Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trump supporter tries to get Bernie Protestors to stomp on an American Flag


Donald Trump loves to accuse the protesters at his rallies of being “professionals” who desecrate American flags, but at his rally in Orange County, California, last week, Vanity Fair’s cameras witnessed a different kind of professional at work.
Joey Salads, a YouTube personality and self-described Trump fan, posed as an anti-Trump protester and tried to get other, actual protesters to stomp on the American flag. Things didn’t exactly work out. Watch the video above to see something rare in politics: an ill-intentioned actor accidentally bringing together Trump supporters and critics.
Trump rallies continue to draw critics who protest his immigration policies, which call for mass deportations, and his divisive rhetoric, which has included racist characterizations of Mexican immigrants as rapists as well as language that demeans women.
The Wednesday rally took place just across the street from Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The situation was tense—police made at least eight related arrests, and, as has become the norm, the rally inside the venue was interrupted at least once by protests. “The safest place to be in our country is a Trump rally,” Trump said in response to one disruption.
Salads posted a series of tweets about the incident depicted in the above video, and eventually released a video of his own, in which he describes it all as a “prank gone wrong.” Salads also tweeted that he “almost got killed” while filming the video. Such is the courage of a pro-Trump YouTuber: try to bait genuine protesters, run away when caught, then claim the high road. Not all heroes wear capes.
Kia Makarechi is VanityFair.com's story editor and associate director of audience development. He lives in New York.

Trump was not that great of a Businessman - The Truth comes out


Donald Trump Pretty Sure Bankrupting Airline Was Worth It, Because He Got The Banks To Pay

Read more at http://wonkette.com/602407/it-seems-like-donald-trump-might-not-be-that-good-at-business-but-that-cant-be-right#SCdmL0yqLKLqPbRQ.99

TRUMP talks about his Military Career on Memorial Day


Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump today reflected on his storied military career while laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Shareholder.
Trump’s military career began at the age of 18, when, the Vietnam War raging, he courageously battled the United States Selective Service, earning not one but four student deferments. In year two, the unthinkable happened, but Trump was up to the task. While waiting in line for his second year deferment papers, one of Trump’s comrades -in-tweed broke ranks and lined up for an induction physical.  Under the unwelcoming gaze of recruitment officers, Trump ran to his fallen comrade, lifted him up, and hooked him up with his own family’s draft counselor. The man went back to the University of Vermont and became a successful veterinarian. All because of the hero that is Donald Trump.
Even after his undergraduate years, Trump’s fire to fight and possibly die for his country burned within his soul. He wanted to serve in the worst way, like his father didn’t, and his father’s father didn’t before that. One could say, that was the worst way.
Not content with sitting on the sidelines when so many of his compatriots were dying for their country, Trump was undeterred. He rejoined his battle with Selective Service after his student deferments ended and bravely fought for and received a determination that his foot was unfit for military service on medical grounds. Trump was devastated at the turn of events. His foot had been fit for service at 18, but the stress of Trump’s battles with the draft board caused a foot fault. He was awarded a 4-F which he took as a sign, as it echoed the 4-F’s he had received in college.
Trump’s Vietnam experience was chilling.  While he didn’t exactly go to Ho Chih Minh City, the great and brave Donald fought hand-to-breast combat in the jungles of New York City.  Trump said that sleeping around surrounded by everpresent danger of veneral disease was his “personal Vietnam.”   Was General MacArthur ever so brave?

Trump was well trained for his military service, having previously enlisted in the New York Military Academy at the age of 13. He battled foes many months his senior to prevail and achieve the rank of Cadet Captain, roughly equivalent to four-star general. Based on his military academy experience alone Trump says he  “always felt that I was in the military.”
Trump is proud to be a veteran. And with his vast military experience, Trump is critical of those who had fewer heroic military exploits than he, saying of John McCain, a Vietnam-era POW, that he “likes people who were not captured.”

Trump has said America should torture family members of ISIS combatants.  “We have to beat the savages.” This principled stand is a reminder of the esteem America’s troops hold for Trump.

NEW YORK: Goodyear Satire Company–Memorial Day 2016.

