Saturday, June 6, 2009

Juneau - Last full day

I take off tomorrow, Sunday. I will miss Juneau. It is quite beautiful - especially with the 70 degrees and sunshine which we have had the last week. I do have the travel bug though and I am looking forward to getting on the road. The inside passage ferry trip is something I am looking forward to seeing. My plan is to just hang out on deck or sleep in the truck. I did not get a cabin. I felt if I got in a cabin, I would get tired, go to bed, fall asleep and miss first light. Sleeping in the truck almost guarantees that I will be awake when the sun comes up. I want to get a lot of pictures.

Next Year, no set plans yet. I told Juneau I might come back but we shall see. I have a camping trip with family in July and I will start looking at jobs then. I could make a good case for staying around Portland/Vancouver or Nevada or Juneau. Juneau would be easy because I enjoyed the school, kids and the winter had great snow, which I like. Then I think too: I could check out something new: East Coast, Hawaii or even a remote AK village. I will just have to sit back and wait a bit. There are a lot of new teachers looking for jobs and I want them to settle in and get jobs first. I feel very lucky to be able to sit out for a while if I so choose. I am still trying to decide where I want to retire too. I enjoy the being a long term tourist.

I am looking forward to seeing the kids and grandkids and nephews and nieces, family in general.

Today is cleaning day and tomorrow I pack up and leave. I still have a couple of hours at school to finish. When I get on the ferry, vacation begins.

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Julie said...

Hope you have a beautiful safe trip, our friends in Nampa Idaho leave next week for a cruise to Alaska, I hope the weather is still nice for them.