Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!! 2012 is almost over!!

Happy New Year!!  Good Bye 2012 and Hello 2013.

I hope all do better in 2013 than you did in 2012.  I was supposed to be in Portland for the New Years but ended up staying in Randle Washington.  We were playing in the snow and time flew by so I am staying in Randle.  Wishing all the best.

Teaching Creationism will not work!!

A case against Creationism  - well done.  Evolution makes so much sense in so many ways.  Creationism is a religious belief and should be taught in churches and home, if it is taught at all.  I would not push Creationism on my children or grandchildren.  I do not feel that public funds should be used in pushing a religious philosophy, which is what creationism is.

Teaching Creationism is just wrong.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vaginas are regulated more than guns! Shanon Moore

Vaginas are regulated more than Guns - true.  I was surprised to read it but really I am glad that it was brought forth.  It is the case.  Shanon Moore is from Alaska.

Vaginas are more regulated than Guns!!

Glen Beck on the world condition 2012

Glen Beck is being questioned by Bill O'Reilly about the world condition.  Interesting.

Glen Beck is talking his usual crazy to Bill O'Reilly.

Friday, December 28, 2012

UFO sightings in 2012 - the best ones

Here are some UFO sightings from 2012.  It is about 7 minutes of various sightings around the world.

I have not been following UFO stuff much so it is kind of interesting to see someone is keeping up on the subject.

UFO sighting 2012

The Many Uses of Hemp

Hemp grows faster than most trees and bushes but it is illegal in the US.  We can use Hemp for making clothes, paper and energy.  We need to make it legal though.  Most hemp is not POT and not smokable so it is quite dumb that it is not legalized.

Legalize Hemp for domestic use.

Happy almost new year

I am in Vegas and it is a bit chilly.  50 for a high and a chilly wind.  It is sunny.  Been here two days and getting sick of people, people, people everywhere.  Leave tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Living Cheap in the desert

I have driven through places like this.  I think I could handle a place like this for a week or so but I would certainly move on.

I am on my way to Vegas to get my winter sun break.

Liiving in Slab City out in the desert. It is cheap living.

Jon Stewart takes on Chris Wallace at FOX. No contest!

Chris Wallace invited Jon Stewart on FOX and Jon Stewart's brilliance shredded Chris Wallace.  When I was in New York, I got to go to see Jon Stewart at the Daily Show.

Jon Stewart shreds Chris Wallace on FOX!

Is there Poop on the moon?

I found this interesting.  Is there Poop on the moon?

Is there Poop on the Moon? The answer is here.

Street Art

Here is a graffiti artist who has developed into a Street Artist.  I have seen some great murals on the streets.  Bringing Art to the masses including the down and out people.

Street Art

New Gun Laws Wanted by the NRA - Parody

This is the Gun Laws as the NRA wants them.  This is a parody.  Sadly, there is a lot of truth to this with the Florida, Shoot First and Ask Questions later - no fault, I was scared bill.

New Gun Laws wanted by the NRA = Parody

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ray Charles - lots of Christmas Songs

20 or more Ray Charles Christmas Songs

Lots of RAY CHARLES Christmas songs

Christmas Peace with John Denver and the Muppets

A great Christmas Album is the Muppet Christmas Album with John Denver and the Muppets.  This is just one song from the album.

Christmas Peace with John Denver and the Muppets

Mariah Carey Christmas - full album

This is Mariah Carey Christmas album.  It is the full album so you can listen to a few songs.

Louis Armstrong sings White Christmas

Louis Armstrong also know as Satchmo,  sings White Christmas.

Everyone dreams of snow on Christmas and when it happened when I was a child, it was a sight to behold.  Snow made Christmas special.  Every since that time, I have been spending my time finding a place with snow in the winter.  I like being with my family during the Christmas holidays but I like snow in winter.  (That may be changing though)

Enjoy White Christmas, even if you have no snow.


Ray Charles, The Sprit of Christmas

A Ray Charles Christmas is a grand Christmas of Caring for the small things which adorn ones life.

We need to learn to appreciate the small things in life, Throughout the year.  The Spirit of Christmas should be a spirit which lives with us every day.

Wishing you and yours the best.


Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Merry Christmas to one and all.

I get to wake up and then hang out with my new grandson, which is great.  He is a cute little fellow.
He is happy and like to chat a lot.

I do have a daughter who is ill at this time and I wish her a speedy recovery.  I have been able to spend time with her while she takes some pretty nasty medicine which kicks her butt.

I hope your 2013 is better than your 2012.

The World DID NOT end!!

Just to let you know, the world did not end on 12/21/12.

I did find one pair of clean underwear too, so I was prepared.

Monday, December 24, 2012

JuanitaJean on Wayne LaPierre - the NRA fool

I apologize for posting this on Christmas Eve but I need to catch up.

