Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Ocean was Amazing!!! I traveled highway 101

 I lucked out and the sun was out.  It got to 70 degrees during the day.  I was in a camper and it got down to 36 degrees at night.  I had to put on the heat at 4 AM.  

Friday, April 16, 2021

Road Trip - I was going to San Diego: The plan changed.

 I was set to go to visit my new friend and then go on to San Diego because whe worked long hours.  We met Sunday and then she said we could meet Thursday at 3 PM.  I changed routes and decided to hit the Northern CA coast and see the Redwoods.  I went on Hwy 1 AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!  I was right on the ocean and there were giant cliffs and rocks.  I was the only person on most beaches.  I saw a lighthouse which is still in use and talked to some of the locals.  The Redwoods were awesome.  I saw elk too.  I camped out in my trailer parked along rivers.  IT WAS AWESOME!!  

The Road Trip is ending!! I didn't have internet to get onto this program - here goes.

 It was an amazing trip.  I had coffee with an amazing lady and we had a second meeting set up but it got canceled because of a horrible emergency.  She told me some places to check out and I did and it was pretty amazing.  This is a giant Redwood Tree that you can drive a car through.  It is in the Redwood Forests of Northern, CA!!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

We will meet up tomorrow!!! She is working Monday and all of next week so it works out for tomorrow afternoon.

 We had a meeting of the minds and it will work out to meet tomorrow afternoon.  I will go to her town and we will meet up and hang out for an hour or two.

I do want to meet her, she sounds interesting.  She is close to retirement and I am looking for someone to take trips with.

Have a good day.

Trip starts tomorrow or Monday!!! Haven't heard from my lady friend in CA.

 I take off soon for a road trip with no end destination.  I was supposed to meet up with a gal tomorrow but she suddenly stopped communicating with me.

If I hear nothing today, I will stay here and take off Monday.  If she and I meet up, I take off tomorrow morning and we will hike and eat in the afternoon.  I am kind of hoping we meet but I wrote her and told her not to overdo it.  I told her it is fine if she needs to cancel because she has too much going on.  She is working a lot.

I have a Monday trip planned if that turns out to be the case.  I will head to Crescent City, CA if I don't see my new friend. 

Have a good day.


Friday, April 9, 2021

FRIDAY: I meet up with a gal Sunday in CA!! Camp out Sunday Night.

 I have met a gal online and we meet up Sunday!!  The tentative plan is to hike and eat/coffee afterwards.  She is a workaholic - as I was, but is getting ready to retire.  She was married for many years but her husband died.  She speaks very highly of her past husband and I find that appealing.

I try to speak highly of my ex-wife as well.  She gave me my 3 children!!!!!  I can never thank my ex enough for that and being such a great cook, housekeeper and kept me settled down.  

I am finding out that widowhood has its own kind of guilt and shame associated with it.  I've never been a widower so I had no idea.  My last girlfriend was a widow.  I think her grieving her ex was part of why we broke up.  I just could not understand the grieving.  So, I am learning about the loss of a partner.  

I will stay in a campground after our meeting.

She has to work Monday, so I have no clue where I am going on Monday.  My CA tour will start Monday it seems.

Enjoy Your Day!!

Thursday, April 8, 2021

2020 SUCKED!!!!!! I am getting myself back to positive again!! Thank God - Biden is President and I have both shots!!

 I am so glad the election is over and we now have President Biden.  I am so thankful that President Biden increased the making and distribution of the Covid Immunizations!!!!  I have both Phizer shots!!!!

Last year sucked!!!!  I got into the negative mind set dealing with Covid restrictions and WORKING AT getting President Biden elected.  It basically ruined my relationship with a few people, including my girlfriend.  

I am finally getting back to positive and I feel so much better.  I have my car and trailer loaded up and ready to go.  I will be going to California to get some warm weather and just see wonderful sights of nature.  I will bike, hike and camp along the way.  I will also take pictures of things I see along my travels.  I am also meeting a gal along the way.  She just sounds like a wonderful woman so we are going to meet for a late lunch/coffee and see if we like each other.  She still works so I will see her and then leave.  I will go and continue my California trip.  This is a vacation afterall.

So, my goal is to get mentally, physically and emotionally back in shape for summer.  

My trip starts in 3 days.  

Wishing you well!!!!  Get up and moving folks.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Getting ready for my road trip.

 I will have a camper and be on my way next Monday.  I watch dogs Thursday to Sunday and then take off Monday.  I plan on being at the coast of California to start.  I will then probably go through San Francisco near Sacramento and then decide where to go from there.

There is a bit of sadness in that the last road trip was done with my old girlfriend.  But, life goes on and I need to move forward too.  

The weather is great and I just need to get out and go.

Wishing you well.

Monday, April 5, 2021

ROAD TRIP - coming next week!!!! Probably California but no set destination.

 I have decided to take a road trip.  I have a friend who invited me to lunch and coffee in CA and that was the start of my road trip idea.  

I will have a small camper and my new car and hit the road.  ultimately, I will try for the CA coast and see the Hearst Mansion and travel along hwy 101.  I will take a bike with me and try to get in 20 miles of bike riding each day.  

I am just feeling so pleased that the weather is sunny and I am in good health.  I will just go and enjoy and see the beauty which our world has to offer.

I hope your day is going well!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2021

No Hanky Panky with my EX!! We got along great. We have so many wonderful memories and we were able to talk, laugh and catch up.

 My Ex was here and we got along great.  

I did some apologizing and we talked about all of the great things we were able to pull off.  It was just a fun time.  We had wine and talked about the relatives on each side of the family.  I feel so much better that we are back on track as friends.  We discussed our kids and came up with an approach to help our kids and grandkids.  

She went back home today and is talking to our kids about our plans.  My doubting children were pleased to hear it went well.  They probably won't believe it until they have her face to face.  She is planning on coming again and I am encouraging it.

I cooked her an omellette since she brought me stuff to make them.  I must admit it was very good.  I usually don't do that if I am cooking for myself.

We have sun today but rain is supposed to come on Sunday - Easter.

I am chatting with about 5 women online.  I am curious to see if anything comes of it.  I am kind of doubtful.  There are some wonderful women but they are very cautious, as am I.  So going from chatting to seeing someone is kind of weird.

Wishing you well!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

My Ex comes today!!! I am happy to have her here. She helped remodel the place. I want her to see the changes to the property I have made.

 My Ex and I are going to spend today and tomorrow together.  I have some upset daughters (2 of 3) because I broke her heart in the past by getting a girlfriend.  My EX had hoped that we would get back together is what my 2 daughters told me.  

I have been told NO SEX!!  By my two daughters.  I am after all on the rebound and I am looking so my Ex could end up with a broken heart again.  I am horny - no doubt about that.  I will really try to keep myself under control and not get too cozy.