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Victim: Burns, Oregon - The Bundy Domestic Terrorists have terrorized a town and they paid a big price.

Burns, Oregon has suffered terribly from the invasion of out-of-state terrorists led by Ammon Bundy. Bundy unleashed an insurrection against the federal government by taking over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in early January. However, the town is the real victim of the crime.
The heavily-armed insurrection attracted a disparate group of so-called “patriots”, many of whom had their own agenda and four of whom continue to occupy the refuge that belongs, not to them, but to the public. Bundy, sitting in a jail cell, has made two pleas to these misguided renegades to leave the refuge — but he is powerless to end the devastation that he began with his own call to lawlessness.
The four holdouts shift in their increasingly outrageous demands as the FBI tries to negotiate their departure. First, they wanted safe passage, with no one leaving in handcuffs. Then they wanted charges from 2014, pending in another state, to be cleared from the record of one of their band, Sean Anderson. Anderson reportedly has an extensive criminal record.
On Friday, the demands escalated. In a live feed, one the four, David Fry said:
“Before we leave, every single one of the people involved in this operation should be pardoned.”

Burns Is Torn Apart As The Ridiculous Demands Increase

As this ridiculousness goes on, Burns continues to be torn apart.
At a town meeting on January 12th, a majority of Burns residents asked the armed cowboys to leave, which they declined to do. For those who support the anti-government sentiment of the insurrectionists — if not their methods — the reaction toward them has been one of hate. Wildlife photographer Jeff Dixson is one of those. He told the New York Times:
“This county is so tore up, it will never be the same — ever. There’s a lot of people that have told me they ain’t never going to talk to me again.”

Telephone and Internet Access cut off for 4 Domestic Terrorists left on Bird Compound,

ur of the Oregon occupiers remain holed up in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and are now claiming that the FBI is cutting them off from the outside world by blocking their phone calls and shutting off Internet service.
According to OPB,  David Fry — who has yet to surrender to federal law enforcement — said he can still receive calls on his phone but not call out. He claimed that phones belonging to the other occupiers have become worthless; unable to call out or receive calls as well as access the Internet.
Writing on Facebook, militant supporter and Oath Keeper member Greg Whalen claims he talked with Fry who confirmed the phone shutdown, but added that other supporters who try to call Fry now end up speaking with the FBI instead.
According to Whalen, occupier Sandy Anderson said they have no plans to surrender.
“They will not come out and Sandy wanted me to put it out there that if news reports say they surrendered… it was not by their free will,” Whalen wrote. “Once again, they have no internet.”
According to OPB, the militants have moved outside of the Malheur refuge buildings and are using a generator for power.
They said they weren’t sure if power has been cut off to the buildings in the national park.
The holdouts include Fry of Blanchester, Ohio, husband and wife Sean and Sandy Anderson of Riggins, Idaho, and Jeff Banta of Elko, Nevada.
The four previously indicated they would surrender if they were pardoned, along with the everyone else taken into custody for the four week occupation of the national park.

3 Charts to Compare the GW Bush years VS the Obama Years

Note that this chart starts with Clinton's last budget year for comparison.
The numbers in these two charts come from Budget of the United States Government: Historical Tables Fiscal Year 2015.  They are just the amounts that the government spent and borrowed, period,  Anyone can go look them up.  People who claim that Obama "tripled the deficit" or increased it or anything of the sort are either misled or are trying to mislead. President Obama inherited a budget deficit of $1.4 trillion from President Bush's last budget year and annual budget deficits have gone down dramatically since.

Sheriff Dave Ward - The True Hero in the take over in Harney County by Domestic Terrorists.

It turns out there's been a true patriot in Harney County all along. His name is Dave Ward.
When the armed militants arrived and occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters, they called themselves patriots and twisted a reading of the U.S. Constitution to suit their purposes. Among other things, they argued public lands never really belonged to all Americans and that the federal government had no legal standing to manage them.
But they should have had that conversation more fully with Ward, better known in Burns and around the county as Sheriff Dave, because it's likely Ward could have set them straight — even though he's no constitutional scholar and had, in a meeting before the occupation, told the self-proclaimed patriots their demands were entirely outside the law.
Ward revealed himself in 2014 in his application for the sheriff's job. In it, he wrote: "I've spent many years of my life serving our country, stateside and abroad, to protect the Constitution and believe it is the sheriff's responsibility to protect each person's rights under the Constitution of the United States," Les Zaitz of The Oregonian/OregonLive reported.

