Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oil is flowing through a neighborhood

A person who lives in the neighborhood talks about the oil spill and the smell. Is this what we want for our future?  Oil Running down the street?

WIFE SWAP with a TeaParty Family and a Pro Wrestler and a wife and girlfriend.

I DO NOT have TV and think reality shows are very dumb.  This Teaparty lady and her family are a bit on the nutty side.  Watch and be amazed is all I have to say.  2 videos.

Alaska Travel: Way up North: Snowmachine, Jesus and a Gun

Would you consider traveling 100 miles on a Snow Machine at -17 degrees to get home.  That is the way of life for many in villages in Alaska.

14 Facts about Guns in America

Real Gun Facts!  Kids end up dead!

Happy Easter! Was Jesus Bi-Polar?

When I was in Sunday School as a child.  Jesus was the guy who healed the sick, helped the poor and was very tough on the wealthy.

Today:  Jesus is used to bring in BIG BUCKS for MegaChurches, those same people who are in Mega Churches complain about helping the poor and providing health care for those without health insurance.

Was Jesus Bi-Polar (or Schizophrenic) and I saw the kind, gentle, helping and caring Jesus. Today are  we seeing the TAKE CARE OF ME and to hell with you, Jesus?

Why the change?

Just Wondering

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS - Thom Hartmann

A great discussion on how to get jobs and why the middle class and young always get screwed.

VOTE ON THE GUN BILLS!! That is what we send people to WA DC to do. VOTE

Don't Filibuster the Guns Bill.  It should be a straight up or down vote.

Happy Easter Week: So what is Easter Week About?

John Fugelsang has an explanation of Easter. past and present.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ronald Reagan was for background checks: NEW AD

Ronald Reagan got shot even when he was surrounded by Good Guys with Guns.  Reagan was for background checks.  Time for the Republicans to face facts of what people want.

Convenience Food: Juanita Jean makes a good point: People are buying pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? What is coming of our country?

If we cannot even make a PB and J sandwich, we have big problems.

Republican future Plan: Never say Rape!! That will solve the woman not voting Republican issue.

After the Republican Autopsy, they came up with never saying rape.  They will Not Allow a raped woman to get an abortion but just not say rape and it will be OK.  It sounds dumb to me but I do not have Millions of dollars to convince people that forcing a woman to have sex and then taking away the option of an abortion or make them have a Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound before they can have an abortion is not Big Government taking away rights of women.

Good Luck Republicans.  You deserve to lose.

Democrats have wanted to break up TOO BIG TO FAIL BANKS, now some Republicans are joining them! Finally.

I am wondering if the TOO BIG TO FAIL OR JAIL BANKS have not been giving enough dollars to the Republicans.  Some Conservative Republicans are talking about breaking up the BIG BANKS.  I am glad to see it but I wonder if they will back out at the last minute and Big Bank money will mysteriously show up in their accounts.

I hope it is true but I have a funny feeling, it is a push to get more money.

TAR SANDS PIPELINE RUPTURES: 40 people evacuated, may go into lake.

The Tar Sands Pipeline will bring about 40 permanent jobs.  The oil will NOT BE for the US but it will be sold to the highest bidder, so it WILL NOT bring down gas prices.  It puts our environment at risk.  It is dirty oil and puts more carbon into our air.

But, we get 40 permanent jobs.

Indiana Moms against Assault Weapons had a rally and idiots showed up with Assault Weapons.

This is just sad.  I will say that if a person needs 30 or 100 bullets to take down a deer, they should not be hunting.


When you factor in the continuing health care costs of those injured and seriously wounded the cost is a staggering 6 Trillion Dollars.  Those who got us into 2 wars and cut tazes at the same time should not be bitching about excessive debt. (Bush lied to get us to go into Iraq if I remember correctly)

Arizona - 3 years after papers please. Division and distrust

 Police pulling people over for minor infractions and asking for documents, rape victims too afraid to call the police, children living in fear of having their parents taken away. 
These were some of the stories shared by community members and immigrant advocates in Arizona, who testified before a state civil rights board this week on the enforcement of a state immigration law they say has increased racial profiling and police mistrust.
“SB 1070 is being used as a tool to intimidate and hurt communities,

Why do we have so much obesity and diabetes?