Wayne LaPierre makes 2 Million per year by selling the BUY GUNS message.  He has become quite wealthy by harming our nation and killing our children by insisting on NO LAWS to hinder the growth of gun ownership by anyone.  Wayne is what is wrong with our gun policies in the US.

The best evaluation I have seen is by JuanitaJean at the Beauty Shop.

LeRoy, The REDNECK REINDEER by Joe Diffie

For the Christmas Spirit, I am putting on LeRoy, The Redneck Reindeer by Joe Diffie.  If this does not put you in the holiday spirit, good luck.

Joe Diffie, LeRoy the Redneck Reindeer

Native Music on Christmas Eve = PAMYUA

I just happened to listen to this and thought I would pass it along.  This group is so very great,  I happened to see them in Alaska.  They are very talented and use native languages and moves to tell their story of the villages.

PAMYUA - A great Native Group with Native Songs and Native Dance as well.

Wishing you a great Christmas Eve 2012

I am in Portland with family and friends - it feels very good to be around my children and grandkids.

I hope all have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Plastic Soup - What is in the center of the ocean?

I was able to listent to a presentation from a group that sailed in a milk carton boat across the ocean and ran into the Plastic Soup.  It is amazing actually to read and hear.  Plastic is a BIG PROBLEM for our world.

Plastic Soup

Portland Bound

I am on my way to Portland and will be there for dinner with my family about 3 PM.

I sure needed the break.  Teaching is mentally tough.  I had so many kids who did not want school to end because their life is pretty rough.  It was sad actually listening to them say they are not looking forward to a vacation.  It was 5 degrees and windy when I left Juneau and it is 40+ in Seattle which feels warm.  The shooting in CT did not help, we were on hightened alert at school.  It just felt weird to look at all of those kids and think someone would go into a school and kill those innocent babies.  I am glad to be on break.  The mental pressure became less as soon as I got on the plane.

I am presently going through my will I retire at the end of this school year discussion with myself.  I feel like I am a positive influence on some kids who need someone to help them so it is difficult to decide.  If I teach next year, it will be my last though.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Human Goodness after Sandy Hook

At a time of tragedy, it is easy to think of the negative side of life.  Among the bad, there is a lot of good.  Even though there was a tragedy in an elementary school, Public Schools are still one of the safest places for kids and people in general, to be.

Interesting read - need to keep a reasonable perspective.

The good things which can be found after a tragedy. It is there, we just need to take the time to see it.

Texas: Santa Claus arrested for giving out presents to kids

In Texas, Santa Claus was arrested for handing out chalk to kids.  He was put on the ground and taken care of with the kids watching.

Ho, Ho, Ho

Santa Claus arrested in Texas for giving out presents to kids.


This fellow is talking About the SANDY HOOK Massacre and the role of the NRA and their bought and paid for Congressmen.  GW Bush was part of the push to allow to make Semi Automatic assault weapons legal.

Death and Destruction has gotten continually worse and just allowing more assault weapons to more people (some crazy ones) and bigget clips and magazines with up to 100 bullets - we can plan on more funerals.

I like what this man has to say.  The NRA is creating death and destruction and want more and more with their policies.

A man talks about Sandy Hook and the death of our children. He looks at NRA policies and the Politicians they pay for.

The HISTORICAL Meaning of the 2nd Amendment - not the NRA version.

The NRA has re-defined the 2nd Amendment to mean MORE GUN, SEMI AUTOMATICS AND ASSAULT WEAPONS for everyone!!  In reality, Historically, the 2nd Amendment was never meant to mean what the NRA is now saying.

I am totally against guns in schools - I see more problems and deaths, than a real solution.  Hire Police to keep track of the neighborhood around school and frequent drop ins - sure, but Guns in schools - NO WAY.  I am a teacher.

The Historical Perspective on the 2nd Amendment. The NRA is totally wrong on their perspective.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Creationism Banned in Orleans - About Time!!

We need future leaders who can analyze and take in a mass of information from differing sources and then do research and develop based on facts gleaned from what works and what does not work.

Creationism is religion.  The earth was made in 7 days and man was riding on a dinosaur too.
Once you believe this, the logical thought processes stop and YOU BELIEVE because someone who is making BIG BUCKS and wants to feel powerful,  said it so it is true.  He will also reference the Bible.

FUTURE:  The future is technology, which is going to include a LOT OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT!  If we have a generation or two of I BELIEVE and will not even consider the scientific method of proving your idea and adapting and changing (evolving) then we are sunk.  Other nations, with strong Science and Math programs will move well beyond where we are as a nation.

I am very pleased to see places saying they will not fun Creationism!!  It is religion and should be taught in the Church or at home.

Finally - Creationism is banned from Orleans Schools. We need strong Science and Math Programs for our future growth as a nation.

This is so VERY FUNNY!!

A man wrecked into little old ladies while driving and a witness was describing what he saw.  SO VERY FUNNY!!

Little old ladies who got hit by a man and the commentary is so very funny.

More Semi-Auto gun, More Massacres - Coincidence?

