Sunday, January 18, 2009

Was I in Heaven Today?

SUNSHINE AND 55 DEGREES IN JUNEAU IN JANUARY! It was totally Amazing! I have a bunch of pictures which I will put up this week! REAL SUN IN JUNEAU - Juneau is heavenly when the sun is out!

Pictures of Mendenhall Glacier on a SUNNY DAY IN JANUARY! They are talking about rain on Tuesday, so I was outside a lot today. I went snowboarding twice today. I hit the big slope once. I am improving daily. Tomorrow, I will either cross country ski 4 miles into Herbert Glacier or Snowboard. I actually am leaning towards Cross Country because it does a better job of stretching out the muscles.

I was just outside at 7 PM and it wss still 50 degrees - AMAZING!


Kim said...

Stunning! I love the blue that shows in the photos. I am so jealous of your weather!!

Rich said...

The greatest blue is in the glacier. Having a blue sky is great too though. The glacial ice actually changes over time and stress of the weight. It gets chemically altered to make an unbelievable blue color. The pictures do not do them justice actually. We are supposed to get cold weather and snow at the end of the week. I might be cross country skiing into the glacier sooner than later.