Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TOXIC SOUP: The Mayflower Oil Spill has over 30 toxic chemicals in the air

Independent Testing shows a toxic soup of chemicals that harm the body.

"Thirty toxic hydrocarbons were measured above the detection limits. Each of the thirty hydrocarbons measured in the Mayflower release is a toxic chemical on its own and may pose a threat to human health depending on various exposure and individual factors," says Dr. Neil Carman with the Lone Star Chapter of Sierra Club and former Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. "Total toxic hydrocarbons were detected at more than 88,000 parts per billion in the ambient air and present a complex airborne mixture or soup of toxic chemicals that residents may have been exposed to from the Mayflower tar sands bitumen spill."
"Even four weeks later, residents are still feeling symptoms from the chemical exposure," she says in a statement. "People have consistently talked about gastrointestinal problems, headaches, respiratory problems, skin irritation including chemical burns, and extreme fatigue."


Educational Inequality is getting worse: Rich get a great education: Poor - not so much

…much of our public conversation about education is focused on the wrong culprits: we blame failing schools and the behavior of the poor for trends that are really the result of deepening income inequality and the behavior of the rich.

 …the rapid growth in the rich-poor educational gap provides a ray of hope: if the relationship between family income and educational success can change this rapidly, then it is not an immutable, inevitable pattern. What changed once can change again. Policy choices matter more than we have recently been taught to think.


College Students: NO VOTE FOR YOU! Another attempt to keep College Students from Voting.

In the USA, It is every person's civic duty to vote. Parents should not be punished if their college aged children vote and neither should their college.  This Ohio law is UnAmerican.


Ayotte shouted down at town meeting WHEN PEOPLE QUESTIONED HER NO VOTE ON GUNS.

Kelly Ayotte, NH,  Voted NO on Gun Control.  She held a town hall meeting and it got chaotic when people insisted she answer questions about Sandy Hook Kids and Principal being killed.  Ayotte was concerned about Gun Stores having to deal with more paperwork.  (Ayotte's approval rating dropped 15 points after the NO vote on Gun Control.  She is finding out that people do make decisions based on your vote.)

One of the questioners was the daughter of the SLAIN SANDY HOOK PRINCIPAL.


Martin Bashir comments about Sarah Palin's Facebook and Tweeting about the Correspondent's Dinner in DC

Good.  Poor Sarah


The Rich Don't Always win, BUT They Usually Do

What it takes for the middle class to have any chance of winning against the wealthy.


Jon Stewart slams Congress for taking care of itself with sequester air traffic deal

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart took Congress to task on Monday night for funding air traffic controllers because they were personally affected by flight delays.
“We all know that if you look up Congress in the dictionary it says, ‘Do-nothing fucktards who couldn’t solve a problem if it was eating them alive anus first,’ he said. ”


Organic or Natural? What is the difference?

Organic means no pesticides and is regulated by the Government.  Natural means whatever the company making the product wants it to say.  There are no regulations for Natural or Cage Free.


THE FIRST RESPONDERS: In memory of those who lost their lives in West, TX

Memories of wonderful times and people, a touching tribute to those killed when they were trying to save their community.


Austerity being exposed for its abject failure: FINALLY!

recent IMF report shows ( again) in painstaking econometric detail that some of the most influential European research purporting to show the merits of “expansionary austerity,” and which showed up in ECB reports,  basically cooked its books. Most embarrassing of all, a famous paper by Ken Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart, quoted by austerians as diverse as the EC’s Olli Rehn and the US’ Paul Ryan, has been shown to be based on  bad datadodgy assumptions, and a  basic inability to use Microsoft Excel. Suddenly the sado-monetarists look less like a counter-revolutionary fiscal vanguard and more like petty crewmen busily  rearranging their intellectual deck chairs while the rest run for the  anti-austerity lifeboats.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Hurricane RIPS UP a town: They rebuilt using GREEN ENERGY models.

They did not just rebuild.  They rebuilt better and GREENER!

The greening of Greensburg was a way to rebrand the community, says the town’s current mayor, Bob Dixson, but more importantly, it was about “building a community back as our ancestors built for us — a community to last.”
In the years that followed, Greensburg would rise from the rubble, replete with LEED-certified municipal buildings; a “net metering policy” that makes solar and wind power more affordable for residents; and a new town master plan [ginormous PDF!] that includes things like green corridors and a walkable downtown


Twenty-two percent of Germany’s power is generated with renewables. Solar provides close to a quarter of that

In 1991, German politicians from across the political spectrum quietly passed the Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz (renewable energy law), or EEG. It was a little-heralded measure with long-lasting consequences.
The law guaranteed small hydroelectric power generators — mostly in Bavaria, a politically conservative area I like to think of as the Texas of Germany — a market for their electricity. The EEG required utility companies to plug all renewable power producers, down to the smallest rooftop solar panel, into the national grid and buy their power at a fixed, slightly above-market rate that guaranteed a modest return over the long term.


Solar Outlet for home use

Attach it to a window and it charges and stores the power.  You can then take it off the window, put it in your pocket and you have power for a device for a few hours.  Slick little device. (Not available in the US yet)


Republicans pissed: Demand Pres Obama attack Syria SO THEY CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT THE ATTACK!

 Appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) laid out the situation in stark terms: “The time for President Obama to do something in Syria that we can eviscerate him for is long overdue.”
Arguing that there are a variety of options available to Mr. Obama for dealing with Syria, Sen. Graham said, “The President needs to choose one of those options so that we can immediately identify it as a catastrophic choice and demand that he be impeached.”  Andy Borowitz


Juanita Jean again: Man teaches drunk wife how to shoot at 3 AM, she shoots him.

On Friday, around 9 p.m., police say Michael Wanko, 43, and Michele Wanko, 42, were “casually drinking” vodka and lemonade together inside their home on West Roland Road in Parkside, Penn. Around 3:30 a.m., police say the couple went into their basement so that Michael could show his wife how to use a semiautomatic pistol. The couple went into a work room where several weapons were kept inside a safe.

It was an accident.  I am not drinking with that woman though.


Juanita Jean: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor now questions the Supreme Court dealing with the Bush/Gore Case

In a case of Oh Damn, A Day Late and a Dollar Short, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is having a long overdue attack of damned if I know.
Okay, so after being the fifth vote to hand George W Bush the Presidency, Justice O’Connor thinks maybe, just maybe, the high court should not have taken the case.
Looking back, O’Connor said, she isn’t sure the high court should have taken Bush v. Gore.

That case was a disaster.  The popular vote was ignored and the Supreme Court gave the Presidency to GW Bush with the help of his brother Jeb and that lady with the molded plastic face or face paint.


Former BUSH AIDE shames Congress for putting airplane delays over DEAD KIDS!

President George W. Bush’s former chief strategist Matthew Dowd on Sunday lashed out at Congress for moving so quickly to fund air traffic controllers because lawmakers were personally "about to get delayed at the airports," while they couldn't pass background checks to protect children from mass shootings.