Tarp Man - The Domestic Terrorist - Died like he wanted and wrote about. (The fantasies of LaVoy Finicum)

Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, the Oregon nature reserve occupier known as “Tarp Man” who was shot to death last week after trying to escape arrest and reaching for a gun, died as he lived: A man with deeply held fantasies about freedom and the absolute rightness of his cause. After becoming best pals with welfare rancher Cliven Bundy during the 2014 standoff with federal officers at Bundy’s ranch, Finicum went home to Northern Arizona and wrote him a novel about one brave man and his family opposing the forces of tyranny.
Surprisingly, the novel, Only by Blood and Suffering: Regaining Lost Freedom, isn’t quite as completely unreadable as we’d anticipated. It’s merely tedious, badly written, laughably preachy, and composed of militia propaganda standing in for dialogue, with some pretty cheesy action sequences thrown in to hold the whole mess together. It’s a bit like somebody read a lot of Red Dawn fanfiction while visiting Alex Jones’s Infowars website. How bad is this book? It’s so deliciously bad that we’re going to make this review a two-parter, because there’s simply so much wonderful idiocy in it we’d feel remiss if we didn’t share as much as possible with you Wonkers.
The plot, such as it is, follows the travails of the Bonham family, whose patriarch, a flinty old cowboy named Jake, lives on a ranch in southern Utah, near the conveniently-named real town of Orderville. The action starts off with Jake’s adult children making their way to Dad’s ranch as the USA is rapidly falling into disorder following an economic crash. In Albuqueque, the oldest daughter, Cat, barely escapes her mother’s upscale house in a gated suburb as it’s overrun by a gang of thugs who murder Mom. While she heads for the hills with her bug-out bag and trusty Sig Sauer 9mm (gifts from Dad), Cat reflects on the tragedy:


WATCH: OR Domestic Terrorist went for his gun twice - watch the video

The FBI has released an aerial video of the Oregon militia arrest and shooting; LaVoy Finicum appears to reach for something near his waist twice before being shot and killed. David Pakman discusses this.

4 Domestic Terrorists in OR say they intend to stay

BURNS -- The four remaining occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge doubled down on their pledge to stay put until they've been assured no one leaves in handcuffs.
The holdouts repeated their demands for pardons in several videos posted online on Saturday, the 29th day the federal building has been occupied. One clip responded to calls from Ammon Bundy, who lead the occupation until he was arrested on Tuesday, to be vacate the refuge. Instead, one holdout declared on the video that their fight is "a fight that is going to keep going."
"When are Americans going to learn to take a stand and then fight the system that is corrupt, instead of throwing yourselves into that mess and trying to put your fate into what you are fighting against?" asks the video's narrator, who appears to be David Fry, 27, of Blanchester, Ohio.
The others encamped are Sean Anderson, 47, and his wife, Sandy Anderson, 48, of Idaho, and Jeff Banta, 46, of Elko, Nevada.
Authorities have blocked public access to the refuge Wednesday. On Saturday afternoon, at least three convoys of SUVs emerged from behind one set of road blocks, signaling the heavy law enforcement presence on the site.
The occupiers appeared to spend the afternoon gathered at a makeshift camp site around a fire. The Andersons wore camouflage, Banta sipped a Coors Light and Fry captured the scene on video.

