland, OR last week, two guys were carrying assault weapons in open site in the Sellwood area.  There were lots of 911 calls in Portland.  (It is legal in OR too.)

-On the IMMORAL MINORITY Blog, He starts this article off with, "Wouldn't it be easier if he just wore a T-Shirt that said, "I HAVE A TINY PENIS?" instead of carrying the Assault Weapon?

This woman shot video of the man with the assault weapon in the store.

RAISE THE $110,000 CAP ON SOCIAL SECURITY! It makes sense!

Ezra Klein talks about raising the current 110,000 cap on Social Security!  I think it is important and a reasonable fix which would solve the problem for up to 75 years.

Newly Hired School Guard leaves gun in bathroom

OK - Now, it is ok to bring guns in school and the guard leaves his gun in the bathroom for kids to find = great.  This guard is a weapons trainer too.

We are losing our liberties bit by bit, NOT OUR GUNS - Bill Maher

Bill Maher makes a great point!  While we yell and scream about Guns, basic liberties are being stripped from us.  Last week, a bill was passed that the government could read our emails, facebooks and mail without a warrant.  But we talk about guns.

Bill says it best:  Very Informative, Glad he is back again.

VA is pushing the Rape with a Republican Camera Bill Again

In Virginia, Republicans are close to passing a bill which allows a woman to be penetrated with a camera up her Vagina, WITHOUT HER PERMISSION!  This procedure IS NOT medically necessary.  It is called trans vaginal ultrasound and Republicans have every intention of passing it.
Is this the Republican Small Government model? They sure like small government up vaginas I guess.

Rachel Maddow on access to abortion

Many years ago, I taught a girl in ninth grade.  She was happy and made good gains in school.  Summer came and went.  In the fall as a 10th grader, she always wore a dirty, ragged coat.  She was not happy anymore and her grades went down.  It took a lot of coaxing to get her to do her work.  After  a few months and the coat getting tighter and tighter, she finally talked to the school counselor.  She was pregnant.  SHE WAS IMMEDIATELY TAKEN OUT OF THE HOME.  Her father had an illegal bar and gambling hall at his house.  During the summer.  This little girl was the winning prize for Poker.  She was awaken to have sex with an unknown person.  People were arrested and got prison time, including her father.

This little girl got an abortion.  What happened to her was not a Gift From God and I believe Abortion should be legally available and a decision for a woman and her Doctor.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Gun Crazies are talking - Check it out!

This is a compilation of videos of what the crazies have to say.  It is crazy stuff.

Poor Gun Logic: We need Assault Weapons to take on the Governments tanks, drones and bombs?

the logic just does not work out as illustrated in this link.

In Alaska:  We had a militia group that had many big guns and had a two for 1 plan.  For every one of there members who was jailed, two police, judges or politicians will be killed.  They were ratted out and the leaders are now in prison and I feel safer.

Back in the 70's, I went to a meeting where the banning of assault weapons was being discussed.  I had just gotten out of the Army and felt they were for the military.  The people screaming that they could take their guns with their cold, dead hands on the trigger.  I left that meeting scared of the nut jobs who insist on having guns.  It seemed like the nuttier the person, the bigger the gun they insisted upon.

Historically: The 2nd Amendment was to keep slaves from rising up

This is an interesting article about h0w the sencond amendment came to be.  Seems it was an attempt to keep slaves from rising up.  The government even gave guns to whites and let whites keep and enslave any black folks they found trying to get away.

The NRA and Republican Party kneecapped the ATF so they could not do their job!

The NRA and some Republicans made the Gun Situation much worse by not allowing the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms ATF to do their jobs.  The NRA stuck a rider in a bill which made it illegal for ATF to ask Gun Shops for information about Guns or people buying the guns.  The Republicans have blocked the pick of ATF for over 6 years, so there has been no agency director.  This is very cynical since they then insist NO NEW GUN LAWS, enforce the laws on the books knowing they have blocked so many laws.  The ATF was almost disbanded but the NRA needed to keep an agency to blame things on and getting Republicans to make laws to cripple enforcement of gun laws.

