Tuesday, June 2, 2009

70 degrees

What a beautiful week. It was 65 degrees yesterday, 70 today and warmer tomorrow. Too bad I am at school - paperwork and meetings are the norm for this week. Did I mention that the last week is tiring. Paperwork sure gets old.

Juneau is a very beautiful place when the sun shines. Juneau has 4 ships in today. We have bus loads of tourists driving by my school on the way to Sandy Beach. There is a good view of Juneau from Sandy Beach in Douglas.

5 more days and I will get on the ferry to Canada. I am looking forward to 2 days of quiet on the ferry and seeing the inland passage. Everyone talks about seeing the inland passage by ferry. The drive through Canada is supposed to be pretty spectacular too. Being in Juneau, I am kind of used to spectacular.

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