Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Trump Cult Members and ON Line Dating: Interesting

 As I connect with women on-line to become possible friends/lovers.  (I am only looking for 1 woman that I want to be with for years by the way .) I have been attacked by 3 or 4 women for backing Biden/Harris.  They use the old child raper, kill bablies and cut off their faces and wear it.  I think it is crazy stuff myself but I communicate with them as a 'normal' human being.

One gal told me she is smart and has a 148 IQ and I am offended by a genius.  I told her the Jan 6 Trump supported Insurrection was planned by 148 IQ geniuses.  I'll stick to my folks instead of insisting that babies are being raped and killed by Biden and Hillary.  

I also asked them to support JAILING AND IMPRISONING anyone who entered the Capitol Jan 6.  They insist that it was Antifa but refuse to back jailing everyone who entered.   

I ask them if BLM protestors would be arrested for doing a similar action.  They generally say it was Antifa or BLM and insist they should be arrested and jailed, even hanged.  I just find it ironic how quickly they same the rules should be different for "PATRIOTS' compared to quiet protestors, like the group attacked and jailed when Trump wanted his picture taken in front of a church. (A church he never attended.)

I am glad we have President Biden and AG Garland.  We need to work on putting limits on crazy people attacking our Capitol and even getting background checks and limits on AR-15 weapons of war.  (I am a military veteran.)

BTW:  the two most vile Trump Cult Members seem to have dropped out of sight.  One still looks at my profile almost daily and another, nice woman who speaks much more like a real person, checks me out every other day.  I told the crazy ones to tell Q hi for me.  I threatened to turn in one lady because she was so caustic and wouldn't give up.  I think she quit the site.

Have a good day!!

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