Sunday, January 29, 2012

The iceberg

The icebergs are covered with snow but this one had a bit exposed so I took quite a few pictures of it. It is as big as a small school bus so you can get a feel for the size. I took about 200 pictures today at the Glacier. It is 9:30 AM and the snow is still falling steadily. My plan is to wait until the clouds lighten up and then go ski at the Glacier and get some sun pictures.

more Mendenhall - from Saturday 3

I enjoy the quiet, the cold and the personality of the weather at the Glacier. It can be cold and sunny, windy, cloud cover, sun popping through the clouds and it can have a blustery and dangerous wind blowing off the Glacier just challenging me to come closer so it can kill me. I have had the winds blow me backwards at zero degrees as I got close to the Glacier. It was at that point that I got the hint to back off and did. The wind blew me back to the car. I will go out to the Glacier later today when there are lots of people checking it out. I personally prefer being the first person out there but am hoping to get some pictures of the Glacier in sunshine so maybe this afternoon. I was thinking of using the tele-mark skis to climb a mountain but that would be work and I think I need more endurance before I hit a decent mountain trail. Because the snow was so late in coming, I am not in the best of shape. It is like I am just starting ski season and need to get in better shape to do what I want to do. I do not want to get injured because I did too much without being in good enough shape.

More Mendenhall - from Saturday 2

More Mendenhall - from Saturday

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mendenhall Glacier 5, this morning

I was the first person at Mendenhall Glacier this morning. We had perfect conditions: 25 degrees, no wind, 3 feet of snow total on the ice and about 3 inches of new snow - Beautiful Conditions. The picture of me was taken by #2 person to the Glacier. She wanted a picture of her by the Glacier and then insisted that I get one as well, which I did. Right past this picture is broken ice - lots of it. I skied on it because we had so much snow. At one point, one ski broke through the ice. My other ski was solid so I got out of there quick. I was looking at the area last week without the new snow and I could see water around ice chunks. The snow is a good insulator but it does not freeze water, so I was stretching my luck a bit on this one. Got some good pictures though. As I was leaving the glacier - the people started showing up and I was glad to leave.

Mendenhall Glacier 4, this morning

Mendenhall Glacier 3, this morning

Mendenhall Glacier 2, this morning

Mendenhall Glacier this morning

Thursday, January 26, 2012