Saturday, April 23, 2016

NY VOTER PURGE of Democrats: Behind the scenes. It was practice for November. (ORCA)

As the stories came in, what was revealed was something far more insidious than some kind of voter purge used to eliminate voters who had died or moved out of the area. Instead they found fraudulent documents with forged signatures. And when the voter purge was looked at carefully, it became clear that the purge was being very specific, targeting people by street and apartment building. And there were only a handful of people with access to the data and tools needed for performing such a well-coordinated voter purge.

What is surprising in this case is not in the voter purge, but in how targeted it was. The narrow targeting, by street, block, even building, is unprecedented in the annals of voting fraud. But its use reveals a connection to a near forgotten piece of Republican history.

Return Of Orca

In 2012, Mitt Romney with Karl Rove developed a voting tool the likes of which had never been seen before. This tool, called Orca, was a database so massive and finite that, using it, they could identify people on a street by street, or building by building basis. Orca worked in part by collecting data gathered by poll watchers, which would be funneled into a central database for processing. As a result, Orca gave the Romney campaign a tactical ability to target people not only who Romney wanted to show up to the polls, but to deny access for people who Romney did not want to show up to the poll. Unfortunately for Romeny in 2012, the hactivist collective Anonymous killed that plan, by overloading and crashing the central servers.
However, the data collected remains intact, and available to GOP insiders – insiders such as Diane Haslett-Rudiano. With access to such data, such a voter purge becomes trivial to perform. The question then becomes, who did she purge? What factor was she targeting? Based on the feedback on groups such as Reddit, it appears that she might have been targeting likely Sanders supporters. If this is the case, it is possible, although unlikely, that the winner of the New York Primary is not so obvious as we had all thought. While the chance of it flipping is remote, the narrative changes the narrow the victory becomes.
And this is clearly a dry run before the Republican dirty tricks machine engages in similar, and widespread, voter purges. Further, this voter purge, on the Democratic primary, is helping to drive a wedge between supporters of the two prime candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. At a time when party unity should be on people's minds, such a voter purge would put a dampener on such actions at this time.
Diane is being held accountable, but she is but a small cog in a much larger machine. This move shows that New York is taking its duty in this case very seriously indeed. But if this does pan out to be Son of Orca, or a similar voter purge trick of the GOP, we can expect the crowds to become far more disruptive in the near future.

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