OR Domestic Terrorists: Rank and File want revenge - LEADERS - Not so much

“Tonight peaceful Americans were attacked on a remote road for supporting the Constitution,” read a graphic meme accompanying the post. “One was killed. Who are the terrorists?”
Perhaps the most striking declaration came from one of the militants still occupying the refuge, who appeared in a video released from the compound showing the men using earth-moving machinery to apparently dig a trench and create an earthen berm, while he and others patrolled with their assault-style rifles and ranted at the camera, pleading to their fellow “Patriots” to come and aid them.
“There are no laws in this United States now!” the man declared angrily. “This is a free-for-all Armageddon. Any LEO or military or law enforcement or feds that stand up and fuck their oath — don’t abide by their oath — are the enemy!”
“If they stop you from getting here, kill them!”
Leading the parade of declarations that Finicum was mowed down in cold blood by FBI agents was Michelle Fiore, the Republican legislator from Nevada who has been a supporter of the Bundy family since their April 2014 standoff in that state. She sent out a tweet on Tuesday night making that very accusation, and it immediately spread like wildfire: “My heart & prays [sic] go out to LaVoy Finicum's family he was just murdered with his hands up in Burns OR.”

Ted Cruz fact checked on Obamacare Comments

x News host Chris Wallace cornered Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Sunday about his claim that President Barack Obama’s health care reform law had cost jobs.
“The fact checkers say you’re wrong,” Wallace told Cruz. “Since that law went into effect, the unemployment rate fell from 9.9% to 5% as 13 million new jobs were created, and 16.3 million people who were previously uninsured now have coverage.”
“There are plenty of problems with Obamacare, but more people have jobs and health insurance,” the Fox News host added.
Cruz, however, argued that the fact checkers were wrong because they were biased.
“Fact checkers are not fair and impartial,” he stated “They are liberal editorial journalists. And they have made it their mission to defend Obamacare.”
“Wait,” Wallace interrupted. “There’s certainly no question that more people have jobs and more people health insurance.”
“Yes, there is question,” Cruz insisted “The fact is from 2008 to today, we’ve seen economic growth of 1.2% on average.”
The Texas senator became irritated as the Fox News host pressed for an answer to his original question.
“Chris, don’t interrupt me,” Cruz snapped.
“That’s changing the subject,” Wallace noted. “Thirteen million new jobs have been created.”

Koch brothers and Billionaires meet to plot how to corrupt the system even more, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY

Koch Brothers Bring their Billionaires Pals Together to Plot How to Corrupt the System Even More... If That is Possible

Billionaire Republican backers host retreat with other super-rich conservatives as secret donations are forecast to break records in the 2016 election.

The 27 year old ISIS supporting Domestic Terrorist still at the OR Bird Santuary: Background information

David Fry’s online friendship with militant LaVoy Finicum led him to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, where he is one of the last remaining occupants.
Ten days into the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, David Fry was looking forward to going home. Shunned by the alpha-male militant leaders in the camp, Fry — a skinny, bespectacled 27-year-old from Ohio — was waiting to talk to one person before he left.
“I want to say goodbye to LaVoy, but then I have to go home,” Fry told OPB the afternoon of Jan. 14. “I think I make some of the guys nervous here because of the bad things people are saying about me.”

1 of the 4 remaining Domestic Terrorists is a BIG BULLY who went nuts after his 1st wife divorced him

EXCLUSIVE: Oregon militiaman in armed standoff with FBI is an 'abusive' radical with a string of drug and alcohol convictions who is 'willing to die for his beliefs'

  • Sean Anderson is one of four involved in standoff with FBI in Oregon
  • Used to be a well-paid electrician living according to his Lutheran beliefs
  • But after first wife left him he turned to drugs, alcohol and extreme views 
  • Step-daughter recalls him as a violent, drunk and 'abusive' parent
  • Another family member branded him a 'radical' and said he is likely willing to die for his anti-government beliefs 

Read more:
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bundy Domestic Terrorists: An Update

Things are a mite quieter down at the ol’ Malheur National Wildlife & Birdbrain Refuge. Six of them fellers and one good ol’ gal got their behinds behind bars and one is fertilizing a future crop of daisies. Most of the rest of them “real ‘Murican patri-rats” took off for the four winds soon as they found out the fuzz had no problem adding a little lead to their diet. (And, they wouldn’t even have to go to Flint, MI for the treatment.)

