Sunday, April 24, 2016

GUNFAIL this past week - Of course, people were shot and killed.

To no one’s surprise, accidentally shooting yourself was, during the week of February 7, once again the most popular type of GunFAIL. Because it always is! Of course, it’s not really popular, per se. It’s just the most frequently-seen type of GunFAIL. Others, as we know, include accidentally shooting kids, of which there were seven instances, accidentally firing into the home or property of a neighbor (six), and accidentally shooting a family member (five).
The top GunFAIL of the week, doubtless, was the story that may have finally shocked some small amount of sense into Florida. Until very recently, Florida’s gun-crazy legislature forbade counties and local governments from prohibiting gun owners from building firing ranges on their own property, regardless of housing density, their proximity to neighbors, children, etc. After a series of close callslawsuitsprotests, etc., some of the state’s less-than-gun-crazy legislators actually proposed a new law prohibiting shooting on properties with more than one home per acre. But the legislation stalled a few times, and despite the fairly obvious wisdom of scaling back the “freedom” to just shoot anywhere, it was not at all clear that the bill would ever pass.
Then, on February 7, 21-year-old Herold Lanham of Naples, Florida, taking target practice in his backyard, accidentally sent a round through his neighbor’s window and shot 14-year-old Deborah Ledesma in the arm and spraying her face with shattered glass in the process. 

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