Thursday, June 7, 2012

Doctor stuff:  I had a blood test and talked to the Doc.  He says I need to get on a cholesterol medicine.  My numbers for cholesterol did not go down, so I will be taking my first daily drug ever in my life - such is life.

I was borderline diabetic 125 and 126 is diabetic but Doc did not mention my glucose number so I am thinking the glucose may have gone down and there is less concern.

He did mention another number of 1.4 and 1.2 is the top end of normal.  People who get 1.6 or 1.8 turn yellow.  I guess it means the pancreas and/or kidneys are not working as great.  He asked if I was feeling well and asked if I look yellow.  I said No,  I actually feel great.  He said it is just a number to watch at this point.

Today, I am doing an all day fast because I have a colonoscopy tomorrow morning.  this afternoon I get to down 1/2 gallon of stuff to clean out my system.  I have to drink the other half gallon tomorrow morning before going in for the colonoscopy.    BTW:  I expect a clean bill of health with the colonoscopy.  If it shows something, I will be very surprised.

My Grandson says this morning:  "Pappi, I get to eat today"  What a little smart ass.  I got him an apple to eat and watched a bit of Cars 2 with him.  I then had to explain to him why I can't eat today because he asked.  Tomorrow his Kindergarten class goes to the Zoo.

Today, I deliver food for Loaves and Fishes,  I delivered Monday too.  My daughter arranges the drivers and she is running short of drivers this week.  So, I can't eat food but I deliver food - makes sense.

Wisconsin - Billionaires bought an election.  I have little interest in visiting that state.

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Unknown said...

You are always so healthy with your hiking and getting a lot of outdoor time...As we get older we have to watch our food intake as well!
Keep well!!