Thursday, April 8, 2021

2020 SUCKED!!!!!! I am getting myself back to positive again!! Thank God - Biden is President and I have both shots!!

 I am so glad the election is over and we now have President Biden.  I am so thankful that President Biden increased the making and distribution of the Covid Immunizations!!!!  I have both Phizer shots!!!!

Last year sucked!!!!  I got into the negative mind set dealing with Covid restrictions and WORKING AT getting President Biden elected.  It basically ruined my relationship with a few people, including my girlfriend.  

I am finally getting back to positive and I feel so much better.  I have my car and trailer loaded up and ready to go.  I will be going to California to get some warm weather and just see wonderful sights of nature.  I will bike, hike and camp along the way.  I will also take pictures of things I see along my travels.  I am also meeting a gal along the way.  She just sounds like a wonderful woman so we are going to meet for a late lunch/coffee and see if we like each other.  She still works so I will see her and then leave.  I will go and continue my California trip.  This is a vacation afterall.

So, my goal is to get mentally, physically and emotionally back in shape for summer.  

My trip starts in 3 days.  

Wishing you well!!!!  Get up and moving folks.

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