HOME GROWN TERROR is a Bigger Problem: Can we talk about it yet?

Between September 11, 2001, and the end of 2012, there were no successful bomb plots by jihadist terrorists in the United States. Jihadists killed 17 people in the United States in four separate incidents during this time, according to data collected by journalist Peter Bergen and the New America Foundation. All four of these incidents involved guns, including Nidal Hassan's shooting rampage at Fort Hood, which killed 13 people. In contrast, right-wing extremists killed 29 people during those 11 years.

And then we have Businesses who ignore safety regulations and blow up a town like in West, Texas.  Should this be considered Home Grown Terrorism or simply a business decision?  We also had the Risin attack of Politicians which looks like it was a white guy.  Or how about the killing of Prosecutors in Texas and Colorado - white folks again it seems.



Without our knowledge or consent, we are testing thousands of suspected toxic chemicals and compounds  TOXIC CHEMICALS ARE ALL OVER YOUR HOUSE!!

Formaldehyde, a colorless chemical used in mortuaries as a preservative, can also be found as a fungicide, germicide, and disinfectant in, for example, plywood, particle board, hardwood paneling, and the “ medium density fiberboard” commonly used for the fronts of drawers and cabinets or the tops of furniture. As the material ages, it evaporates into the home as a  known cancer-producing vapor, which slowly accumulates in our bodies. The National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health suggests that homeowners  “purchasing pressed-wood products, including building material, cabinetry, and furniture... should ask about the formaldehyde content of these products.”
What’s inside your new walls might be even more dangerous.  While the  flame retardants commonly used in sofas, chairs, carpets, love seats, curtains, baby products, and even TVs, sounded like a good idea when  widely introduced in the 1970s, they turn out to pose hidden dangers that we’re only now beginning to grasp.  Researchers have, for instance, linked one of the most common flame retardants, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, to a wide variety of potentially undesirable health effects including  thyroid disruptionmemory and learning problems, delayed  mental and physical development, lower IQ, and the early onset of  puberty.
Other flame retardants like Tris (1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate have been linked to  cancer. As the CDC has  documented in an ongoing study of the accumulation of hazardous materials in our bodies, flame retardants can now be found in the blood of “nearly all” of us.


55% of terror are RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS in the US It is past time for FOX to talk about Right Wing Terror.

From neo-Nazi killers like Page, to a string of abortion clinic bombings, as well as bloody assaults on law enforcement from anti-government insurrectionists, acts of right-wing extreme violence continue  to terrorize victims in the U.S. (" Fifty-six percent of domestic terrorist attacks and plots in the U.S. since 1995 have been perpetrated by right-wing extremists.") But Fox News is not concerned. And Fox News does not try to affix collective blame.
It's clear that Fox is only interested in covering and hyping a single part of the War on Terror; the part that targets Muslims and lets Fox wallow in stereotypes.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Absurdity Today with Juliana Forlano

A satirical look at current events.



In 2012, renewable energy accounted for 55 percent of all the new domestic energy created in the U.S. For the first time in history, renewable energy (primarily wind and solar) has become the dominant electrical energy of choice within this nation.
Over the past ten years,  wind energy capacity within the U.S. has grown by more than 960 percent. Last year wind  alone accounted for 42 percent of the total new U.S. electrical capacity installed, and wind energy capacity grew an astounding 22 percent in 2012 alone.

n 2011, annual domestic natural gas production rose to 24,000,000 million cubic feet (growing by about 20 percent since 1995). An import fact often overlooked in discussions concerning this recent spike in production is that, while output has indeed increased, the number of gas wells needed to produce this gas has increased at a much greater rate (up about 180 percent over the same time period). 
Perhaps the real story in these numbers is that the amount of natural gas per well continues to decline. A sign of an industry past its peak, with declining reserves and lower productivity.


In honor of the GW Bush Library Opening A song for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Country Joe and the Fish,  I feel like I'm fixin to die Rag.  For GW Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the other draft dodgers who intentionally stayed out of Vietnam but really liked to start two UNPAID FOR WARS for us to pay off by losing Social Security.


Juanita Jean: Louie Gomert, Republican, Texas, gets a bag to put over his head.

Republican Louie will allow us to be any kind of Baptist we choose - that is freedom of Religion, Louie style.


UNEMPLOYED: Inaction by Congress but they took care of flight delays

Melissa Harris-Perry is so very great.


REEFER MADNESS: I had to watch this when I was in the Army.

I thought it was funny back then.


Bill Maher: Why is redemption so much easier for Republicans than for Democrats?

I have thought this myself but Maher states it so very well.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bill Maher: Craziest Congressman Contest

There are quite a few fools and idiots to choose from.  Hard to choose.


NEW RULES: Bill Maher

Just the usual topics of the week:  Bombers, Sanford, Wiener and penis's


SAVE THE POST OFFICE: A Bill to save it is being put forth

Maybe, finally, we'll see a sensible resolution to this GOP-fabricated crisis. Wouldn't that be nice? Ha ha, just kidding! The Republican-controlled house is incapable of doing the right thing -- but that doesn't mean we shouldn't push them:
Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) has introduced legislation to try to save the US Postal Service from its incipient bankruptcy, and he is asking for the public to help him pass it.DeFazio’s bill would repeal the needless requirement — one no other business or entity must face — that the Postal Service pre-fund 75 years’ worth of employee health benefits. That requirement has hugely contributed to the USPS defaulting for the first and then second time in its history last year.
Analysis from 2012 estimated that the USPS would have a $1.5 billion surplus without the benefit requirement.



The Faulkner County Citizens Advisory Group conducted independent tests on the air and water from Lake Conway in response to the Exxon tar sands oil spill, and presented the findings during a Townhall gathering in Mayflower, Arkansas this week. Residents were alarmed by what they heard.
KTHV 11:
John Hammons lives near an area known as "The Cove," a body of water sitting across from Lake Conway in Mayflower.
"We can smell it. So I know it's there," Hammons said, who is concerned about his three children and wife, who is seven months pregnant.
"She's broken out in hives, had nose bleeds, (and) respiratory problems," he explained.
The Hammons were among a group of concerned people in the area who met for the town hall meeting.
Chemist Wilma Subra said ExxonMobil is being attentive to those inside the Northwoods subdivision, where thousands of gallons of heavy crude oil spilled nearly one month ago, but others in the area have suffered with little attention.
"There's a population all around that's been made very, very sick by the emissions," Subra said.
To evaluate the situation, Subra independently analyzed air and water data captured from the Lake Conway area, claiming the carcinogen Benzene is present in the region. 


EXPLOSION NEAR DETROIT! A Tar Sands Refinery. Evacuations now taking place.