A Reminder of GW Bush (History could repeat itself, if we allow it)


The heart of George W Bush is a cold, dark place. If it wasn’t before he took office it was certainly infected with the poisons of greed and the spoils of war and the influence of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld while he was there.
People tend to forget that those eight years of incompetence were once laughed off as inconceivable. There was absolutely no way a complete buffoon like George w. Bush, especially after the failures of his father just three terms earlier, was ever going to make it to the White House. With his questionable history, obvious lack of qualifications to run a lawnmower nevermind a superpower and the inability to form complete sentences without at least error to infuriate sixth-grade English teachers, the thought of Dubya beating a sitting vice-president was absurd.
How did it happen? The Supreme Court appointed him, of course, after his brother helped him win legal battles to steal Florida from the rightful winner. Still, in order for that to happen, the race had to be pretty damned close. An idiot had to have the kind of appeal to the American people who Al Gore couldn’t muster: the ability to be the guy next door.
Bette Midler, who is becoming well-known for these one and done shots at a**hole politicians, reminds os of how we were fooled and what the results were in a Tweet that is taking social media by storm:
Indeed. If Mosul is the benchmark of failure for the George W Bush presidency, what will be Donald Trump’s if he’s elected? What city will replace Mosul as Trump’s legacy? It’s more likely that with Trump it will be entire regions of the world. Trump doesn’t come off as the kind of guy you want to have a drink with the way Dubyah did, because really — who wants to sit and listen to someone tell you how great they are while you’re trying to enjoy a Mai Tai?

Anyway…thank you, Miss M, for reminding us how vulnerable we actually are and how easily Americans can be fooled.

Monday, May 30, 2016

7 Ways the GOP have made lives of Veterans worse


Nothing says “support the troops” like taking away the only money they have to get an adequate meal! Yet that’s what Republicans did in 2013 when they voted to kick off thousands of veterans dependent on food stamps.
2. Senate Republicans blocked two bills that reform military sexual assault procedures.
3. Senate Republicans blocked an omnibus Veterans Care Package in 2014.
4. Senate Republicans blocked a Veterans healthcare bill in 2014.
5. Senate GOP filibustered the Veterans Job Act in 2012.
6. Due to their hatred for Planned Parenthood, Republicans killed the The Women Veterans and Families Health Services Act.
This bill was simple, and bipartisan: require the government to provide fertility treatments and family counseling for the “severely wounded, ill, or injured” military members or veterans.
7. Their words speak of their priorities:
With $17 trillion in debt and massive annual deficits, our country faces a fiscal crisis of unparalleled scope. Now is not the time, in any federal department, to spend money we don’t have [on veterans care]. – Sen. Richard Burr (NC)
I feel strongly we’ve got to do the right thing for our veterans. But I don’t think we should create a blank check, an unlimited entitlement program, now. – Sen. Jeff Sessions 

AR 15 WAS NEVER meant for Civilian use says AR 15 Inventor.