A bit from the article:  ...made it all but impossible for the government to prosecute corrupt gun dealers. It prohibited the bureau from compiling a national database of retail firearm sales, reduced the penalty for dealers who falsified sales records from a felony to a misdemeanor, and raised the threshold for prosecution for unlicensed dealing.
Perhaps most glaringly, the ATF was explicitly prohibited from conducting more than one inspection of a single dealer in a given year, meaning that once an agent had visited a shop, that dealer was free to flout the law.

Debt Ceiling - Polls show people see economies crashing if it is not passed

Recent polling shows concern by most people if the debt ceiling does not pass.  It is a needless attempt to crash the economy by the Republicans is my thought.  the Republicans just have to break something and then blame President Obama.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crystal Ball gives the Republican Whack Jobs some topics to consider soon

Crystal Ball of MSNBC gives the Republicans some topics of discussion to consider while they are talking the future of the party.  I am beginning to like the way she thinks.

Tyrants and Gun Control - Jon Stewart. The poor Republican Party

The Republican Party likes to call President Obama a Tyrant for his use of Executive Privilege.  jon Stewart schools them on what a real Tyrant is like.  Very Good.

The Public is in favor of Gun Control Measures!!

Recent Polls are in favor of major changes in Gun Controls being put in place.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll, taken before the president’s recommendations, shows 74% of Americans favor a ban on assault weapons while only 26% oppose. The question of ammunition produced similar results: 74% of Americans favor a ban on high capacity ammunition clips and 26% oppose. The same poll found 86% like the idea of expanded background checks for all would-be gun buyers, even at gun shows and through private sales. Only 14% opposed.

Drunks target practice with an assault rifle and shoot up a town - Juanita Jean

From Juanita Jean:  In Ohio, two drinking (drugs too) fellows had an assault weapon and did some target practice in a town.  The police had to dodge bullets looking for the fellows.  The bullets were shooting up a neighborhood.  At least it wasn't Arizona or Texas this time.

Morning Joe and Mike rip the NRA a new one!!! This is excellent

Morning Joe Scarborough and Mika ripped into the NRA for targeting President Obama's Daughters.  Since his election, the amount of guns and threats to him and his family have increased dramatically compared to the time of any other President.  It is dangerous and his children in particular need protection from those with intent to take down our President and/or the ones that he loves.

This is an excellent discussion of the ad.  I was quite surprised by the strength of their argument and the directness against the NRA.  I was glad to see it.

Gerrymandering by the GOP won the house for them. Statewide -Fewer votes but they still took the house seat

The GOP have a report basically bragging about how they were able to take the House Of Representatives even when the GOP got fewer votes statewide than the Democrats in some states.  Gerrymandering allowed them to get republican votes in key House Districts to elect their person.  they now have plans to do the same and take the Presidency with electoral College votes.  They feel they can get fewer Popular Votes but win with Electoral Votes.  Changes are taking place now at State Houses after the wins in House Districts.

Antioxidents for your health - If you want to improve your diet

Here is an article about Antioxidents and the benefits to your body.  Smoothies are good for your health.

MAN BUYS A GUN AND KILLS 3 YESTERDAY!! We need sane gun laws.

A man bought a gun and then went to meet his ex wife, child and relative and shot them dead.  We need gun control bad.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The ATF has no power to enforce GUN LAWS because the NRA has stripped the ATF of all power. They CANNOT ASK Gun Shops for records or information.

The ATF, Alchohol, Tabacco and Firearms office 10 years ago was stripped of the legal power to ask a Gun Shop for records and were strippped of the power to make a data base of guns used in crimes BY THE NRA!!  The NRA got a congressman to put a poison pill in a bill which took away the power to regulate guns.  We have not had a director of the ATF for 6 years because the NRA does not want one chosen - sweet deal for the NRA to stop the AFT from doing its job.