DETROIT (WWJ) – BREAKING – There has been an explosion at the Marathon Detroit Refinery and a mandatory evacuation order is in effect for the area just off of Schafer from Ropp down to Dix and all the way down to Outer Drive per Melvindale police.
Reports of the explosion came in from several listeners to WWJ Newsradio 950 just before 6 p.m. and it appears that one of the tankers on the site may have exploded.
Marathon Detroit Refinery told WWJ that they were trying to get the situation under control but could not comment further.


Koch Brothers Video: Those 2 fellows are evil and actively work to make life hard for the middle class

2 Hour video about the evil deeds of the Koch Brothers.  The are destroying much of the life and environment for the middle class as well as working hard to destroy social security and unions.


Rick Perry, TX Gov, is in his high chair throwing a fit.

I will let Juanita Jean explain.  (Rick Perry owes the people of West Texas an apology!  Gov Perry had policies which allowed the company to stock over 1000 times the allowable dangerous and flammable chemicals without telling the Federal Authorities, which is required.  GOV PERRY'S POLICIES ALLOWED THE TOWN TO BE BLOWN UP. )


Here is a 2nd article about Gov Rick Perry and the cartoon which has him upset.


Was oldest Boston Bomber part of a Triple Murder a year ago?

One of the oldest Bombert's friend and 2 others were killed a year ago.  Was he involved in the killing of the 3?  They have re-opened the case.


Monologue: Bill Maher, The week in review: Bombing, Republicans, Reese Witherspoon and Pot.

Bill even got in Carnival Cruise and the GW Bush library opening, 'A library in Texas - really'



Pebble Mine is just a bad idea!!  700 Foot Earthen dams of toxic chemicals above a pristine watershed is just a disaster waiting to happen.  (It is also an earthquake zone.)  Any stream or river in that area will be wiped out.


Norristown, Penn: A Battered Woman can be evicted for reporting Domestic Violence. People don't report being battered to stay in their homes.

A woman gets stabbed but does not report it because she knows she could face eviction.  This is just wrong.  I am glad the ACLU has taken the case.


Large 9/11 AIRPLANE PART FOUND blocks away from Twin Towers - let the conspiracies begin.

A strange place to be found, for sure.  They are now running tests to see if it was dropped there the day of 9/11 or was it placed there afterwards.


Price Manipulation by BIG BANKS!! Sounds bad and impacts you and I!

In layman’s terms, Taibbi explains, “if you can imagine paying 20 bucks for a crappy PB&J because some evil cabal of agribusiness companies colluded to fix the prices of both peanuts and peanut butter, you come close to grasping the lunacy of financial markets where both interest rates and interest-rate swaps are being manipulated at the same time, often by the same banks.” 


HIGHER UNEMPLOYMENT IN AUSTERITY BUDGET COUNTRIES! Unemployment is higher than a year ago.

Spain, Greece and Portugal have higher unemployment than a year ago!  Their unemployment rates are 26, 26 and 17.5.  THESE COUNTRIES HAVE USED AUSTERITY BUDGETING TO DEAL WITH THE DOWNTURN IN THEIR ECONOMY!!!   Those countries that used a stimulus (US) are much less than those who used AUSTERITY BUDGETING.

The clamping down on the US Budget (Sequester) is an AUSTERITY BUDGET MOVE AND WILL DEPRESS THE ECONOMY.  When will we ever be able to look around the world and learn something from the various approaches taken?  With the Republicans insisting on 60 votes to pass anything, we are forced down the AUSTERITY PATH even though THE AUSTERITY PATH DOES NOT WORK.


Boston Bombing: IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM and bad speculation

Big Event mean lots of cell phone cameras and video cameras of every sort.  It was the same with the Boston Marathon, many cameras were taking pictures at the finish line.  To do a criminal act in such a place will be on camera and that fact exposed the bombers.  Some video is held back for court but we can be assured that the police and prosecutors have solid proof of the what and how the bombing took place.  Of course, those who prosecute the case must spend their time and effort developing their case and going through the evidence and have interviews of thousands of people.  If you look at any big case, you will find discrepancies.  The killing of Bin Laden with only dozens of highly trained individuals still ended up with lots of discrepancies.  Discrepancies happen in all cases and have to be analyzed and evaluated by the prosecution.

This past week was a week of speculation and conspiracy theories.  Glenn Beck and FOX were just two of many who are pushing another bomber and/or the government agents behind the bombing and/or coverup of the bombing.  What a bunch of losers.  Can we let our prosecutors develop their case please.


Jon Oliver on Gun Control and how it worked in Australia

Shooting rates have gone down dramatically since Gun Control implemented in Australia.  They had the same paranoia about Gun Control when it was pushed through BUT GUN CONTROL STOPPED THE RISING VIOLENCE RATES.


Friday, April 26, 2013

ROUNDUP: A Herbicide looks like it could be linked to Cancer, Parkinson's and other diseases

Heavy use of the world's most popular herbicide, Roundup, could be linked to a range of health problems and diseases, including Parkinson's, infertility and cancers, according to a new study.

The peer-reviewed report, published last week in the scientific journal Entropy, said evidence indicates that residues of "glyphosate," the chief ingredient in Roundup weed killer, which is sprayed over millions of acres of crops, has been found in food.


Rachel Maddow: Poop Cruise, Short Memories and GW Bush Library

People forget things fast in the US.  The Poop Cruise is proof as is the GW Bush Library.


YOU DESERVE RAPE - This guy needs to join Westboro Baptist Church, if they would have him.

To use religion to say rape is OK is sure a load of crap.  Fast forward to about half way.  To me, it is kind of like those who say waterboarding is not torture - They should be waterboarded because they are so macho.  When someone says, You Deserve Rape.  Should he be saying, I deserve Rape.  He should wish for himself what he wishes on others.


Worst Congress Money can buy!!

THIS NEW BREED OF CONGRESS rarely have the voter in mind at all, unless, of course, that voter’s a cash-laden heavy hitter with the clout to keep an incumbent on the leash and comfortably in office.
How else to explain a Congress that still adamantly refuses to do anything, despite some 90 percent of the American public being in favor of background checks for gun purchases and a healthy majority favoring other gun control measures? Last week, they ignored the pleas of Newtown families and the siege of violence in Boston and yielded once again to the fanatical rants of Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association. In just the first three months of this year, as it shoved back against the renewed push for controls, the NRA spent a record $800,000 keeping congressional members in line.


What does it mean to be an 'American' Corporation?

2 hours and 20 minute film about Corporations taking over the power of people and governments in the US and worldwide  Interesting.


Chemotherapy: $70,000 in US but 2,500.00 in India! Why the difference?

India’s Supreme Court has rejected a bid from Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis AG to patent an updated version of its cancer drug Gleevec (known as Glivec in Europe).
Patents allow companies to block competitors from making and selling the same product. The ruling means that Novartis can’t stop drug makers in India from manufacturing generic versions of Gleevec, which cost much less than the original.


Bush Library Opens: Chemical Weapons used by Syrian Govt. BUSH WOULD PROBABLY HAVE US IN A NEW WAR! What to do?

 it's gratifying to see that the current President is trying to not get us into another decade-long Middle Eastern ground war.
The Obama administration shares the suspicions of several of its allies that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons, a senior official said Wednesday, but it lacks the conclusive evidence that President Obama has said would lead to American intervention.