Sustainable Foods.  How did our health change so fast and consistantly for so many people?  When you compare the food eaten today (Chemicals, antibiotics added, artificial flavors  and lots more sugars) to what the average persons diet was in the 1950s, you can easily see why we have the health problems we see today.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Rachel Maddow on the newest information on Sandy Hook

More information releases have come out of Sandy Hook and information on the Shooter.


Stephen Colbert is the lone bastian against Gay marriage now that Bill OReilly has given his approval of Gay Marriage.  Stephen is very upset.

Re-Writing History: The Bush Library is opening in a month.

Bush forgot about crashing the economy, starting one war by lies, TAX CUTS at the same time of starting two wars WHICH CRASHED THE ECONOMY and waterboarding.  Good information.

Jon Stewart on Gays Marrying and the Supreme Court Justices

Jon Stewart is so very good at putting the issues out there for people to see and think seriously about.

True Story - Alaska

A fellow got thrown out of every bar in an Alaska town.  He bought a liquor license and opened up his own bar/tavern.  He was making money and doing fine after 6 months.  Recently, he got drunk at his bar and his bar tender cut off his drinks.

He fired the bartender.

He then locked the bar door and gave everyone free drinks.  Someone called the cops because he would not let them out.

The police came, arrested the owner and let everyone go home.

It really happened.

My internet was down yesterday.

I hope they get it fixed today so I have internet for the weekend.  If not, I will have to go find internet.

My internet is fixed.  They are remodeling and my wire was cut by the workmen.  It is fixed again.

URN that turns you into a tree

I really like this idea.  Sign me up.

Remembering Sandy Hook

20 Innocent Children died less than 100 days ago along with 6 caring adults who tried to protect them from harm.  I think we need to see pictures of the dead children to force Gun Law changes.

STOLEN: ASSAULT RIFLE WITH THERMAL SCOPE! Stolen from Gun Lobbyist's car!!

I am not feeling safer with these Professional Gun Goons having Assault Weapons stolen from them.

President Obama says pass reasonable gun laws!

After Sandy Hook having 20 little kids killed, we need to do something.  It is a shame that the NRA, a group of 5 million, is still trying to water down our gun laws even today.  The second amendment says:  "A well regulated militia." Present gun laws allow ANY PERSON may buy a gun at a gun show without a background check.  That is not a well regulated militia.

It is past time to pass a background check for every gun purchase and limit clip size to 7.  You have to be part of the police or military to get clips larger than 7.

What Conservative Supreme Court Justices really think about Gays

A bit of satire explains a lot.

David, (God Hates Fags) Phelps sat on by a naked 500 man

Who's your Daddy now?  is what the obese fellow said.

Tell the White House:: DO NOT CUT SOCIAL SECURITY OR MEDICARE for our seniors or veterans

The Republicans are pushing for  cut - President Obama has to say NO.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What is Obamacare? Here it is

Obamacare explained!!  Simple and factual.

Supreme Court Seems to look at DOMA unfavorably

The Justice Comments make it seem possible for DOMA to go down in flames.,0,1167024.story

4 year old found with dead mom

They think mom? was dead for 5 or 6 days.  The 4 year old had to fend for himself waiting for mom to wake up.

US is REDISTRIBUTING INCOME up to the wealthy

Middle class money is being stolen and given to the wealthy in the US.

Justice Scalia upset at having to hear about Queers and Fags all week long

Scalia said,
“O.K., could we just stop talking about this stuff right now?” Justice Scalia snapped at Justice Kennedy. “I’ve told you all how I feel about this topic, and I don’t understand why we’re going on and on about it unless you all hate me.” ( This is satire from Andy Borowitz)

Justice Scalia's office sent out a clarifying note that he is an impartial Juror and don't you forget it unless you want to get contempt of court charges filed against you.  You never have the right to question Justice Scalia's impartiality when it comes to the Queers and Faggots.

Read more:

Republicans UPSET because there is a mop sink, WHICH COULD BE USED BY MUSLIMS to wash their feet!

Outrage - of course by the Republicans?  Why?  I went to our map sink and it is pretty gross, if anyone wants to wash their feet in it - good luck.  They even wrote a law to prevent Jihadists from washing their feet in the mop sink.

Question?  How does someone come to the conclusion that a mop sink is a Jihad creator?  That is just plain stupid.  What am I missing.

Eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables along with Exercise improves health

40 minute talk about cleaning out the arteries and taking back your health.  There a big benefits to eating healthy and exercise.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Background Checks: You need a background check before you can shoot a gun in the military.

