Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In Canada - 1200 miles to Portland

I am in Canada. Got on the ferry in Juneau Sunday 10:30 PM and just got off Tuesday at 6:30 PM, AK time.

Canada customs checked out my truck. A single guy with a loaded truck must be up to something. Do you have guns, alcohol (3 cases of AK beer) and do you have porn were the questions. I begged them to check my external hard drives so they could see.
(My hard drive crashed 3 times while in the village so I backup on external dries because I lost my great Emmonak Village pictures with the crashes.)

My truck was unloaded 1/2 and he then apologized. I repacked it a bit better but I filled up my 2 Gig chip with pictures and have to download them into my computer but I can't find my download thingy now. (I had it set right by the drivers seat before he took everything out.)

The ferry trip was great - lots of pictures to come in the future. I just put up Mendenhall Glacier pictures from winter. They are a lot better than the shots now because Mendenhall was loaded with tourists.

The ferry trip was beautiful! Met some great folks too. I slept on the floor on a sleeping bag. I am now heading to Glacier, WA to spend a night there and then to the San Juan Islands to spend a night and then to Tacoma, WA and then to Portland where two rug rats want to wrestle.

I stopped to eat and they had wi fi so i could get on to write this.

The weather has been great! No rain - I do not have to super tarp everything so I am happy.

We did have to evacuate the ship but more on that later. (Those sirens and whistles let you know that something big is happening.)

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