Faced with mounting pressure to act against Syria — including a new assertion by an Israeli military intelligence official on Tuesday that Syria repeatedly used chemical weapons — the United States is waiting for the results of an exhaustive analysis of soil, hair and other material to determine whether chemical warfare agents have been used

You mean we're actually waiting to gather evidence ourselves before making it up and plunging the country into combat?  How novel.

Climate Change: A hero speaks: James Hansen. Stop Keystone XL and make a carbon agreement with China.

But what's a little disappointing is that we've reached a point where we should really be pounding on the desk of leaders and saying, “Hey, you've got to do something. You have to do something in a hurry or we're going to leave our children and grandchildren a situation that's out of their control. There will be large impacts, which they simply cannot do anything about.” And the basic physics for that is very well understood that the climate system has tremendous inertia, it does not respond quickly as humans or nature applies forces to the system. But now we know those forces, those human made forces — the CO2 amount and how it's changing is known very precisely.

The only way to solve the problem is to put an honest price on the fossil fuels. And it's going to need to be international. So the United States and China are going to have to get together and agree on the fact that they both will need to put a gradually rising price on carbon emissions. And I feel that's a doable thing because China knows that they will suffer from climate change more than most places. They have their 50 million people that are living near sea level. They have tremendous pollution, air and water pollution from fossil fuels. So they have a strong incentive for wanting to deal with this problem.

...we just continue to go after every fossil fuel we can find including those that are very hard to get at, it takes a lot of energy to extract them and they're particularly dirty and cause other environmental problems as well as climate change.

I'm hoping that the Obama administration is beginning to understand this and that they will reject the Keystone Pipeline.


Republican Strategist says Rush Limbaugh is a problem setting Repub against Republican.

Frank Lutz, the message man for the Republican Party says Rush Limbaugh and right wing talk radio are putting Republican against Republican and it is a problem.  I bet he wishes he had chosen his words better:  Such talk upsets Rush, Levine, Alex Jones and Beck.


Boston Bombing: Changing Facts and Conspiracy Theorists

Facts in big cases change after the dust settles.  With the Boston Bombing:  The Gun facts appear to be changing.  The Conspiracy Theorists who love to say the bombing was a Government operation use any and all changes in facrts to say it was Government Agents that set the bomb to take away their guns , rights or President Obama is a Muslim who is using it to make the Governement Muslim.  You have to get into the Glenn Beck, Alex Jones crazy mind to think like a Conspiracy person.

the Conspiracy Theories have begun.  After the capture, the courts basically wants to seal information so it will not create problems when the case goes to trial.  So, the facts may not be known until the court case is adjudicated.  It is a good article and the Conspiracy Folks have a lot of noise to make.  This case is money in the bank for them.  Just like the Gun Law Changes, most people are glad it is over and have high praise for the police and government response.  A few will make a lot of noise, write  a lot of emails and call the politicians lots so the minority will appear to be the majority when it is not even close to being that way.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jon Stewart slams FOX for wanting to SHRED OUR BILL OF RIGHTS!

From this Wednesday evening's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took the bed-wetters over at Faux "News" to task for wanting to shred our Constitution and Bill of Rights, ever since the suspect was arrested for the Boston Marathon bombings.
As Stewart noted at the end of the segment, they're ready to rip just about every amendment to shreds, there is one of course that they're willing to defend -- the 2nd.


Chris Hayes: President GW Bush was really bad!!

GW was so bad that people had to find a hard time finding positive things to say about  GW Bush.  The try to rewrite the Bush years has begun.


Morning Joe on Senators who voted NO on Gun Background checks. Joe gave em hell.

Joe Scarborough let loose on those who voted NO on Gun Law Changes.  He even said they were pathetic!!


Rachel Maddow: Right Wing is saying the Government did the Boston Bombing

The Alex Jones show and his ilk are making all kinds of crazy blame on the Government.

The same people, apparently, who believe that the 9/11 attacks were engineered by the government are applying the same “false flag” theory to the Aurora, Colorado shooting, the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut and now the Boston Marathon bombing. Some have even gone so far as to disrupt press conferences by public officials in Boston.


The Texas Prosecutor Homicides seem solved and it was a Justice of the Peace and his Wife

2 Prosecutors being killed in cold blood became old news when 3 people were killed and 150 were injured in the Boston marathon bombing.  We also had the blowing up of West Texas by dangerous chemicals stored by a money grubbing businessman who felt it was ok to ignore regulations and the safety of a community.

Here is an update on the killing of those prosecutors. It sounds like the wife of the Justice of the Peace has admitted her part in the killings and implicated her husband.


US Govt Buying Bullets: Republicans making it into a Conspiracy. A Democrat calls them out.

We have a lot of non-military agencies that have police type individuals.  Some are authorized to have guns and the US Govt. must have bullets for training and for their guns while they are on the job.  THE GOVT MADE AN ORDER FOR MANY, MANY BULLETS!  Palin and Right Wing fools made up this noise about the Government getting bullets to take away guns of the average citizens and people freaked out.  SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVED THAT CROCK OF CRAP!  So now the Republican House is having hearings to show the Conspiracy to the world.

I am glad a Democrat told them they are wasting precious time.


Jail: Alaskan Native Males in villages are being jailed and it is making things worse

A whole generation of Village Native Alaskan boys and men are being jailed and THEY ARE NOT GETTING BACK TO THE VILLAGES BETTER AND REHABILITATED.  They are meaner, angrier and worse off than without the court and police intervention.  Some tribes are going to village courts instead of involving State Troopers and State Courts.


Margaret and Helen: No one ever has to be shushed at the Bush Library

While watching the dedication I was reminded of his idiocy (I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully) as well as his  arrogance (I am the decider).  Lord help me.  I wonder if that man’s library even has books.  I bet nobody ever has to be ssss-hushed in that place.   It’s probably filled with paint-by-number sets.


Walmart - Sexy and I know it

Lots of butt cheeks  If you see your dad, momma, grandma, grandpa, wife or husband - I apologize.


2 Barges Explode in Mobile, Alabama

A cruise ship that was being worked on had to be evacuated.  (The same cruise ship that lost power at sea and had to be towed back to shore with few lights or sewer in February)


Spilled Tar Sands Oil moving towards the Arkansas River

The mess has not been cleaned up.  The oil moves downstream.


20 kids and 8 adults were killed 4 months ago. NO CHANGE OF LAWS! 3 People killed 150 hurt in Boston Bombing - TIME TO TIGHTEN UP LAWS AGAINST MUSLIMS. Why the difference?