Who was killed with a gun in one week? GUNFAIL Guns kill

The week of December 20th was an embarrassment of riches that actually makes us all poorer. By the numbers, the week wasn’t really all that bad, compared to what we’ve seen recently. I guess there was a sort of calm before the storm, as everyone was out shopping for Christmas gifts, and largely too busy to accidentally shoot themselves or others. Unfortunately, a lot of those Christmas gifts were guns, and, well, you’ll see what happens to the numbers in our next installment.
But what we did have a lot of during the week of the 20th were a lot of spectacular GunFAILS. We had a Guns Everywhere, GA man who sleeps with a gun in his bed accidentally shoot himself in his sleep. We had a Pennsylvania man who pulled the old, “Ha ha, it’s not loaded but watch me scare her when I put it to her head and pull the trigger!” joke, which quickly became, “My life is over. My life is over.” A Missouri dad handling what he thought were his unloaded black powder hunting guns, who accidentally killed his daughter when he fired through the living room wall. A Florida man who accidentally shot and killed himself while on a video call, showing a relative the “proper” way to clean a handgun. A New York mall security guard who struggled with a fleeing robber and accidentally shot a store worker. A California 12-year-old who dropped his rifle at a shooting range, accidentally shooting another nearby patron. An Iowa cop who accidentally fired his gun inside the Des Moine airport, while practicing his “quick draw” technique. Two unrelated accidental discharges that turned into “home invasion shootings” on the same day in Bismarck, ND. An Oregon man who accidentally shot his 2-year-old niece in the face, when his gun went off while using the gun cleaning kit he’d just gotten for Christmas. And the husband and wife team in Nevada, both employed by the local police department, who separately awoke and fired a total of 27 rounds at the third family member who lives with them, having mistaken her for an intruder (hitting her just once, in the leg).
I mean, come on, people.
But believe it or not, there’s more. Have a look below the fold, if you dare.

Where will the NEXT STANDOFF happen?

he American militia movement has deteriorated and been led astray by those who seek to use it for their own ends. It has lost its tactical edge because it is following people who want to be internet famous and be seen as leaders of a revolution. They’re more interested in talking about than they are in preparing for it. I know of several organizations and individuals who still maintain their tactical wits. They aren’t livestreaming their conversations and they don’t pay yearly dues to an supposedly militant organization via credit card. Think about the fact that the “security detail” in Oregon didn’t have the common sense to stop people from livestreaming conversations. The FBI has the internet too. They didn’t know it was tactically unsound to provide their opposition with a detailed inventory of their supplies. They didn’t know it was bad form to adopt a position that could be completely and totally controlled by their opposition. These are not the actions of a force that is ready to go toe-to-toe with the most powerful government in the world. These aren’t even the actions of  a force ready to go toe-to-toe with a decent community paintball team.
Many within the movement have visions of some great heroic feat restoring liberty to the nation. Here in the real word, that isn’t how it works. The federal government is seen by many militias as the enemy. A matured movement would understand their enemy. They would understand that it has redundant command and control aspects and that no single engagement will bring it to its knees. The US government has a plan to maintain continuity of government even if a nuclear war destroys the major cities and kills half of the population. Is it even remotely feasible that some Alamo-style siege can bring it to its knees?
The reality of what it would take to bring the federal government down is something so horrible, nobody who understands what it would take wants it to happen. It would be a lengthy civil insurrection lasting years. Tens of millions of dead. Bombings that hit civilian targets. Rampant famine and disease. Snipers that shoot people trying to make it across the street simply to take their supplies. Mass graves. War crimes unlike anything the US has ever seen. The complete breakup of the nation. This is the scene that will take place before a government collapse. It would make Rwanda and Bosnia look like a simple bar fight.  The reality of what it would take to force the US government to make concessions is almost as bad and involves murderous tactics on a scale never seen here before. If you expected the Oregon situation to turn out any differently, you probably need to stop reading blogs written by people who fear-monger for profit and start reading some history books.
Those who write these fear-mongering blogs calling for armed action while safe behind a screen, are the movements politicians. They help shape policy and planning. What would you think of a politician that helped place people in harm’s way without the resources to back them up? How many of those blogs call Hillary Clinton a traitor for engaging in the same behavior during the Benghazi fiasco?
Calling for the militant overthrow of the government is not a game. It’s not a hobby. It certainly isn’t a business. It’s something that has life and death consequences. This movement is sending people into a situation they aren’t ready for without the tools or training to win, and it’s all being done for the sake of YouTube clicks. The people in this movement need to take a look at their leadership before they end up being the next ones bleeding to death in the snow for engaging in an unwinnable mission.

