Friday, June 29, 2012

I am now in Wells, NV.  I was in Portland, OR for  a week and will be going back there this weekend. We are starting to move things from the Wells House to Washington State.  I have a Dr. appointment next Monday as well.  It is 90 degrees in Wells and that is hot for me.  I like the cooler weather of Oregon, Washington and Alaska.  I have sold the Wells house to my daughter and her husband for the amount owing.  I am buying a house in Gresham, OR and will have daughter 2 and her family living it it.  The pictures are just miscellaneous shots from this past year.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pictures:  Reno - The Truckee River.  I went for a quick swim.  It is downtown Reno.
Angel Lake and my Grandson catching a fish.  He caught 3 but 2 fell just as he was bringing them over the wall.  The last picture is of Shad - the birthday boy.    

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Doctor stuff:  I had a blood test and talked to the Doc.  He says I need to get on a cholesterol medicine.  My numbers for cholesterol did not go down, so I will be taking my first daily drug ever in my life - such is life.

I was borderline diabetic 125 and 126 is diabetic but Doc did not mention my glucose number so I am thinking the glucose may have gone down and there is less concern.

He did mention another number of 1.4 and 1.2 is the top end of normal.  People who get 1.6 or 1.8 turn yellow.  I guess it means the pancreas and/or kidneys are not working as great.  He asked if I was feeling well and asked if I look yellow.  I said No,  I actually feel great.  He said it is just a number to watch at this point.

Today, I am doing an all day fast because I have a colonoscopy tomorrow morning.  this afternoon I get to down 1/2 gallon of stuff to clean out my system.  I have to drink the other half gallon tomorrow morning before going in for the colonoscopy.    BTW:  I expect a clean bill of health with the colonoscopy.  If it shows something, I will be very surprised.

My Grandson says this morning:  "Pappi, I get to eat today"  What a little smart ass.  I got him an apple to eat and watched a bit of Cars 2 with him.  I then had to explain to him why I can't eat today because he asked.  Tomorrow his Kindergarten class goes to the Zoo.

Today, I deliver food for Loaves and Fishes,  I delivered Monday too.  My daughter arranges the drivers and she is running short of drivers this week.  So, I can't eat food but I deliver food - makes sense.

Wisconsin - Billionaires bought an election.  I have little interest in visiting that state.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I am back in Portland and my vacation has started.  The flight from AK to WA was great.  I took a 6 AM flight and there were empty seats.  There are never empty seats in or out of AK.  I even had an empty seat next to me so I could stretch my legs.  That never happens.

The flight was amazing:  There was sun so I could see many of the snow topped mountains and glaciers beneath me.  I was quite tired and wanted to sleep but the mountains and glaciers kept me entertained instead.

I got to Portland and my truck is running great.  It sure is an ugly pile of junk but I like the way it runs.
I got something to eat, rested a bit and woke up 3 hours later.  Tomorrow, I have 2 bikes to fix tires on and then my Medical Student Daughter who is studying 12 hours a day for the boards, is allowing me to bring her lunch.  I was told I cannot interfere with the studying so I had to bring lunch.  She is doing well.

Pictures:  The goat:  I went around a big rock and the goat was staring at me.  We both paused and checked each other out.  He gradually walked off and climbed some serious rocks.  He would walk away and then come back to the top of the ridge to see if I was following him.

Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1

School is basically over for the school year.  I have to go in to finish up but really, I am done.  We have a brunch provided by our Parent Group today.  My room is GONE!  I was told yesterday that my room had to be marked and I had to have things marked as to where things go.  My desk went to the trash. It has been kicked and tortured by mad kids.  Next year, I get a new desk and teacher chair.  This year has been a lot of work.  I have had new, very intensive, students and then some staff stuff which impacted me.  I feel so fortunate that the staff issues will be resolved next year.

Next year, I am getting 3 new kids that I know of.  From the word so far, they do not sound too bad.  Last year, the word I was getting on a child was super difficult and dangerous.  That child is doing so much better.  The reason I like my job is that I see a lot of progress.  I must admit that there were some very stressful episodes of screaming, yelling, and name calling by the child in the process.  My old room still has a hole in the wall where a child kicked a hole.  When I requested it be fixed in Jan, I was told NO because that wall is being torn down in June.  It is now June.  BTW:  After the incident that caused the hole was over, I asked, "How do we fix that" to the child.  The child got paper and taped paper over the hole.  I have had paper over the hole since the incident.  Every now and again, the same child gets mad and kicks paper.  The child puts up new paper.