Sandy Hook Babies and staff were killed and the noise from the Right was to be quiet and don't change a thing.  A Bombing in Boston happened and THE RIGHT IS YELLING FOR TIGHTER LAWS AND TAKING AWAY OF RIGHTS OF THOSE OF THE ISLAMIC FAITH.  I just find the difference of tone and TAKING AWAY OF RIGHTS so strikingly at odds with each other.


Abortion: Killing Abortion Providers brought up again

I taught a 15 year old girl who during the summer was the prize for winning the poker game for the night.  She got pregnant by some unknown person,  (Dad ran a illegal bar, gambling at the home)  When she finally talked, she was put into a foster home and she got an abortion, which she needed.  Abortions are necessary in a real and sometimes unpleasant world.


50 things you despised about GW Bush as President

The rewriting of what happened during the GW Bush years is in full force.  The opening of the GW Bush library shows a picking and choosing of the Bush Legacy.  There is  A LOT not mentioned about the Bush Presidency at the library.  After reading over the list, I sure could see why he would want to forget much of what he did and caused.


Here is another article on the cleaning up after the worst President.
This campaign is as much about cleaning up the mess he made for his brother Jeb, who clearly wants to claim his rightful place in the White House, as it is about refurbishing his legacy. Last week Bush told Parade magazine he hopes his brother runs. “I would hope that people would judge [him], if Jeb were to run, on his merits and his track record.…So I hope he will run.” The Bush rehabilitation project is something the entire Republican Party needs


Coffee is good for health

Coffee does not stunt growth.  Coffee has strong health benefits.


The Bombers: What they did wrong which got them caught

So much of what they did put them in the path of the police after the bombing.  It was almost like they wanted to get caught.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Green Shsdow Cabinet has started

Lee Camp is Commissioner of Comedic Arts.  What should he do?


Boston Bombers sold POT to earn money for bombs?

Speculation but Bomber 1 did not have a job.


Westboro Church VS Michael Moore - a video

Michael Moore takes a Gay Team to visit Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church.


Westboro Baptist Church members will be arrested for picketing the funerals of dead people in West, TX

“We’ve been made aware that there could be individuals or groups who plan to picket or protest during the funeral services of our fallen heroes. Make no mistake about it, any attempt by any group or organization to disrupt the funerals of any of our victims of this tragedy will be dealt with swiftly and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I’ve contacted district attorney Abel Rena and he has assured me of his cooperation in this matter. We’re simply not going to tolerate that.”

Evidently, they just created a State Law recently which said WBC style protests CANNOT LEGALLY TAKE PLACE within 1000 feet of a HERO's burial.  So, they will test their new law with the deaths of the West, Texas first responders who died trying to deal with the fire in the inferno they encountered.  Some Westboro members are Lawyers so expect a legal battle.


Under current law, those on the government's Terrorist Watch List can't buy a plane ticket. They can, however, buy an assault rifle. Any chance Congress might want to rethink this?

It's a legal oddity that doesn't get talked about much: if you're an American on the federal Terrorist Watch List, you can't buy an airplane ticket, and you're likely to have quite a bit of trouble at the border, but you can still buy an assault rifle. Graham sees no need to change this.


Ted Cruz gets a letter: Hypocrite!

Ted Cruz continually voted NO on help for Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast but A TEXAS TOWN GETS BLOWN UP BY A COMPANY THAT LIED ABOUT EXPLOSIVES AND CRUZ INSISTS THAT THE TEXAS TOWN GET MONEY IMMEDIATELY if not sooner.  Hypocrite


Colbert takes on the flawed right wing AUSTERITY BUDGET STUDY which used bad information,

Who would have thought a study that wasn't peer reviewed could have caused so much misery for so many? Stephen Colbert did a great job of taking down the deficit hawks who relied on the flawed Reinhart-Rogoff study, as only he can on his show this Tuesday evening.
Now if we could just get our President and Congressional leaders to quit listening to the likes of Simpson and Bowles, who are still out there pushing a new plan for austerity, even after it was revealed that theirs relied on the discredited research.


Juanita Jean: Missouri stopped issuing driver's licenses because of a conspiracy to take your guns??

I will just let Juanita Jean tell it.  Only Glenn Beck can come up with this kind of crazy!!

Tsarnaev said he and his brother were self-radicalized, not trained by outside groups. Read more: http://wgntv.com/2013/04/24/marathon-suspect-i-did-it/#ixzz2RO2zx7TL

'I DID IT' Bomber 2 told investigators.

Tsarnaev said he and his brother were self-radicalized, not trained by outside groups.  It sounds like the older brother was the major influence on the younger brother.


Senate Repubs voted NO on GUN CONTROL to keep the House of Reps from taking a vote which would get them out of office.

2014:  The senate Republicans will not lose a lot of seats, so they could safely vote NO on Gun Control.  In the House, half the seats are up for grabs and they would be vulnerable when 90% of the people want real gun law reform.  So the Senate voting NO means the House does not take a vote and the emotional level for their re-election goes down.  That is how politics work in DC.  Politics has little to do with what is best for the average person on the street.

Which is what I said last week, and in the weeks before.  Nate's  (Nate Silver) analysis is worth reading completely as his numbers show pretty convincingly that no Senate Republicans are going to suffer from this next year.  The real issue was sparing House Republicans from going on record against it, and the Senate GOP played it perfectly.

Look for them to do the same on immigration reform.

Count on it.


Baucus WHERE POWER RESIDES, see how power works in WA DC

My guess is that Max Baucus will get a multi million dollar job as a Lobbyist as soon as he leaves office.



” They (EPA) rated it “Insufficient Information,” which means that they do not know enough to fully assess the environmental impacts of a tar sands pipeline traversing the continent.
Here are the reasons EPA said that State’s DEIS needs more work:
  • Increased carbon pollution: EPA acknowledged the DEIS’s attempt to do a life-cycle analysis of the pipeline’s emissions, which found that emissions from oil sands crude would be 81 percent higher than regular crude, or an incremental increase of 18.7 million metric tons of CO2 per year. EPA noted that “If GHG intensity of oil sands crude is not reduced, over a 50 year period the additional CO2 from oil sands crude transported by the pipeline could be as much as  935 million metric tons.” These statistics are alarming, yet EPA’s analysis did not stop there. 

  • Tar sands oil is particularly dirty to clean up: The EPA notes that diluted bitumen is very dense and sinks to the bottom of rivers and lakes. The  2010 Enbridge spill will require dredging, because normal cleanup methods do not suffice.
  • Who needs drinking water?: Though Keystone’e proponents received praise for moving the original route away from the Sand Hills, it still crosses the Ogallala Aquifer. 

  • http://www.alternet.org/environment/epa-slams-states-draft-impact-statement-keystone-xl?akid=10360.294211.67VZRS&rd=1&src=newsletter829656&t=25

    US: DRAMA QUEEN NATION? Expecting the Good Guy to Blow away the Bad Guy so we can cheer and then wait for the next tragedy


    So I ask, has catastrophe become a kind of emotional catnip for us? You know, the kind of stuff we love to hate?
    Whether it's school children mowed down by a crazed gunman, a bombing, even a fertilizer plant leveling half an American town, we no longer just shake our heads in disgust and disbelief and then go on with life. No, we don't. That was so last century. That's not enough today.
    When one of these kind of events happen now an entire industry swings into action. News becomes reality TV - for real -- unscripted, unpredictable, unfolding as we breathlessly watch. And watch we will, because there's no escape. CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, radio, internet, it's everywhere, all the time.