I had to have a background check and thorough training before I could shoot an M-16 in the Army.  Anyone can buy one at a gun show without a background check now - crazy, when you think about it.

The Big Fix - a new movie about the Gulf Oil Spill

I read about the damages done by the Gulf Oil Spill and it is much different than that which has been and is stated in the general news shows.  This movie looks interesting

Bill OReilly gets schooled by Richard Wolff by using real numbers

Bill O'Reilly just makes stuff up.  He got called on his made up numbers by Richard Wolff. Bill O'Reilly -  real numbers show your thesis is wrong.

A 9 Year old speaks. He makes way more sense than any Republican I know

I hope my Grandkids grow up to be as thoughtful and rational as this 9 year old.

An ADHD child - some good advice

If you have an ADD or ADHD child, you are looking for long term and gradual progress.  The behaviors which you see today can be changed but the progress will be slow and steady if it is to last.  I also hope you have a pediatrician and or psychiatrist who is familiar with these kids because medication can also be part of the puzzle.  I am also a believer in healthy eating so I hope you cut back on sugar and stay away from fast foods.

This article has some very good advice but remember - slow, steady gains over time.

Watermelon for mild Erectile Dysfunction. Who knew?

I get medical updates from various sources because I have a daughter(s) who insists I stay healthy and I am in Alaska.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Rocket Trike - bad assed trike

This is one bad assed trike.  Looks like it is on Highway 101 in CA.

My dad could blow smoke rings out of his nose: He was a heavy smoker

This video reminded me of my dad blowing smoke circles out of his nose when he was smoking cigarettes.  He was quite proud of his skill.  These rings are a bit more impressive but it does bring back old memories.  (No, I never smokes nor had an interest in blowing smoke rings out of my nose.)

Video - Fishing under ice: Interesting

Watch the bubbles!!!  How did that happen?

Justice Scalia will think impartially of those queers whom he hates in the court hearings this week.

Justice Scalia said:
 “I take my role as an impartial arbiter very seriously,” he said. “So when I hear a case, I put all feelings of abhorrence, disgust, and revulsion completely out of my mind.”

“Remember, when the framers wrote the Constitution, there were no gays in America,” he said. “They didn’t come here until the nineteen-sixties.”

Gun Control Song: Cold Hand off the trigger by Jim Carrey

It is about Charlton Heston.  Good Stuff

Older Americans Debt is increasing!

New data from the US Census shows that it's becoming ever more likely that your parents may need to move into your place: "The median level of debt among households led by someone 65 and older..rose nearly 120% between 2000 and 2011 from roughly $12,000 to $26,000, due largely to rising mortgage debt."

Income Inequities in the US are horrible!

The Rich get Mega Richer and the Poor get Poorer but the  poor are expected to pay for he excessive gains of the Rich.  Honestly, when taxes are asked - they are asked of the poor and middle class most often.

The wealthiest are the ones who crashed the economy and then got bailed out to make much more money while the poor had their home and job taken.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Melissa Harris-Perry wrote an amazing letter to the 16 year old Ohio girl that was raped.

This is a great letter from one victim of rape to another victim of rape.  We all have a lot to learn from each other.

3 People went to Westboro Church and wrote about the experience.

I feel sorry for those who grew up in this church, they do not know better.  It is an interesting read though.  They are regular people with warped thinking, just your everyday cult that wants to live in the 1600s.

TEA party Idiots (AND REPUBLICANS) say, CUT, CUT, CUT but won't say what to cut?

These TEAPARTY FOOLS say CUT, CUT, CUT but do not have any idea of what to cut!  This is the same thing that the Republicans do.  The Paul Ryan, Republican, budget cuts tax deductions for your house, medicare, medicaid and social security but they don't say it UNTIL OR UNLESS IT GETS PASSED and BECOMES LAW!

I have a relative saying pass the Paul Ryan budget while talking about how great Medicare is and how he does not want Social Security to be cut.  People need to seriously look at the Republican (Paul Ryan) budget and the result of NO TAX INCREASES on the WEALTHY which is what the Republicans are pushing.  (Actually - the Ryan budget would give TAX CUTS TO THE WEALTHIEST, while the middle class lose deductions and Medicare and Social Security benefits.)

Your date passed out, What to do?

Given date rape and the Ohio court case recently, I feel this is an important message.  Your date passes out and what is a guy to do?