Here is a chart of Mass Shootings in the US.  It is very striking to see.  As we get more Guns and specifically Semi-Automatic (Machine Guns really) weapons of war in the hands of average Joe Citizen, we have had a like increase in terrible tragedies.  The latest has been the shooting up of the Elementary School in Connecticut which left 20 little kids dead and 6 brave adults dead as well.

Houston, I feel we have a problem.

The more assault weapons on the street, the more mass shootings - Coincidence? I think Yes and I feel this chart bears out my thinking.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Did Shooter's Mom want to Commit the shooter to a mental facility?

Did the Shooter's Mom file papers in the court to have the Shooter Commited to a mental facility?  That is the current speculation.  According the the speculation, the shooter knew of the plans and was not happy.  We may never know really.  We do know that 26 innocent people are dead, including 20 little ones.  The funerals are happening now.  

At my school, there has been no talk by kids of the shootings.  They are just acting like kids, which is so very good to see.  We have a terrible wind which makes the cold so much colder.

Guns didn't stop the massacre on a military base

What meaningful Changes will the NRA propose?  Curious - They could say that every person have a gun and take it into any school of their choosing?  That would sure make me feel safer - NOT!

After all, isn't it the hardcore gun owners who are saying "If the teachers had been armed..." fully neglecting the fact that there have been mass killing on military bases where there are arms aplenty. If trained military officers and soldiers can't react quickly enough to a slaughter by automatic weaponry, how in the heck is a principal supposed to a) hear gun fire, b) recognize it as gun fire, c) run to the gun safe, d) open it while emotionally compromised, e) pull out a weapon, f) load it (because presumably you wouldn't want loaded weapons in a school, and g) run back down the hall and steady herself (since most principals are women) and shoot a gunman, all without sacrificing another student?

As a teacher, I would like to add this,  If I were in charge of the weapon and I opened fire on a suspect and shot and/or killed a student.  Even if I took out the shooter, my life would be devastated.  I would have a hard time living with myself.  Reminder:  Schools are crowded places with little people.

`We had massacres on military bases where there were plenty of guns - Teachers with Guns will do better?

Cavity Search for throwing a cigarette out a car window

In Texas, two women were in a car and one threw a cigarette out the window.  The officer smelled pot so he called in a female police officer and she did a cavity search right there on the road, with cars passing by.

Legalize Pot - it makes sense and there are even medical reasons for smoking POT.

JuanitaJean explains the Texas situation:

JuanitaJean explains the Texas Women being molested, cavity search, on the road.

Great Christmas Music

A Chanticleer Christmas Music treat.  An hour of amazing vocal Christmas music.

Chanticleer Christmas Music - Vocal music

TOMORROW - WEAR CLEAN UNDERWEAR!! The world is ending.

REMINDER;  THE WORLD IS ENDING TOMORROW!!  Because the world is ending tomorrow, Friday, 12/21/12 , I just want to remind people to wear clean underwear.

Here is the forecast for 12/21/12 and you will notice there is nothing listed for Saturday.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A PTA mom writes to Mike Huckabee - very compelling.

Mike Huckabee said the shooting in CT happened because GOD was taken out of schools.  (I would like to say that any person can close their eyes and pray to any GOD they wish at all of the schools where I have taught.)

A PTA mom responds to Mike Huckabee:

If you visited a neighborhood elementary school like Sandy Hook, or any public school for that matter, you would see that God’s presence and the teachings of Jesus Christ are well represented by the works of the people in those buildings. Now perhaps His presence isn’t seen in the way you want – there aren’t readings from the Bible (or any other religious texts for that matter) and the Ten Commandments aren’t posted in classrooms (nor are the Pillars of Islam, actually), but His presence and teachings are instead practiced, demonstrated, and felt. You see, Mr. Huckabee, if you visited the schools you quickly denounce for removing your symbols of God, you’d find that His work actually takes places there every day.

Monsanto - killing our people and animals with disease?

Monsanto makes Round Up which is a pesticide.  We now have Round Up resistant diseases and weeds.  We then have to give our land and animals ever more severe chemicals to tame the diseases and weeds which then make even BIGGER AND BADDER DISEASES AND WEEDS!!

The animals and people are suffering from Gut Health issues because of the feed which has traces of Round Up and/or any other chemical sprayed on the crops.

Monsanto - WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!  Please tell Monsanto to label GMO (Genetically Modified) crops and fruits so we can choose to eat it OR NOT!!

Monsanto and ROUND UP - Killing our animals, crops and us too?

Downsizing - Nano sized Homes. Could I live like this?

Living in a 400 or 600 square foot living space - is it possible?  Here are some houses for people who want to Downsize.

Living in a Nano sized house.

Actual Shootings: Did a civilian with a gun stop the criminal?

Does just the average Joe with a concealed gun stop a criminal intent of killing others or does it take more training?  Here are some real cases.  Again, not what the NRA is pushing with everyone should have a gun.

