Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunny Day Pictures

More Sunny Sunday Pictures. Today was cloudy and a little rain. I got up to the ski slope and went down once. I like living only 20 minutes from a ski slope.
I am soooooo sore though. I almost didn't to to the mountain because I hurt all over but then I thought, I have 4 days to recover. I did better playing on the snowboard than ever before. I even went straight down instead of snowplowing, until I fell.
Improvement though, next weekend should be better or at least more consistant.

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Kim said...

Such beautiful photos!!! Take some Motrin and get a good nights sleep tonight. You will feel it in the morning though, HA!

Sometimes the work week is good for rest on the body. It allows us to have more fun on the weekends because we are better prepared for it.

Enjoy your weather!