Jon Stewart Can Explain much better than I.

Comments from Arizona Residents about Sheriff's Joe's Posse of people checking out schools with loaded guns (even Assault Weapons)

About 2/3 of the people DO NOT feel safer with these patrols.  It is a difficult job for trained people and for anyone to just walk off the street and wander around a school with a gun is scary - I teach.

So Sick!! Texas stopped checking about water which fires up after Fracking. Investigation stopped mid study. Not right.

Fracking was started in Texas and nearby farms water suddenly started catching fire and smelling and looking awful.  It was deemed a problem and a study implemented.  Mid stream the study was stopped and no fault stated.  The farmers were on their own.

What happened was just not right.

The Executive Orders which President Obama (My Hero) which will drastically change our Gun Laws to be much more reasonable for our Country.

Here are the executive Orders which President Obama is proposing.  I back him 100% with his suggested changes.  Going through the bought and paid for Congress (by the NRA) is foolish and we have had enough, "GIVE EVERY PERSON AN ASSAULT WEAPON" crap to last many lifetimes. We just have more dead kids and adults because we have Free Flowing Assault Weapons and 20, 30 and even 100 Bullet Clips.  I have listened to why we need big clips and the excuses are lame at the very least.

This is the real information on the Executive Orders being Proposed and I will do everything in my power to help pass these.

Everything you need to know about President Obama's Proposed Gun Policy. I Agree with it 100%

I just briefly went over the Gun Proposal and I agree with it 100%  I think it is a long time in coming.  In going through the data, the previous Assault Weapon Ban did work - we are being lied to by the NRA.  Since we allowed free flowing Assault Weapon usage, the killings have increased dramatically. The big clips are simply meant to kill massive amounts of people.  The BackGround Check is a no- brainer in my mind and should have been passed when we allowed Assault Weapons to be used but now is better than never.

ARIZONA allowing people to go into a gun store and gun show and buy up 10 or more Assault Weapons and Huge Clips with just a Driver's License is crazy and the only way they would change their law is by the Federal Law changing it.  What is going on is totally ridiculous.

The dead who suffered because of lax gun laws is many and we cannot bring them back.  We need to look to the future and make the USA a safer place for our children and Grandchildren.

EVERY TEACHER HAVING A GUN IS STUPID, at best.  For the NRA to make this the plan forward proved to me that they had no intention of making reasonable gun laws to make our world a better place.

THANK YOU PRESIDENT OBAMA and VP Biden for taking a strong stand for sane gun laws.
Now, I will be working to get it passed, for my children and Grandchildren,

This article was short and sweet but summed up the Proposal Quite Well.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This is the BRAVE HERO that let the traumatized students from Sandy Hook into his home when the shooting was taking place. He is being threatened!! Crazy!

This BRAVE AND WONDERFUL MAN let kids into his home as shooting was taking place at their school Sandy Hook Elementary.  This man is being ridiculed and threatened for being a wonderful Grandfather who was simply trying to help kids in need.

NRA - People are turning against them. Scarborough shows the polls which are against the NRA policies

Joe Scarborough today called the NRA extremist in their policies regarding Gun Policies.  He is for Background checks and against Big Clips of 20, 30 or 100 bullets and semi-automatic assault weapons.

Quite interesting!  20 babies were just killed by an assault weapon and people are against the easy killing of our children.

SICK MINDS: A man who saw 6 kids hiding by his house took the kids in and called parents: Where Sandy Hook - He is being harassed and threatened for helping!

This is just plain SICK!  6 kids and a bus driver were hiding out near Sandy Hook and the kids could not go back because their teacher had been shot.  The man took the kids and driver into his house and called parents.  He was listening to the shooting at the school.

THIS HERO is being threatened and harassed - It is just sick!!!!  We need gun controls and the sick people threatening heros should be ashamed of themselves.

Republicans accuse President Obama of USING HIS POSITION TO LEAD THE COUNTRY!! They are considering Impeachment or Deportation!