The demands of the 4 hold outs at the Bird Sanctuary

In YouTube video from refuge, David Fry says remaining group demands to be pardonedIn a video posted to YouTube around noon on January 29th, 2016, David Fry talks about negotiations he says his group has been having with the FBI, Bill Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich, and his desire to see Hillary Clinton arrested. Fry is one of four people still occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump is discussed by Whoopi Goldberg: Trump is a coward.

There are many words one can use to describe just how odious and repellent Donald Trump is. Here’s a few that come to mind when I think of him: Bigoted. Misogynist. Hateful. Islamophobic. Petty. Arrogant. Racist. Asshat. Dillhole.
But Whoopi Goldberg had by far the best word for Trump, and she shared it with everyone on “The View,” as you can see here:

The lunacy of gun laws - Safety First?

SNL’s Rachel Dratch Exposes The Terrifying Lunacy Of Open Carry Laws In Less Than 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

FBI Release Video of Domestic Terrorist being Shot in OR. (The Terrorist put his hand in his jacket to get his gun 3 times)

He had his hands up but puts them in his coat 2 or 3 times.   They found a loaded gun in the pocket of his coat where he was reaching.  This fellow was a Domestic Terrorist.

The FBI has released a video recorded from a fixed-wing aircraft showing the fatal shooting of militiaman LaVoy Finicum, who was a spokesperson for Ammon Bundy and his band of men occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge since January 2nd. Conflicting reports emerged as an 18 year old girl inside the van claimed that a prolonged shootout occurred, resulting in tear gas and eventually in the demise of Finicum who delivered a message of armed defiance underneath a blue tarp in an MSNBC interview on January 5th which vaulted the 54 year-old father of 11 onto the national stage. However, the FBI’s video proves otherwise. 
Republican Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore of Nevada – a close friend of Cliven Bundy, father of the occupier – started a rumor that Finicum was shot with his hands up, and turned out to be dead wrong. 
Less than 15 seconds after Finicum’s SUV crashed into a snow bank while trying to evade a road block, the Arizona rancher did in fact put his hands up for a moment, but continued to walk as armed federal agents closed in on his position.  While the video lacks audio from the scene, it’s clear that Finicum’s last moments involved him reaching with his right hand into his left jacket pocket when he was fatally shot by a law enforcement officer.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dead Domestic Terrorist was going for his gun according to FBI. They have film of it.

FBI claims slain militant LaVoy Finicum reached for a gun — and they say they’ve got video to prove it

Sarah Palin insisted on Special Treatment of her son when he was in the Army. Interesting Info.

I could tell the Commander was upset and I had to ask what was going on. He then told me in no so many words that the Governor’s son Track would be joining our brigade and he had to ensure he was kept safe in the Headquarters Company of 3-21 Infantry. I could tell this frustrated the Commander and it certainly frustrated me, more now than it did at the time. What othersoldier that enlists gets to go back to their home state? What other soldier gets their parent involved to influence where they’re stationed? What other soldier gets to be kept safe? No one, other than those in positions of power and influence.

Ammon Bundy gets his OWN VOODOO DONUT! This is great. VooDoo Donuts is a fun place.

Check out this link.  It is perfect.

154 Year Old Law used to Charge the Bundy Domestic Terrorists. (They rejected the idea of Federal Power)

The 154-year-old law under which Ammon Bundy and others were arrested this week was created to deal with a nation torn apart by war.
But it made sense for the armed occupiers who holed up at Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to be charged under the Civil-War era statute, experts say, because like the Confederates, the occupiers rejected federal power.
The armed protesters demanded that the refuge and other federal lands be handed over to local control. They threatened to use force if federal authorities tried to remove them from the refuge. On Jan. 26, or 24 days after taking over the refuge, Bundy and seven others were arrested and charged with conspiring to prevent federal officers from doing their jobs using threats or intimidation. Three more people were arrested Jan. 27.
The seven men and one woman worked together to control federal property and intended to impede federal officials who work on the refuge from doing their jobs, according to the criminal complaint filed by prosecutors. The refuge belongs to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

20 Police Vehicles are going onto the OR Bird Facility. 1 person taken away

These people are dillusional.  To jail with them.