    We, the United States, must like it because unlike other countries, WE DO NOTHING TO CHANGE THE laws which allow such tragedies to become so common.  The only question anyone has is where will the next tragedy take place.  Will it be an assault gun massacre, a bombing at an event or the blowing up of a town because a company ignored regulation or will we crash the economy because the Billionaires needed more money?  US: Drama Queen Nation.


    We frack our water so it is not drinkable, we have pipeline spills which trash rivers and towns, WE SELL THE OIL OVERSEAS SO OUR GAS AND OIL PRICES ARE HIGHER

    Patzek, an expert in unconventional gas recovery who has extensively studied U.S. shale plays, called congressional boosters of unlimited exports "delusional" in an interview with AlterNet.
    "This is the same argument over and over again," he added. "If we have a boom, then twice the boom is always better. Right? Well, not necessarily."
    Domestically, natural gas remains cheap, hovering around $3.50 per thousand cubic feet (Mcf). But in Europe and Asia, respectively, prices are three to nearly five times that amount. 

    I don't know of anybody who's studied this who doesn't acknowledge that prices will go up," said Art Berman, an oil and gas geologist who heads the Houston-based geological consulting firm Labyrinth Consulting. "So if we lock ourselves into 20-year contracts to export X number of billions of cubic feet a day, well, that's going to increase the price. And that's really what it's all about." 


    Tuesday, April 23, 2013

    Damning evidence against the Fertilizer Company (and the State of Texas) when they blew up a town.

    The State of Texas was told that the Fertilizer Company had 270 Tons of a very dangerous explosive, BUT THEY DID NOT PASS THAT INFORMATION ON TO THE DEPT. OF HOMELAND SECURITY.  The Company also intentionally omitted that they had hundreds of tons of explosive chemicals WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW!!  They just ignored the law and ended up blowing up a town.  From the article: 

    Fertilizer plants and depots must report to the DHS when they hold 400 lb (180 kg) or more of the substance. Filings this year with the Texas Department of State Health Services, which weren't shared with DHS, show the plant had 270 tons of it on hand last year.
    A U.S. congressman and several safety experts called into question on Friday whether incomplete disclosure or regulatory gridlock may have contributed to the disaster.
    'It seems this manufacturer was willfully off the grid,' Rep. Bennie Thompson, (D-MS), ranking member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said in a statement. 'This facility was known to have chemicals well above the threshold amount to be regulated under the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Act, yet we understand that DHS did not even know the plant existed until it blew up.'


    Bomber 2 is cooperating with the police

    The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.


    The Fertilizer Plant EXPLOSION: The Coverup begins

    Let the cover-ups, excuses, lies and CYA charades begin. The horrific and deadly Boston Marathon blasts have dominated recent media coverage and for good reason considering it’s an iconic historic event and the twin-bombings carried out by 2 brothers had grave terrorists implications. The pair of Marathon explosions took place Monday, April 15.
    There was another explosion two days later roughly 1,800 miles distant in a tiny town of 2,800, 20 miles outside of Waco, Texas. The name of the town was West, Texas and it was home to two companies owned by Donald Adair. There was the Adair Grain Co. and West Fertilizer Company.

    According to authorities, as late as last year (and I suspect possibly this year) the plant housed an incomprehensibly high quantity of ammonium nitrate as well; some 540,000 pounds of the stuff. This exceeded the quantity of Tim McVeigh’s Oklahoma City ANFO (Fuel oil) fertilizer bomb by a factor of 100. To put that amount in further perspective, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is supposed to be notified when plants hold a minimum of 400 lbs POUNDS of ammonium nitrate. The West Co. housed 270 TONS! That’s 1,350 times the red flag amount.

    The guns the Bombers had

    They are slowly finding out about the guns.  Here is what is known at this time.


    HS Girl Raped by basketball player: Principal asks girl not to report it, 'It will hurt his basketball career.'

    The boy then raped another girl 2 weeks later.


    TEAMSTERS BLOCK WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH members from a Boston Bombing Funeral.

    A great person woman was laid to rest today and the Westboro Baptist Church CRAZIES were there to protest with their STUPIDITY.  The Teamsters kept them blocked so those attending the funeral could deal with their loss and the accompanying grief after such a huge and unexpected loss.



    "It’s as safe as Dawn dishwashing liquid.” That’s what Jamie Griffin says the BP man told her about the smelly, rainbow-streaked gunk coating the floor of the “floating hotel” where Griffin was feeding hundreds of cleanup workers during the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently, the workers were tracking the gunk inside on their boots. Griffin, as chief cook and maid, was trying to clean it. But even boiling water didn’t work.

    Griffin did as she was told: “I tried Pine-Sol, bleach, I even tried Dawn on those floors.” As she scrubbed, the mix of cleanser and gunk occasionally splashed onto her arms and face.
    Within days, the 32-year-old single mother was coughing up blood and suffering constant headaches. She lost her voice. “My throat felt like I’d swallowed razor blades,” she says.
    Then things got much worse.
    Like hundreds, possibly thousands, of workers on the cleanup, Griffin soon fell ill with a cluster of excruciating, bizarre, grotesque ailments. By July, unstoppable muscle spasms were twisting her hands into immovable claws. In August, she began losing her short-term memory. After cooking professionally for 10 years, she couldn’t remember the recipe for vegetable soup; one morning, she got in the car to go to work, only to discover she hadn’t put on pants. The right side, but only the right side, of her body “started acting crazy. It felt like the nerves were coming out of my skin. It was so painful. My right leg swelled—my ankle would get as wide as my calf—and my skin got incredibly itchy.”

    We need to check out the cleaning crews and their health now.


    Jon Stewart Coverage of seeking the Bombers

    Just a few mistakes and missteps.


    Blatant HOSTILITY towards Sandy Hook Families and Gabby Giffords during the Gun Laws Discussions: Why?


    Republican lawmakers and conservative activists became surprisingly hostile towards the family members of those slain in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

    I had thought this kind of loathsome rhetoric was confined to the likes of Limbaugh, Coulter, Malkin and the rest of the right wing hate-ocracy. It obviously has infected much more of the right. It is now a race to the bottom in order to get noticed. For shame.


    James Taranto is an idiot.  His hostility towards Gabby Gifford are appalling.  She got shot in the brain but she made amazing rehab progress and she can think.  Did others type it. probably.  Is that ok?  DAMN RIGHT it is.  I wish I were the one typing it for her.  (Never happen though - 30 WPM and 6 errors does not impress people. )
    Thank You Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelley for standing up for those who get shot and killed by gun violence.  I STAND WITH GABBY!