I was trained on the M-16 in the Army and I will say that I would want to continually use the gun to be able to be proficient and NOT DANGEROUS to others in a time of crisis.  Using a gun against another human being is not to be taken lightly - emotions can take over.  A person is not in the same frame mind as they normally are.

Real situations: Did the concealed shooter (untrained) make things better or worse in a crisis?

Does a concealed gun make things better or worse? An Experiment.

In this video, A person in a group is trained to conceal carry a gun and then put in a confrontational (Shooting) situation.  The results are not what the NRA puts out as a message.

Will arming more people with concealed weapons make things worse? An experiment.

A baby gets swooped up by and EAGLE and goes for a ride

An eagle picks up a baby and takes it for a ride.  It is a short video.  This is a hoax - it was done at a video school practicing special effects.  I still like it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Are NewTown Teachers (and all Teachers) Moochers or Heroes?

In Newtown, CT a few weeks ago, a man wrote that Teachers in Newtown were moochers and do not deserve their pay.  I wonder if the writer would have put his life on the line for these students or if he would have run out leaving the students to save his own life.

Are Newtown Teachers (and all Teacher) moochers or heroes?

He took off his hat! Success is the small things.

Yesterday was a HUGE SUCCESS!! A boy I work with has refused to take off his hoodie at school and was given an ultimatum last week to take the hoodie off or he will lose music and PE and have to call his parents and put his head down during the music and PE times.

His parents had said they would cut off the hoods of his hoodies if he does not. The parents also took him to a public gathering for Christmas and had him walk around for an hour with no hoodie on. he told me the next day,  I was in the public with my hat off and he was quite excited.  (At this time of tragedy in schools, we are cracking down on the hat/hood policy. )

At PE. he would not take his hoodie off and I was called.  We gave him 4 minutes and I went in to play hockey with the other students.  At 4 minutes he took it off and joined me.  He and I played field hockey. he then went to music with his hoodie off.

When his mom picked him up the first thing he said was: "Mom, I took my hood off and noone laughed at me!"

I cut my hair shorter than his last Thursday night.  Me and a fellow staff member with even shorter hair got the student and teased him about his long hair .

I am glad it went so well.

I also had a friend who has been fighting cancer for 12 years drop by to check in.  She looked so great. She now has hair after the Chemo took it away.  I am trying to talk her in to coming and helping kids at school.  She is thinking about it.

JuanitaJean on the END OF THE WORLD, this Friday!

JuanitaJean has the forecast for Friday.  It looks like the end of the world or something.

Friday's END OF THE WORLD Weather Forecast on the JuanitaJean Blog

BackGround Checks are a must for Gun Ownership!

Here, a man buys a semi-auto gun and 33 bullet clip without a background check - Scary stuff if you think about that.
A man buys a GLOCK gun without a background check

12/21/12 THE WORLD ENDS - not, Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The Mayan Calendar and the world ending - not really,  Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson explains the scientific ideas behind the concern.  Short Video

Dr. Niel DeGrasse Tyson on the world ending 12/21/12

Monday, December 17, 2012

Teaching - Post Connecticut Tragedy

I dreaded going in to school today.  I was afraid of what the students would ask or say about the tragedy.  It turned out to be just a normal day where we were understaffed so we were scrambling.

The kids had a very quiet morning and were just working on their lessons- just the usual.  It was a pleasant surprise.  I think our students are more concerned about the man in the van who is trying to get kids to get into his van.  I did see a van on a tow truck this weekend and I hope they caught the guy.

I also hope that we get our front entrance opened up in January so we can lock our side doors which go from the outside to the hall and right into classrooms.  At least with the front entrance, the people would enter the school and have to check in with the office.

As staff at a school, we are forever vigilant and trying to make a safe and secure environment.  It is very tiring.  I am wiped out today.

The Cold Hearts at the NRA and the lack of Gun Law Changes.

We have had 61 gun incidents where people have gone into a public area and shot up innocents.  We also have about 30 young people killed every day by guns.  Why no change to gun laws?  The NRA is the reason.  They have given over $600,000.00 to John McCain over the years and NRA money flows to many other in Congress as well.  The chances of going against the NRA is small or at least in the past.

I am hoping that this incident of killing little kids will wake up our political class and get a Semi-Automatic Gun law passed as well as a ban on large ammunition clips and make all people who buy a gun get a background check.  An increase in funding mental health would also be a good thing to happen.

The Cold Hearts at the NRA and will Gun Laws now be changed?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Daughter Blogged about the tragedy last Friday.

I am repeating this post because I like it so much.

It is my daughter, Brianna writing her feelings about the tragedy last week.  Tomorrow, I teach and I am a bit nervous.  I know that parents were calling the Principal last Friday asking about the security procedures and safety of their children.  Our school is not very secure at this time because we are being remodeled and our main entrance is not available for students so we must have a side door opened for students and parents to enter.  We are hoping the main entrance will be done after Christmas vacation but I have my doubts. I am living in a small town and I have little thought of tragedy coming to my school.

