Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ferry leaves in 6 hours

I will probably be offline for a couple of days or maybe longer. I get on the ferry tonight and get off the ferry Tues about noon in Canada. We have 80 degree weather and it is spectacular for sailing the inland passage. There is a slight chance of rain Monday but not severe.

The ferry people were saying that the last three years was super rainy and this is totally different than past years. We have 4 cruise ships in today and it is like Disneyland with all the people about. I went down the road to hang out on the beach but many in Juneau had the same idea and the place is packed.

So, I ended up at a bar with wifi to write this note. After I leave here, I will head out to Mendenhall Glacier one last time and then go get in line for the ferry.
Packing: I have a 3/4 ton truck with lots of room and I have a lot in it. It is funny, I pack better with a small vehicle. If I have lots of room then I fill it up.

I will take lots of pictures.


The picture is of an old mine shaft on Perseverence Trail.

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Kim said...

Have fun on your journey Richard. I can't wait to read all about it as it sounds exciting!