Jim claims that the 5.56mm was, at the time of its introduction, the most lethal cartridge fielded by any army in history.
JIM SULLIVAN: “The hits on the enemy, were just fatal– almost anywhere. One guy had been hit in the ankle, and it killed him.”
JIM SULLIVAN: “They couldn’t stop the bleeding. I mean, there was just so much damage.”
DAVID SCOTT: “No matter where you hit the enemy, you’d take him off the battlefield.”
JIM SULLIVAN: “That’s right. It was more lethal than any cartridge that was fired by any army in, in history.”
This is controversial because I would argue that the 7.62mm NATO, .50 BMG, 14.5×114mm, 6.5×55mm, 6.5×50mm and 7.62×54mmR to name a few were much more powerful than the 5.56mm/.223 Remington which is essentially a varmint cartridge (I might go as far to say the .45-70 (designed by the US Government almost 100 years earlier was more lethal … although far less convenient .. I know which I would rather be wounded with).
Jim, who also designed the Ruger Mini-14 (a scaled down .223 Remington sporting version of the military M-14), goes on to say he never envisioned the rifle having any civilians applications:
DAVID SCOTT: “Did you ever imagine—“
JIM SULLIVAN: “No. Never even considered that—it had any civilian application.”
DAVID SCOTT: “Concern you at all?”
JIM SULLIVAN: “Of course, everybody gets concerned when there’s one of these school issues where children are killed by an AR-15. I mean, that’s sickening. But that was never the intended purpose. Civilian sales was never the intended purpose.
In 1955, the year before the M16/AR-15 was designed, the Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM) begun selling military surplus M1 Garands (military semi-automatic rifles) to the public. Therefor it was obvious by then that there was civilian demand for military rifles. Sporting semi-automatic rifles date back long before then to at least 1906 when John Browning’s Remington Model 8 was introduced to the market. Ten years after the AR-15 was designed Jim went onto design the consumer semi-automatic Mini-14.
Now Jim is an old man. His memory may have faded in the last 60 years and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Jim goes onto say that a fully automatic M16 is not more lethal than a semi-automatic AR-15
DAVID SCOTT: “The lethality of the AR-15, is that reduced in the civilian semi-automatic mode?”
DAVID SCOTT: “It’s not?”
JIM SULLIVAN: “Same effectiveness. I mean, in fact,  the gun is functioning exactly the way the military model is in semi-automatic.”
This could be interpreted to mean that full auto is just as safe as semi-auto, so why are we not allowed full auto? I ask myself that almost daily!
We as a community have a lot to thank Jim Sullivan for. He is one of the great firearm designers of the 20th century. I will not judge him by a few comments on a cable TV show, anymore than I judged General Kalashnikov for comments he made in his later years. Jim has earned our eternal respect and gratitude.

Texas: War against Muslims is taking place. Whitey has his guns and wants to use them. (Scary White Guys)


They don’t know where it will happen exactly, or when, but a group of vigilantes — armed with their knowledge of firearms, perceived understanding of military tactics, and ignorance of Muslim culture — are poised to save their communities from a Muslim uprising they’re sure is soon to come.
Welcome to the Lone Star State! Sieg howdy, ya’ll!

The Bureau of American-Islamic Relations (B.A.I.R.), a group of white “patriots” led by a man named David Wright and whose name is a play on the Council on American-Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.), have dedicated themselves to doing whatever they believe it takes to stop an impending Muslim invasion. They hold armed protests at mosques. They use pigs blood and bacon grease packed in the middle of their bullets “so that when [they] shoot a Muslim, they go straight to hell” because apparently “that’s what [Muslims] believe in their religion.” They stand on bridges and fire into stagnant creek beds, this apparently being the necessary training needed.
B.A.I.R. are ideologically-motivated and are committed to the use of force to further that ideology. They are domestic terrorists.
In April, a planned protest outside a mosque in South Dallas escalated racial tensions in a community already tense. B.A.I.R. arrived at the Muhammed Mosque in full camouflage fatigues like they were getting ready to storm Fallujah, but before their protest could get underway, they were met by armed members of Huey P. Newton Gun Club and the New Black Panther Party. Dallas police carefully observed the meeting between the groups. B.A.I.R. abandoned the protest without much incident, save for shouting and threats.

GOP lies about the Military being degraded


The long con of military decline: How the right uses the armed forces to lie about America

Listen to GOP and we're either the greatest fighting force ever, or on verge of decimation. So which one is it?

TRUMP in Jan said he would give 1 Million of his money to military charity: (A Nasty Reporter made him actually give the million this past Monday)


Trump's $1 million lie

Donald Trump's campaign said he had fulfilled his promise to give $1 million to veterans charities. Trump just admitted otherwise. Duration: 6:50

Star Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix - In Honor of Memorial Day


Have a great Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

TRUMP - Racism is at the heart of his message and support


WATCH: This Expert Just 

Shut Down Every Claim That 

Trump Is Not A Racist 


Liberal Redneck on kids and how they are being let down by our politicians. (Vote Blue for kids)


The Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that does a piss poor job of protecting our future. Of course I am talking about our children because they are the future. Not a single day goes by without a story about a child being shot and killed by a gun.
You would expect that in Afghanistan, but the U.S. is not currently a war zone. Or is it? We obviously have a severe shortage of “responsible” gun owners. We have more guns than people in this country, they are just in the wrong hands.
Many of our children have no healthcare whatsoever. How stupid is that? How can we expect them to be loyal Americans when we can’t take care of them when they are sick? Many of our children are hungry. What kind of nation lets children go hungry? We throw away enough food to feed most nations and let our own children do without.
The first thing to get cut in state budgets is education. How stupid is that? How can we expect them to be productive citizens if we do not educate them? Children are innocent. They have done nothing wrong. They depend on us and we have let them down. How do we correct this situation?
Come November we elect representatives who have not sold their souls to the NRA or the insurance industry and who think that children are more important than any business. In case you are unaware, that would be Democrats! Republicans want to give our children a gun and a Bible and send them on their way.