Brianna's comments about the Shooting last week.

Be Thankful For Today

This presentation helps make a person look at the little things in life which make life worth living.

With tragedy, we need to look at the good which surrounds us.

Alaskan Villages - I was in a village for 6 months and this brought back memories

 Look at the first 5 months of this blog to see a pictoral of my time in Emmonak, Alaska.  It was a village of 750 people and it was often minus 30 degrees.  

I saw this blog and it brought back memories of my time in the village.  Village life is a lot different than City life.  In many ways, I consider village life to be the real Alaska.  

Emily Parker's Dad speaks about his now little angel.

The bravery of this man and love for his deceased daughter is so very evident.  I just hope we don't have to repeat this any time soon.

I am for banning Machine Gun type weapons and hight capacity clips.  I was trained in the military on the M-15 and had extensive training before shooting it.  In Arizona, you can go pick up 1 or 10 just by showing a driver's license.  We need to make it more difficult to get weapons which are military weapons.

Emily Parker's Dad speaks about his now deceased daughter.

Great Pictures from the Sierra Club

Here are some great pictures from the Sierra Club.  Enjoy

2012 Sierra Club Pictures - 10

A Dad talks about his now little angel - the reality continues

A father talks about the great little daughter and sister to 2 who was taken this past week in the terrible tragedy.

We are all asking why.  I am also wondering when is the next school shooting going to take place.  If we do nothing regarding gun laws and access to machine type guns and clips that hold 20, 30 and 100 bulletsj, it is just a matter of time before it happens again.

If not a school, a mall or a cinema - angry or mentally ill people with a gun meant to take down many is just a tragedy waiting to happen, the question then is where.

I just read that MORE GUNS DO NOT MAKE US SAFER!  Where there are more guns, there are more gun deaths.  We have been lied to by the NRA and the macho people who insist that everyone have a gun.

A Father talks about his little girl who died in the tragedy last Friday in Connecticut

26 Moments of Good Things happening in 2012

At this time of tragedy, it is easy to forget about the good around us.  I came across this set of inspiring photos from the Immoral Minority blog and just had to post them  The pictures and stories were compiled by BuzzFeed.

26 acts of good in this year of 2012

Dolphins in the wild - video break from the tragedy

I love nature films and when I have a TV, I watch a lot of nature and science shows.  This is a video break after all of the tragedy news which is happening at this time.

Video - Dolphins in the wild

The Shooters Mother needed help and told jail is the only way to get help? A broken system,

This story was about a genius but non social boy who exploded and tried to hurt his mom days before the current tragedy in Connecticut.  The mom had to go to an emergency room and was ultimately told...

Mental Health issues need help but the help has dried up and the main road to help is to put the person in jail.  Our current system of mental health care is broken.

A mom is threatened by her genius, non social son and she has few options to get the help she needs.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why we need to talk about Gun Control!!

Rachel Maddow on why we need to talk about Gun Control.  a lot of historical and factual information about Gun Tragedies.

Rachel Maddow on how we need to discuss Guns and Gun Laws!!

10 Arguments Gun Advocates Make and why they are wrong.

This is a short and concise article about the Gun Lobbies arguments and talks in reasonable ways of why the arguments are wrong.  It is short and sweet and easy to understand but very compelling.

10 Arguments that Guns for all people make and Why They are Wrong!

Piers Morgan on Gun Law changes. NRA apologist says more guns. Piers is my hero

We need more people like Piers Morgan.  We have to take on the gun lobby toe to toe and deal with the issues as they exist.  If we do nothing, as we have done for 30 years, we will have more mall killings, more movie theater shootings, more school shootings.

It is past time to ban semi- automatic weapons for anyone.  They are a gun for the military and/or police use, not me, the average citizen.

We DO NOT NEED Bullet magazines which hold more than 10 bullets. 2 - 10 bullet clips will do a temendous amount of damage and it will allow 911 to be called.

Piers Morgan discussing Gun Policy with Everyone Needs To Carry a Gun folks. We need more people like Piers.

Killing kids in a classroom by shooting hundreds of bullets in a couple of minutes is not OK!!
We need to Change some laws!!!  It is way past time for changes.

Heroic actions: Teachers save the lives of students yesterday

The Tragedy yesterday is all over the news and internet.  Even though I would love to move on, it is still there and will be for a long time.  It is only right that we honor those alive and dead by looking the brave actions taken to help the students who just went to learn on this given day.

The teachers and staff became the protectors of our nations future.

This story I found quite compelling.

Teachers and Staff protect their students during and after the shooting rampage.

Abandoned WW II Art, Life must go on, even after a tragedy.

We must work through the tragedy which happened yesterday.  We must also move on from it.

In that vein, I saw this Abandoned WW II art which was quite impressive.

Abandoned Art from WW II in Europe.

