Sunday, June 3, 2012

I am back in Portland and my vacation has started.  The flight from AK to WA was great.  I took a 6 AM flight and there were empty seats.  There are never empty seats in or out of AK.  I even had an empty seat next to me so I could stretch my legs.  That never happens.

The flight was amazing:  There was sun so I could see many of the snow topped mountains and glaciers beneath me.  I was quite tired and wanted to sleep but the mountains and glaciers kept me entertained instead.

I got to Portland and my truck is running great.  It sure is an ugly pile of junk but I like the way it runs.
I got something to eat, rested a bit and woke up 3 hours later.  Tomorrow, I have 2 bikes to fix tires on and then my Medical Student Daughter who is studying 12 hours a day for the boards, is allowing me to bring her lunch.  I was told I cannot interfere with the studying so I had to bring lunch.  She is doing well.

Pictures:  The goat:  I went around a big rock and the goat was staring at me.  We both paused and checked each other out.  He gradually walked off and climbed some serious rocks.  He would walk away and then come back to the top of the ridge to see if I was following him.

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