Bundy Terrorist friend Michele Fiore: NV Police say she is an embarrassment and UNQUALIFIED so they support her opponent.


Gosh, the Nevada Police Union isn't very happy with Michele Fiore, and who can blame them? After all, she basically called for every wingnut in Nevadato aim their guns at them, which is a monumentally stupid thing for an aspiring U.S. Congresswoman to do.
Now they've fired back an open letter at her.
“These comments were utterly irresponsible, an embarrassment to your District and our State, and they continue to demonstrate why you are unqualified to hold the position of United States Congresswoman," the letter from the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers said.
NAPSO Executive Director Rick McCann said he was "appalled, and asked. “Michele, what are you thinking to even suggest in any way, shape or form, to even imply that it would be a valid course of conduct for a citizen to point a weapon at a law enforcement officer?”
Ouch. But Fiore is unfazed.
“They can take the paper they printed it on, and he can use it in his restroom,” Fiore commented when she was asked about the letter.
We can only hope that Machine Gun Michele fades back to obscurity after the June 14th primary. Please. For the sake of our republic.

TRUMP WILL CUT SOCIAL SECURITY if he is President - The truth comes out.


It should come as a shock to no one that Trump's been saying one thing to his supporters on the campaign trail, while telling the Zombie-Eyed Granny-Starver from Wisconsin something else in private.
It seems someone who doesn't care for Trump was leaking like a sieve following his meeting earlier this month with House Speaker Paul Ryan: Trump Supports Cutting Social Security From A ‘Moral Standpoint:’ Report:
Donald Trump supposedly told House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) he supports cutting Social Security but will not admit it publicly because it would hurt his election chances,according to a report in Bloomberg BusinessWeek.
The presumptive Republican presidential nominee reportedly made the comments during a May 12 meeting with Ryan aimed at mending ties between the two top Republican leaders, Bloomberg reported, citing an unnamed source who was in the room. (Ryan has yet to endorse Trump.)
“From a moral standpoint, I believe in it,” Trump said of cutting Social Security. “But you also have to get elected. And there’s no way a Republican is going to beat a Democrat when the Republican is saying, ‘We’re going to cut your Social Security’ and the Democrat is saying, ‘We’re going to keep it and give you more.’ ”
Trump’s professed opposition to cutting Social Security and Medicare has been both a hallmark of his campaign and one of his greatest departures from traditional conservative ideology. And Ryan, who repeatedly criticized Trump before the mogul effectively secured the GOP nomination, has made proposing dramatic reductions in the popular social insurance programs a defining feature of his congressional career.
Many conservative House Republicans told The Huffington Post shortly after the May 12 meeting that that they were unconcerned about Trump’s public posture on the programs. Several members interpreted him as wanting to extend the solvency of Social Security and Medicare solvency through some combination of the benefit cuts and other reforms that conservatives favor.
Trump policy advisor Sam Clovis had already appeared to reverse course on May 11, indicating that Trump would be willing to consider cuts as president.

Billy Joel MADE FUN OF TRUMP at Joel's concert and Trump thanked him.


Billy Joel Just Publicly Humiliated The Donald–Oblivious Idiot Trump THANKS HIM For It (TWEETS)

Billy Joel made a fool of Donald Trump this weekend with a shoutout tribute to the orange man in front of a capacity crowd at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Trump made a fool of himself shortly thereafter by showing he has no clue what sarcasm is and thanking Joel for the kind gesture:
The “very kind” shoutout went something like this:
That’s right…the “tribute” to Trump was “The Entertainer,” which if Trump actually liked Joel’s music he would know was a shot at his farce of a candidacy.