Monday, March 22, 2021

Eye Update and I am single and looking!

 Eye update:  It took about a year for reasonable healing.  I had light sesitivity for quite a while.   After 4 surgeries, I had to lay face down for a week because I had either gas or oil in my eye to keep pressure on the retina.  That was torture.  The gas dissipated on its own but the oil had to be taken out with a surgery.  The surgeries where they put the gas or oil in took 2 hours or so.  The light sensitivity was difficult after the surgeries.  I can now see out of both eyes.  My right eye is best.  My left eye is hazy and tires before the right eye but I see ok.  I have a floater in my eye fluid which causes the fuzziness.  


After I had my eye surgeries, I had a cataract in my left eye.  After the eye surgeries, it was a easy.  It only took a short while and my color vision improved dramatically as soon as I walked outside.  

I never did go back to teaching after my eye surgery.  I have been working hard at being retired in the Northwest.  

I had a girlfriend in Iowa for the last 3 years but we recently decided that the distance was too much.  We are both presently looking for our next mate.  

Did I mention, I hate dating!!  However, I have been chatting with some pretty amazing women.  I had a friend recommend a gal and we talked just the other day.  We will be setting up a hike or dinner or something in the future.  I have gotten back into bicycle riding to get back into shape.  I have been working on a farm and that has helped with general conditioning.  

I will add more as time goes on.  

Have a good day!!!

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