    20 - 5 year olds killed and 8 adults at Sandy Hook but the NRA pays for NO votes so we CANNOT MAKE OUR SCHOOLS, MOVIE THEATERS AND EVEN SPORTING EVENTS SAFER.  (The NRA blocked legislation which would allow markers being put in gun powder which is used to make explosives.)  I do not feel safer with the NRA buying up our Politicians in WA DC.

    With research conducted by the Sunlight Foundation, The Guardian reported on the donations from the NRA and other pro-gun organizations over the last couple of decades. The NRA alone had given $800,000 to the Senators who helped nix the bill.
    Among the top NRA recipients are Roy Blunt (Missouri) with $60,550 and Saxby Chambliss (Georgia) with $56,950. Fellow Republican Senators John Thune (South Dakota), Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma) have each received well over $40,000 apiece, as well.
    While donations of this sort are generally made during election cycles, at least two Senators suspiciously received money from the gun industry in recent weeks. During the month of March, Richard Burr (North Carolina) and Dan Coats (Indiana) had donations from an ammunition manufacturer and shooting group. Considering that these donations came at a time when gun control looked more likely to pass, their potential impact cannot be discredited.


    Monday, April 22, 2013

    Did the older brother brainwash the younger brother?

    Those who knew them are beginning to ask if the younger brother, who worshipped his big brother, had been brainwashed by the older brother.  Those who knew them are amazed that they could bomb innocent people


    Dead Brother was the brains behind the Boston Attack

    Bomber 2 is talking and says the brother was the one who planned the attack.


    Bomber 2 will be tried in US Court System

    He is a US Citizen and cannot be tried as an enemy combatant legally.  US Courts have a long history of putting terrorists behind bars.


    Gabby Giffords childish display in the NY Times is an embarrassment

    The fellow who wrote that article is a loser.
    I'll tell you what is an embarrassment, Mr. Williamson. It is a Senate who voted against the will of 90 percent of this nation and instead caved to the craven demands of the National Rifle Association. What is embarrassing is having people like you defend this action and take it upon yourself to decide that a shooting victim who was a member of the United States Congress has no moral license to speak out on behalf of the overwhelming majority of this country who stand in agreement with her. What is cringe-inducing is to have people who carry your same sentiments tell the parents of the children killed in the Newtown massacre that they should have no voice in the debate

    Mark my words: if we cannot make our communities safer with the Congress we have now, we will use every means available to make sure we have a different Congress, one that puts communities’ interests ahead of the gun lobby’s. To do nothing while others are in danger is not the American way.

    I stand with Gabby Giffords, a hero.


    EARTH DAY! Watch DO THE MATH. The math behind ruining our environment

    The fossil fuel industry is killing us.
    They have five times the amount of coal, gas and oil that is safe to burn -- and they are planning on burning it all. Left to their own devices, they'll push us past the brink of cataclysmic disaster -- life as we know it will be irrevocably altered forever. Unless we rise up and fight back.
    Do The Math chronicles follows the climate crusader Bill McKibben as he works with a rising global movement in a David-vs-Goliath fight to change the terrifying math of the climate crisis.
    This growing groundswell of climate activists is going after the fossil fuel industry directly, energizing a movement like the ones that overturned the great immoral institutions of the past century, such as Apartheid in South Africa. The film follows people who are putting their bodies on the line the Keystone XL Pipeline and leading universities and institutions to divest in the corporate polluters hellbent on burning fossil fuels no matter the cost.


    COREXIT; Health issues galore: Banned in many countries: Why do we still use it?

    Great Britain, the home country of BP, has banned the stuff. So has Sweden. But BP says as long as the US allows it, they'll use Corexit dispersant on their next oil spill. "If this vision becomes reality, long-term destruction to our health and environment will expand exponentially." This according to a damning new report, Deadly Dispersants in the Gulf: Are Public Health and Environmental Tragedies the New Norm for Oil Spill Cleanups?, by the nonprofit Government Accountability Project (GAP).

    The report cites four major areas of concern: 1) existing health problems; 2) failure to protect clean-up workers; 3) ecological problems and food safety issues; 4) and inadequate compensation. Ongoing health problems from the "BP Syndrome" include: blood in urine, heart palpitations, kidney and liver damage, migraines, multiple chemical sensitivity, memory loss, rapid weight loss, respiratory system and nervous system damage, seizures, skin irritation (burning and lesions), and temporary paralysis, plus long-term concerns about exposure to known carcinogens.


    3 years after the GULF OIL SPILL - It is still a Big Mess

    On Grand Isle, at the state park, I found tar balls ranging from the size of a quarter to eight inches long. The beach was not blanketed in them but you could find one every couple of feet.
    On the beach in Mississippi, from Waveland to Pass Christian, I found tar balls and dead animals including a Kemp's Ridely turtle. Though finding dead animals on the beach is not uncommon, I find the quantity of dead animals on the shore in Mississippi alarming. How the animals are dying is impossible to say. There is no proof the deaths are BP related as none of the scientific studies done on the dolphins and sea turtles have been released. T


    Herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables to fight cancer

    Informational -

    Sunday, April 21, 2013

    10 States with the highest gun violence, no permits needed

    Most have Republican Governors and they do not require permits to get guns.



    We need to know more about the guns they used.  What were they?  Where did they get them?  Did they buy them at a gun show or what?  The NRA is silent on finding out about them of course.


    Standardized Testing: The False and empty promise of them improving education

    A high performing school in a high income area has parents who get tutors for their children so they can score well on any test given.  The middle class and poor cannot afford the luxury of a tutor. The teacher at the school in the high income area will have high test scores and be a super teacher.
    The teacher in the low income area actually works harder and has better results but it is not shown with the test scores.   All the while, class sized in the poorer schools increase but they stay small in the high income schools.   Standardized testing should not be used in teacher performance.

    Another matter is the “mainstreaming” of special needs students, placed in crowded classes because of funding shortfalls or long backlogs in evaluating and classifying kids with ADD/ADHD, emotional disabilities or other issues. From day one, we see so many of these kids cannot focus long for “desk work”, demanding inordinate teacher time. But because they are as-yet unevaluated, they are considered “general ed” and will again skew teacher evaluations.
    Because of other home factors such as neglect, abuse, depression or homelessness, success in school is increasingly supported by “wraparound” services like health checks, or counseling which look at problems more holistically. These services are close to non-existent in my school, while suburban schools in the region can offer weekly one-on-one counselor meetings for every student.


    Drones killing innocent people part of the reason people are angry at the US

    Tom Brokaw asked about Drones and killing of innocents which causes anger toward the US.  It is definitely something that needs to be considered.  Why the anger at the US?


    Delores Kearns Goodwin tells what is going on with the Senate.

    Republican Peggy Noonun did her usual noise but Delores Kearns Goodwin told her the problem with the Senate in passing the Guns bills or any bill these days.