Big Bullet Clips are the Problem

Case & locationDateWeapons involvedMagazines involvedDeadInjuredTotal
Sandy Hook Elementary - Newtown, CT12/14/201210mm Glock, 9mm SIG Sauer P226 semiautomatic handguns; .223 Bushmaster XM15-E2S semiautomatic rifle; Izhmash Saiga-12 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun15- to 20-round magazines (handguns); 30-round magazines (rifle)28230
Accent Signage Systems - Minneapolis9/27/20129mm Glock semiautomatic handgunTwo 15-round magazines718
Sikh temple - Oak Creek, WI8/5/20129mm Springfield Armory XDM semiautomatic handgunThree 19-round magazines7310
Aurora movie theater - CO7/20/2012Two .40-caliber Glock semiautomatic handguns; .223-caliber Smith & Wesson M&P15 semiautomatic rifle; 12-gauge Remington 870 pump-action shotgun40-round extended magazine (handgun); 100-round magazine (rifle)125870
IHOP - Carson City, NV9/6/2011AK-47 Norinco Arms variant, AK-47 Romarm Cugir variant automatic rifles; .38-caliber Colt revolver30-round magazines (rifles)5712
Tucson shooting - AZ1/8/20119mm Glock 19 semiautomatic handgunTwo 15-round magazines, two 33-round magazines61319
Hartford Distributors - Manchester, CT8/3/2010Two 9mm Ruger SR9 semiautomatic handgunsTwo 17-round magazines9211
Fort Hood massacre - TX11/5/2009FN Five-seveN semiautomatic handgunOne 20-round magazine, one 30-round magazine133043
Immigration center - Binghamton, NY4/3/20099mm Beretta, .45-caliber Springfield semiautomatic handgunsMultiple magazines including at least one 30-round magazine14418
Northern Illinois University - DeKalb2/14/20089mm Glock 19, Hi-Point CF380, 9mm Kurz SIG Sauer P232 semiautomatic handguns; 12-gauge Remington Sportsman 48 sawed-off shotgun15- and 33-round magazines (handguns)62127
Westroads Mall - Omaha12/5/2007WASR-10 Century Arms semiautomatic rifleTwo 30-round magazines9413
Virginia Tech - Blacksburg4/16/20079mm Glock 19, .22-caliber Walther P22 semiautomatic handguns17 10- to 15-round magazines332356
Goleta post office - CA1/30/20069mm Smith & Wesson 915 semiautomatic handgun15-round magazine808
Edgewater Technology - Wakefield, MA12/26/2000.32-caliber Retolaza semiautomatic handgun; AK-47 variant semiautomatic rifle; 12-gauge Winchester 1300 pump-action shotgun60-round magazine (rifle)707
Xerox office - Honolulu11/2/19999mm Glock 17 semiautomatic handgunThree 15- to 17-round magazines707
Wedgwood Baptist - Fort Worth, TX9/15/1999.380-caliber, 9mm Ruger P85 semiautomatic handgunsThree 15-round magazines8715
Columbine High School - Littleton, CO4/20/19999mm Intratec DC-9 semiautomatic handgun; 9mm Hi-Point 995 carbine rifle; 12-gauge sawed-off Savage Stevens 311D, 12-gauge sawed-off Savage Springfield 67H pump-action shotguns13 10-round magazines, one 28-round magazine, one 32-round magazine, one 52-round magazine (various guns)152439
Thurston High School - Springfield, OR5/21/19989mm Glock, .22-caliber Ruger semiautomatic handguns, .22-caliber Ruger rifle30-round magazine (handgun); 50-round magazine (rifle)42529
Westside Middle School - Jonesboro, AR3/24/1998FIE 380, .380-caliber Star semiautomatic handguns; .44 Magnum Ruger, .30-06 Remington 742, .30-caliber Universal M-1 carbine replica rifles; .38-caliber Charter Arms, .357-caliber Ruger Security Six, .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolvers; .22-caliber Double Deuce Buddie two-shot, .38-caliber Davis Industries two-shot derringers15-round magazines, three 30-round magazines (various guns)51015
Connecticut Lottery - Newington3/6/19989mm semiautomatic handgun19-round magazine516
Caltrans maintenance yard - Orange, CA12/18/19977.62mm AK-47 Chinese variant semiautomatic rifleFive 30-round magazines