Thursday, June 11, 2009

AK Marine Highway - Juneau

The trip on the ferry was amazing - saw a whale jump. Saw porpoises, Eagles and various ports along the way. The weather was great generally. One day was cloudy.

I will put up pictures of the ship evacuation when I find it. it is hiding from me, interesting though. I met someone who filmed for 'Into the Wild' the Sean Penn movie about the guy who went to AK.

I spent Wed night in a cabin near the Canadian border (WA side) and it was awesome. Scott and Kim say hi. Ash and Brian - when are you going to visit? They were wondering.
It felt good to sleep on a futon after sleeping on the floor of a ship, which was also good.

Did I mention that the cabin would easily fit in Juneau. The trees are huge at the cabin and there is a stream right outside the door. It was just like being in Juneau as far as scenery goes.

I took the ferry to the San Juan's today, Thursday, and will spend the night here. I think I will head south tomorrow or Sat at the latest.

Great trip so far. I will be returning to Canada some time in the future to check out Whistler and the Frazier River valley. They are quite spectacular. The San Juan's are spectacular as well - what can I say, a slice of heaven. Remember: Any picture of this trip is actually about 100 times (maybe more) better in person.

The weather has been great except for one downpour in Vacouver, Canada. I think the rain was upset because I did not spend enough money there. I traveled 1000 miles in Canada in less than 24 hours. Next time, I will slow it down and check things out more. The truck is running great. People are interested in AK when they see the AK license plates.

Since I was on an island (Juneau) for a year, it is nice to drive open road again.

Did i mention that I am homeless this year? Looking for a handout. If you see me on the corner with my sign, give me a quarter please

homeless but happy


Julie said...

Always an adventure love the pics looking forward to your visit, as well as the little rug rats that want to wrestle, promise no wrestling here, seafood bbq when your here...yum yum

Kim said...

Rich, It sounds as if you are having quite the adventure!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!