Andy Borowitz found out the the Republicans are very upset that President Obama is using the Constitutionally mandated power to lead the government.  They are very upset and will be very upset unless President Obama changes his way and does only as the Republicans and NRA tell him to do.

The Texas congressman said that if Mr. Obama persists in executing the office of the Presidency as defined by the Constitution, he could face “impeachment and/or deportation.”

Texas Legislator writes a bill to arrest and imprison any Official who tries to enforce Federal Gun Laws. (It is Unconstitutional - just so you know.)

A Texas State Legislator is going to throw in a bill which would allow for the arrest and jailing of any person attempting to enforce Federal Gun Laws.  It could be up to a 5 year jail sentence.  THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL - just so you know.

Today, New York passed the first gun bill legislation which says that all Private Gun Purchases now require background checks.  So, if that becomes Federal Law and a Federal Official insists, that official could be arrested and charged with a Texas crime. (Insisting on background checks would be a crime - think about that for a second.  20 babies were killed one month ago by a deranged person and 5 months ago, we had people shot up in a movie theater and 3 weeks ago a crazy got shot up a mall - background checks - arrest the person who insists on following a federal law??  Does not make sense to me.

“If a federal official comes into the state of Texas to enforce the federal executive order, that person is subject to criminal prosecution,” Toth told 1200 WOAI’s Joe Pags Tuesday. He says his bill would make attempting to enforce a federal gun ban in Texas punishable by a $50,000 fine and up to five years in prison.

Political Courage to take on the Gun Lobby and the Climate Denier (8% of the population.)

-The Climate is warming faster than expected and we are ignoring it.
-Assault Weapon tragedies are now normal and we are ignoring it!

When will we have the political courage to take on those who are making massive amounts of money by ignoring climate change and letting Assault Weapons be available to those with intent to kill massive numbers of people.

A well-regulated militia means regular guns for regular folks and assault weapons are for the police and military.  They must be trained and have regular training in the physical and emotional use of such killing machines.  Any  hothead or depressed person should not have access to Assault weapons.

We need to get real on the Second amendment and look to it as it was considered before 1977.

NRA has distorted the 2nd Amendment and is making the US a more dangerous place!

The 2nd Amendment has been hijacked by the NRA.  Now, the NRA is not pushing for reasonable laws which require training and penalties for crimes committed with guns.  Now the NRA has gone totally Right Wing and insist that all people have guns and be free to use them if they are scared.  (Stand Your Ground Laws.)   The change of course is making the NRA lots of money because they are now an arm of the gun companies.  The more guns sold, the more money which the NRA gets.

the 300 million guns in personal hands in the U.S. are increasing for sure.
With the mass murders, it is the NRA that is most culpable. The NRA has been transformed from an organization primarily about gun safety to one taken over by gun zealots. The NRA protects the ability of virtually anyone to get their hands on guns, even the most powerful assault weapons like those used in recent killings. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the developed world. For the NRA, "freedom" is now defined as the ability to carry a concealed handgun virtually anyplace.

New Climate Change Studies - What does it say?

This is a good run down of the new study about Climate Change.  It is time to look at the facts and think seriously of the biggest issue for us, our children and grand children.  I just heard on the news that the price of food in the US will rise because of the cold spell that hit the midwest and Florida.  It is impacting our pocket books fellows.  Time to look seriously at Climate Change.

Climate Change - 2 New Reports show the Extreme Dangers we are facing. It is getting worse faster than predictions.

We are over our heads on Climate Change and it is being totally ignored.  We are playing a game of politics when the temperature rises to a point which is melting the global ice.  The 2 newest studies show it is worse than even the worse case predictions.  The heat and crazy weather set records in 2011 and 2012.  We just had the East Coast devastated by Hurricane Sandy and Australia has temperatures are at 130 which is a record.  If we do nothing - it will get worse.  Study:  If we double our work on Climate Change, we can expect an increase of 6 degrees in the temperature.

