Monday, August 31, 2009

Going to stay at Ruby Ranger

I got approval to get some equipment and go stay at the Ruby Ranger Station. I will take a lawn monster and weed whacker with a metal blade to start for weed control. I will also take a chain saw because there are some dead trees which must come down. One dead tree is hanging over the outhouse - what a way to die. Sitting on the outhouse hole and wham a monster tree takes you out. (Note: I did see a dead guy being taken out of an outhouse once when I was rafting.)

The place is right up to a wilderness area so they want me to hike the trails too. I will certainly volunteer for that. I am putting in for a few jobs but I did not work as hard on my resume as I normally do. I am kind of hoping I get passed over so I can act like mountain man for a while. By the way, the Ruby Mountains are very spectacular. Unlike the mountains covered with trees that I am used to really. They are solid rock, with some dirt and patches of bushes and/or trees.

I need to run to Portland for a physical and check up with the dentist too. I will also pick up my sprayer because now we want to paint this house. I also have a larger ladder which we will need to paint this place in Wells.

Kind of excited about the Remote Ranger Station. No internet or cell phone or phone coverage there.


Kim said...

Rich, it sounds so adventurous!! I really envy you and that freedom you will have. So the Ranger Station is on Oregon correct? I can't wait to see some of the pictures you will be able to get there. Enjoy every minute of it!

Rich said...

Kim, It is Nevada between Elko and Wells. I am almost loaded up and heading out. I just have to load up the chain saw and stop at the store for food. I will stay for 1 or 2 nights. it is at the Ruby Mountain Wilderness area. The Ruby mountains are spectacular. I like this area because it is so different than what I am used to. There are also not a lot of people. Heading out - bye.