Friday, April 2, 2021

No Hanky Panky with my EX!! We got along great. We have so many wonderful memories and we were able to talk, laugh and catch up.

 My Ex was here and we got along great.  

I did some apologizing and we talked about all of the great things we were able to pull off.  It was just a fun time.  We had wine and talked about the relatives on each side of the family.  I feel so much better that we are back on track as friends.  We discussed our kids and came up with an approach to help our kids and grandkids.  

She went back home today and is talking to our kids about our plans.  My doubting children were pleased to hear it went well.  They probably won't believe it until they have her face to face.  She is planning on coming again and I am encouraging it.

I cooked her an omellette since she brought me stuff to make them.  I must admit it was very good.  I usually don't do that if I am cooking for myself.

We have sun today but rain is supposed to come on Sunday - Easter.

I am chatting with about 5 women online.  I am curious to see if anything comes of it.  I am kind of doubtful.  There are some wonderful women but they are very cautious, as am I.  So going from chatting to seeing someone is kind of weird.

Wishing you well!!!

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