Thursday, June 4, 2009

Money's worth this week!

We have 4 to 6 cruise ships daily this week. WE HAVE SUNNY WEATHER AND IT IS 75 DEGREES.
The people on the cruise ships must be saying that Juneau and Alaska is heavenly. We have mountains surrounding us, glaciers, float planes, fishing boats, sail boats, clear water and good fishing. (The great fishing is 20 miles away at Hoonah.) People on cruise ships are thinking that Juneau is the best place in the world. Two weeks ago, we had rain and wind and the passengers on the cruise ships were throwing up because of the rocking motion of the ships caused by the wind and rain. The people this week will have rave reviews of the place.

Today my school had a field day and I was outside all day. I am normally tucked away in a small space with no windows. IT WAS AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS. I saw the kids of course and float planes taking off and landing, cruise ships, eagles flying around Gastineau Channel, Mountains totally surrounding Juneau with the snow melting, and 75 degrees with a mild wind. It was great. I did have a student hit his teacher so I had to walk him to his house to talk to his dad. His dad was out at the time so we walked back to the part and I made him sit and watch the kids play the activities for an hour. That little boy walked like a 100 year old man - slow, slow, slow - to his house. He was very relieved to see that his dad was not home.

Juneau is an amazing place on a sunny day. If you know of anyone on a cruise ship in SE Alaska this week - they will say glowing things.

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