AR 15s for every person over 15 - A planned city in Idaho

In Idaho, there is a planned City where every person must have a loaded gun.  Any Child over the age of 15 must carry a loaded AR -15 Assault Weapon.  Of course, it will be a walled in community.

You ready to sign up yet?  It sounds great for the, "You will take my gun by peeling off my cold, dead fingets" crowd.  I think I will pass and make sure I don't travel in the county where they happen to be.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lice is more popular than Republicans right now and here is why.

Rush Limbaugh and the like.  The Republicans have been doing whatever he says but he never accepts any consequences for his poor policies.  Whatever Rush says is done by the Republicans - the low approval rating can be attributed to Rush and like thinkers who drive the policies of the Republican Party.

Sheriff Joe has a posse with drug dealing convictions, sex crimes and various other convictions. THEY WILL BE PROTECTING OUR STUDENTS - Yep!

Sheriff Joe in Arizona will provide Volunteer Posse Members to protect the Schools in his area.  The Problem is that his Posse has convictions for sex crimes, assault, weapons violations and abuse of children AND THEY WILL HAVE GUNS IN AND AROUND SCHOOLS to protect our children.

I think something stinks with this.

Republicans stepped in Crap with the Debt Ceiling Fight. They have already lost the debate. Do the Republicans say the crap is chocolate and crash the economy?

The Republicans have a choice of Shutting down the Government or not - one or the other.  They can moan and groan all they want but they funded two wars on credit cards and insisted on tax breaks to bring in less money caused our current fiscal mess.  Congress also backed GW Bush De-regulation which crashed the economy which took a Trillion, Two or Three of hard cash and then add on the fees for borrowing the money to keep us out of The Great Depression.  The Republicans voted for the stupid GW Bush policies which ran up the debt.  (Side Note:  Rumsfeld ran two wars ineptly which ensured that the wars would never end and just piling up the debt.)

Ultimately, decision is simple:  Will Republicans vote for the Debt Ceiling or Close Down The Government? (Closing down the government will simply increase President Obama's popularity.)

A Gun Nut says a Supreme Court Justice is wrong!! The Supreme Court says that some restrictions can be placed on types of weapons, place of carry and other considerations.

This gun nut is all over the TV saying there should be NO restrictions on gun ownership at all.  He is a big, everyone must have a gun mentality type guy.   Talk about distorting the 2nd amendment, this guy does it.

Here is the video.  from FOX.

I feel so very fortunate

I got back to Alaska and went to the store in the car and it was running like crap.  I called my mechanic who is always backed up two weeks and asked when he could see my car.  He said tomorrow but then said today.  I took it in and it got a tune up and it is set to finish the work next Monday.  It helps that I taught his son and his son is doing well in middle school.  This dad had tried to keep his son back because he had made so much progress behaviorally and academically.  I promised him that he would do well but also told him that he had to be tough on the young man when he screws up.  One time of Saturday School and his son decided to be a reasonable person.  This young man came so very far in his accepting consequences over the 4 years I worked with him.  Over the years, I thanked this man for working with me on this young man.  He is now getting C's or higher in work required of all students, not a special program.

I got my car back and it works great.  I also like being able to go talk about the successes and positive changes made by his son.  I like to know my young charges have gone on to do well after they leave my school.  That is success.

It is nice to be able to get my car fixed so quickly too.

Glenn Beck is opening a Theme Park for Right Wing Crazies!!

Glenn Beck is opening a theme park for Right Wing Crazies to live, play and teach others to be paranoid.  It only costs 2 Billion dollars to make - such a deal.  It will be in Texas.

On his program last night, Beck revealed that his intention to "go Galt" is quite literal, unveiling grandiose plans to create an entirely self-sustaining community called Independence Park that will provide its own food and energy, produce television and film content, host research and development, serve as a marketplace for products and ideas, while also housing a theme park and serving as a residential community.
At the center - in the middle of the lake that is itself larger than all of Disney Land - Beck (with the help of David Barton) will create a massive "national archive"/learning center where people can send their children to be "deprogrammed" and elected officials can come to learn "the truth."