Oregon Public Broadcasting was able to get interviews with the remaining militants this afternoon. They are afraid of being arrested and want assurances from the FBI that they can walk with no charges. David Fry tells OPB he doesn’t want to kill anyone, but he doesn’t want to go to prison, says he would rather kill himself. Sandy Anderson says they were never made aware of the offer by the FBI to walk free if they left on Tuesday night. She said the “chiefs” all had a private meeting and the next thing they knew everyone was leaving. Sandy said they are angry they were left behind by the leaders of the siege. You can listen to the interview below or read the account from OPB here.
I’ll update information here as it becomes available.

4 Remaining Domestic Terrorists in OR waiting to be arrested - Just hanging out. (Finally realizing it was pretty stupid)

After going silent on the live stream overnight, the remaining militants have shared two new videos. The four remaining people have been identified as David Fry, husband and wife Sean and Sandy Anderson, and Jeff Banta. In the first video, David Fry can be heard saying they are upset that those who’ve voluntarily left the refuge have been arrested. He says one of the militants left overnight. He explains that people left because they “really weren’t willing to die. They had family members and obvious reasons.” 
He goes on to say the FBI intends to arrest Sean Anderson due to a federal warrant, the same conspiracy charge that Bundy and the others are facing. They are concerned about a felony charge because that means you can’t vote and of course, “they take your guns away.” David Fry then made a comparison to Ferguson:

Flint: Town Hall with Rachel Maddow about the poisoned water

Maddow’s town hall was the anti-cable news. There were no raging talking heads placing political blame. Instead, there was a master plumber describing in detail the cost and effort that it will take to replace all of the lead pipes in the city. (Total cost for each home roughly $10,000, and there are 30,000 homes in Flint.) The town hall was not a political blame game, or an emotional plea for help.
In true Maddow fashion, the discussion from Flint was focused on the crisis and how it can be fixed. For instance, the doctor who discovered the elevated blood levels in the children of Flint, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, discussed the resources that these kids may need and how the parents and the community can come together to give the kids that were exposed the best possible outcomes.

3 accounts of the killing of the OR Domestic Terrorist.

IF I WERE DRIVING A CAR AND TOOK OFF FROM A POLICE STOP, I would be shot at.  If I got out of a car and went toward Police/ FBI and would not stop as asked:  I WOULD EXPECT TO BE SHOT.  We have many Black and Brown people who look at the Police and they get blown away.  We cannot have one rule for White Men and another rule for Black or Brown Men.

Two people who reportedly witnessed the shooting of LaVoy Finicum are using social media to tell their story. Almost as soon as Finicum was shot, word began to spread among militia-types of his death, with many claiming that he was unarmed and had his hands up. While Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne and Shawna Cox were arrested at the scene, the man driving Ammon Bundy—Mark McConnell—and others were eventually released from the scene. As rumor began to spread that Finicum was not resisting arrest when he was shot, Mark McConnell took to his Facebook page to dispel the rumor. In the video he says that Finicum was driving the second vehicle and when they were stopped, one person got out and was handcuffed. At that point Finicum took off in the truck with passengers still in the truck. McConnell explained it was foolish for Finicum to take off in the truck and was an act of aggression. He relays what Ryan Payne and Shawna Cox, passengers in Finicum’s truck, told him: Payne and Finicum got in an argument, Finicum tried to drive around the road block and got stuck in the snow bank and Finicum charged at law enforcement. Below is video of him relaying what he knows to his friends on Facebook.
A third passenger in the car has been identified as Victoria Sharp. The 18-year-old Kansas woman arrived at the refuge last weekend with her mother and 6 of her 9 siblings. The whole family was also part of the standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. She gave her account of the shooting to a woman named Linda Kirby, who uploaded it to YouTube. Her account differs slightly. She claims LaVoy Finicum told law enforcement he was going to see (militia-friendly) Sheriff Palmer in Grant County. 

