Friday, April 9, 2021

FRIDAY: I meet up with a gal Sunday in CA!! Camp out Sunday Night.

 I have met a gal online and we meet up Sunday!!  The tentative plan is to hike and eat/coffee afterwards.  She is a workaholic - as I was, but is getting ready to retire.  She was married for many years but her husband died.  She speaks very highly of her past husband and I find that appealing.

I try to speak highly of my ex-wife as well.  She gave me my 3 children!!!!!  I can never thank my ex enough for that and being such a great cook, housekeeper and kept me settled down.  

I am finding out that widowhood has its own kind of guilt and shame associated with it.  I've never been a widower so I had no idea.  My last girlfriend was a widow.  I think her grieving her ex was part of why we broke up.  I just could not understand the grieving.  So, I am learning about the loss of a partner.  

I will stay in a campground after our meeting.

She has to work Monday, so I have no clue where I am going on Monday.  My CA tour will start Monday it seems.

Enjoy Your Day!!

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