Saturday Morning News: I wish it were just a bad dream.

I woke up hoping the shooting did not occur.  Just flipping on the computer brought reality crashing down - it really happened.  A 20 year old did shoot and kill his mother and then 20 kids and 6 brave adults who tried to protect the innocent children.

Our nation is now grieving, I know I am.  I was at school yesterday but had no time to think of a tragedy.  At my school, we had the police in our classes talking about a man in a van who is trying to talk our students into getting into his van.  A similar thing happened last year.

As the police officer was leaving our school, I was able to ask her about the Connecticut shooting and she gave me the information she had.  I then got students on the bus and ended my day.

the reality is there for all of us to deal with in our own way.

Here is the tragic but real Saturday news.

Saturday News: After the tragic shooting of 20 children at an Elementary School

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The problem is that America has practically zero meaningful regulations on guns, thanks to the assholes at the National Rifle Association, an organization that has had great success in pushing its extremist agenda on America over the past 30 years.

The NRA's vast power is the main reason that America today has far weaker gun restrictions than it did a century ago. For example, in my state of Texas, in the 1890s, it was illegal to carry a concealed gun, unlike today. Which raises a question: how, exactly, did Texans manage to get by back in the 1890s with gun laws that were more restrictive than what we have now?

One issue that I never hear discussed when there is a tragedy like this is (ironically enough) the Second Amendment's actual text. Oh, sure, the gun nuts regularly talk about the Second Amendment in a general sense. But nobody ever actually cites the actual wording of the amendment.

There's a good reason for this. Despite what the gun nuts would have us believe, the wording of the Second Amendment is very convoluted and vague.

The 2nd Amendment = BeggarsCanBeChoosers blog. What does the 2nd amendment say and mean?

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."  

GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE, They just make it much easier to kill people. Margaret and Helen

Margaret and Helen make such great sense.  I always get their opinions,

I have no doubt that in the coming days we will learn that no laws or gun control of any kind could have prevented this tragedy. There are millions of guns already out there and new gun control laws won’t do anything about that… bad people can always find a way to get a gun. Most gun owners are responsible people who have legitimate reasons to own a gun. So there’s nothing we can do, right?
Bullshit. Not doing anything is not the answer. It’s the problem. I refuse to believe that hunters and responsible gun owners can’t have a meaningful conversation about better gun laws with citizens who do not wish to own guns.

Friday, December 14, 2012

A teacher speaks! She was at the school where the shooting took place.

By all accounts, the Principal and the Counselor are heroines in this shooting.  They left their office to confront the shooter and neither lived.  This teacher tells what happened and what she heard and saw.

This whole situation is so very sad.

A teacher tells about what happened at the school when the shooting took place.

He took off his hat!!!

I have a student who would not take his hoodie off and he was not allowed in music.  I had him in my office in a corner and would not let him leave because he was not allowed in music until he removed his hat (hoodie).  We called his mom and she talked to him.  (She is the most wonderful woman in the world - such a great mom!)  He finally said he would go to music and take his hat off.  He did not.

I took him back to my office and he cried and we called mom.  She said he would have all of his hoodies put away because what he was doing was ridiculous.

The mom took him home and then took him to a city Holiday function with hundreds of people there.  She and his dad made him walk around without a hoodie for the evening.

The next morning he came in with a big smile and said he was hoodieless out in the public.  He was happy.  At the end the day, we went in and talked to the music teacher with no hat or hoodie on and said he would be in music with his hair exposed.  The music teacher gave him a high five.

Success is often the small things.  They mean a lot.

The Immoral Minority talks about Sarah Palin and her Gun fetish

Griffin at the Immoral Minority talks about Sarah Palin and her craziness about Guns!!  In my mind, Sarah and her ilk are the problem, not the solution.  She set up Gabby Giffords as a target with the bullseye on her district.

It is a good read.  Griffin is from Alaska and has an Alaskans take on Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin comments on the Shootings of little Children Today with a reminder from Griffin on Sarah's actions and thoughts on guns.

Gun Facts - Most Gun Tragedies occur in the US

Here are some gun facts which show that the US has the bulk of the gun tragedies when compared worldwide.  Surveys also show that people want Semi-Auto guns banned as well as large capacity bullet clips - People are against these by a large margin.

Here is the information:

Facts about Guns and the US!! What is the truth about Guns in the US? We will not get the truth from the NRA!!

A brief summary of today's killing of 20 children and 6 adults.

Here is a report of the killing in Connecticut Elementary School today.

The killing of 20 children and 6 adults - a brief summary

My Daughter wrote about her feelings of todays killing of the innocent children!

Brianna, my daughter, wrote down her feelings about the shooting of the children and adults at the elementary school in Connecticut.  She has two children in an elementary school and the feeling of devastation is strong with her as well as many parents with children attending school.

