Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mendenhall Glacier 5, this morning

I was the first person at Mendenhall Glacier this morning. We had perfect conditions: 25 degrees, no wind, 3 feet of snow total on the ice and about 3 inches of new snow - Beautiful Conditions. The picture of me was taken by #2 person to the Glacier. She wanted a picture of her by the Glacier and then insisted that I get one as well, which I did. Right past this picture is broken ice - lots of it. I skied on it because we had so much snow. At one point, one ski broke through the ice. My other ski was solid so I got out of there quick. I was looking at the area last week without the new snow and I could see water around ice chunks. The snow is a good insulator but it does not freeze water, so I was stretching my luck a bit on this one. Got some good pictures though. As I was leaving the glacier - the people started showing up and I was glad to leave.


Anonymous said...

Way cool Dad!

Beautiful stuff.


*Brianna* said...

Really amazing pictures! You do major justice to Alaska.