Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tracy Arm Glacier

Information about Tracy Arm: It was named after a Civil War Hero. The front face is 100 feet high. The back is 200 feet high. The glacier goes all the way to the bottom. There is 400 to 700 feet of ice under the water. The total glacier height is up to 900 feet. The Glacier goes into Canada which is 7 miles away. The Glacier is 6 tenths of a mile width. There was lots of calving the day we saw it. When the ice hits the water, it makes a super loud noise. A large chunk also throws up a large wave which rocked our boat. The boat held about 30 people The blue color is super intense. Glaciel ice has a very unique color. The green water as we traveled to the glacier was great to see. We saw many waterfalls going to Tracy Arm.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tracy Arm Glacier

Tracy Arm coming up

The day before we went it rained cats and dogs and the people on the Tracy Arm cruise got soaked. We had clouds and more clouds but very little rain. It turned out to be a good day because there was no rain.

On the way to Tracy Arm Glacier

Pictures along the way. It rained like crazy last night - all night. It is still raining this morning.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tracy Arm Glacier

Pictures taken on the way to Tracy Arm Glacier. It was a 40+ mile trip by boat to the Glacier. It did not rain either.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Waterfalls 1 - In Alaska, by boat

I saw many, many, many waterfalls today. Here are the first set of waterfalls. I saw them from a boat in Alaska out of Juneau.
Also saw lots of seals, 4 whales, ice bergs and a huge Glacier. More posts coming

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bears at Mendenhall Glacier

Everyday that I have gone looking for bears, I have seen some. One little guy likes the tree and climbs it and rests after eating salmon. There are literally hundreds of dead salmon all over the stream. Bears take a bite or two and then leave the fish laying around. It smells like dead fish - big time. I am on an elevated platform when taking pictures so it is quite safe. I was within feet of one of these bears and idid not even see him. A fellow told me to stop and look by the water. When the bear moved, I was able to see him. They fit into the environment very well. It is raining a lot in Juneau today.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Northern Nevada

Here are more Northern Nevada pictures. I showed everyone an old cabin that I knew about. It is on private land I was told.
I man lived in the cabin until about 15 years ago. It is way off the beaten path. A lot of Forest Rangers know the area but no body knew about the old cabin, except me. I knew about it because I had some archeologists show it to me when I was in charge of the Ranger Station 2 years ago. I wanted to put another support on the porch but ran out of time. There is a major pack rat nest in the cabin. They had running water in the cabin.

Northern Nevada - vacation is over

This post is dedicated to a person I love dearly, MY SISTER JULIE! She is a great lady who got some bad medical news. Keep fighting Sis. Rich

I am back in Juneau and I am putting up pictures from this summer. Once I got back to Juneau, summer vacation is officially over. I am however kind of like a tourist in Alaska, so even though I have to work, I check things out. I saw two yearling bears this AM. I will have pictures up later about that.

The pictures here are from the Pole Creek area in Nevada. Have a good day! Last year at this time, I was camping for housing and waiting for school to start. Being in my apartment is sure easier than camping - it is raining a bit today.