Ryan Bundy accused of Sexually Molesting a Horse. (I hope this is not true, but this whole case is so very weird.)

The sheriff whose jurisdiction includes the isolated Oregon wildlife refuge taken over by a small group of armed men told Oregon Public Broadcasting in a Tuesday interview that Ryan Bundy would face charges after he was spotted sexually abusing a horse on a farm outside of Burns, Oregon. The incident was said to happen sometime early Thursday morning.
According to a probable cause affidavit, the horse’s owner and two other witnesses told a Harney County deputy that they spotted Ryan Bundy “masturbating himself and (the) horse,” after sneaking away from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. It is not clear why Bundy decided to touch the horse inappropriately, but it is believed he told his family he was leaving for snacks.
When the deputy arrived at the scene, he told Bundy he was being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault of an animal. According to the affidavit, the 43-year-old then yelled that he didn’t have sex with a horse. At that point, the deputy had not mentioned anything about a horse. Shortly thereafter, Ryan Bundy took off on a dirt bike and escaped the deputy, wearing only his whitey tighties and a cowboy hat.

Ammon Bundy, Domestic Terrorist, Denied Bail. He will stay in jail for a while.

Tuesday night Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, and four other members of his domestic terror militia were arrested in a traffic stop that turned into a gunfight with the FBI and Oregon State Police. Bundy spokesperson Robert 'LaVoy' Finicum was killed in the encounter. Two others were arrested separately.

Wednesday afternoon Bundy and his co-defendents were arraigned in federal court. They were denied bail and will be held for trial.

FBI tells Bundy and Terrorist friends: There will be consequences for their actions

ate and federal authorities pleaded with the armed men still occupying a U.S. wildlife refuge in Oregon to leave on Wednesday, a day after an attempt to resolve the standoff peacefully by detaining their leader ended with one man shot to death.
But one of the remaining occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Oregon told Reuters in an interview that he would not give up until the group’s grievances over federal land rights were addressed.
Law enforcement surrounded the refuge and blocked off access roads on Tuesday evening, after occupation leader Ammon Bundy and his group were taken into custody at a traffic stop along Highway 395.
Citing the investigation, authorities declined to say what led to the fatal shooting of one member of Bundy’s group, identified by activists as Robert LaVoy Finicum, a rancher who acted as a spokesman for the occupiers. Bundy’s brother, Ryan, was wounded in the incident.
At a news conference in Burns, Oregon, on Wednesday morning Greg Bretzing, FBI special agent in charge of the agency’s Portland office, said that authorities wanted a peaceful end to the situation and that the remaining occupiers were “free to leave” the refuge.

Trump chose Joe Sheriff Arpaio as Vice President? This article says yes.

I am not sure that I believe this.  SNOPES SAYS IT IS NOT TRUE!

Yesterday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio officially endorsed Donald Trump for president. Today, Trump shocked the country by announcing Arpaio as his pick for Vice Presidential running mate in 2016.
“I have great respect for Joe Arpaio,” Trump told reporters. “Like me, he understands that we must restore law and order to the border and respect the men and women of our police forces. I thank him for his support of my policies and candidacy for President. He too knows that we can make America great again, and because of this, I am proud to announce Joe Arpaio as my Vice Presidential running mate. And just moments ago, I’m happy to report that Arpaio has accepted my offer. So it’s now official; you will see a Trump-Arpaio ticket come this November.”

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Bundy Terrorist Fellows talking about their buddies being arrested

The whole Bundy Terrorist Group would go to public meetings with guns and anger on display.  The people felt unsafe.  The Bundy crazies were going to another meeting and the people did not want them to be there with those guns.  The Feds stopped them - Finally.

Bundy Terrorist arrested, 2 people shot. BUNDY ARRESTED.

1 Dead, 7 Arrested.  They were stopped while traveling to a meeting in another town.

One person is dead and seven others, including Oregon occupation leader Ammon Bundy, were detained following a violent confrontation with the FBI and state police Tuesday night.
It all began with a traffic stop while Bundy and some of his followers were en route to a community meeting at a John Day senior center, about 70 miles north of Burns.
Shots were fired after FBI agents, Oregon State troopers and other law enforcement agencies made the stop on US Highway 395.