    More like Columbine than a terrorist operation

    A  former CIA Deputy Director says they should be charged with murder and not terrorism.  He said the signs of 2 kids who were intent on killing people.


    700+ pound woman

    She eats all day long and sits.  (At the Heart Attack Grill in Vegas she can get a free meal.  They also need a new TV spokesperson because the last one died of a heart attack.)


    SHAME ON YOU, to the Senate and she got interrogated

    In Tucson, she stopped the shooter who had killed a young girl and 7 others and the man shot Gabby Giffords in the head.  She fought and stopped the shooter.  She said, 'Shame on You' after the Senate voted down gun control changes and had to go through a background check, which is not needed to buy an AK-47 at gun shows.

    She is a hero.


    Coca Cola: An honest Commercial about Obesity

    Honesty is good


    Diane Feinstein says court in the Federal Court System. I agree. The Bomber is an American Citizen.

    What Peter King wants is unconstitutional and should not even be considered.  Peter King and others who think him like him would put the case of jeapardy of being thrown out of court for violation of rights.

    Interrogating him and trying him in a Federal Court has proven successful in dealing with terrorists.  He will be interrogated by some very effective people and methods.


    Mudflats: The Good We Can Do

    The last week has been sadness filled with a bombing in Boston, a town blowing up in West Texas because a Company cared less about regulations and then we had the shoot out and shutting down of a whole Metropolitan area while the second Bomber hid out.  Then we also had to deal with or real lives and jobs.  I know my job was stressful this past week.

    This is just a good article which reminds us to have balance in our lives and don't become overwhelmed with the negative.  Along with the tragedy, there was a tremendous amount of good people who worked hard to overcome the acts of crazy.  Let us applaud those who help more than we dwell on the tragedy itself.  Help each other these next few weeks and find something to enjoy.


    Gov Patrick talks about the bombings and Bombers

    Please take the time, do the research and present the case in court.  We don't need to rush to judgement, he can hurt noone at this time.


    NO TO KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE!! Sign the petition against it.

    ARKANSAS OIL SPILL - That is a small spill compared to the mess which the MUCH LARGER KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE WOULD MAKE!  Keystone only makes 35 or so permanent jobs and THE OIL WILL BE SOLD OVERSEAS which will not decrease the cost of fuel in the US.

    Sign the Petition to stop the toxic goopy mess from traveling through THOUSANDS OF MILES in the US.  The US would take all of the risk and get no benefit.  (Interesting:  The Toxic Goop which would pass in the pipeline would not even have to pay the oil taxes because it is too toxic to be considered oil.)  If there is a spill, they have not paid into the clean up fund and we end up with an environmental mess.


    Women's Rights win in court!

    On Thursday, a US district judge in the state ruled that HB 1297, which bans medication abortion, is unconstitutional. Judge Wickham Corwin wrote that North Dakota’s excuse that the bill is meant to keep women safe is “exaggerated and contrived” and is clearly designed to “stand in the way of women’s health,” and women’s constitutional right to have an abortion in the way her and her doctor deem best.
    Medical science has proven that abortions via medication are safe for women. According to a study published in December 2012 in Obstetrics and Gynecology and reported on by Reuters, only one percent of women out of 233,305 treated had complications after taking medication to end their pregnancies.


    President Clinton gave a speech to the GLAAD

    We have a new bigotry in America — apparently we don’t want to be around anyone who doesn’t agree with us,” the Democrat whose career began in Arkansas, told the audience of thousands at the Marriott Hotel.
    “Whenever we turn away from treating someone with the dignity and honor and the respect that we would like accorded to ourselves, we have to face the fact it’s about us,” Clinton said.


    HOME GROWN TERRORISM is growing! It is a growing problem.

    U.S. security officials have been warning for years that one of their biggest challenges is detecting homegrown terrorists — extremists who grow up in America, or have lived here for years, know the customs, speak the language, blend in easily and can fly below the radar of law enforcement.
    As details of Boston bombing suspects emerge, reports point to two young men of Chechen origin who had been in the U.S. for up to a decade and were seemingly fully integrated into American society.


    US MEAT HAS SUPERBUGS - quite often

    After testing samples of ground turkey, pork chops and ground beef collected from supermarkets, federal researchers found that more than half contain antibiotic-resistant forms of bacteria or “superbugs,” including salmonella, E. coli and campylobacter.
    Maybe it’s time to take a break from the hamburgers and buffalo wings, if you eat meat?
    81 percent of samples of ground turkey found in U.S. supermarkets were found to contain superbugs along with 69 percent of pork chops and 55 percent of ground beef. The meat was specifically tested for the presence of enterococcus bacteria, which can indicate fecal contamination, develops resistance to bacteria and then pass this on to other bacteria. Two species of the bacteria, Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faecium, are the “third-leading cause of infections in the intensive care units of United States hospitals,” according to the New York Times.
    Federal researchers also tested chicken breasts, wings and thighs and found that these contained bacteria.


    NEW STUDY; Guns DO NOT make a person safer

    In 2010, across the nation there were only 230 justifiable homicides involving a private citizen using a firearm reported to the FBI. That same year, there were 8,275 criminal gun homicides. Using these numbers, in 2010, for every justifiable homicide in the United States involving a gun, guns were used in 36 criminal homicides. This ratio does not take into account the thousands of lives ended in gun suicides (19,392) or unintentional shootings (606) that year. 


    The actual study results

    ATTENTION: The Bombers Got Attention

    It was negative attention but it was attention none the less.


    Saturday, April 20, 2013

    Michael Jackson - a 2 hour performance

    2 hours of Michael Jackson.  Not many performers were ever able to pull off a 2 hour show.  Michael Jackson really was a great performer.


    Bread - Great Music

    This music by Bread is just great!


    Boston: A message to Gun Nuts about the 2nd Amendment

    The entire city of Boston was under martial law the last few days.  You get that, right?  MARTIAL LAW.
    In a cameras-everywhere society, we went from tragedy to identification to capture in less than five days.  And to make that happen, the full-force of the government came in, shut down a major metropolitan area, instituted a no-fly zone, flooded the place with troops and technology and locked it down until it completed its mission.
    Think about that, screaming gun lunatic with more weapons than friends, the next time you think your 100-clip magazine and fourteen guns can protect you from a determined military.  Your “Red Dawn” fantasy is laughable.
    Think about that the next time there’s a school shooting that could have been prevented by a ban or minimized by regulating clip size, but wasn’t because of you or the fearful twit in the Senate that represents you.

    ...My views on the issue haven’t changed in the last week. I want sensible gun reform and will continue to fight for it.  I stand with 90% of Americans and against the senators who are in the pocket of the NRA.
    You, on the other hand, got a big lesson on just how sad and defenseless you would be if Obama – or ANY President – truly was the dictator you fear.
    You wouldn’t last two days.


    Bill Maher - Discussion, good

    Cowardly politicians, primaries and right wing and going righter as well as other topics.