Monday, March 29, 2021

I have asked my Ex- wife to hang out with me on the farm.

 As I get to know women, I thought about good people in my life.  My ex wife gave me my children and she did an amazing job.  Things went south when the kids were in high school.  We just had a different approach to raising kids during that crazy time.  We just kind of fell apart and got divorced.

Over the years, I have tried hard not to talk poorly of her because she always put her family first, even me.  She allowed me to live with her in her Condo just so I didn't have to pay rent when I was working in Alaska and wanted a place to stay in the lower 48.  She also allowed me to use her address as mine so I didn't have to change address all the time.

So, I have met with 3 women for lunch and they are great women but my ex is as worthy of being a friend after some thought.  I am revamping 2+ acres and I need ideas.  I thought she would be good to help direct the changes.  I am hoping this property will be family retreat property and I want she and I to work on the changes together.  

I texted her yesterday and she said she will be here Thursday and Friday. 

I told my daughters and 2 are saying it is a bad decision.  They know my ex was hurt by the divorce and the pain of me leaving all the time.  They saw her cry and upset whenever I left.  We Facetimed and talked it through.  I am assuming they will try to talk her in to not coming.

I am hoping she will come.  We had so many great years together, I am hoping we can get back to just being regular friends who work with each other on a more regular basis.  Will it become intimate?  I will never say never.  I do miss companionship.

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