UPDATED: Friend and officials confirm Oregon militant Ammon Bundy’s capture

Oregon militant leader Ammon Bundy was taken into custody by federal officials on Tuesday night, the Oregonian reported.
Bundy’s capture was first reported by one of his supporters, Pete Santilli, on a YouTube broadcast. KATU-TV confirmed Bundy’s arrest, adding that three other people were taken into custody.
Santilli also stated that two people were shot during the encounter that led to Bundy’s arrest. Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) confirmed that Harney District Hospital in Burns, near the wildlife reserve that Bundy’s group seized, is on lockdown and that there was a “shooting incident.”

Video of Drunk Bundy Terrorist threatening Police that he will kill them

OSP Contact with subject at Hines Market - 1-25-2016 ***WARNING -Graphic Language***

Southern Florida Mayors tell Rubio and Jeb Bush to shove it! They have flooding at hight tides and want Global Warming taken seriously.

As a record snowfall slammed the New Jersey, Chris Christie wasdrawing fire for jetting out of the state to campaign in New Hampshire.
Meanwhile, elsewhere on the campaign trail, a group of hard-pressed local officials from South Florida have been clamoring for climate-change denying GOP candidates to at least acknowledge the sea water that is sloshing up around their collective ankles.
Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush have given little priority to climate change on the Republican presidential campaign trail, and a group of South Florida mayors have had enough.
Fifteen mayors from cities in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties wrote the two Miami candidates a letter asking them to meet with local leaders to “discuss the risks facing Florida communities due to climate change and help us chart a path forward to protect our state and the entire United States.”

Bundy Domestic Terrorist arrested

Harney County resident Levi Majors answered the Ammon Bundy siren song of freedom and joined up with the armed militants at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge approximately two weeks ago. He appeared on camera for television news crews, helping the militants to remove cameras on the refuge:
"Our rights are being violated by this camera being here," local Burns resident Levi Majors said to reporters. "This road don't need to be watched by anybody."
The cameras can be remotely operated from miles away and are capable of recording at night.
The occupiers told reporters they believe this is the work of the FBI. The FBI was not available for comment.
"You may come and pick them up," protester LaVoy Finicum said. "Just don't put them back up."
That’s when Levi Majors jumped in and announced that he intended to keep the cameras. As a Harney County resident, he said “I paid for this! These are mine!” Walking away with his prize, he noted “I’ve always wanted one of these!” You can watch him take the cameras at the approximately 5:20 mark of the video.

TOXIC WATER ALL OVER THE NATION: Flint is just the beginning. Other communities are using social media to show the dangerous water they have.

It’s not just a Flint problem: Other U.S. cities are suffering from toxic water

Residents in other cities are turning to social media and petitions to condemn government inaction on toxic water

THE GREAT AMERICAN BRAINWASH: Half a BILLION Dollars to turn America against Hillary.

The New York Times looks behind the curtain of the shadowy conservative effort to demolish Hillary Clinton’s favorable public image:
An expensive and sophisticated effort is underway to test and refine the most potent lines of attack against Mrs. Clinton, and, ultimately, to persuade Americans that she does not deserve their votes. While the general election is 16 months away, Republican groups are eager to begin building a powerful case against the woman they believe will be the Democratic nominee, and to infuse the public consciousness with those messages
The effort to vilify Mrs. Clinton could ultimately cost several hundred million dollars, given the variety and volume of political organizations involved.
Crossroads, the group behind this effort, is led by none other than Karl Rove, the strategist who brought us George W Bush.  
Crossroads plans to use a kaleidoscopic approach for its anti-Clinton campaign. In order to target particular voters with tailored messages, the campaign will feature tools including television and radio spots, digital ads on mobile devices, and pre-roll, the commercials that play before videos online.
The goal is to indoctrinate the public with anti-Hillary narratives, to insert carefully tested negative memes into the public debate. It is a form of mental manipulation, intended to discourage critical thinking and create predetermined biases in the minds of voters.