Brianna's Blog and her writing about the shooting at an elementary school today

Here is some of her writing:
 We will never be able to eliminate the hurt, pain, and devastation that humankind imposes on one another.  At any given moment, our children or community may be exposed to horrors beyond our understanding.  But today, tomorrow...unless and until that happens, they can know kindness above the horror.  The woman in my office, along with her children who deliver with her, spread love and kindness today despite the sinking feeling in her chest.  The message that such an act sent was this:unthinkable tragedy can knock us over, but kindness gives us the strength to keep going.

A mom speaks of the tragedy at her children's school today,

A mom wrote about the tragedy which happened at her children's school today.  Sadly, this could happen at any school at any time.  I teach and it is a sad possibility to consider the new reality of a crazy person walking into a school and shooting, but it has happened 31 times since Columbine.  The gun laws have made it easier to get a gun since Columbine thanks to the NRA and the right wing gun crazies.

A mom talks about the tragedy at her children's school today.

Shooter Kills Elementary Students Today!

Here is President Obama speaking about the Shooting of Students and Staff at an elementary school in Connecticut.  It sounds like 18 or so children aged 5 to 10 were killed today.  Can we talk about the easy access to military style weapons yet?  I sure hope so.  I just heard that there have been 31 school shootings since Colombine.

18 Elementary Students were shot and killed today. President Obama speaks of this tragedy.

Amazing Pictures

this link shows 20 Amazing Pictures.

20 Amazing Pictures

The Top 10 Places to live in the World

The Top 10 places to live in the world according to satisfaction survey and the USA is not on the list.

Top 10 places to live and the US is not on the list

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Largest Ice Berg Breaks off - Chasing Ice

This has a short video 3+ minute, which shows the largest ice berg ever to calve off of a large glacier.

The Ice Berg that broke off was as big has Manhattan in New York.  This Ice Berg is as big as a big metropolitan area.  Glaciers are rare and getting smaller.  Global Warming is causing retreating of Glaciers at a scary rate.

Prosthetic Devices made by a Graduate Student

This young man from Sierra Lionne(Sp) wanted to make Prosthetic Devices for the people who had limbs chopped of during the wars.  He is doing it..  Inspirational

He makes Prosthetic Devices

A man twitters Homelessness - and making changes

Here is a man who wants to find out why people are homeless and twitters his results.  Quite Interesting.

Solving Homelessness, One Twitter at a time.

Democracy Died Today!! Great Speech!!

In Michigan, a Right To Work (for less) Bill was shoved through the lame duck legislature with no hearings, no debate, no notice - just a straight vote.  This Legislator says what many felt and feel about the dishonesty of the way the process was done.  It is just wrong.  I will also add that the States that have similar legislation are the poorest states in the USA.  When this kind of Right to Work legislation is passed, the wages go down, the ability to have health care with your job vanishes - it is a means to make the poor, poorer and the rich wealthier.  I could speak how the rich have gotten much richer and the poor have gotten much poorer the last 15 years in particular.

Here is a great speech!!

Democracy Died Today!! A Great Speech.

Cups that detect Date Rape Drug.

I have 3 daughters and I think this is a good idea.  If a woman is given a drink with a date rape drug in it, the cup changes color.  I just think it is a good idea.

A cup that detects a Date Rape Drug

Caine's Arcade - Great Story

This is a story of a little boy in East LA who makes an arcade out of cardboard and gets no customers until on day...

Caine's Arcade

The Government can now read your emails - who knew.

This is Absurdity Today which is a compilation of recent news items with an interesting twist.

Absurdity Today

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why a parent was pissed off at school

I was teaching in a school district which was voting on a school levy.  If the levy failed, all district schools would be close within a month.

I got a call from a mom and she was very upset.  She told me to get her son back on the school bus to and from school or she would vote NO on the school levy.   She also said she would get all of her friends to vote NO on the levy as well.   I then asked why her son was suspended from the bus.  She said he had been accused of smoking POT on the bus.  She told me to tell the Principal to get him on the bus TOMORROW.  I told her I would tell the Principal what she said but I said I think the consequence will stand given the reason for the loss of bus privileges.

The vote was NO and the school closed.  I took 3 weeks that the schools were closed and put my application in with other districts.  A new vote was held and the levy passed.  I moved to a new school district the next year.  (This happened many years ago.)

Farmers talk about GMO's and problems 23 min

this 23 minute video talks to farmers about the problems caused by GMO products, Monsanto and Roundup.  the problems are significant and costly which we, the consumers pay for.  Genetic Modified vegetables are scary to me.

The Problems of GM Products. Farmers talk about GMO crops.

Jon Stewart- When is it OK to talk about Guns?

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, talks about how according to FOX, it is never OK to talk about Gun Violence.  I find this interesting.  I will also add that I am from Portland, Oregon and a man went into a shopping mall yesterday and killed 2 innocent people and wounded another person before taking his own life.  (This tragedy happened less than 12 hours ago, which is way before the 24 hour NO GUN TALK period set by FOX commentators.)