Before 1977, NRA helped craft Gun Control Laws!! Then they started opposing the gun laws they helped write.

A bit of the article:

In the early 1920s, the National Revolver Association—the NRA’s handgun training counterpart—proposed model legislation for states that included requiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon, adding five years to a prison sentence if a gun was used in a crime, and banning non-citizens from buying a handgun. They also proposed that gun dealers turn over sales records to police and created a one-day waiting period between buying a gun and getting it—two provisions that the NRA opposes today.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

40 Percent of purchased guns have NO BACKGROUND CHECKS!! That is 6 million guns per year sold without background checks.

I found this article interesting:  From FOX   A guest says: No Background Checks at all!!  I think this is a crazy idea.

Under current federal law, licensed federal firearms dealers conduct background checks on gun purchasers to prevent dangerous individuals such as violent criminals or the mentally ill from obtaining weapons. Gun transfers, “private sellers” or transactions at gun shows or online are exempt from the requirement and as a result more than 6 million gun transfers are unscreened.

Colin Powell - I sure like him. He put down Palin for her racist comments.

Here is a video of Colin Powell.  He is great.  He is a regular person and a moderate Republican.

This lady compares shooting folks with an assault weapon to hitting people with hammers and hatchets - CRAZY STUFF!

In the Aurora Theater, the shooter shot off 30+ rounds in 27 seconds to kill and hurt many individuals.  Ms. Blackburn says we can't consider banning Semi-Automatic Assault weapons because he would have killed with hammers or hatchets.  I THINK WE SHOULD BAN ANYTHING THAT CAN KILL 3 OR MORE PEOPLE IN 1 MINUTE!! If he is great with a hammer or hatchet, I don't think he would be able to go into a movie theater and kill 3 or more without getting creamed by other patrons.

This woman is crazy and is grasping at straws to make it OK for people to have weapons which should be used by the police and/or military.  (I used the M-16 in the Army and had a lot of training before I was allowed to use it.)

Car comparison:  You take a test to drive a car legally.  The car is inspected yearly or so.  If you get tickets in the car, you go in front of a judge and pay a fine.  You can have your license revoked.  You also must have insurance on your car and I think the same should be true of guns.

The comparison she made is asinine.  I would also like to point out that mass shootings have increased dramatically since the ban on assault weapons were lifted.  They have at least doubled and actually, I think more.

We need background checks and quit making magazines and clips that hold 20, 30 to 100 bullets and can be fired of in seconds should be made illegal - it makes sense.  The present laws will ensure that another mass killing will be coming in the near future and then another one after that.

Back in Alaska

I just spent 3 weeks hanging out in the lower 48 but I am back in Juneau.  The weather is crappy.  It is rainy and 36 degrees which is warmer than Seattle.  Seattle and Portland also had sun.  We had clouds down to the ground here in Juneau.  I was told they got 6 inches of snow followed by rain which washed the snow away.  When I am in Alaska in the winter, I would like to have real snow - lots of it actually.

Start back tomorrow and already got a call to fill me in on things.  It feels good to be back in my Alaska bed.  I had the privilege of sleeping where my newest grandson was in Portland and it was great to wake up and go visit him before I went out to do my stuff in Portland and Gresham.  3 weeks really went by fast.

I was flying to alaska and the pilot kept filling us in on the score until the end.  I think he did not tell us about the final result because there were a lot of Seahawks fans on the plane.  SeaHawks lost but they had a geat comeback 4th quarter.

Back to work tomorrow.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Interesting Video: America is not the Best In the World! Thought Provoking.

This video is actually great!  It is 3 and a half minutes of considering is America as Great as it used to be?  It takes us away from the political, I love America,  which politicians spit out and then vote for the wealthy and against the average folks.  Just thought provoking.