Jon Stewart on when is it is OK to discuss Gun Violence?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, a disturbing thought

This video is about 20 minute of thought provoking learning with Dr. Tyson.  If you listen to the end, the final thought is amazingly thoughtful, it gets you thinking.  Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is truly a man of science who has much to teach those of us willing to learn.

A Disturbing Thought!! by Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, very thought provoking.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Catfish goes on land to get a bird to eat!

In this Video, a large French Catfish goes onto land to get a bird to eat.  The birds are using the water to get clean and preen and then they get taken under.  Nature and the desire for food is interesting.

A Catfish goes on land to get a bird to eat!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wheelchair Scuba Diving

Here is a girl in a wheelchair who only has the use of her hands.  SHE IS SCUBA DIVING in warm water and it is so wonderful to see.  I have been scuba diving and I am so pleased to see that the disabled have the ability to do the same.

Wheelchair Scuba Diving

Sand Drawing - amazing art, here and then gone

This is using sand to create art.  It is so impressive how she goes from one theme to another.  I also think the ending is a good fitting for the sad anniversary of John Lennon's death.
This kind of art is truly remarkable!Sand Art - Amazing
I am actually feeling sorry for John Boehner a little, tiny bit.  He is in charge of idiots and trying to pass legislation.  One fellow said he would not pass the tax bill for people who make 250.000 or less because it is what the Democrats want - what an idiot.  Here is a Sanutday Night Live skit about President Obama and John Boehner which I found good.

Saturday Night Live" President Obama feeling sorry for John Boehner, Republican.
Mendenhall Glacier video 12/8/12  1 minute

Mendenhall Glacier 12/8/12
This AMAZING music must be watched and seen!!!  You will be amazed, as I was.
Guns- In this article, a little boy was shot and killed when his father was putting an unloaded gun in the console of his car.
A little boy is killed by a bullet when his dad was putting the gun in the console.

A couple of weeks ago, a teenager was killed because he had he stereo in his car up too loud and the man in the next car shot him instead of moving his car or calling the police.

Last weekend, we had a Professional Football Player shoot the mother of his baby and then himself.

In Arizona, you can go into a gun show and buy many AK47 semi-automatic weapons by just showing a AZ driver's license and promising that you are not a criminal.

THERE IS NO GUN POLICY IN THE UNITED STATES is my feeling at this time.  We just watch the tragedies ramp up one after the other.  How many were killed in Colorado by THE JOKER or we could recall the 8 people killed when they went to speak to their Congresswoman Gabby Gifford, the tragedies just continue to pile up.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Neil Degrasse - Tyson, A sermon

I was supposed to go do some stuff but got caught up in checking out science.  Neil Degrasse - Tyson made a wonder sermon about life as he sees it.  I think every person should hear this.

The Sermon

What the world needs - Charlie Chaplin: GREAT!!

Charlie Chaplin about what the world needs - GREAT!!


This link goes to a recycled band in central America.  The people live on a landfill and use left over and/or found materials to make musical instruments and then made a band.  It is pretty amazing

.The landfill band

Friday, December 7, 2012

He played the Guitar!!

I have a boy in my program that FINALLY played the guitar at our school's Friday Sing a Long IN FRONT OF HIS PARENTS!!  What is interesting is that this boy, who is new to our school this year, about 7 weeks ago quietly got a guitar out of my room and played the guitar in the back of the commons but not with the players.  At our school, any child grade 3 or up can pick up a guitar and join in the sing along.  Me and others, encouraged him to join the group.  About 4 weeks ago, he joined the guitar players right up front.  I told his mom and she came a week ago.  He got the guitar, saw his mom and walked back to my room and put the guitar away.  His mom talked to him and made him pinky swear that he would play this week.  He played the guitar and was so very proud of himself afterward, and his parents were so very proud too.  It is a small thing but a major move for this child who is just starting to move academically and who today, has control over his behavior.  There are many stories like this, which keep me teaching.  But then, I had two kids in trouble today, which makes my day interesting as well.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I ran out of space for pictures on this blog so I am going to just tell stories and have no pictures.

True Alaska Story:

Last week 3 mid twenty year old Alaskans took an 18 foot skif out to fish.  This was late November so we can have crazy weather which is tough of larger boats.  The engine on the boat quit working and the weather got bad.  The boat got swamped and went down in the water.

The three men went into the very cold Alaskan water.  One drowned, two others made the shore.  One of the ones who made the shore died after making shore.  The two dead young men were brothers.

The third man was picked up and came back to Juneau, his home.  It was a heavy loss to have his friends die.  This past Sunday, the survivor was found dead in his house.  His body has been taken to Anchorage to see what caused his death.  There is a lot of speculation.  Survivor's guilt is one I have heard.

Today, a fellow I work with told me that his friend died this past weekend.  I asked if he was the survivor of the boat sinking and he said yes.  he told me about the fellow and his talent as a carpenter.